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    I’m so excited to see Herm edwards lead the Sun Devils to a whole bunch of disappointing losses.
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    If the Capitals win game 5 they'll be in Las Vegas, Nevada. That's gonna be the craziest victory party in sports history. That's gonna make the Bruins bar tab in 2011 look like chump change. A player might die.
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    Vegas plays the superior game, only to find themselves down 4-0. Take that Vegas fans. This is what being a NHL fan is all about. Drink it in, you're in this for the long haul.
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    At this point I'm not sure who I'm rooting for more: the Caps or @Crabcake47
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    They should have stuck with this version:
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    They could have made a few small changes that would have given them less gold/more white and a refreshed LA look: Invert the stripe colors on the white pants. Make the horns predominantly white with a think gold outline or with an asymmetric accent line on the inside of the horn. By minimizing the gold and bringing more white in you get the effect of a refresh that emphasizes white/blue without going full jv squad.
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    The Chiefs have never even won the Lamar Hunt Trophy. That's worthy of curse consideration.
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    I'd like to see Kansas City in a bluish-grey that recalls the classic powder blue road uniforms but is still recognizable as grey. Try around hex #a3acbf. But no, I don't want anyone in full powder blue uniforms ever again.
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    http://www.nj.com/eagles/index.ssf/2018/06/philly_mayor_rips_egomaniac_donald_trump_for_dissing_eagles.html Again, hard to comment more without it crossing the line, so that's that.
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    Just read this on the local news site. Hard to comment without it crossing over into political territory, but I'm very glad that they're not going, and glad that he embarrassed himself yet again by disinviting them on the night before. Jeff Lurie, a Clinton donor, called the presidency a disaster, and most players weren't going anyway.
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    http://www.denverbroncos.com/news-and-blogs/article-1/Broncos-to-wear-Color-Rush-jerseys-in-Week-12-home-game-vs-Pittsburgh-Steelers/fd7d3d99-3f09-4e62-8b05-1ddad2bfe31d The Broncos are wearing their Color Rush at home for the first time vs Pittsburgh Week 12. There also wearing their Blue uniforms Week 4 against the Kansas City Chiefs and in Week 15 against the Cleveland Browns.
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    It's an obscure American law that requires non-NFL leagues to have teams in Memphis, Birmingham, and Orlando. It sure would be dumb to start a league off illegally.
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    The honeycomb DEN logo is garbage. The skyline logo is overcooked.
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    Columbus has a bench that is the opposite of hostile.
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    The white-over-white Rams with gold horns and a blue facemask is actually a very good look, in my opinion. The blue-over-gold set is too dark and drab, and the blue-over-white set is unbalanced because there's so little white above the waist.
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    Figured out why there's a star in the roundel!
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    Oh, it’s everywhere. Each of the city’s pro clubs includes at least one shade of blue in their color scheme. The Brewers, the Bucks, the Admirals, the Wave, the Torrent. And Marquette, as you mention. Blue is the color of the city's flag, both of ‘em. Civic institutions like the Milwaukee Athletic Club and Milwaukee Press Club use blue. When the Mayor issues a proclamation, it looks like this: There’s just no denying that blue is the city’s color. Usually royal blue, but sometimes light blue. These throwbacks have both, and really couldn’t get more “Milwaukee” if they elected socialist mayors, drank Collectivo Coffee with their Usinger’s on a picnic in the nation’s best public park system, and finished the day with a Femmes show at Summerfest.
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    Without helmets? Yep, I’m down for that.
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    I think people don't complain about them because they are throwbacks (or were... they haven't been worn since 2010) and are therefore held to different standards. All the things that are kind of wonky about them... the mismatched helmet color, the trimmed stripes but untrimmed numbers, the gray facemask... people appreciate these things because they are accurate to the uniform being recreated, not because they are necessarily aesthetically pleasing. I'm pretty sure that if the Vikings never had this uniform in the past and simply debut it as a new look, it would get skewered. By me, included. You're interested in whether there are any new designs that are liked more then previous ones... I get the feeling you think some people (which, as a resident grumpy old traditionalist, would definitely include me) like things better simply because they're older. I don't think that's true, and it's kind of insulting to denigrate someones opinion as being "just about tradition". For myself, I think the Vikings current uniform is the second best they've ever looked. I'd rank their uniforms in this order; Best - 1960's The original uni differs from the throwback you posted in the slightly larger horn, and the trimmed numbers. This to me is, without question, the definitive Vikings. Perfect... not damn near, just perfect. I also prefer the road jersey with the northwestern stripes to the popular, but over rated ucla stripes that came later; Extra points for the striped road socks. Second Best - Current IMO, an excellent modern uniform. It gets some complaints around here for the overly clever number font, and left-field black mask, but my only real problem with it is the leotard-inducing road socks. White socks with stripes worn with the purple pants would make this look push the original for my top favorite. Third best - 1990's Worked very well at the time, but feels really dated to me now. I've especially soured on the road UCLA stripes... between the shoulder numbers, shoulder stripes, and logo, it's all to crowded. Fourth - 1970s - 1980's Very popular with Viking fans, but again, very dated IMO. Especially the white mask helmet... ick. I've already mentioned the inconsistencies when discussing the throwback to this look. Worst... by far - 00's You know, I'd really just rather not talk about it. As for "I don't get why you are acting like your opinion is right and better than mine"... it's because I was kind of being a jerk, I guess. Good on you to call me out on it.
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    It's like Dallas-Ft. Worth or Tampa-St. Petersburg. And I'm guessing if I said "Raleigh-Durham" to someone from there, they'd say nothing, I'd say "aren't you going to get wildly defensive of your hometown?", and then they would say "oh, I'm from Pittsburgh."
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    I like the brighter blue and the BEST BUY font being less wide. But the yellow tag placement looks odd and too low, like it was an afterthought.
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