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    Every once in a while I come across a certain logo or color palette or design theme that gets my creative juices pumping like a Vitamix. A good creative vibe if you will. And when that vibe comes it lasts for a period that isn't short enough to let go by and isn't long enough to make a full hoopla out of. That can be very frustrating, so I started this thread as a casual release for whatever cool ideas pop into my head at any given moment without having to commit to a full series. AKA my version of a dump. And the vibe that has really caught my fancy as of late, is the sweet, sweet, dark comedy, creativity, and innovation that is a Great Depression era rubber hose animation cartoon. What's rubber hose animation, you might ask? Simply the original style of animating cartoon characters where their limbs look like, rubber hoses. Steamboat Willie Mickey Mouse, Popeye, and Cuphead are a few examples. I freakin' love that style, and thought, for what reason I'm not sure, that it'd be cool to transfer that style over to NHL Merchandise. Posters, Tees, etc. There's a newfound appreciation for those pioneering cartoons that has led to 21st century video game odes Bendy and Cuphead. So why not just for fun experiment and see what the heritage-minded NHL could do to implement the style into merch? After all 1930s cartoons and 1930s hockey have a lot in common, they're both dark, violent, entertaining, timeless, ...racist, but I digress. They have more in common than seems at first glance. And with the rubber hose stock at a surging high, I wanted to pounce on some exercises involving my fascination with both it and hockey. So here it is: So to start out, I knew I had to do something involving the Ducks, after all the team's owned by Disney, and since Wild Wing is a prime name for an classic cartoon character, I decided to make a poster along the lines of a 1930's theatre cartoon poster. I got most of my inspiration from examples like these: And voila, here it is! Wild Wing (modeled after the original Donald Duck, again Disney ties, with leather goalie pads and hockey sweater) starring in "Ducks in a R.O.W."! I'd love to hear you guys' ideas on how to flesh this out even further, as there will be some more to come, but for now what do you think of the first poster? Thanks for watching, that's all folks!
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    Atlanta Braves: an older concept, recolored.
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    As far as the Swoosh is concerned... let's not pretend that other manufacturers haven't been just as guilty of making their logos stand out on the jerseys. If anything, both of these examples are worse than what people are complaining about with the Swoosh. The Wilson logo features a color (metallic gold) that doesn't appear anywhere else on the Dolphins' uniform - as well as a black outline that further contrasts with Miami's color scheme. And the Adidas logo uses two different colors at the same time to really draw attention to it. But people will complain more now because it's Nike.
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    Why does this look like a cameo from a late-90s sitcom?
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    New York Yankees: Founding fathers script +bat Boston Red Sox: Tuscan script Miami Marlins: Vice Sunrise Houston Astros: adapting the Colt 45s
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    As a Titans fan, I would much rather have a toned-down, simplistic looking football uniform like the Jaguars have than the "sword costumes" the Titans just released. Simple, bold football uniforms stand the test of time (Raiders, Packers, Bears) and a team like Jacksonville that has had numerous uniform looks within the last 10 years could really benefit from having a solid, bold look for the foreseeable future. Sure, there are things you could tweek with their new unis but overall their look is starting to grow on me and I think it'll end up being one of the best looks in the NFL. We just have to wait and see how they look on the field first.
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    thats something ive thought about as well; how much does it all really matter? hardcore fans will always buy whatever the team is wearing. but what is it about the Colts, Yankees, Celtics, etc that is so cherished? why do uniforms become sort of untouchable? first, its a proven record of success. Championships and Hall of Fame players build up the folklore of the team and what they wear matters. positive experiences tied to certain visuals makes those visuals important, makes them valuable. there are teams that won't (or shouldnt) change things drastically because they already have that equity— this is where i think the Packers and Steelers despite their hacked sleeve stripes should just leave things as they are. If they do they can never have a perfect uniform, but no on else can have theirs and thats more important theres also a legacy and nostalgia aspect to it. its the same reason people buy old things at antique stores; we like things that are older than ourselves. it ties us to the past and helps define who we are. the fact that Manning wore the same uniform as Unitas, or i wear the same logo as my grandfather, makes a powerful, emotional connection. and al of this is emotional, theres nothing rational about wearing a jersey with someone elses name on it and paying thousands of dollars for tickets to 8 games. and if teams change every 5 years? theres nothing emotional about that, it takes time to build it. its all for a cash grab or just not knowing who you are as a team/brand and people see through it.
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    The Raiders do this same thing with black stitching on the silver numbers numbers.
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    I hate the Braves navy uniforms. I really do. There’s no life in them. It’s navy from sleeve to sleeve. The words are navy. The tomahawk is navy. The cap is navy. Everything is navy and it’s just really bad.
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    Minnesota fans: PJ Fleck ruined our uniforms! Adidas: "Hold my beer . . . "
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    OP: Tell me your thoughts! Users: Well we think... OP: Don't tell me your thoughts cuz they're wrong!
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    Let's move right along here to Vegas. Also two versions of this one, one that's a bit wonkier, the other is a bit more normal.
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    Bruins...WOW!...A great idea/concept, and a great start with the Ducks. I love this old, classic, "Steamboat Willie" style, so I'll be following closely. I hope you do every team...and send them out!...Game-day posters are a thing now in the NHL. Maybe you'll snag a few gigs. Hard to see how you could improve on the first one, except maybe that you have it laid out very nicely. I'm not sure if the old posters could be defined as "laid-out nicely". It seemed that the thing to do was to fill up every bit of negative space with...something. The cluttered look added to their charm. So maybe it could look a little more cluttered ? Other than that though, you've captured the look, with your choice of fonts and excellent retro-style characters. Nicely done!!! BTW...("That's all Folks!" at the end of your post was a nice touch...well-played )
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    This is simply not true. The colored stitching was not popular, and definitely looked upon negatively by an overwhelming majority of the board, including me. When th template changes, the actual jersey design changes since the stitching accents the template, not the team’s identity. It’s one of Nike’s shady design elements and screw them, and screw the idiotic browns ownership for going along with it.
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    Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/LosAngelesRams/comments/8dyjzb/convo_with_kevin_demoff_repost_from_conejo_valley/ "The new uniforms will have no more St. Louis Gold at all, rather a combination of the Canary yellow, Royal Blue and white. Not sure of the design as of yet, NFL is working with Nike to hopefully have them out by 2019 season, but probably looking at 2020 season release. Kevin was a very down to earth guy, really emphasized the team is pushed to build a hi caliber team for the city and fans. "
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    Better not. Road grays are always preferable to softball tops.
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    Texas gets its AAF franchise. We all new it was coming, after all, who would put a football league together and not consider Texas for a franchise? Not the Alliance for American Football, obviously. This morning the AAF touched down in San Antonio, to announce that the Alamo City is to be the 7th of 8 inaugural season franchises. Flanked by former Dallas Cowboy and USFL runningback Herschel Walker and former Oilers great Warren Moon, Charlie Ebersol announced that a franchise will begin play in February 2019 in the Alamo Dome. The team, to be known as the San Antonio Squadron, in honor of the heroes of the Joint Base San Antonio, run by the USAF 502nd Air Base Wing, will pull most of its roster from the rich alumni pool of Texas schools, including the Longhorns, Aggies, Horned Frogs, Red Raiders and the local Roadrunners of UTSA. The team will be led by former Longhorn coach John Mackovic. Mackovic, who also coached at Illinois and Arizona after a brief stint as QB coach for the Cowboys, was pleased to be the face of the San Antonio Squadron, stating that he looked forward to helping young men improve their skills, but that he was also hoping to bring a championship to San Antonio. The Squadron follow their military and Air Force them with their logo and uniform. The logo combines a squadron of fighter jets in formation flying over a stylized military-football insignia, roughly equating to the rank of Senior Airman. The colors for the team are a deep blue, sky blue and "figher" silver, a high sheen metallic silver. The helmets will be this metallic silver with thin pinstripe white, sky and deep blue "con trail" stripes leading to a Texas Lone Star on the back of the helmet. The jerseys will be sky blue (love ya?) with the deep blue and silver sleeve treatments and silver numbers trimmed in sky and deep blue. The pants will be the deep blue with pinstripe "con trails" that run across the front and up the side to the insignia logo. San Antonio is the 7th of 8 anticipated franchises, and with the league hinting that at least one site would be an NFL city, that leaves only the 8th and final franchise in play. Many anticipate that an announcement will be made soon at one of the NFL cities that does not have multiple spring sports leagues. Fans in Oakland, Kansas City, Seattle, Baltimore, New Orleans, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Jacksonville have been organizing "Bring it On" campaigns to influence the league, but most reporters following the birth of the AAF believe that not only has the city been chosen already, but that a coach has been hired and a venue contracted. League CEO Charlie Ebersol made no statements about the final franchise, but with 4 teams already in the western U.S. (San Diego, Sacramento, Albuquerque and San Antonio), most expect that the 8th franchise will be located East of the Mississippi. With Orlando, Memphis and St. Louis already on board, the question is whether or not the league wll brave placing a team in a northern climate or if it will add another franchise in the South. A quick note, the 5 jets were sourced from a clipart file from https://www.canstockphoto.com and are not wholly original. Obviously the insignia is a variation of the Air Force insignia.
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    I think the outline stitching being the same black as the jersey is a cool textural effect and will help the numbers pop. No idea why it would be considered such a faux pas
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    The jersey color outline isn't unprecedented. The Orioles have a black outline on the wordmark and number on their black jersey. For the record, it was hard to find a picture where you could see the outline very well.
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    Really one of the ugliest buildings in New York and ugliest buildings in sports. Rust is not an architectural flourish. Just an awful building to look at.
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    Plain pants are the worst. These were the best VT uniforms ever in my opinion:
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