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    They won't be home and away uniforms. They will be "league" and "idol" uniforms.
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    Normally I'd agree with you about the striping but this is pretty much a modernized version of the fauxback they wore in 1994. Not much else the Swooshies could do with this.
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    Sports Business Daily reporting that Nike will in fact land MLB's on-field uniform rights starting in 2020, swooping in after Under Armour's financial problems tanked the original MLB/UA deal: https://www.sportsbusinessdaily.com/Daily/Issues/2018/05/24/Marketing-and-Sponsorship/MLB-Nike.aspx No word yet on whether the swoosh would appear on the front of MLB uniforms (as was the plan with UA's logo). But either way, if true, this is gigantic news.
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    Looks like it could have been painted by Alex Ross:
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    so 3 red stripes can fit, Nike explain the regular jersey....
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    This couldn't be any more on point. This league is SO mother :censored:ing dumb that they still find ways to surprise me with just how dumb they are. Who gives a single :censored: if a player is patriotic or unpatriotic? Tom Brady could be fighting on the frontlines for ISIS during the off season and Bostonians would still be in his corner as long as he was still hucking TD passes to Gronk in the playoffs. Why this league keeps dragging this dead issue out of the garbage bin is beyond me. I can't believe it, but I genuinely think Colin Kaepernick may have legitimately caused the initial fissure that Rodger keeps cracking open into giant gaping holes that'll eventually trash the entire league (At least as a countrywide juggernaut). :censored: the NFL, and their psuedo-patriotism trash.
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    Some #not94Niners uniforms slipped into the video.
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    They brought the Quentin font back for the helmet.
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    So Eric Lindros kicked that whole stupid tradition off, huh? Figures.
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    After all this time, Ovi and the Caps FINALLY get over the hump. What an awesome story and what a great thing to witness. You could really see the emotion in Ovechkin’s face. It was really touching to see. And, after all that, they’re going to get OITGDNHL’d so hard and get completely killed by a god damn expansion team.
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    People spend too much time wondering if they can when they should be wondering if they should
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    Funny, I'm so used to seeing the Niners in gold that my brain doesn't even register that as silver. I just assumed it was a washed out photo.
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    I find this uniform to be overrated, and just a money grab. I can't stand shadowed numbers, and I just don't like white jerseys and white pants together. It's too drab. It is an improvement over the all-black duds, which need to be burned. The Niners' current uniforms are much better. The only improvement in the all-white uniforms is the throwback helmet logo, which is much better than the current logo.
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    That's a solid design, I just don't think the Texans need silver. It kind of muddles the look
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    Not in the slightest. Had they both used a similar logo since the 1960s, sure. But they don’t, and haven’t ever, so it’s not a fair comparison. Green Bay and Georgia is completely different, they HAVE been the same since the 60s and it’s become a logo associated with both teams. It would never fly if it happened now, but for the era it did, it was acceptable. To suggest that Georgia should abandon it for no other reason is like saying Stanford should get a new logo because a standard block S is used by Syracuse and hundreds of other schools with a name beginning with an S. It’s not a good enough reason to abandon tradition simply “because”
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    Man, if only their home and road jerseys had the classic three stripe pattern.
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    The braves one is @derschwigg 's I believe. Most of the logos are garbage, collages of logos and google images slapped together with generic fonts. Also, the "reviews" are absolutely :censored:. The notion that the ray of sun doesn't "fit" with the Rays team mascot, the idea that a D-backs logo with like 4 elements is too simple for an mlb logo, the idea that a dodgers logo cluttered with green, gray, and a tiny LA... please. Anyone who hasn't already spent 5 minutes waiting for the 50 pages to load, save yourself some time. Don't look at these.
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    How in the world does the cop, who's alert enough to announce that everything is being recorded and is on film, not realize that he's unnecessarily escalating a situation and essentially filming his own self destruction. The player wasn't exactly an angle on his way to deliver gifts to children in the orphanage, but jesus - none of those cops had the wherewithal to realize that what they were doing was unnecessary? Police aren't necessarily the best and brightest in society, but they have to understand the bad press that they (as an institution) get and at least try to not let their egos, racist attitudes, and small-dick syndrome get the best of them. Policing in the US is a disgrace, and anyone that automatically gives cops the benefit of the doubt is part of the problem, just like anyone that has an issue with players protesting the anthem is the reason that they need to protest.
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    I have absolutely no affinity for those 1994 uniforms. So this one does not do it for me one bit. I don't like the white pants. I don't like how a red/gold team kinda becomes red/black (at least when they're not wearing their helmets). I am not surprised by this, but I was hoping for something different.
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    I beg to differ. First of all, as mentioned before, this ain’t your daddy’s expansion team. Vegas is a different beast - great coach, great keeper, super deep. Second of all, what the Caps did this postseason imo covers all their bases in terms of choking. Down 2-0 in the first round after two home L’s? Win the next four. Lose a heartbreaking Game 1 to the Pens and immediately have the “here we go again” thoughts start? Win four of the next five. Blow a 2-0 lead in a series? Win it in 7. This team showed fight, heart, and mental strength that hasn’t been seen in a Rock the Red-era Caps team. They remind me a lot of the ‘16 Sharks. People generally don’t call the Sharks chokers anymore iirc.
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    Another example of how the swoosh (and other makers marks) are nothing more than advertising, not dissimilar to the patches on NBA jerseys. No different. Nike (and everyone else) is just paying for the space on the sleeve to put their logo, regardless of who actually designs and produces the jersey.
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