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    It's been a while since I've been able to do any concepts because of the booming real estate market, but I'm back with some Junior Hockey concepts. The Michigan Hockey League is equivalent to the OHL in this project. A couple logos are re-used from my previous projects. So without further ado, here are some teams:
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    Imagine if Ovechkin had signed with the Penguins after one of those postseason losses. All the emotion, all the feelings of finally overcoming failure and redeeming yourself, would all be gone. Sure, his new team would be a juggernaut and he'd probably have 3 Cups by now, but they'd be hollow. Every postseason would turn into a joyless slog towards an inevitable result that nobody enjoys, and not even Ovechkin himself would be able to celebrate because he'd know that he did nothing more than hitch himself to a team that didn't need him. There's probably a comparable player for this in another sport, but I'm drawing a blank right now.
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    In 1999, the Atlanta Thrashers paid about $80 million for an expansion team (I think...correct me if I'm wrong). In their first year, they finished last in their division, never got a off to a good start and some years later were off to Winnipeg... 17 years later, Foley pays $500 million for a franchise. Whether or not you think that a franchise should have gone to Las Vegas, I think that most people were okay with expansion parameters that would be a bit more generous...But what would be the ideal equation? I think that the biggest change in the expansion draft from '99 to'17 was that each team protected 2 less players (again please correct me if I'm wrong). In hindsight, should that maybe have been 1 less player? How could you know what numbers would be the right numbers? You and I know that there are many GMs in this league that would have taken the same opportunity that McPhee had...and would have botched it completely. Then, the VGK's would have finished out of the play-offs and then, those same parameters would have been okay, right?... Yes, McPhee was given a better leg-up than his predecessors had, but jeez, give him some credit...he rode that pony like a boss. That was some masterful horse-trading there! The Fleury thing was just pure luck. Re: the goalie part of the equation, McPhee was working with the same guidelines as those before him. (I think that Fleury was considered past his prime). Even with McPhee's masterful job, how could he have projected that Fleury would have one of his best years ever, or that several players would elevate their games to the best they ever had or probably ever will. They hired the right coach, implementing the right system, which the players executed. Throw in a lot of puck-luck (how many times through the playoffs did we see Fleury "patting the post"?), and some fortunate timing...(had Hellebuyck been on his A-game in the Vegas series, it would have been Washington-Winnipeg). The whole Vegas success was lightning-in-a-bottle... At a time when the city needed something positive, I find it almost unbelievable that "that something" was given to them by ...a hockey team??...That's great for the fans in Las Vegas, and for the NHL. As far as being "mean-spirited" I can't believe the hate that was heaped on the VGK franchise, the city and its fans in general. I kinda felt for the fellow board members like Lee Noire that live in Vegas. I got somewhat involved in the Las Vegas process...I made up the T-shirts for these guys in Las Vegas on their "team-announcement-night"... ...pretty regular folks, with pretty regular jobs, life, etc., that are ecstatic about finally getting a team of their own. I'm happy for them. Off the ice...yeah, the opening schtick before the games was a little cheesy...but so what. If it works for them..great. I probably have more reason to dislike Foley as anyone...but I have to give credit where it's due...After the botched name reveal, they seemed to do everything right...the opening night tribute to the victims and responders of the shooting... Deryk Engellend's speech...the players involvement in the community...the relationship with the city...little things like hosting some members of the Humboldt community ...Golden Pipes allowing Winnipeg fans their "True North" moment during the anthem...(telling Carrie Underwood "No Thanks")...etc. etc....I thought they showed a lot of class. Congratulations to the Golden Knights for a great season...and to the Caps...another great story...the near-perfect ending IMO.
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    Thanks, guys! I really had fun making this one. It took me a while to get to the point where I thought it looked appropriate for the location and name. Thanks! I had no idea about UMass Boston, but I'd like to think I made a slightly better logo than their one (with incorporating gold). Thanks! I tried to do that, but it looked a bit weird for my taste. Thank you! I took a bit of inspiration from the Rays, trying to find a way to execute their whole "Ray of Light" motif in an effective way. Anyway, onto the Houston/Milwaukee Cardinals! HOUSTON + MILWAUKEE CARDINALS - Tax Evasion Escapades This was one of the more surprising relocation threats I discovered in my research. While reading this excellent thread (and discussed in detail by @Gothamite), I learned that the Cardinals almost moved to either Houston or Milwaukee. Fred Saigh, the team’s owner, had to sell the team due to tax evasion charges. Groups in both Houston (the base of their AAA team, the Buffs) and Milwaukee (with Fred Miller of the eponymous beer company) had eyes on the team. Of course, Saigh wanted to keep the Cardinals in St. Louis, so he sold the team to Anheuser-Busch Inc. for less than what Fred Miller was offering.1 However, what if either deal went through and the Cardinals left St. Louis? I figured that the team would have a similar course in their identity. The birds-on-bat would go away in 1956, only to return in 1957 and stay in place (albeit with road versions) due to team/fan uproar. However, there will be key differences in their overall visual composition. HOUSTON CARDINALS The team has an “H” cap logo meant to invoke the current “St. L” insignia’s style, alongside a roundel for the red alternate. The uniforms are red-heavy in accessories, as Houston has a bit more of a “red” feeling than St. Louis. The University of Houston Cougars, Houston Rockets, my ideal Texans uniforms (thanks @oldschoolvikings), and the orange-centric Astros all lead me to that conclusion. There is a “Houston” road wordmark if only to codify the team with their new location. The first set of alternates include a red top for home/road use and a navy cap with a red bill, for playing on the road against other teams with red caps (e.g., the Reds). The throwback/fauxback alternates include a recreation of the early-mid 1940s uniforms, alongside a button-front/belted pants version of the powder blue set. I figured that Oilers nostalgia, plus the Cardinals’ 1980s success, would endear the fans to that color. I also made a “Houston” version of the 1950s-’90s birds-on-bat, for a little vintage touch. MILWAUKEE CARDINALS I decided to go for a decidedly more navy-centric look. Living in Milwaukee and observing the other teams in the area, navy and other shades of blue seem more fitting than a red-centric appearance. I revived the shield from my first Cardinals concept for this purpose. The caps of these uniforms feature an “M” in the “St.L” insignia’s style, along with a navy crown and red bill. My logic dictated that the team would maintain navy-crowned caps to fit with the traditional aesthetic of Milwaukee baseball. Navy belts also appear alongside the caps. I made a “Milwaukee” wordmark for the road uniform, again to assert the new location. The first set of alternates is a throwback to the mid-40s and a “Milwaukee-ized” powder blue set, complete with a retro wordmark logo. I figured that powder blue was a very “Milwaukee” color, so it worked as an alternate. The red cap does appear (along with matching belts), albeit as a Sunday alternate cap and as a variant on the powder blue outfit (my reasoning: it was worn in the 1970s, yet was dumped by the turn of the 1980s, not unlike the Astros’ orange cap). It’s too good not to use somewhere. The dugout jackets reflect the new color distributions in each location, with the Swingin’ Bird on the chest. The 1940s alternate has its own jacket. While I’m glad the Cardinals stayed in St. Louis (as the more successful team than the dumpster fire known as the Browns), both alternatives would have been interesting to see. Heck, Milwaukee Cardinals vs. Chicago Cubs might be an even better rivalry than St. Louis Cardinals vs. Chicago Cubs! At the very least, it’d be a revelation as to how much of the BFiB is marketing and how much of it is St. Louis itself. C+C is appreciated, as always! Up next, with the Cardinals gone, the Browns shall reign supreme! 1Frank Jackson, “Now Batting for the Houston Cardinals, No. 6, Stan Musial?,” Fangraphs/The Hardball Times, March 29, 2012, https://www.fangraphs.com/tht/now-batting-for-the-houston-cardinals-no-6-stan-musial/. RetroSimba, “How Close Did Cardinals Come to Moving to Milwaukee?,” RetroSimba, January 17, 2013, https://retrosimba.com/2013/01/17/how-close-did-cardinals-come-to-moving-to-milwaukee/.
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    Proper professional team crest? It looks like the logo of a jr B lacrosse team called the “Canuxx” that was both founded and folded in the mid 90s. The stick and rink looks like a classic logo that’s been modified to fit it’s era, like so many other logos that are beloved here. And calling a logo ‘bland’ is just a meaningless buzzword.
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    And another thing, baseball is a sport of history, and the National League has comprised the Cubs, Braves, Reds, Cardinals, Dodgers, Giants, Phillies, and Pirates since the 19th century. The composition of half the league predates several statehoods. And one of those is supposed to get kicked to the Pacific Coast League?
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    Don't hate him, was happy he won in 2016, but the people with the gall to insist that he's better than Michael Jordan need to be sent to the re-education camps.
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    I'll never understand LeBron hate.
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    I've always wondered why they couldn't just do something like this...
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    This guy literally changed the game more than either of these candy-ass jabronis everyone's talking about today. The real argument is who's 2a and 2b. For my $, I've seen enough to say that Lebron is 2a... and I saw almost all Jordan national NBC and playoff games from '91 on, so I have some frame of reference. Lebron has to fight battles that Jordan never did, whether it's playing in the era of social media (Jordan would be considered a monster if camera phones and Twitter was around back then) or playing with crummy players, or never playing for a highly-regarded coach and having to do it himself, or playing in the era of the current CBA.
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    I hope this was intentional, because it's a great pun. Oh, and SF, everything looks good!
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    It's pretty simple really: The Warriors are the Anti-Christ and any second now the world is going to end.
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    Exactly. You get a few top-tier clubs that can contend for a title, a revolving door of yo-yo teams, and then a solid chunk of 10-12 teams or so that are permanently stuck in the middle of the table, never winning titles but also never getting relegated. There's very little intrigue in most European leagues at this point (England is the main exception, and even they only have 4-5 teams that have a prayer of winning a title, outside of some bizarre Leicester City circumstances). Germany is completely dominated by Bayern, Italy by Juventus, France by PSG, and at least Spain gives us a 2 1/2 team competition between Real, Barca, and Atletico in a really good year. Promotion and relegation makes the current Cavs/Warriors domination of the NBA look like child's play.
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    Amazing! My only gripe is that the wordmarks are gaudy, especially the big keylines. I'd build something tighter.
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    All that is true and what it really does is create a churn of quadruple-A franchises: the teams that are promoted don't really do anything in the top flight but collect their revenue, drop back down, beat up on the next league down with the money they made the year before, move back up, repeat. So you'd have Memphis, Cincinnati, Charlotte, and San Diego dipping in and out of the majors and never really amounting to anything. What's the point?
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    I've been thinking a lot about this - why do new teams need to be crap and pay dues for n# of years until it's OK for them to be good? I used to think like that, but looking at it now through different eyes, wouldn't you want a new team in a new market to be competitive right away? Obviously an expansion team winning a title is absurd and would delegitimize the whole thing, but having them be watchable and competitive enough to develop a good local following right away could only be a good thing, no? Ideally, wouldn't a 6 or 7 seed be a good spot for a new NHL or NBA team? Maybe .500 for an NFL or MLB team?
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    To me the manner in which Vegas was awarded a team, and the manner in which the league allowed them to build the team, made them unlikeable. It also ruined the whole “Cinderella” aspect. Had this been a traditionally assembled expansion team that still made it this far? That would be different. It wasn’t though. It was an expansion team gifted a Stanley Cup champion goaltender, just as an example. Obviously there’s a bit of a difference of opinion on that, but I think I can confidently say that I’m not alone in feeling the way I do. And I think the way the way a lot of people glommed onto this team just because they liked seeing other people annoyed was pretty mean spirited. Seeing a deserving player like Ovie finally break through? It was a great bonus on top of seeing this ridiculous thing finally put to rest. For now at least.
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    Possible minority opinion: I'm happy the Capitals won the Cup wearing the best look they've ever had. I would have hated seeing them raise Stanley in their outdated throwbacks. None of their previous looks are ugly. But they are all outdated by 2018 standards. Their now championship logo, it's the right logo to use as a title holder. Vintage is fun. But there are limits to things. This look contains just the right amount of traditional elements mixed with modernized features. This look is beautiful...
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    The fix the Canucks need to make is so simple it's maddening. Take the logos from their Reebok alternate and put them on the current home and away template. The Canucks are never going to have the perfect logo (that includes the full-bodied cartoon of Johnny Canuck) so give the team something with historical precedence that compliments the retro striping while eliminating the colour discrepancy of the Orca. You'd have Johnny on the shoulders so no one could accuse them of not representing their name-sake. It's win-win.
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    A tradition's gotta start somewhere.
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    We’re just gonna post pics of ourselves in our gear eventually.
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