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    Sup? It's been a while! Here's what the last 5 expansion teams plus the Coyotes would look like if they were the Original 6. The era I aimed for was the 40s, and everything you see is hand made by me! I have a few more plans for this but C&C is appreciated
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    Sigh. Why is this type of talk even still a thing? Have y’all actually seen the state of some of these lower clubs? I work for one of the most successful tier II teams left, and I can tell you that there is absolutely ZERO chance they could handle the move up at this point. And the whole purpose for our existence is to move up to MLS. Asking for pro/rel in the states at this point is like asking someone to build a huge mansion on the side of a hill when the foundation is made of old, wet cardboard. It’s impossible. The United States has a slim to none chance of moving to pro/rel because soccer simply isn’t popular enough here yet. If it ever does happen, it’s going to take literally DECADES more of building up the sport to even consider it. And I don’t see that really ever happening because, as Stugotz has said (he actually had a good point with this one), soccer has been talked about as the “future” of American sports since, like, the 1970s. It’s had great growth lately in the top levels, but there is still a metric ton of work left to do at basically every single other level. Also, I think the talk of how popular the youth game is in this county is still extremely overrated. It’s solid at the youngest levels, but it takes a pretty fatal hit and kinda drops off of a cliff once kids start reaching their teens.
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    Thank you! Thank you. Unfortunately, that will probably be an element you will see quite a bit throughout this series, as we aimed to make things a bit more colorful than a typical MLB game. Also, thanks to anyone who’s given constructive criticism, it’s always welcome! Next up we have Brazil. The country has one of the coolest color schemes in international sports, the biggest trick is balancing all 3 while creating a clean, sleek look that feels true to the country. We attempted to do that by color blocking the cap, striping, and undershirts in ways that use relatively equal amounts of blue, green, and yellow. The caps, belts, and socks combo would be interchangeable among sets to allow for a bunch of unique color combinations. The wavy striping on the alt is inspired by the pattern seen on the Copacabana Beach Boardwalk in Rio de Janeiro. Thanks for checking this out!
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    Next up... St. Louis Blues Prediction: Their Winter Classic uni seemed to be a fan favorite, and it would make a lot of sense for them to bring that back as a full-time alternate Wish List: If the Blues were to go in a different direction, I'd really like to see them bring back an all-navy alternate again
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    There's so many more reasons beyond "get around some egos" that keep it from being a realistic system for this part of the world. Can someone explain why pro/rel is better than the current system? What does it achieve for the sport that the current system doesn't?
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    It's a mog...half man/half dog...he is his own best friend.
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    Thanks! I was surprised when I heard about it during my research, given how ingrained they are within St. Louis. Thanks! I figured that the different tertiary logos worked with the respective color balances of each team (Houston = red, Milwaukee = navy). I figured I shouldn't go crazy with additional stripes since the minimalism of the Cardinals' design is what makes the birds-on-bat work. Thanks, guys! Thanks! Both felt weird to me, as the Cardinals have such a long history of beating up on the Brewers and the Astros. Also, @NicDB, you forgot the most important link of all: the BFiB twitter page. While it's not an entirely fair assessment of Cardinals fans, it is both hilarious and disturbing at times. Thank you! I really liked the powder blues for this one, even though I'm not big into neck-to-mid calf powder blue. The cap logos, no matter how good they are, still look weird to me. It's like I'm looking at Cardinals affiliates rather than the team itself. Spoilers: both will appear, although I'll be starting from scratch with the Arrows. I really don't like the proposed design. Thank you! A big goal of this series is to be a teaching aid for baseball history. A lot of little nuggets of obscure history will pop up here. Anyway, (summons Regular Car Reviews' dirty voice) it's brown time! ST. LOUIS BROWNS, PT. I - Louie Louie, Oh Brownie! (Disclaimer: since this is a modified version of a concept I posted in Project 32, I repeat much of what I said in that thread) Do you want to know why this team moved? Well, here is the St. Louis Browns experience, as presented by the seminal Irish comedy series Father Ted: The Browns were a largely incompetent, underfunded organization that lost any leverage they had in the market when the Busch family bought the Cardinals. They barely survived their time in St. Louis (a short recap by Hardball Times writer and fellow board member @pmoehrin here, and a cool website designed by @STL FANATIC here) and there's no way that the city could have ever supported two teams in the long-term. However, what if the Browns had survived to the modern age? What would they look like? Well, here's the answer. The most obvious change from the original Browns is the color scheme. Gone is orange, and in its place is red. I did this for two reasons. The first reason is that brown/orange is too associated with the other two teams named "Browns" (the team that's now the Ravens and the record book-ignoring doofuses), and I wanted the baseball Browns to carve their own aesthetic path (let's presume they added red sometime in the late-60's/early-70's). The second reason is that I wanted to try out the color scheme, as I've grown to like its application on Indians concepts and the NHL Panthers. The second change to differentiate the team from the NFL Browns is the deletion of Brownie the Elf. I've never liked the logo. The identity now focuses on St. Louis' history (as part of New France from late-seventeenth to mid-eighteenth centuries - here's a good book on New France) and the city's namesake Saint Louis (King Louis IX of France, from 1226-70). The real team referenced this connection in their 1936-51 primary logo. It was from this point that I drew my inspiration. The new primary logo, to go along with the Louis IX theme, is now a shield, redone from the original. The logos feature the color "Champagne Silver," from the USFL's Michigan Panthers. I thought the name and color fit with the brown/red pairing and the city's ties to France. In one section is a modernized version of the '39-'51's rendering of the Apotheosis of St. Louis statue, commissioned for the 1904 World's Fair/Louisiana Purchase Exhibition/Anthropology Days/Olympic Games and therefore connected to the wackiest Olympic marathon ever). Here is a comparison with the original logo. The (thankfully) less cluttered primary logo features fleur-de-lis sourced from the 1945-53 alternate logo (in a pattern that mimics the Île-de-France flag and heraldry, the home region of Louis IX). The bottom of the logo features a baseball with the cap logo, while the team script and a line divide the sections. It's a far cleaner design than the original concept. The secondary/cap logo is based around the 1946-53 cap logo, with alterations to make it look less like the contemporary Cardinals cap logo. I gave it spurs (a la the Cardinals' 1900-19 primary logo - per Cooperstown Collection), and adjusted the height/spacing/serifs of the letters to better accommodate an outline. Here is a comparison. The tertiary is a quarter-divided shield with the sock stripes, Apotheosis rendering, cap logo, and fleur-de-lis. There are also new wordmarks, using the 2014 NBA All-Star Game font, as it fit the "New France" look. The uniforms emulate the 1952-3 set, AKA "The Padres can totally do brown/white/grey" look. I tweaked the scripts to clean up inconsistent line weights, standardized the tails, and widened the letter kerning to accommodate outlines (a tip for fellow concept artists, adding outlines to scripts necessitates wider kerning). Here is a comparison. The fleur-de-lis takes the place of front numbers (now with red outline), while the tertiary and primary logos grace the sleeves of the home and road uniforms, respectively. The barberpole sock stripes give way to a white outlined in red tri-stripe design, while the red-billed hat remains. I used black cleats to enhance the "retro" aesthetic. The number font is my modified version of the UNC number font, and the NOB font is Rawlings' block (used by the Orioles and in the past by the Cardinals). The home/road alternate is an updated take on the 1908 home uniform, with an "St.L" on the chest and the fleur-de-lis on a piped cap (a pre-1950's design element I'd like to see return). I added a bit more white into the design, for consistency's sake. The Heritage Day alternate is a brown/red fauxback to the 1944 home uniforms (with the addition of the fleur-de-lis on the cap and the modern secondary logo), one of the few bright moments in team history. I replaced the font with the new one, as I wanted more separation between the pre- and post-1950s Browns (also allowing for a straight throwback). This ties the "modern" Browns to the history of the old Browns and their sorta-funky uniforms. The dugout jacket is much the same as their Project 32 version, albeit with the new tertiary logo on the back and new striping pattern in the trim. I think I've improved on my previous design, while also demonstrating how the Browns could have changed up their aesthetics if they outlasted the Cardinals. C+C is appreciated, as always! For the alternate take, let's give them a bit more of an Oriole-ish identity!
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    Hello, everyone, I'm vtgco! I've lurked on these forums for a while now, and I finally decided to sign up for an account and post my first topic, because... ...after a few less successful attempts, I have finally created a concept for my Seattle Sounders that I like! Despite being an enthusiastic fan of the team, I don't particularly like their current logo. Its strangely shaped shields and redundant white & gray outlines feel poorly weighted, the Space Needle is inaccurately depicted in a gray color, and the banner hogs the spotlight. Worst of all, though, the current logo doesn't even represent the beloved Puget Sound, the namesake of the team! I think my concept addresses some of these issues, while also combining the different eras of Sounders logo history. So, first off, I decided to use a hexagonal, emerald shape for the Emerald City's team. I also wanted to use a kelly/emerald green, because I don't like the obnoxious lime green, because it's closer to the color of both trees (Seattle has a lot of those) and emeralds, and because the NASL and USL Sounders used a darker green. I created a new, more accurately colored and shaped Space Needle silhouette. I brought in the NASL era-style waves to represent the Puget Sound. I paired it with the NASL era wordmark, which I really love, and kept the current logo's "Seattle" font. For A & B, I wanted to have versions that used similar colors and format (green on top of blue) to the current logo. For C & D, I incorporated the NASL-era teal, creating an abstract image of a typical view of the Puget Sound (light blue sky, green islands, deep blue water). It also semi-intentionally looks like the local SoundTransit buses, which apparently was once the jersey sponsor for the USL-era Sounders. I might do some alternate logos and jerseys, so hopefully you guys can help me decide between these four versions before I move on! Your input is appreciated. Thanks! TL;DR: I really like retro Sounders stuff. Help me choose a version of my logo, plz
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    I see pros and cons of both sides. For a team with rich and consistent visual history like St. Louis or Los Angeles (NL), absolutely. But for other teams that have had different looks throughout the years, then I think patches need to be tailored towards what the player wore during his time with the team, lest you run into a situation like Toronto's Roy Halladay memorial patch being a number font he never wore.
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    Despite Donald Trump's best efforts, the North America joint bid wins.
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    Absolutely. We need decades of additional infrastructure building before we can even consider it. Hell, dropping down to AAA would cause some baseball franchises to fold, much less a developing sport like soccer.
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    Confirmed. I now have to visit the CCSLC on mute. ? Also, anyone getting an "Insecure Connection" warning when clicking around?
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    Where's the stitching on the Ball in the logo, how can I tell it's a baseball logo?
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    Huh? This for the team that has the second best record in the NL (as of last night's loss) and one of the top farm systems in all of baseball. You'll have to explain that one to me.
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    The USPS Eagle uniforms were very good uniforms, it's just that they were a dramatic change in color from their originals. If they were blue/copper/black the whole time, that set would be considered a classic. Once they dropped the wordmark from the striping, it was really great. Then they had to it all up with the stupid black alt that became primary - that was their worst uniform, followed by current, followed by original, followed by USPS.
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    About a year ago, I made a similar thread leading up to the NHL's major Adidas reveal....so I figured I would make a similar thread for concepts (predictions and wishlists) for the upcoming reveal of alternate uniforms. (here is a link to the old thread): A few weeks ago, an image was leaked showing that 19 teams will be donning new third unis this upcoming season. I'll be posting each concept in the order from the leaked Adidas catalogue...Here it is for reference: First up.... Columbus Blue Jackets Prediction: It is rumored they will be bringing back their cannon jersey, which I am a big fan of. It's a nice change of pace from the simple piping, red/white/blue color scheme, and fits in nicely with the team's Union Army identity. Wish List: While it is rumored that they will be at least bringing back that same color scheme, if they went a different way, I wouldn't be disappointed. I think it may be time for a light blue jersey base to be used. C&C appreciated!
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    That powder blue jersey is quite nice. Speaking of, I think the maybe a lighter powder blue would look good thoughout rather than the royal you're using. I'd either go with one yellow ring around the sun in the logo, or go with multiple blue rings of different shades to represent the sea. It seems a bit off with both the royal blue and yellow. I also feel the home white is a bit too reserved for such a fun team brand. It's close, though. For the Rays, perhaps lighter is better!
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    Anyone who attacks any player's decision to join any team is an idiot. Every player is entitled to take the job that is most attractive to him, for whatever reason. By the way, in England they have the opposite idiocy to the criticism of Durant. Harry Kane just recently signed a contract extension with Tottenham. And people are criticising him for not making himself available to join one of Europe's biggest clubs such as Barcelona or Real Madrid.
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    I was glad to see they used the same design they used with Stan. Perfect choice and the most appropriate by far.
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    Maybe an unpopular opinion...pretty niche...the Yankees need to bring back the red on the batterman logo.
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    This is so much better than the Edge mess. I loved this as an alternate, why they ever made it the primary, IDK.
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