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    So the Browns need to submit a memorial patch that is white and in the shape of each individual player's numbers. It'll be groundbreaking!!!
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    I found this hat on ebay a few years ago. I think something like this would work well for the Jets.
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    Well, first of all we’re not talking about the width of goal posts any more than we are baseball clubs deciding that they want first base 80 feet from home plate. The basic layout is the same everywhere, only the extremities can be expanded or contracted. And to your example, I don’t think I’d mind if the Eagles were allowed to widen the playing surface at Lincoln Financial Field 10 or 20 feet more than Soldier Field’s. It’s not a problem in soccer; there are minimums and maximums, and within those constraints clubs can decide what size pitch they want to use. The goals are all the same, as are the penalty areas. Just like baseball parks. And just as baseball clubs build their roster to take advantage of their outfield wall, so too do soccer clubs play to the size of their pitch. And I don’t have a problem at all with that.
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    Hopefully not much. The Panthers' uniform is a modern classic. Extend the shoulder stripes back to being true shoulder loops and they'd be damn near perfect.
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    The league's partners would go nuts, having to update their graphics and possibly replace ads and other promotional materials. Think of all the neon beer signs that would have to be replaced every couple of years if teams could mod their logos that often. Also, the children. Won't anyone think of the children?
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    Member has been banned for creating another account to circumvent a suspension.
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    We really don’t need to touch the five-year rule at all since it seems that the only franchise that is brutally affected by it is the Browns, who are the only team that I’ve seen recently that has actively expressed remorse over a redesign this soon. Even so, they’re the ones who decided they wanted a change and designed such a crummy uniform in the first place, so this might as well be the bed that they lay on. Hate to bring the “lol browns” complex into the conversation, but it’s tough say that anything can get more ‘Browns’ than that. I have no remorse for the Rams in this case. They’re the ones who decided that they’d be affected by the five-year rule in the first place by not only deciding that any real change had to be pushed back till the stadium opening, but also that they had to remove as much St. Louis influence from their current set as is legally possible in the meantime. Having the nerve to not only go through all of the bizarre decisions that led them here but also complain about being stifled by league rules that have been there all along is just insufferable.
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    I like that about baseball, too. But I wanted the Nats' field to stand out by being symmetrical and deep (maybe even with extra-high walls to make it an extreme pitcher's park). I'm sure, for instance, 340-380-415-380-340 would be unique among parks. I love how all that comes into play. Wrigley Field used to be infamous for very shaggy infield grass that would eat up ground balls, and the old Comiskey Park would dry out or water down the infield depending on the pitchers. Varying field conditions are part of why baseball is great. It's your team, their team, and your surroundings.
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    from twitter user Hannah Moss @OdelayOwl https://twitter.com/OdelayOwl/status/995451392633589760 https://twitter.com/OdelayOwl/status/995660762046705664
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    Ummm... Denver is called the Mile High City for a reason. That's 5,280 feet. Nope, not as high as Mexico City, but 1,609' is less than half the LOWEST elevation in the entire state of Colorado (3,315', where the Arkansas River enters Kansas)... That measurement of 1,609 is in meters, not feet, while Mexico City's 7,382' translates to about 2,250 meters. Also, not only were the Spurs in another league, they were also primarily in another city (Dallas, with minor stints in Fort Worth and Lubbock). The Rockets also toured assorted venues across the state in their early years, once drawing a whopping 759 fans for a regular season game in Waco's Heart O' Texas Coliseum.
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    Clearly they haven't noticed teams have players wearing different styles of socks. I'm looking at you Oakland.
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    Let's also not forget about Stade Français. Also, professional sports≠ big four
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    I'd say about on par with this I'd say the Patriots never had a look that I could consider above average. The closest was maybe the white on white back in the 70's and 80's with the white facemask. And while the Patriots center hiking the ball was a nice logo on its own it didn't work on a helmet
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    Now we go to the north west corner of the country for FC Seattle. One of the top teams in the west on a yearly basis, they have won 3 APL championships. The Emeralds are known to be a tough team to play especially at home, they have one of the best fan bases in the league. Seattle fans have set league records for noise, and every home match is a sight to see. Emerald fans are often seen wearing their iconic plaid shirts, plaid has become a major part of the teams identity because of this. Seattle has a couple rivals; Colorado and LA are big but their main rivals are Bay United. FC Seattle's logo is in the shape of an emerald due to the team being in the "Emerald City" inside the emerald there is a S with FC in the loops. The logo is all green with a little white. The SFC logo in the center is based off the old Seattle Metropolitan's hockey logo. The home kit is all dark green with some light green accents and white logos and numbers. There is a sublimated plaid design on the jersey in honor of the region they represent as well as to honor their fans who wear plaid religiously to matches. The away kit is a white jersey with dark green pants and white socks, the jersey features a center stripe that is dark green until the sponsor where it changes to light green. The third kit is blue with teal accents and pants; the space needle is on the front left of the jersey. This kit is meant to represent the ocean and industry in the city based on it.
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    I'm not sure that this is something I'd call a benefit.
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    They still use old logos up to two years after they are replaced and we're the only ones who notice.
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    i think the most likely jets news we'll get on thursday is that they're going to have a new alternate, with a full redesign coming next season.
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    I want that Seattle home kit in my life
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    I agree. For as good as Houston is, the Warriors are simply one of the greatest of all time. This series may still turn around for many reasons, most of that being just how damn good this Rockets team is. But this could also be the series that people look to as the one that cements the Warriors legacy. A statement series, if you will (Stugotz’s schtick is basically this right now, but it’s probably more accurate than not).
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    We all know who's behind this.... Biff Tannen.
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    That's all well and good, but I'm really curious about Georgia Tech's helmets.
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    Coming back to the Midwest we head north to my neck of the woods for Minnesota FC. Joining the league at the same time as Bay United, the two have had a similar history. Neither team has been overly successful and both teams are generally liked by most APL fans, the walleye have won 2 league championships. The Walleye got their name from the state fish that is proudly featured on the front of their crest. The Walleye do have some major rivalries with teams like Chicago, Colorado, and St. Louis, but none compare to "The Border Battle" with Milwaukee. Walleye fans are known for being the only team in the APL to have a goal horn, in an attempt to draw on the states love for hockey. Minnesota fans are known for singing during matches, mainly Prince's "Purple Rain" and Bob Dylan's "Knockin' On heaven's Door". Minnesota FC's logo is a an oval with a walleye in the center representing the state fish and the teams nickname. The team name is spelled out above and below the walleye with plants separating them. People often argue about what the plants are with some saying the plants refer to the states agricultural areas by being wheat, while others say it is wild rice which is the state grain, nobody truly knows for sure. The team colors are blue, green and white; blue represents the 10,000+ lakes in the state, green represents the forests in the north and the plants and agriculture in the south, and white represents the snow that covers the state in the winter. Their home kit is a classic green base with blue vertical stripes, above the name on the back there is a star to represent MN being the north star state, blue pants and green and blue socks. Their away kit is a white top with blue pants and white socks, there is no green anywhere on this kit as it is meant to represent Minnesota winters, this kit is worn at home if it is going to snow during the game or if their is a lot of snow on the pitch before the game. The "Purple Rain" kit is a purple top with white pants and purple socks, this kit is in honor of Minnesota's own Prince. The socks feature the star logo from the back of the main jerseys and the jersey features lighter purple pin stripes meant to make it look like rain drops. This kit is a huge hit with the fans, and the jersey can be seen all over the place at games and out in the streets of the twin cities.
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