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    I made a joke about how y'all would yourself if they brought the colors back, and no one laughed.... (Shameless plug for a dead thread is shameless)
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    I like the more aggressive logo but I also like the old colors. I did a quick color change a while back and I think it looks great.
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    Hello everyone, about a year ago I decided to make a fictional soccer league from my home state of Minnesota. I had a lot of fun doing that and have decided to make a league with 20 teams all across the USA. The American Premier League was founded in 1960 and has teams all across the country, there are 2 conferences, east and west with 10 teams in each. For this series I tried to give some cities that don't have MLS teams a team, some markets are too big to leave out however. each team will have a home, away and third kit, home and away are related to the team and its identity while the third kits are more like a city or state uniform. The league has a deal with Nike to be the leagues manufacturer for kits until 2021, so all the teams are Nike. I look forward to this series and I hope you guys do too, feel free to discuss about the teams and what you'd like to see, without further adieu, lets get started! The American Premier Leagues logo is heavily based on the logo I used for the Northstar Soccer League last year, it is a soccer ball with a star at the center and APL below. The leagues colors are red white and blue to match other leagues like the MLB and NBA.
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    "Excuse me, sir." 'Can I help ya?' "Umm... I hate to tell you this but, you're sitting in the Chase Lounge, brought to you by Chase Bank, and, well the rules explicitly state that no merchandise representing the visiting team may be worn in this area, so I'm sorry but I'm going to have to take your hat and jersey. You may pick them up after the game at the Del Taco Confiscation Zone." 'You gotta be kiddin' me, why?' "Well, to improve the atmosphere of the game for our Lightning and our fans, only Tampa Bay hockey merchandise are permitted here. I'm going to need those items." 'Umm, okay... I guess, heah and heah. Can I, please, get back to the game now?' "Ohp, Is that a Boston Bruins undershirt? I'm sorry I... I kinda need to take that too." 'Yah really stahtin' to piss me off buddy, but whatevah, *takes off shirt*, heah. Now go. I wanna watch.' "Of course sir thank you so much for your coope...ration. Umm, okay this is awkward, but I just noticed those pants you're wearing, are those Bruins pajama pants?" 'Ya, of course. Wait, naw, come on, listen man, the AC's freakin' crankin' in heah, I'm already shirtless, just let me watch the game now!' "Sir..." 'Fine!!! Heah, take em'! You want my freakin' first bawn son too?! Geez! Now leave me alone!' "Sir. Your... your boxers please tell me those... tell me those aren't Bruins boxers. Please." 'Mmhm. Hold on. *takes off boxers* Heah. This never happened. Go.' "Yep." And that's the story of how Tommy got to watch a hockey game without any inhibition. Tommy beat the system. Tommy also got a coupon for a free upgrade to deluxe nachos for his inconvenience. Tommy wins.
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    San Diego State's basketball program recently joined the exclusive list of teams outfitted by Jordan Brand. As an under-the-radar program relative to most of the others on Jordan Brand's roster - UNC, Georgetown, Marquette, Michigan, Oklahoma, Florida, and Houston - I began investigating SDSU's identity. While their football team has a very unique and relevant look, the same can't be said for their basketball team. Their home and away uniforms are incredibly bland, though I do enjoy the clean, classic look of their throwbacks. In addition to the blandness, the typeface feels a bit dated and the colors lack purpose. Starting with a new template I've been working on for NBA concepts, I employed a design very similar to that of the Cleveland Cavaliers' Statement Edition jerseys. I recognized the scapula highlights from SDSU's Kawhi Leonard-era uniforms, and the additional highlight on the front collar helps add intrigue. (Side note: I greatly appreciate @aawagner011 and the NIKExNBA template that was shared here on the forum; I found the tags and some of the curves to be especially helpful in developing my template!) Next, I cleaned up the typeface for the home and away uniforms -- it preserves the sentiment of what they currently use, but with less rounded characters and less angular serifs. It also eliminates spacing issues by separating 'SAN DIEGO' from 'STATE' and placing the numerals in between. The alternate uniform receives a cursive 'Aztecs' script. Finally, I took some inspiration from Nike's emphasized use of color in the NBA to create a more vibrant and exciting look. SDSU's identity previously contained metallic gold - from 2002 through 2012 - and it makes a reappearance here as an accent color on all three uniforms. The use of metallic gold accentuates black and red as primary colors and helps differentiate SDSU from other black, red, and white teams (Louisville, Texas Tech, UNLV, New Mexico, etc.). With simplicity being the dominant aesthetic in college basketball currently, I avoided adding clutter via side panels or additional trim. I have yet to finish my template for the shorts, but that would likely be where additional design elements and logos are placed to create a cohesive look. Please let me know your thoughts -- any and all thoughts, ideas, comments, and criticisms are greatly appreciated! SAN DIEGO STATE AZTECS x JORDAN BRAND - Home Uniform SAN DIEGO STATE AZTECS x JORDAN BRAND - Away Uniform SAN DIEGO STATE AZTECS x JORDAN BRAND - Alternate Uniform
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    The fisherman is better than the Islanders' classic/current logo. Yes, I'm an Islanders fan.
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    Current navy, original green, and original silver.
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    Sam Bradford would like a word..
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    My favorite thing about the Under Armour logo is that Auburn University is forced to wear UA on their uniforms.
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    Usually I'm pretty respectful as an away team fan at a game. You gotta know your place. But if the team made me remove my jersey, Id probably go out of my way to be obnoxious when my team scores lol
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    as much as i like the current colors, i think i'd actually like to split the difference— current blue + kelly green
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    One time I wore a Cubs hat in Bridgeport and a guy called me a f-cking f-ggot. Classic misunderstanding: I'm not gay.
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    I can't look at that Toronto logo around company. It's so beautiful. I weep uncontrollably with joy.....I might need medication. Also, any bird logo with teeth automatically gets the crap stamp. The bird's beak is essentially it's teeth. Don't give me teeth squared. The Fed's should have came down on Louisville for that! PS: Thanks to Cap for letting this stand. This is a good topic for this board. Even if spite fueled it. That's some goood moddin'!
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    The Blue Jays did more than handle the recoloring better. There's a strong argument to be made that the modernization of the lines was also better handled by the Blue Jays.
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    Comparing racial injustice to goddamn hockey might be a biiiiiiit of a reach. (Also, it's kind of insulting...I can't exactly take off my black skin when asked.)
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    I still don't see what the issue would have been with using their basketball font. It's less generic than the one they're using. Also, "Earned Not Given" will always be associated with LeBron James, not Virginia football. They really couldn't come up with an original slogan?
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    Just because you can go to 11 doesn't mean you should.
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    The Rockets, Magic, Suns, and Kings (from those you posted) all have logos relating to their names. The Trail Blazers have a unique logo in all of sports. The others I'll give you, although I think they still look good aside from LAC and OKC...and the Pacers would be better without the roundel, but it works well with their current uniforms.
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    A Starbucks barista in Seattle jokingly said "I can't serve you if you're wearing that hat". Very confused I said "you have a problem with the Columbus Blue Jackets???" Nobody has a problem with the Columbus Blue Jackets, much less someone in Seattle. You see, she thought it was a Patriots hat and the Seahawks were about to play the Patriots in the Super Bowl. That's my only sports logo related misunderstanding.
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    Liz : You could've burned the place down. Dennis : I wish I had burned the place down. There's no reason to live anymore. Liz : What happened? Dennis : The Islanders lost tonight. Liz : Doesn't that happen a lot? Dennis : I knew you wouldn't understand.
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    Thank you guys for all this positive feedback! I really appreciate it! Another round of requests: @coco1997 - Rockies flag-based uniform and Giants road alt with the SF monogram (keeping it only in orange, as suggested by @SFGiants58) @itsmb8 - Brewers 70's style in their current colours @IndianapolisCubs2009 - Padres in the 90's colour scheme
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    Just some nice words about this series as a whole. I'd call it a triumph. The designs have been fresh and innovative. Modern and yet still clean and classic. If Under Armour gives us anything like this in a year we should consider ourselves most fortunate.
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