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    But if they signed other stars to go along with him and became more than "just Lebron", they'd be killed for being a "superteam" or for killing all the other teams like the Warriors have been doing for years. Sports fans can be the worst people some times. They just hate things, try to justify their hate, then adjust the narrative as necessary to re-justify their hate after it's no longer valid.
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    Maybe their Golden Knight slaying all 26 capital letters of the alphabet with his sword?
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    Can't wait to see what little show The Knights are going to put on for The Capitals before the game.
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    How? Lebron speaks his mind probably more than any other super star athlete ever has and that can rub some people the wrong way, but how is he a “phony asswipe”? And even if he was, why does that even matter? On top of being at least top two all time, the dude is an absolute model citizen. No record, very family oriented and you never hear anything negative about his home life, is one of the hardest working athletes I have EVER seen, ect. What the hell more do people want from these guys?
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    I completely agree, especially since the shape of the bridge tower would fit perfectly into a vertically oriented version. Something along these lines could work pretty well.
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    I actually never noticed the potential Toronto-Montreal matchup until you pointed it out. That would've been a good matchup. 1. Vancouver is pretty much a lock for a potential expansion site either for next expansion or the mid-to-late 60's. I'm hoping there are a fair number of Canadian teams when this reaches the current decade. 2. The next expansion will be either in 1960 or 61, with the committee being held in 1959. I don't want to name specific cities just yet, but the league is looking to expand out west, mainly to California. The southeast is another area they'd like to target. 3. There is currently one African-American and one African-Canadian player in the league. Carmelo Dunn of the Warriors was the first to play, breaking the barrier in 1950. Bernard Jackson is a descendant of escaped slaves and currently plays for Michigan. While there has been opposition to them playing, Dunn and Jackson have been generally accepted and supported by teammates and fans. 4. Canadian teams will definitely struggle financially during the 90's, but I don't expect any of them to fold or relocate until the early 2000's.
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    The ball in glove is a great logo but this is so much better for the Milwaukee Brewers However, I don't like that beige or whatever it is. I would love something like this
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    Brick, Black, Sand, Hunter Green, Purple and Sienna or bust.
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    This is just kind of goofy. Not trying to be rude, it just comes off as being poorly thought out, rushed and super lazy. A soccer template for a football concept? Huh? I like that you are using a consistent template, but really? Its sloppy. The game is fine, but the rosters have 2 QBs and nothing else. That, again, comes off as rushed. The fact that you didn’t take the time to put out the names of other players is lazy. Oh, and Quavo? Is Travis Scott going to be the QB for Houston’s team? There are tons of NFL guys here (and some NFL stars). Maybe that is part of the storyline, but I think its boring and unrealistic. And the divisions? Tokyo with London? I think you should take your time and work. Make things 1. realistic and 2. well thought out. There is no time limit. The boards will still be here. I appreciate effort, but this is bad. Not trying to be mean. Maybe take some time and work on your coloring skills. Learn how to use a computer program maybe? The choice is yours, but these concepts aren’t great.
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    That's their primary home kit, when they draw lots they are assigned home and away positions for each game as well.
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    How is that not fair? That’s how it goes in the NBA. The Warriors were dog crap for DECADES. Any team could conceivably do what they did (granted they had a TON of luck, as everyone wants to point out). But like half the league is looking at the current situation and basically just folding. There were more teams tanking for draft positioning this year than pretty much ever before. Blame them for how trash the league is. Teams like the Jazz, Raptors, and Pelicans are great because they’re trying to build despite losing guys to bigger destinations and the fact that there is a lot of consolidated talent. :censored:, even the Kings backed their way to success at one point. All this talk about how the Warriors are “ruining basketball” comes across as salty as can be.
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    That's not really fair. Other teams are trying. The Jazz are building something, the Pelicans have improved, and even They the North tried to win, bless their maple-soaked little hearts. Not every team can have a Kevin Durant or Chris Paul join them to instantly make a super team; there aren't enough superstars to go around. What are other teams supposed to do in a league where you need multiple generational players just to be competitive?
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    The only thing to really be bothered by here is that the logo on the helmet doesn’t really match the one on the chest. Other than that, there’s pretty much nothing you can say to dull my excitement for these helmets.
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    He doesn't want to go into the HOF as a 49er so that leaves Eagles and Cowboys. Madden probably went with the Cowboys because...
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    The Timbers are debuting some new green shorts for their secondary kits tonight in Colorado. They have white Adidas stripes and numbers, with the same crest as the shirt. I’ll post some pictures later, but it’s a really nice look. I was hoping they’d have some green clash shorts for their secondaries, so it’s nice to see that they do indeed have them as an option. Edit- Here’s a few looks: I thought they looked really good, and I hope to see this combo more going forward this season. The default all-white combo is nice, but the green shorts are definitely a nice change of pace, and helps to further differentiate the kit from the other white kits in the league.
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    Next up is my concept for the Houston Dynamo. I got rid of the soccer ball in the logo, and used simple striping matching it. I used a beveled font to also match various parts of the logo, and added a sun logo on the pants and helmet. What do you think? C&C Appreciated!
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    Also... Mexico can't wear green but Germany can? Doesn't add up...
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    Alright I think I got something figured out: As much fun as the black/red/sand and now turquoise era has been, I think purple is a much better and unique base for the D-Backs. However, it is 2018 and times have changed and as good as the old identity was and after a lot of feedback on the preview post, a total throwback to the era went out the window to me. However I think a mixing of eras and designs could work and hopefully it does. Anyways, I kept the black and turquoise from the new identity, brought back purple and copper from the old identity. Kept the new wordmarks and font as well as the logos. Hats - Hats are purple/purple and black/black. Purple hat and helmet have the A logo and the first black hat has the D-shaped Diamondback. The alternate hat is also all black with the A logo on it. Any other combo looked like the Rockies so the D-Backs get two all black hats as a result. BP hat is purple and black, with the Diamondback logo on the front. Jerseys - Jerseys are white/purple/black. Home has the D-BACKS script on the chest, away has ARIZONA, and black has the A logo front left chest. On the sleeves is a more appropriate diamondback pattern which is what sold me on the colors. It just looks and feels like Arizona to me. BP jersey has the pattern on the sleeves, big A logo front and center as well as a chest number. Pants - Only white pants for the D-Backs. Black pants were on the table but eventually scrapped. Not really much to the pants, the pattern is down on the lower half of the pants, unless you wear hemmed up pants in which case it is done to fit. Socks have the d-back pattern. C&C welcome! And as it turns out my last post was post 2,000. Well happy 2,001st post to me!
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    That's exactly what they did in the NBA. They changed the shape of the jersey back to look like a sports bra. Then they removed the cuff striping from the back of all jerseys. They made the NOB smaller. They also changed the triangle cutout on the shorts for no reason, altering the look of the shorts for teams with accents in that area. The Boston Celtics weren't allowed to keep their classic look. Like I said above, the problem isn't that Nike will force teams to wear garish crap. The problem is that Nike might be allowed to significantly change the template and force teams to change even if they don't want to. Look at the awful side panels Majestic has used the last few years. They look terrible when you notice them, but at least they are fairly thin. So maybe Nike puts thicker side panels in a different material with mesh like an old basketball jersey. Maybe Nike puts in a different panel on the back of the knee (like on football pants) which makes all teams wearing pinstripes look like crap. That is them forcing changes on the Yankees without the Yankees being able to tell them to piss off. And this is what Nike has been all about the last decade. Making awful new proprietary templates for the sole purpose of branding. I'm far more worried about Nike messing up all teams in a small way than butchering some teams in a big way.
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    Hideous in design, historically ignorant, and all around poor taste for the sake of commercialism. But then again this is perfect for the demographic that associates militarism with patriotism which is obviously who they are targeting here.
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    This sentence couldn't appear anywhere else on the net but here.
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    I can attest first hand that Adidas's dazzle pants were stretchier and more comfortable than the ShockWeb version.. We practice in old dazzle game pants and play in ShockWeb pants, and not only do the players prefer the practice pants, but they usually have to go up in size for game pants..
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    That’s the point! Y’all are sticks in the mud, these are awesome.
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