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    Should have been a Nets logo. The Cavs could have had the shield-based logo the Nets would have.
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    This might become a series of suggestions for MLB uniforms – or not. We'll see. I – Miami Marlins Blue Alternate Uniform The Miami Marlins of 2018 decided to not wear their orange alternate uniform – which, I guess to most people, was a bummer! When I and millions of other people think of the city of Miami, regardless whether we're baseball fans or not, we think of bright, loud and fresh colors. The ownership of the Marlins apparently not. So, all there's left for the Fish (this year) are a white, a black and a gray road uni. Okay. That's not for me! I have created my own MLB Authentic Uniform template completely in Adobe Illustrator, since Photoshop for some strange reasons isn't working anymore on my Mac. It ain't perfect, but I'm quite content with the result. So here's my blue alternate Marlins uniform – which I would prefer over the pretty decent orange (and probably for always and ever dumped) anytime.
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    It's been about a year since the Oilers switched to orange primaries... I still don't like it. Go back to blue.
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    Please, don't be another one of the NBA's red and black teams.
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    They (we) have carved out a nice small-market-underdog identity, but the Buffalo Bills are the absolute kings of this category. Without a shred of imagery linked to our namesake, our name falls somewhere between a pun and a Labatt's Blue war cry.
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    Quick updates: Edited the piping on the Rangers' blue jersey Changed the maple leafs on the Canada jersey to match. Also if you didn't notice the MLB logo on the Toronto image, check it again
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    @whitedawg22 You should write for Nike. I've always understood the Piston's logo to be a Basketball viewed from the side and when they updated the logo, they just made it more accurate to modern basketballs It being the lower hole of a piston sounds like revisionist garbage to justify a circle logo with lines
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    They should go back to these
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    I hope the Packers never change. For a two reasons. First? Look at the Jets. They technically use the same shade of green as Green Bay, but it looks brown and mismatched on the Jets. Green is obviously a problem for Nike. Why would the Packers want to muddy their brand like that? Secondly? The fact that one or two teams keeping the old template annoys so many Nike Swooshkateers amuses me.
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    Are you kiddin' me? Ever seen these? Herbie Husker? The Boomer Sooner Schooner? Brutus Buckeye? The Hokie Gobbler? Davy Crockett/Rifleman? Big Al? All are /were licensed by the colleges and used in merch sales. Definitely part of the imagery. Granted, a lot of older college imagery is based on mascots, costumed or real, which in some cases does not tie-in to the name (Alabama's elephant/Big Al, UNC's Ram/Ramses, Navy's goat/ Bill, etc.). The Indiana Hoosiers for awhile had a (costumed) buffalo mascot which was also licensed and used (a buffalo is on the state seal). Teams named after colors-- Harvard Crimson, Dartmouth Green, and Stanford Cardinal-- well, what can you do? Cornell (Big Red) has used a bear mascot; Stanford has that tree.
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    Well, first of all we’re not talking about the width of goal posts any more than we are baseball clubs deciding that they want first base 80 feet from home plate. The basic layout is the same everywhere, only the extremities can be expanded or contracted. And to your example, I don’t think I’d mind if the Eagles were allowed to widen the playing surface at Lincoln Financial Field 10 or 20 feet more than Soldier Field’s. It’s not a problem in soccer; there are minimums and maximums, and within those constraints clubs can decide what size pitch they want to use. The goals are all the same, as are the penalty areas. Just like baseball parks. And just as baseball clubs build their roster to take advantage of their outfield wall, so too do soccer clubs play to the size of their pitch. And I don’t have a problem at all with that.
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    That's all well and good, but I'm really curious about Georgia Tech's helmets.
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    If any of you have been following my American Premier League series you would have seen that Minnesota's identity is heavily walleye influenced and I wanted to make a walleye logo for the team that was modern and similar to the less cartoony Toledo Walleye logo. I couldn't get it to work on a soccer crest but I thought I could post it out here to see if there was anything I could do to improve it at all. (I'm not very familiar with doing fish designs so any CC would be very helpful). Also, thanks to @hettinger_rl for helping and giving some advise. Here it it in the colors from my concept league. And here it is in the colors of the Toledo Waleye
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    Them and the Packers as well. Let’s face it this Reebok template is getting old and hardly anyone uses it anymore. I don’t understand why Green Bay and Carolina still uses it, maybe for sentimental reasons, I don’t know. They could work with Nike and use the new template without having to do any drastic changes to the jersey itself. It’s likely too late to do something about it this upcoming season, but let’s hope for some change next year and beyond.
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    I'm also a little confused about why the Panthers' uniform gets so much love on here... I can't count the number of "modern classics" that have been dropped. I mean, it's fine... and these days, with most new designs being garbage, it keeps rising up the lists just by the teams dropping below it (which I'll agree is a good argument for leaving it alone), but I couldn't really bring myself to call it good. I can't get past; The helmet stripe being so disjointed from the pants stripe... both are silver, both have stripes, but they couldn't look less cohesive. The sleeve loops looking so radically different from one player to the next... to me, that's a flaw in the design. The tapered pants stripe... such a product of it's time, it practically has whiskers. The helmet logo (I like the update, personally) repeating on the sleeves and again on the hip... we get it already. Definition of overkill. The white road pants. Especially paired with the baby blue socks it just looks kind of soft, to me. Still, I'd keep it rather than let Nike go nuts on it. A Dolphin style tweak, tho? Go for it.
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    This only works when the mascots are simple, readily identifiable and tangible objects. College sports are ripe with more abstract and unique names that are very hard (if not impossible) to make into an easy-to-discern logo. Cornhuskers. Sooners. Hoosiers. Buckeyes. Hokies. Volunteers. Cardinal. Crimson Tide. Etc... You'll never see a logo of a Hoosier and be like, "hey that's a good looking Hoosier," because there is no universal definition of WHAT a Hoosier IS. Compare that to a Bulldog, Tiger or Spartan, which are simple objects even a child can ID.
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    Maybe, but that’s a bit of a stretch. I’ve never seen a snake head that looked like that. I always thought it was just the forked tongue
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    Hamilton would be fine. We're not talking Maple Leafs levels here, but they'd do fine, especially on rights/carriage fees. Same with Hartford.
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    The league's partners would go nuts, having to update their graphics and possibly replace ads and other promotional materials. Think of all the neon beer signs that would have to be replaced every couple of years if teams could mod their logos that often. Also, the children. Won't anyone think of the children?
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    The trapezoid and the red line make it look like the advertisers have their own sections of the rink, like you get more points if you score from the Pepsi Generation Next Corner.
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