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    So it's the NFL's fault the Rams thought this was a good idea... Right.
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    I don't think the Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays have ever looked all that good. The first set had potential with that gradient, but they couldn't figure out whether to use those colors elsewhere and, if so, which ones - for example, I have a (mass-produced, but) prototype batting helmet that is black with the gradient ray and a purple bill. They managed to be both too bright and (with all the black) too dark at the same time, and their early uniforms somehow looked expansion-y, more so than those of any other Big 4 team I've ever seen (except maybe the expansion Buccaneers). Their second set, the green and black, gets the most love on here, but the green was too dark to properly contrast with the black, and the design was too 2000-05 for my tastes, plus I don't think their vest(s) from that time looked all that great (actually, I thought most of the vests introduced in that time period looked wrong, for that matter, although I'm not a huge fan of vests in baseball anyway). And, of course, their current uses that generic Times New Roman wordmark, and overemphasizes navy blue at the expense of light blue and yellow. A new look for this franchise is something I'd like to see. Reduce navy to trim and reduce the emphasis on the wordmark.
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    My picks for a few Super Bowl winners. FWIW, the Vikings lost two of these Super Bowls wearing their best road set.
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    This is the RAMS' FAULT, NOT THE LEAGUE'S. They HAD the opportunity to change, but chose not to. Then they ruined their uniforms, and are trying to blame the league for not allowing them to change their mind on the decision they consciously made. It's pathetic that they're trying to point the finger at the NFL, and "educate" them, as if they're morons that don't understand the fan bases and marketing implications. If anyone need's education, it's the Rams organization themselves. They need to be better educated as to the rules, deadlines, and ramifications of their own decisions. Idiots.
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    I understand the “don’t buy it” argument. But I also think M&N shouldn’t be calling inauthentic jerseys authentic.
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    This is all they should ever wear.
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    I’m going to be honest and say the patriots.
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    Kroenke's business acumen is marrying a waltion heir and using her money to develop walmart adjacent strip malls...Much like 90% of nfl owners the best way to get rich is to be born into or marry extreme wealth.,
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    Adding two to the collection, though each less egregious than the others in this thread:
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    I posted the 2017 Penguins cup in the best thread, so it's only fitting to go with:
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    NFL: We want them to wear the uniforms that no one likes. THAT will help jersey sales
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    Ha - I hadn't even thought of that. Add that to the rest of what is "from my point of view" horrible writing.
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    So with a couple of the younger Jets players continuing to push for new uniforms and the Jets having their shiny, new Darnold, I could really see the Jets thinking about changing their jerseys and logos in the coming years in some sort of "new era" movement thing. It's also got a decent amount of fan support and traction on Twitter due to Darron Lee and Jamal Adams, so maybe it's something that the Jets are going to take a look at. Lee has brought up the Taste of the Jets fundraiser on the 17th in relation to the #JetsNewUnis, so maybe something is going to happen there. I wouldn't hate a Jets change and would like to see some sort of jet as the logo, but I also don't hate the current jerseys and logo enough to the point where I feel they need a change, so I guess I'm fine either way.
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    Los Angeles Chargers So, being done with school and still being unemployed, I’m stuck at home completely alone for hours at a time, most of which went towards drawing random crap, my next product included. Full disclosure: this was NOT done in just this week, boys and pieces have been in the works since before I did Jacksonville, but I finally figured out what I wanted done and got the final steps done this week. Let me warn you, traditionalists may not love this. Even those here who don’t mind modern uniforms may not like this. I went a little extreme and did a nearly complete rebrand, so this will be done a little different, with the pictures first, then the description. With that said, let’s get started: Colors: Let’s start with the obvious: what the hell happened to the colors? Well, since I started on the Chargers, I knew I wanted to separate them and the Rams’ color schemes and I felt the Chargers gave me more flexibility on colors I could use. With the name Chargers and lightning bolt imagery the team uses, that’s the direction I wanted to go. Yes, they’ve used a horse charging in the past, but it seems like they primarily identify with the lightning bolt, which led me towards two colors: bright, neon yellow and an electric blue, both colors often associated with lightning. Initially, I was heading in that direction, but when doing rough drafts of helmets, I started thinking. I had made an electric blue helmet with the bolt on the side and it hit me, whenever there’s lightning, isn’t it always on a cloudy sky? And then dark grey was brought in. For those of you who may hate this based solely on the colors, I understand, but I hope my explanation at least softens the blow and let you know I didn’t do this just as a big F-you, thought was put into this and I figured it could make a fun/interesting design. New Logo: As you can see in the top right, I’ve done a new logo. It was inspired by the infamous unused logo from the LA announcement. I don’t mind an LA monogram, but I felt it needed touched up, so instead of the bottom of the L going into the crossbar of the A, I had it blend into the bolt, which then went through the a-hole (pun acknowledged, and kept just for laughs). This would only be a secondary logo, the bolt would remain the primary, though adjusted because, as you can see, I added an electric blue highlight to the bolt. Numbers: I kept the same number font they use currently, but added a slight highlight similar to the one I used on the logo bolt. No matter the placement, the numbers are always neon yellow with an electric blue highlight. Helmet: Gone is the white helmet and in comes the new dark grey (or as it would likely be called for marketing purposes: storm grey) shell. The bolt is on the side as has been the case for the entirety of the franchises’ existence and an electric blue face mask is used. Jerseys: I went with design 3 from the proposed designs posted earlier. The bolt is used as a break in the sleeve to add a color beneath it (example: grey above, blue below on the home jersey). The colors are grey, white, and blue, all of which have yellow numbers. I went back and forth on which jersey to use as primary home, but ultimately decided on the grey. I love the look of bright blue, but when I decided to use grey, I pretty much declared that I was going for a darker look, so using a bright colored home jersey would defeat that purpose. With that in mind, I decided on grey as the home and blue as the alternate. Pants: Available in the same colors as the jerseys. All have the bolt used on the sleeves going down the leg as the stripe. Combinations: Nothing is off limits. Maybe solid grey, but on a Monday night game under the lights with contrasting blue socks, I might not mind it, as long as it’s used sparingly. All-blue would have similar restrictions, use it very sparingly. My personal preferences would be to use blue pants with the grey to avoid looking too devoid of color and grey pants with the blue jerseys to balance the grey helmet. White jerseys really work with anything, but for the sake of showing all the pants, my player model uses the all white look. As a first for this series, I’d like to declare an accessories rule for the Chargers: any gloves, wristbands, sleeves, anything, must be blue. I feel they’d really “pop” Now, with all that said, here are the player models: One last thing, are there any requests for teams? I have a couple in mind, but they’re still in the rough draft stage, so if someone wants to throw an idea out, I’ll take suggestions, but it isn’t a promise they’ll be next for sure.
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