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    First thing that came to mind for me.
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    Figured out why there's a star in the roundel!
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    Thanks! I thought it had a bit of a Winga Dinga/Flavourtown touch (perfect for guys at cruise nights, showing off their C3 Corvettes) and tied in well with the Braves' old feather sleeves. THE DUGOUT JACKETS - ALTERNATE TAKES, PT. IV: NL West Chicago Cubs - The 1930's Modernization - This one is a revision of my first jacket, albeit with the jersey scripts and a different cub. Denver Zephyrs/Purple & Light Blue - I decided to feature uniform-style striping and the fauxback script on the back. Side note: the purple/powder blue version is my preferred color scheme/jacket. Houston Astros - 1994-99 gradient - We've got some lovely gradient sleeves and collars, for that extra 1990s touch! Houston Railmen /Revised - I turned the tertiary logo into a badge, with sleeve inserts designed to allude to the "track" pattern. Los Angeles Angels - The standard jacket features the asymmetrical UCLA-style stripes, while the throwback is a "Brooklyn-ized" version of my previous Dodgers jacket. Milwaukee Brewers - Rescuing the Germanic Style - The one follows the template of previous Brewers jackets, albeit with modified 1994-99 logos. I made a green version for that specific update (I'm not keen on the whole "Shamrock Series" look, but it's decent). St. Louis Cardinals - 1956 Modernization - It's an adjustment of my previous jacket, featuring the "STL" as the insignia and the Swingin' Cardinal on the sleeve. San Diego Padres - Surf's Up in Navy and Brown/Light Blue/Yellow - This one uses trim stripes that mimic the cap logo. I've made versions for all of the color schemes, including brown/yellow and brown/orange. San Francisco Seals - I featured the seal logo on the back and bronze in the stripes while revising the "Gotham Day" jacket to fit with the different orange shade and "Giants" wordmark. ...and that's the ballgame! Thank you for tuning in to this addendum to the series. What's next for me? Well, I'll give you a hint! Thanks, guys, and I'll see you guys soon!
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    Story time: Meeting discussing new logos: Designer-"So what should our alternate be?" And remember, it has to include a basketball too." Person 1-"Let's have the Denver skyline for the logo." Designer-"Okay. Anything else?" Person 2-"Let's have mountains since Denver is called the mile high city for the logo." Designer-"Okay okay. But I still feel it needs something else." Person 3-"Let's include the star that no one knows and put the skyline and the mountains on the logo." Designer-"PERSON 3 YOU'RE A GENIUS!!! We'll do that!!!" ... And that kids is how this logo was made.
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    I've mentioned it about 1,000 times on here before, but dark green and light blue.
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    The other day I was shooting a baseball game between the Iowa Cubs and the New Orleans Baby Cakes. While I thought the Baby Cakes moniker is a TERRIBLE name, their uniforms did look pretty good. I love their color scheme and the designs/fonts of the logos. It screams New Orleans. I thought the look was fitting for a team from NOLA. Just... the name itself sucks in my opinion. Any other teams whose names suck, but have amazing uniforms in their set?
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    Here's the Dolphins! btw looking back I'm not that satisfied with the Vikings one so I'm planning on a version 2. I have to say I love Miami's teams color schemes... including Heat's city edition and Floridians throwback, Dolphins' current one and Florida Marlins. Especially the Fins. Since I love their color scheme very much, I didn't add logos on the jersey, tried to make it cleaner. Just put their old logo on the short. Chose a font which is like their previous wordmark, also keep it as the number font. May be a little cartoonish but I think it is OK. The arc on the left side is inspired (a little bit) by the flo-jo Pacers uniform, tried to perform a wave-like pattern, hope it works!
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    Semesters over so i have (a little) more time! and just in time for the finals we have the Cavs In a way its a blend of eras. went back to gold instead of yellow. no BFBS. tried to be consistent with the colors, which they seem to struggle with. went with a metallic gold on the name/#'s, didn't want the metallic to be too over-the-top, so i left the rest of the uniform simple. Association Icon Community Athletes Let me know what you think! Bulls and Blazers are both 3/4 of the way done. Knicks about halfway done. hopefully during summer ill have more time to finish up the rest Thank you
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    It’s not a common colour combo from what I can tell, but I really like black/teal/red. I also like light blue/black or dark blue.
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    Hi! Not new here but it has been long since I finished my last concept... And now back with a NFL to NBA concept. First I want to thank @R3G for his amazing nike NBA template! Very user-friendly. The 1990s NBA jerseys seem to be controversial because of it's colors and details, and I would like to see how the NFL teams can fit into it. Since the Eagles unveiled their current set in 1990s so I decided to start with it. Inspired by the 1992-95 Hawks set and 1997-2011 Wizards set, which both have single-sided stripe and similar curved jersey logos. May back with the white/alt or I will start another new team. C&C is always appreciated!! Thanks for reading!! Edit: Lists: NFC East: #1 Eagles / #4 Giants / #21 Cowboys NFC West: #11 Seahawks / #17 Rams NFC South: #14 Falcons / #20 Panthers NFC North: #8 Vikings(v2) / #12 Lions / #19 Bears AFC East: #7 Patriots / #10 Dolphins / #13 Jets AFC West(finished): #5 Raiders / #16 Chargers / #24 Broncos / #25 Chiefs AFC South(finished): #3 Colts(v2) / #6 Jaguars / #22 Texans / #23 Titans AFC North(finished): #2 Ravens / #9 Steelers / #15 Browns #18 Bengals
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    The white-over-white Rams with gold horns and a blue facemask is actually a very good look, in my opinion. The blue-over-gold set is too dark and drab, and the blue-over-white set is unbalanced because there's so little white above the waist.
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    Yeah, Wild is by far the dumbest name in the NHL. Just think about it, how terrible of a name that really is. Luckily the uniforms and logo saves it all. The main logo is fantastic, simply fantastic. Modern classic. The only bad logo the Wild have ever put out it that roundel logo with the strange “wild” script in it. Oh and how the roundel also includes NHL Hockey in it. As if we didn’t already know the Wild are in the NHL. The jerseys are great too. Whether they use a red, white or green it seems to always work.
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    1. What's the adjective? 2. It makes as much sense inside and outside of the area. There's nothing local-specific about the team name, at least nothing that I'm aware of. 3. There's no need for gimmicks. If it was a minor-league team, or a small market just trying to get some attention, then sure.
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    in a "worst of the '90s" promotion. That logo is trash from the top down. Lightning bell, in-you-face puck, TEAL, demon wings, ridiculous font with shadows, awkward shape, the list goes on. If you think that could be utilised today, I'd love to know where. Because that would be stupid, and Ed Snider didn't do stupid things (with the exception of making his son the GM for a few years.)
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    JR Smith blew the Cavs’ chance at losing this series 4-1.
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    There is no SUPER-DUPER WORLD FAMOUS STAR located in Denver. Not one. News flash: Not every minute detail in every logo has to have a hidden meaning.
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    Log in and see the Preds 20th anniversary logo which reminded me strongly of Wise Chips
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    Kelly Green and Yellow Gold is my favorite, followed closely by Columbia Blue and Scarlet Red
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    For crying out loud, can we fix that Brewers logo on the database already? The webbing should be white, not blue.
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    Have just finished the full set. The alt is inspired by the Chris Webber era Kings set (because of similar wordmark, lol), so changed the design a little bit. C&C appreciated! Edit: Add a 1970s throwback. To be honest I don't know much about the uniform history of Eagles... Since I have seen many kelly green and silver/grey concept on the board, decided to finish one. Nothing too fancy just want to keep a clean look for them.
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