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    Really? Seems to me, a gorilla has a ton of different ways you could go with it;
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    Will always look like an upside-down V.
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    As per usual on these boards, the vintage look triumphs over modernism.
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    Never thought I’d see the day where we’re discussing tampons on here. What a time to be alive!
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    The Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles are receiving their Super Bowl championship rings today because the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl which the Philadelphia Eagles won.
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    In keeping with the food theme sweeping the minors, I would re-brand the Tri-City ValleyCats as the Albany Steamed Hams.
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    Back in the 80s, UND actually did wear the Hawks logo on their sweater. Along with altered shoulder patches with an S for "Sioux."
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    Columbus has a bench that is the opposite of hostile.
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    Oh man, those numbers are pretty much exactly what I had in mind when I made my suggestion. I second @MJD7's suggestions, as well. Once you do that I think you'll have yourself a perfect Rockies redesign.
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    Yeah, you’re right. Trying to minimize long-term brain injuries is for fragile snowflakes. Real men don’t want to live past fifty anyway.
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    Oh cool, the Giants are going to pair a white front paneled cap with their cream jerseys. Thats’s gonna look AWESOME!
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    Yeah how about no, the Bears have been Navy and Orange since the 1920’s.
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    Spurs should trade him anywhere but the Lakers. Why trade him to a conference rival and to the team he most likely wants to go to. LeBron might stay in Cleveland if he can get Leonard. Cavs give up their #8 pick and other assets?
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    I love the Smiling Louis and would love to see some semi-pro St. Louis team adopt it. I like any references to the city's namesake -- I think I've mentioned before that the Apotheosis is a very underrated civic symbol that's been overshadowed by the Arch, and I'd love to see the Blues in particular, whose fanbase seems much less regional than that of the Cardinals, find a place for it. What's cool about the Browns concept is that the brown/beige/red feels very Germanic in a way that's suited to the very German city of St. Louis. The city's French heritage is hard to miss, of course, but it's pretty damn krauty in Missouri. (It's really just a sweatier, ruder Wisconsin.) There's a little town out by Jefferson City where the street signs are in German.
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    Really nice job on the alt Browns! The uniforms are perfect, other than maybe putting the "St. Louis" script on one of the alts (the brown one?), but that's just a matter of taste. The cartoony King Louis is great. However, one thing that doesn't really look quite right is the eyes. I think if you moved the nose down and had the eyes touch (like on the Orioles bird), you'd really pull off that cartoony/caricature effect. Here's a really rough sketch of what I mean (I also added a small chin dimple):
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    Not really feeling the logo, but that's about it. If you replaced it with the StL monogram, it'd be a timeless mark. Otherwise, I have no complaints. Especially love that heritage alt.
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    2 years ago I did a concept where I tried to make Stanford, Michigan State and Syracuse their own S logos and I’m kicking myself I never made anything this clever. Great job man.
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    From the article: ”Choke Canyon illegally mimicked its in-store offerings, including friendly service, ample stock and plentiful, clean bathrooms.” now just asking, shouldn’t every store strive for this? How it’s that mimicking?
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    Not really a Nike problem, it's what teams want now. It's a trend that people like.
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