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    I've been a long time peruser, occasional poster on these forums for a while now. Over the years, I've seen many great concepts, but there has always been one poster whose concepts I really gravitate towards, Oldschoolvikings. A few weeks ago, I pulled up his NFL Fauxback Thread and saw his 1965 Baltimore Ravens concept. I really love how it captured the essence of 60's design.... One of my hobbies is building football helmets. I liked Oldschool's Ravens helmet concept so much, that I decided to make an actual helmet based on his design for my personal collection. Below is the result... Big thanks to Oldschoolvikings for the inspiration and coming up with this design. Keep up the great concepts......I love 'em!
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    Just use this with a matching black at home. It celebrates the entire history of Ottawa hockey and is the perfect compromise between the roman and heritage themes. Also put the =O= on the shoulders.
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    Dennis Erickson returns to the Desert with AAF April 11, 2019-- Tucson, Arizona Dennis Ericson, former Arizona State, Seahawk and 49er Head Coach returned to the desert of Arizona today as the new head coach of the Tucson Thunder. Erickson, along with league CEO Charlie Ebersol and two former Wildcats, LB Teddy Bruschi and S Chuck Cecil. Cecil is actually returning for good as the new DC of the Tucscon AAF Franchise. In addition to the former Wildcats and Coach Erickson, the AAF premiered the identity and home uniforms of the Thunder. The team has a definite Southwest flair with their primary logo a proud Thunderbird in the traditional depiction found in Navajo, Apache and Hopi iconography. AAF CEO Ebersol was quick to announce that the logo and design elements taken from local nations was reviewed and approved by leadership councils of all three Arizona Native American nations. The Thunderbird, predominantly black, with sky blue and red highlights, will adorn white helmets which also have traditional weaving patterns as their central stripe. The raindrop motif found in the Thunderbird wings also repeats on the uniform, as does the diamond shaped pattern of the mythical bird's torso. The team will wear sky blue jerseys and socks along with white pants trimmed with the Thunderbird wing pattern. It is a look that both represents the local peoples and the power of the Thunderbird. The team will play at the U. of Arizona's stadium, where they hope to have some of the biggest crowds in the league, and will play in the Western Division where they can form natural rivalries with the 2 California squads (San Diego and Sacramento), a close-by rival in Albuquerque, and the San Antonio Squadron, currently led by Johnny Manziel. Tucson and Atlanta represent an early expansion for the league which has exceeded both attendance and television rating expectations in their first season.
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    The presence of (and even the language in) the header makes it seem more like an internal presentation page rather than a graphic that’s intended to be used as a media tool, so in that sense, there’s not really much informational value to the graphic. if you’re wondering why someone would lay out all the numbers even though there are no “left/right” pairings, there are a few reasons. One, it’s simply the proper due diligence to look at all the possibilities just to make sure there aren’t any strange interactions between certain numbers (I didn’t make these, but this is a standard part of my personal process as well). For reference, the best way to do this is to make a symbol of each number, then set up a 10x10 grid showing each pair. Once you have that template, you can simply edit the ten symbols in the document and the pairs are basically generated for you. I feel it also helps guide equipment staff if you, as the designer, feel that certain pairings need more or less space between the two numbers or if you feel that certain pairings should be centered differently than others.
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    Usually the owner of the team doesn't advertise on the uniform.
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    I was never a fan of the Expos logo for anything other than nostalgia. It’s kind of a terrible logo if we’re being honest here. It’s similar to other logos bathed in the refreshing waters of nostalgia, like Bucco Bruce. That being said, it’s still a FAR more interesting logo than the Nats curly W.
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    This is my least favorite example of all time. It is truly nauseating.
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    Well, they were kinda supposed to be. You can see it on the white jerseys Those uniforms are blocked out of the minds of most Nebraska fans...
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    2008 Phillies. Its there current look but its unique, has stood the test of time and actually pretty awesome, I especially love the numbers.
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    Big thanks, HGP! I can't tell you how cool it is to see that brought to life. Awesome work, man.
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    Hot rumor out of Toronto is that the Raptors' 2018-2019 advertising sponsor patch will be the Cleveland Cavaliers logo... ...too soon?
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    No. That may come off as a bit of a rude response, but it’s all that came to mind. The classic Nebraska look should never change (pant stripe changes of the 90s exemted), especially the number font. IDK, I’m very defensive and picky about my team’ uniforms
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    All I want is for Nebraska to drop block numbers and use their helmet number font on the jersey:
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    I've found that many, if not most, will only print 15 or 20+ sets of decals for customers. Pro-Tuff however, will do a sample size set, which usually includes 2 sets, for a premium. Nothing outrageous by any means (around $25), but more expensive on a per decal basis than if you buy in bulk.
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    It's just like everything else - sometimes white over white works, some times it doesn't.
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    People may not like what im saying but this is the best the 49ers ever looked
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    Here's another self-plagiarization from my volleyball series. This was from a Rockies concept from a couple years ago (https://www.behance.net/gallery/34497699/Colorado-Rockies-Brand-Overhaul) that I turned into a volleyball concept for a team called the Denver Miners I've never been a huge fan light blue for the Nuggets and now they've gotten so far away from the original idea that it's kind of lost its original spirit and intent. Also the rainbow stripes are a mess and I don't get why everyone loves them so much. The idea behind the original mark when I first made it was to resemble a beer label. For the Nuggets I went full Colorado.
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    CLEVELAND BLUES This one's a bit more simple. The name references their colors and blues music, an ancestor to rock 'n' roll, hence the Flying V underneath the wordmark. C&C appreciated. Gonna try a Spiders one next.
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