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    Thanks, guys! Thanks! I figured that the font and colors gave them a very "vintage New York" feeling. While pinstripes won't figure into the alternate take (I'm not a big fan of them for the Giants/Gothams - especially when black/orange really didn't overlap with pinstripes that much), they'll figure into a mini-alternate take after I get the first one out of the way. Thanks! That dive-in process was the only way I completed Roosevelt's Lost Alliances and Kill Anything that Moves. I can see where you're coming from on the script, but the full "Philadelphia" wouldn't really work. I was unsure about the all-caps, but I think it works really well! Thanks! I figured that the baseball and football Giants would still keep their names, maybe even sharing in the Meadowlands stadium complex (Arrowhead style), building a multipurpose stadium together (sorry, Jets), or the Maras buying the baseball team (Sporting New York Giants?). Thanks, guys! I totally get the Muir Woods justification for the name. I've mocked up the logo with a white outline, which I find myself rather liking! I also tried out white outlined in orange on an earlier iteration (better fitting the team's colorway), but I really didn't like it. I'll get the full update up after the alternate take/its variants are done. NEW YORK GOTHAMS, PT. II - Test Your Met-tle The Mets have one of my favorite identities in all of Big Four sports. The colors and the history behind them, the logo set, and the uniforms are all fantastic to me. It kind of bummed me out knowing that the Mets would never have come into being if the Giants, Dodgers, or both stayed within the New York Metro. However, the Giants' history provided me a way to "Met" them up. The team's original nickname was "Gothams," which stuck around from 1883-84. Owner/manager Jim Mutrie apparently renamed the team "Giants" following a victory against the Phillies in 1885, which has stuck around since (inspiring the name of a certain American Football team). However, what if Mutrie never gave them the name, and "Gothams" stuck around? I kept black/orange, since the Dodgers' existence would preclude the team using royal (even with orange). The first big part of this concept was to incorporate the Giants' vintage cursive script into the Mets' script style. I tried placing it in the Mets' roundel, but it looked too small/awkward. I also opted to fuse the Gotto New York skyline with a home plate design, making for a better backing shape. The tertiary logo remains from my first concept. The home/road set features a set of dual striping on the sleeves and the qui-stripe pattern from my Mets alternate take. The home script features the "G" from the vintage "Giants" script, while the road script is my modded 1987 Mets design. The primary logo is on the sleeves. I figured that the script designs fit together and brought an appropriately Mets-ish touch to the design, without going full Mets. The alternates feature a black jersey with the home script and an update of an old Mets alt I made. The 1916-style windowpanes are a fantastic look. The tertiary is on the sleeve and the cap has a creme crown. The dugout jacket is a modded version of my Mets jacket, with the primary logo swapped on the sleeve. It's a nice way to bring some Met-like qualities into the Giants identity. Also, since "San Francisco Gothams" just sounds weird, let's just say the team would "Seal the Deal" upon moving. C+C is appreciated, as always! Up next, a few variants on this guy!
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    I can. It’s got crummy linework in the teeth and ears, the feather is poorly-rendered, and the pupils look off. It’s ugly for both aesthetic and moral reasons.
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    Faith in FIFA restor-- damn
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    Thanks for the feedback! We really appreciate it. Thank you very much! Here's the Cuba road uniform with your suggestion: Let's continue the series staying in the Caribbean! For Dominican Republic we decided to keep the current wordmark and cap logo, using a sleeve cuff and collar pipping based on the national flag, flipping it on each sleeve and on the collar. The country pride uniform features the initials of the country, inspired by the design the team used to wear in the 70's.
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    The Atlanta Hawks are admittedly one of my favorite teams to re-design. They have a number of uniquely quirky looks throughout their uniform history -- the '80s swoop, the Pistol Pete-era shoulder striping, the pinstriped trim thrown back to this past season, etc. They've also adopted a number of interesting color palettes over the years: red and yellow, blue and lime green, red, black, and volt, etc. This rich history without a singular defining look offers a lot of identifiable inspiration to draw from and modernize. This project came after connecting two observations: 1) last season's City Edition Uniform drew inspiration from the wrong throwback; and 2) considering the Bulls, Trail Blazers, Heat, and Rockets all adopt some combination of red, black, and yellow, the Hawks need to explore a more unique color palette. The aforementioned swoop uniforms are iconic considering their association with the Dominique Wilkins era. They're incredibly dated by today's standards, yet they lend themselves well to modernization. Additionally, blue and lime/mint green is a color combination I've noticed a lot recently, including in the realm of sportswear. Connecting the dots, I decided to modernize the swoop uniforms in a blue and lime/mint green color scheme. The angles and asymmetry remain, though the lines are straightened and simplified. The typeface is retained, though slanted relative to the straightened swoop.The 'ATLANTA' script appears on all three jerseys to make use of the full space, while the 'HAWKS' script accompanies it on the left leg of all three shorts. The player name is located below the numerals on the backs of the jerseys in homage to the Pistol Pete-era design (albeit without nicknames!). ATLANTA HAWKS x NIKE | Association Edition Uniform Concept ATLANTA HAWKS x NIKE | Icon Edition Uniform Concept ATLANTA HAWKS x NIKE | Statement Edition Uniform Concept I also reverted this design to the team's current color palette, and to be honest I think I prefer this version to the blue and lime/mint green one. The colors pop more, it's more identifiable with the team's brand, and the Statement Edition Uniform is a bit more interesting. ATLANTA HAWKS x NIKE | Association Edition Uniform Concept ATLANTA HAWKS x NIKE | Icon Edition Uniform Concept ATLANTA HAWKS x NIKE | Statement Edition Uniform Concept Thanks for looking -- please let me know your thoughts!
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    If that's true, then the sport deserves to die. But I don't think it is. So you'll save a few starters from a couple plays at the end. How will you protect them during the first 3 1/2 quarters of the game? .And how will you protect those players who enter the game in their place? The sport is fundamentally flawed. The problem arises from the collisions that come from every single play. "Catastrophic injuries" is a red herring. This is the biggest LOL of all. Colleges and the NFL continue to stonewall research and obfuscate. If we are indeed "more informed than ever before," it's despite the hard work of those entities. And "more informed" is not "properly informed"; given all the lies, half-truths and misdirection. There's no legitimate argument that players and parents are giving truly informed consent.
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    Thanks, guys! Here's an update of the Giants with the white outline on the logo (thanks, @NicDB, the wordmark no longer gets lost in the stitching or blends with the bridge): Here are the Gothams without the white outline on the script in black (which, BTW, looks a lot cleaner - thanks @coco1997 - no outline works here because there are fewer competing elements in the logo). A few more variants will come soon!
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    MOD EDIT Love the Blues look a lot. That would be their best look ever if it were used in real life. Regarding the Coyotes, could you try a dark teal instead of purple? That would probably go well with the red and sand. I think the simplified pattern looks great though.
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    I find it so so so stupid that the policy of these boards is that one can praise racist logos but one can't criticize racist logos.
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    One of the few reasons why the CFL continues to struggle. Poor branding. Time to make the necessary corrections.
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    I honestly think the current Sixers are the best they've ever looked. Yes they wore red for years but this blue jersey just feels right. And the Iverson era black was fun, and they should throw back occasionally. But they should NEVER go back to that. Sixers are rwb
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    That's true. If the roles were reversed Chris would have been sued in a heartbeat
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    Here's a quick mockup and I reversed the socks as well. I think it looks much better this way.
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    Had that dream come true this past season for my hometown team
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    You have a call on line one from the Calgary Flames...
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    Good on them. I think this shows that they are concerned and if it really proves to be something that they find is insulting or offending people they will look to make a change.
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    Agreed. I'd take the "boring" before the ugly. And you're not the only one who prefers the old logo to the newer angry one, I like it better as well.
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    All six of these are great. I think one thing that would give the blue/green set a nice combination of eras would be adding the feather design inside the swoop and the side panels. It would just add a bit of texture that wouldn't overwhelm the entire design
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    I also prefer the old cardinal to the new cardinal. It defies all my usual aesthetic preferences, but the old one looks more dignified and I like how angular it is. The only thing I would change is to add a black outline like the current logo has.
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    Probably nothing, but the Browns official site was just redesigned featuring the elf. Along with the script endzones from last season and the training camp logo, it does feel like they are going retro with everything. We'll see if it lasts...
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    I like the Barkley era best. They're pretty basic and fit right in with the Celtics, Pistons, and Bulls of the era. Even after hearing the local rationale, though, I just can't deal with "Phila." I'd reank the AI uniforms last, even those that minimize the black. The 76ers, in my opinion, should be traditional and r/w/b, which is not really overused in the NBA. Dr. J would be second-best. I guess anything else that uses "Sixers" and no black would be next (the look previous to this look, which will be barely remembered, and then the waterfall). The length of "Philadelphia," the length of "Seventy-Sixers," and the fact that I don't think the league will let them use "76ers" makes their choices all less than optimal. I like "Sixers" better than "Phila"
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    NEW YORK (BASEBALL) GIANTS, PT. 1 - Gotto Makes a Giant Contribution Ah yes, it's time to do my favorite team in the previous incarnation! When trying to assess why the Giants left New York City, one can point to a variety of factors. These factors included, but were not limited to: 1. The poor condition of the Polo Grounds, due to a lack of funds (the team and stadium rentals were Horace Stoneham's only asset) and hasty construction of the building. 2. Changes in transportation necessitated the need for larger parking lots. Unfortunately for the Giants, much of the land was taken up by Robert Moses' (I have yet to read Power Broker, which I'm hoping to rectify soon) housing projects and other plans. Moses eventually planned to tear down the Polo Grounds in 1962 (one the Giants' lease was up), with speculation about moving them into Yankee Stadium (the Flushing Meadows site wasn't in the works just yet).1 3. The team spent the post-WWII period in a bit of a freefall, with many poor finishes throughout the time (aside from the 1951 pennant and 1954 World Series). 4 (and the biggest one, IMHO). Demographic changes in Harlem, the Polo Grounds' Manhattan neighborhood, ensured that the Giants would not be viable in the long run. The Depression and World War II had a marked impact on the area, with many wealthy white residents leaving the area (for both economic and racist reasons - "White Flight"). Due to the increasingly poor conditions of the neighborhood (due to neglect from government programs and a lack of legitimate employment options for many of the African-American and Latin American residents), crime increased.2 With fewer local fans having disposable income for games or a willingness to walk within the "sketchy" area (one created by both racism and apathy), attendance declined. This is the factor that drove the other ones (renovations, transport, competition, etc.). Stoneham believed that fans would feel safer if they could drive from the suburbs to the stadium, but the lack of parking prevented that. TL;DR: This .gif, but with Son Goku as socio-economic/competitive factors and Frieza as the New York Baseball Giants. However, what if the move didn't go through? What if the team became the Yankees' tenants or found a way to build a Manhattan stadium, set up shop at Flushing Meadows (in the unlikely event that the Dodgers stayed in Brooklyn), or pre-empted the Football Giants by heading to New Jersey? What would these baseball Giants look like? When setting out on this project, I figured that the baseball Giants would not look all that different from the current San Francisco squad. I tried to approach their New York incarnation from the same angle as the team's 2000 redesign, tastefully updating the 1950s/60s uniform set. However, I wanted to incorporate a bit of the Mets' fantastic identity into the design (outside of the "NY," sourced from my previous Mets concept). So, I reasoned that the baseball Giants would want a new primary logo to celebrate a "revival" of sorts, one designed by a very certain Ray Gotto. The new primary is pretty much be the same as the Mets' classic logo, albeit with the Brooklyn elements obscured (e.g., the Williamsburgh Savings Bank Building no longer features, done by using the post-digitization version of the logo) and the bridge being a general suspension bridge (maybe the George Washington Bridge?). The Giants' one-color wordmark is at the center. The tertiary minimizes the primary to a smaller design, with both the cap insignia and the 1883 establishment date. The wordmark font is Ocean Beach Major with modifications, as it's a fantastic modernization of the Giants/Pirates' font style. The uniforms are pretty much the same as my San Francisco Giants concept, but with some notable differences. The number font and the NOB's/white-base home uniforms are off of my Seals/retro Giants concept, while the new primary logo resides on the sleeves. I kept arched wordmarks, as the logo implied that the Giants are named after the giant skyscrapers of the city. Arching does a better job of invoking that compared to arc-ed wordmarks (which work in San Francisco, with the Giants referring to the "giant" bridges of the city - my flimsy rationalization of the name). The alternates bear a great similarity to my old Giants concept as well, with an orange-billed cap paired with an orange top and a black alternate that has the cap logo as an insignia. The second set of alternates pairs the orange-billed cap with the home uniform and contains the throwback to 1933 from my previous concept (featuring @Gothamite's preferred "NY"). It's "different enough" from the current set that it'd work. The dugout jacket is an update of my SF Giants jacket, albeit with the new primary logo and the "NY" on the back. I just love that vintage cursive script. It's a pretty simple concept, emulating the Giants' 2000 redesign while incorporating a few Mets-like elements. C+C is appreciated, as always! Up next, let's take that Mets influence a little further. 1Robert F. Garratt, Home Team: The Turbulent History of the San Francisco Giants (Lincoln: U of Nebraska Press, 2017), 3-9; Stew Thornley, “Polo Grounds (New York) | Society for American Baseball Research,” Society for American Baseball Research, accessed June 27, 2018, https://sabr.org/bioproj/park/58d80eca. 2 Michael Javen Fortner, Black Silent Majority: The Rockefeller Drug Laws and the Politics of Punishment (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2015), 24-27; Federico Ribes Tovar, Lolita Lebrón, la prisionera (New York: Plus Ultra Educational Publishers, 1974), 93.
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    The Indians are wearing Wahoo hats with road grays for the first time I can ever remember since they designated the Block C as the road primary cap.
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