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    "Teal is the heart of the brand" So let's only wear it 3 times. Fans have been screaming for a teal primary and you stick with black because you want to own black? YOU LITERALLY OWN TEAL!!! Why try to "own" something that so many other teams have?
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    Usually the owner of the team doesn't advertise on the uniform.
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    Actually, word from Nike is that they’ll be the first team in the league to have the LeBron logo in place of the swoosh...
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    It’s the 5:30 mark. That was the owner who is worth a few billion dollars. He’s also correct in saying the two toned helmet was a competitive disadvantage. Yea that part made zero sense. If teal is the heart of the brand, why the hell isn’t it even used on the away uniforms?
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    Hot rumor out of Toronto is that the Raptors' 2018-2019 advertising sponsor patch will be the Cleveland Cavaliers logo... ...too soon?
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    Self-explaining... Their current mark: http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/h8ga63uac257c37js2m47hqke/Houston_Dynamo/2006/Primary_Logo
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    There's nothing wrong with darker shades of green. I don't get this obsession with Kelly green. It's a nice color, but it's not DA BEST EVAH as most people here seem to think.
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    That never worked as an M. It works even less as a W.
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    It's just like everything else - sometimes white over white works, some times it doesn't.
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    Okay everyone, I’m back! Finals week is over and I finished moving out of my dorm and back home over the weekend, so I officially have nothing to do except work on drawing stuff. And apply for jobs, but who really needs money? JK, but in all seriousness, how this goes over the summer will greatly depend on what hours I get and whet job I get, so if something comes up, I’ll make sure to post here to let everyone know. Okay, enough with that, onto the team: Cleveland Browns So, chrome brown helmets with a ton of unnecessary grey, right? Of course not, this is the Browns, how crazy can it really get? This was one where I hit a dramatic realization— I never hated the new Browns’ uniforms until I did this. I didn’t love them, but I didn’t hate them like others on here did. Really evaluating them, trying to make alterations really showed off the flaws. Orange numbers, contrast stitches, wordmarks, etc. It’s a mess when you truly evaluate how it all looks. Helmet: No changes. None. Plain orange, one white stripe with two outer brown stripes. I kept the brown mask. I like it. White seems like it sticks out too much and grey doesn’t seem like it fits well with a “modern” design—full disclosure, this is modern for the Browns, but wouldn’t be a modern design anywhere else. Jerseys: I ended up going with brown, white and orange. I didn’t know if I should have an orange jersey, for some reason, I just never felt like it was necessary when I was designing it despite how I’ve always loved them having an orange jersey. The jerseys use the new striping pattern from the recent redesign, but it’s limited to the sleeve caps—no extension to the chest. The giant Cleveland is eliminated from the front. They’re a professional team, believe it or not, and a chest wordmark seems too collegiate or high school for an NFL team. The numbers— remember when I said I wanted to keep the Jags new font on a team that fit it better?— the Browns jerseys use the “Modern Block” font the Jags used on their last revamp. It fit a more classic team like Cleveland better in my mind. No outlines are one the primary jerseys, another realization I had on the Browns is that number outlines don’t always work, especially on a traditional team like Cleveland, but on the alternate orange jersey, I added not only an outline, but a drop shadow as well. It doesn’t align with the other jerseys, but there is precedent for the orange jersey having drop shadows when the others didn’t. Pants: Only white and orange. I wanted to include brown, but it just didn’t feel like it worked in any rough drafts. They don’t have diarrhea Browns running down the leg. How could anyone think that was a good idea? The stripes have been brought all the way to the bottom of the pants, but that’s about it for changes. Combinations: Brown jersey is the home and white is the away with orange serving as the alternate. The pants don’t really have a primary designation. The only restriction is that orange pants shouldn’t be worn with the orange jersey to avoid orange overload. As you can see, I added a small personal logo. I've seen others do it to prevent someone claiming their work as their own and I also thought it looked more professional to include it, so I used one I came up with a few years ago. I guess that's that, so let me know what you think!
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    As much as I like the Brewers' identity, I am fascinated by the history of the Milwaukee Braves, and wish they could have stayed around for longer. This is my concept for a secondary logo that could be used by the team in place of the racist or ugly secondaries they've had in the past. Any C&C would be greatly appreciated!
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    Not sure if this should be it’s on post, but since the two other Jaguars topics were shut down... Here is the video of the making of the uniforms. http://www.jaguars.com/media-gallery/videos/The-Return-of-Tradition/c700b2ba-4a79-41e3-a425-a04c20bf9bb6
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    Prior to PA and Allegheny County capitulating on Heinz Field, the Steelers rather subtly mentioned they'd look to relocate somewhere 'bigger' as Pittsburgh is always labeled a 'small market'. I don't think it ever went beyond an idle threat, but they quite clearly implied that 'Cleveland' could happen again if they didn't get a new stadium. The Browns being a team nobody thought would move put the fear of god into almost every other market to build a new stadium or lose their NFL team. And with wide-open LA, it was an easy threat to make.
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    Shad may be a billionaire, but it's fairly apparent from this video that he doesn't know a ton about football. I played and I now coach, and yes, there are slight cues...but whoever told him about the color of the helmet and turning of the head thing? Bro..... Smart people though put smarter people around them. He hired Coughlin back, and that's paying off.
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    That doesn’t mean it looks even vaguely like an M.
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    Around 6:30 the guy is saying the two tone helmet let players see when Jaguars heads were turning on field. Followed by this idea that all black is the most competitive “camo” for a helmet one could have. Unreal!
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    I think I might be the only person who prefers the curly W to the DC logo. Attractive and historically relevant, even if resembling Walgreens a little too much. The curly W hat paired with the "Nationals" script on the home would be perfect.
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    As a typeface alone, it's a very nice remix of United Italic... Very similar to what the Miami Heat use, but executed better. I'm a fan.
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    I thought the rule was "all teams' fans are shallow bandwagoners, except for my team, the enlightened".
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    I've seen that sweatshirt before, but never looked past "BALTIMORE BROWNS". What the F is "CHILL" for? Who the hell designs something that dumb?
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    After an admitted swing-and-miss on the Eagles, I’m back with the Jacksonville Jaguars. They recently redesigned their uniforms and, personally, I like them. They aren’t perfect and could use some gold, but they’re solid. However, this is a concept series, so I did my own take on what I’d do if I was given the chance to design the Jags. Helmet: A solid satin black helmet with the logo on the side. I considered a stripe, but it didn’t look right, the Jags have never had a helmet stripe and, honestly, a solid black helmet is perfect for them. One new element I used here which has never been used in team history is a teal facemask. I felt it added just enough pop without being too distracting. Jerseys: Three jerseys in three colors: teal, black, and white with the primary home being (drumroll)… teal! That’s gotta be obvious, right? How they can’t get that right is beyond me. As for the design, I wanted something unique, but without using jaguar spots, which in my opinion, look terrible on any concept I’ve seen with them. I looked at the leaks from a while back that were proven false and built off those stripes, but used a three color pattern and extended them further, slightly past the sleeve caps and a couple inches onto the chest. For the number font, I struggled. I love both the new font and the now-old font. In the end, I decided there was another team that could use the new font and it would fit their brand better, so I used the old font on the Jags’ numbers. Pants: Again, three colors, black, white, teal. The stripes from the jerseys are carried onto the pants, adjusted as needed. Not much else to say about the pants, they’re pretty simple to describe. Combinations: Primary home would be teal over black, road would be white over black, but all pants are interchangeable with all jerseys. Teal socks are used with the black pants and white pants, black socks with the teal pants and can be worn when the black jersey is worn with white pants. In my mind I would prefer them to wear white pants very sparingly, maybe a couple early season games in high temperatures, but primarily the black and teal pants should be used. And the uniforms in action, featuring Jalen Ramsey, Yannick Ngakoue, Leonard Fournette, and the BOAT (Best of all time), Blake Bortles: As for the process/progression pictures, I'll likely have that up sometime this afternoon. Thanks for looking, don't hesitate to let me know what you think!
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