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    Agreed. What works on a hockey sweater won’t necessarily work on a baseball cap or a football helmet. Fortunately, if the Jets want to change their helmet logo they already have the perfect replacement on their logo slick. So much better than a literal Jet that will instantly be dated, and so much better than that ugly 80s wordmark. This one is modern but respectful of the team history, and could seamlessly integrate with their uniforms.
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    You can't be serious. Pink is a great color and the idea that it's only for girls is a thing of the past.
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    That’s awesome. I like the varied layouts; home field should convey an advantage, and knowing how to play a ball off the wall can certainly be part of that.
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    That's all well and good, but I'm really curious about Georgia Tech's helmets.
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    I understand it's not a huge difference but the Steelers change in number font (98 I believe) downgraded them a bit. They looked the best here
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    Coming back to the Midwest we head north to my neck of the woods for Minnesota FC. Joining the league at the same time as Bay United, the two have had a similar history. Neither team has been overly successful and both teams are generally liked by most APL fans, the walleye have won 2 league championships. The Walleye got their name from the state fish that is proudly featured on the front of their crest. The Walleye do have some major rivalries with teams like Chicago, Colorado, and St. Louis, but none compare to "The Border Battle" with Milwaukee. Walleye fans are known for being the only team in the APL to have a goal horn, in an attempt to draw on the states love for hockey. Minnesota fans are known for singing during matches, mainly Prince's "Purple Rain" and Bob Dylan's "Knockin' On heaven's Door". Minnesota FC's logo is a an oval with a walleye in the center representing the state fish and the teams nickname. The team name is spelled out above and below the walleye with plants separating them. People often argue about what the plants are with some saying the plants refer to the states agricultural areas by being wheat, while others say it is wild rice which is the state grain, nobody truly knows for sure. The team colors are blue, green and white; blue represents the 10,000+ lakes in the state, green represents the forests in the north and the plants and agriculture in the south, and white represents the snow that covers the state in the winter. Their home kit is a classic green base with blue vertical stripes, above the name on the back there is a star to represent MN being the north star state, blue pants and green and blue socks. Their away kit is a white top with blue pants and white socks, there is no green anywhere on this kit as it is meant to represent Minnesota winters, this kit is worn at home if it is going to snow during the game or if their is a lot of snow on the pitch before the game. The "Purple Rain" kit is a purple top with white pants and purple socks, this kit is in honor of Minnesota's own Prince. The socks feature the star logo from the back of the main jerseys and the jersey features lighter purple pin stripes meant to make it look like rain drops. This kit is a huge hit with the fans, and the jersey can be seen all over the place at games and out in the streets of the twin cities.
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    Are people just oblivious to the fact this is a year old?
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    So it's the NFL's fault the Rams thought this was a good idea... Right.
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    Made myself a template that you can feel free to use -- Vector and Paint Files Let me know if you use these and if you have any feedback!
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    ESPN's mic-ing of the field is stellar. Gives us moments like this, good freakin' god: https://streamable.com/1nbwv Sound off the bat is like cocaine.
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    This is exactly why the 5 year rule works so well. Without it, teams would be able to run something out as a test, see how it goes over, then say the fans "unexpectedly" hated it, so they need a waiver on the 5 years. Tough. Next time, don't do something stupid. If it were me, I'd actually add a few more rules to the NFL's uniform policies, not less.
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    10 times out of 10, I buy the authentic jersey from the 90's on eBay for $50 instead of paying $300+ for an inaccurate remake.
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    you tell me which one is Rick Tocchet and which one is the PTSD-laced veteran from a Seinfeld episode.
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    BBTV is basically an amplifier/speaker owned by Spinal Tap. But in CCSLC cannon, he may well be the original 11.
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    I don't think the Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays have ever looked all that good. The first set had potential with that gradient, but they couldn't figure out whether to use those colors elsewhere and, if so, which ones - for example, I have a (mass-produced, but) prototype batting helmet that is black with the gradient ray and a purple bill. They managed to be both too bright and (with all the black) too dark at the same time, and their early uniforms somehow looked expansion-y, more so than those of any other Big 4 team I've ever seen (except maybe the expansion Buccaneers). Their second set, the green and black, gets the most love on here, but the green was too dark to properly contrast with the black, and the design was too 2000-05 for my tastes, plus I don't think their vest(s) from that time looked all that great (actually, I thought most of the vests introduced in that time period looked wrong, for that matter, although I'm not a huge fan of vests in baseball anyway). And, of course, their current uses that generic Times New Roman wordmark, and overemphasizes navy blue at the expense of light blue and yellow. A new look for this franchise is something I'd like to see. Reduce navy to trim and reduce the emphasis on the wordmark.
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    My picks for a few Super Bowl winners. FWIW, the Vikings lost two of these Super Bowls wearing their best road set.
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    This is the RAMS' FAULT, NOT THE LEAGUE'S. They HAD the opportunity to change, but chose not to. Then they ruined their uniforms, and are trying to blame the league for not allowing them to change their mind on the decision they consciously made. It's pathetic that they're trying to point the finger at the NFL, and "educate" them, as if they're morons that don't understand the fan bases and marketing implications. If anyone need's education, it's the Rams organization themselves. They need to be better educated as to the rules, deadlines, and ramifications of their own decisions. Idiots.
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    How would people feel if Soldier Field had goal posts that were 20 yards wide, while Lincoln Financial had ones that were only two feet wide (and a field that was 80 yards)? I get that it's part of the "charm" of baseball, but that evolved organically due to locations of parks, which for the most part isn't an issue now. It's kind of weird how players are rated by their numbers, and one player can have 50 home runs while a vastly superior player only has 40 because he plays in a much larger home park.
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    I thought this was pretty cool (click play):
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    The Pensacola Blue Wahoos say hello: ...joined with the ABA’s Miami Floridians: ...and Palermo: Pink, no matter the saturation, can totally work as a men’s sports color. Judging by your post history (e.g., accusing the Portland Beavers name of being “soft” and “non-threatening”), I’d argue that you prescribe to a machismo-heavy definition of masculinity that eschews anything “girly.” This can be unhealthy.
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    If you don’t want to look bad for five years, don’t make bad uniforms.
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    This is a first I've ever heard this. No way
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    I like that Pistons look. Nothing against it. Would just give the edge to the below which I feel looks more refined
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    I immediately thought of this College Game Day sign I'm going to be honest, I never noticed that the Diamondbacks logo formed a snake, in the negative space, until a few years ago. I always thought it was a stylized A.
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    I understand the “don’t buy it” argument. But I also think M&N shouldn’t be calling inauthentic jerseys authentic.
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    I’m going to be honest and say the patriots.
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    Kroenke's business acumen is marrying a waltion heir and using her money to develop walmart adjacent strip malls...Much like 90% of nfl owners the best way to get rich is to be born into or marry extreme wealth.,
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    Adding two to the collection, though each less egregious than the others in this thread:
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    I posted the 2017 Penguins cup in the best thread, so it's only fitting to go with:
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    NFL: We want them to wear the uniforms that no one likes. THAT will help jersey sales
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    Ha - I hadn't even thought of that. Add that to the rest of what is "from my point of view" horrible writing.
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    The fact that the Rams knowingly screwed themselves regarding their uniforms doesn't make the NFL's policy any less cumbersome and unnecessary. I can respect that they don't want to be like the NBA or college football where you barely even know who's playing. But there's a lot of room between that and what the NFL has done. There's absolutely no benefit to the league or the teams to stick them with a redesign that went over like a fart in church for 5 years.
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    2004 Calder Cup Champion Milwaukee Admirals:
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