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    If they don’t have a scene detailing why the numbers aren’t teal on the white jersey then throw the whole thing away.
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    Just a bit of housekeeping, but knits and wovens are basically the two polar opposites of fabric types. Knits are made from a continuous yarn that’s looped to create the structure, which is naturally stretchy and wrinkle resistant. Wovens use multiple yarns (the warp and weft) to create the structure. They are less stretchy (unless created with elastic yarns) and less wrinkle resistant. A garment’s base fabric is usually a knit. The lettering, numbering, and patches are usually a twill, which is a woven fabric.
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    On the flip side, is it better as an integrated, purposeful design element or as a “just make it the highest contrasting color” billboard? As much as I hate to say it (I’m anti-ad/anti-manufacturer logo), if it’s going to be there, I think it’s less obtrusive when it provides a design purpose rather than when it’s just there to be as visible as possible.
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    AAF & Sacramento Rush introduce their new brand. As part of a rapid response to the legal claim of trademark infringement by the Downtown Athletic Club, the Sacramento Rush today unveiled a totally revamped branding. Gone is the reference to the running back image that so clearly borrowed from the Heisman Trophy and it its place is an homage to speed, complete with a redlined spedometer logo and redesigned striping across the entire uniform. Gone too is the use of black as a tertiary color, replaced by a fire engine or cherry red. The uniforms remain metallic gold and mountain purple, but now the tiny hints of red throughout add just a touch of energy to the uniforms. The "speed line" motif is seen in the helmet stripe, pant stripes and in the numbers, while the spedometer motif is subtly hinted at with the arching shoulder stripes, ending in just a hint of a red needle. And so the AAF sets the world record for identity switch, 2 identities in their first week of existence. It is on a par with the San Francisco 49ers 1-day logo for logo speed records, but league and team officials hope this new identity will stick around for a long time.
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    No to the Jets. The only thing they need to do is fix the green. They don't need a uniform overhaul especially if it's Nike in charge. Unpopular Opinion: I never saw the appeal to the 70s-90s uniforms. It is the most basic boring football uniform ever.
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    If the shoulder yoke was a singular color, it would look so much better. They could have even left it Columbia, but in the new shape and it would've been fine, and an "evolution" of their look. Do that, remove the underarm color, eliminate the "Tennessee Corner" on the numbers, and make the pants stripe in team colors instead of silver, and go stripeless on the helmet, and you have a decent look
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    Wait... so the jersey detail is double gray and the pants detail is double gray, but the helmet stripe is gray and white? Why the F would they do that? Am I seeing that wrong?
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    I still think the Columbia pit stains are the absolute worst thing about these. This angle helps my argument.
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    It's the equivalent of the 2000's Bills nightmare.
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    Though while searching, I found him in 87 with maroon. This is now the biggest mystery I need to solve.
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    You really need to use a spoiler alert warning when posting comments like this. Most of us haven’t seen it yet, you jerk.
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    These OKC are an example of good Nike jerseys. The Thunder are weird, because they've had a handful of alts that kind-of-but-don't-really connect to each other. These probably make the most sense; These were cool enough, but what do they have to do with anything? These are wonderful, but again, have no connection to the base set: And among all of their alts, these are probably closest to the core Thunder identity. Perhaps not coincidentally, they're also the worst:
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    Just atrocious, the old set becomes the classic Titans fans will beg to return.
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    I HATE NIKE. This is just like in 2000, when they left the Giants sleeves blank so that they could highlight their logo! AGH I ALSO HATE NIKE. This is just like in 2012 when they designed the Seaha-
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    This picture is something that keeps pulling me back. How is it that the new jersey appears to be out of focus and the old jersey looks crisp and sharp. I know - it's their use of color. But, wow, this blows my mind how much better the old number 8 looks compared to the new number 8.
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    PRO: I totally agree that the t-shirts were an abomination and I'm glad Nike ended that experiment. CON: At least those were treated as alternates and didn't essentially become primaries. Design-wise there is too much going on in the NBA with the Nike takeover in general. Too many new jerseys and identities at once, especially with how many have turned out. But I think if they hadn't removed logic from jersey scheduling there'd be a lot less bitching.
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    Well, because then we'd end up with a "________ Missouri State" situation on our hands... Back to the garments...I finally got an up-close look at the new stuff over to the team shop at the stadium the other day. Just for comparo's sake (& because they still had some old stock in there), I hung a (now old) jersey next to the newer ones and.... You can see how much...brighter...the old jersey is compared to the newer ones. (And the NOBs on the new ones are actually outlined...guess just another way to get some columbia blue in there.) That two-tone gray yoke really drabs down the look, to me. Also, I also got a good look at the new helmets...setting aside the fact that the helmets seem to be the only place where the primary logo has a silver/gray outline, I find it puzzling the rest of the uniform uses two-tone gray on the yokes and pants...stripes...yet on the helmet the two-tone stripe is white and gray?? Its little things like that--and the fact that the number font matches nothing else in the brand identity--that just bug me. Speaking of that number font...I've seen many remark of how the now-former number font was "bad" or how they didn't like it; yet in all that time I've yet to come across a single half-intelligible reason as to why they're supposedly "bad". I happened to like them personally, as they somewhat matched with the TITANS wordmark pretty well. A simple cleanup is all I believe they really needed and they'd have been good another 20 years. I don't know that I've ever shown this, but I concocted this about a year ago...it shows my stab at tastefully updating the branding package and numbers some (along with infusing a bit more red since at the time that was a prevalent rumor).
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    Yeah, they definitely went too far in the other direction. I'm somewhat glad to see my side-by-side photo generate so much commentary (by the way, that old Mariota I hung next to the new Mariota is now hanging in my closet at the house...70% off retail!) . But as one of y'all said, "a picture IS worth A thousand words"...its crazy, but they didn't have any white jerseys in the team shop at the time, but they had plenty at the sporting goods store at the Rivergate Mall up the road from my crib. I sat and stared at them for the longest time, trying to convince myself to like them, even if only for what they are. But then I went to the team shop, shot that photo and...all that went right out the window. For about the past three years and change I've been watching the team systematically swell up on the navy and red in and around Nissan Stadium...then again, that stadium always was heavy on the red adornments.I watched them switch out the parking lot and banner signage to more navy and red (& gray), and then during last offseason they tore out the old red seats in the upper bowl and replaced them with navy ones. In fact...short of a wall showcasing the Oilers history, and a couple banners, very little Columbia blue exists inside the stadium itself. Even the "TITANS" wordmark above the door at the team shop is in red, not navy; the decals along the windows are mostly navy, red and white. That said, the second you walk through those doors...you're instantly surrounded in a columbia-swathed oasis. It's actually quite a sight, and has made me wonder for a while why the Titans never have (to my memory, and certainly not since I've been living down here in Nashville) prominently dec'd out the interior of Nissan Stadium with their most recognizable color. If anything, maybe in their next branding life they'll double up on the columbia?? (Perhaps by that time the prevailing trend in pro sports design will cycle back around to brighter colorways...Tampa Bay Buccaneers, are y'all listening??)
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    I'm in the same boat as you. Sure, the logo was nice, but the uniforms were fairly bland. The addition of black did not help nearly as much as some people say it did. The outlines were too thin to make much of an impact. It just looked bland, despite the kelly green. For whatever problems the Jets have with their look at the moment, a color change and a UCLA-style stripe restoration would do them wonders. Think this, but kelly/white and with contrast-colored sleeves.
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    The old set definitely had some issues, but there seriously isn’t a single thing about this new set that isn’t a complete and total downgrade from their last set. That navy helmet looks like some high school level trash.
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    I’ll let Liebe show why some insignia fonts make terrible wordmarks. Imagine trying to write whole words with those letters, getting them to fit within a set space (possibly with outlines) without condensing or adjusting the font in any way.
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