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    Hey all! Decided to do a fun jersey series during this NBA offseason. These fun alternate jerseys I will be making will all reflect the team name and team name only, as you will see, quite literally. I will be moving down in order of division in each conference and in order of city name in each division. I will kick this series off with these three teams: Boston Celtics: The same look as the Celtics' mascot Brooklyn Nets: Quite literally the weaving of a basketball net. New York Knicks: Since many of you may not know what a Knick is, its short for Knickerbocker, which is an older term for a New Yorker. Thus, the retro vest and tie top and brown pants. More will be coming soon if y'all like this series idea! Template credit to therealpepman
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    Houston Astros The 'A' thing is a tribute to the NASA logo's red thing. For the colors, I felt like the whole set needed some sort of facelift to incorporate red and yellow into the scheme further. I also had original plans for the home and away uniforms to mimic the '89 to '93 sets, but I felt like the sleeve stripes were enough to bring the red and yellow into the scheme without them overpowering the orange elsewhere in the set. Also, fun fact about the 89 to 93 away uniforms: They were actually used starting in 1980, and the tequila sunrise uniforms were only the home uniforms from '80 to '85. I would like to thank the guys in the authentic shop at Minute Maid for alerting me to that little secret. Also also, @CC97, idk if you care, but that may be something that would be good to verify and maybe update. I'm not sure. Navy and orange on gray looks like a melancholic face, so Houston will have no gray uniform Sorry I didn't use the actual Tequila Sunrise, I just love patterns Oh, and just to get this extra thing out of the way, yes I will put the swoosh on the front of the jersey, in the expected instance that Nike becomes the official MLB uniform supplier. I don't necessarily like it there, either, and I won't put it on throwback uniforms, because unlike SOME PEOPLE, I respect uniforms and the concept of authenticity.
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    This is legitimately heartening news for the league to have an elite Canadian player not just end up with but elect to play in Toronto. Awful news for the Islanders, but this is kinda the way it's supposed to work sometimes.
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    You are familiar with the English national team, I take it?
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    Just mimicking the original:
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    The desert cardinal is a thing. I really think this should happen to the Arizona Cardinals:
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    This is the best Canada Day ever. Go Leafs go!
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    So what you're saying is that Tavares is destined to never win a cup.
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    Wow this is mid game??!? Backwards hat, untucked jersey, this is too much for my taste.
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    Royals should wear that as a full-time alternate with powder blue pants. I like some of the Mariners skipping the undershirts, since in 2027 most summer outdoor games will be too hot for sleeves.
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    It's good to see people not be greedy. Even by accepting the Toronto deal, he's still gonna be rich af... He can still buy a lot of pizza.
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    I know, but even at the time some of us thought Junior should have spent a little less time in front of the mirror and a little more in the training room. ?
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    I see the new color as somewhere between brown and gray. Somewhere in this neighborhood: Pantone Warm Gray 6 CP
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    Wow! I’ve never seen that before! So what would the scheme be? A Washington state-esque silver and red scheme? Or more gray and red? My interest has been piqued.
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    Oops. Thanks. I've fixed that, and updated Orlando to royal blue. Maybe not boring on its own but there are more blue teams than red, in blue the Sixers blend in more than stand out. Here it is in blue: And here is #3, the Memphis Grizzlies: The Grizzlies are a hard team to design for me. I know they need a redesign but I don't know what it should it be. With only two lifetime identities and three primary uniform sets, there's not a lot of history to draw from, which means designing a set almost from scratch which means everything looks alien to me. I went through about four different colour schemes (black & sky blue, black & gold, brown & gold, their current one) before I settled on bringing back the teal, red and bronze because it's the only unique identity that screams 'Grizzlies' even if it doesn't scream 'Memphis' per se and even if it mean there are now two teams wearing teal outside of the 1990s (and the Hornets wear that colour with more authority). I was partially inspired by their recent MLK uniform as well the sparseness of last season's City Jersey.
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    These beauties right here.
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    The admiral? Imagine Don Cherry’s reaction!
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    Charles Wang and Garth Snow are like the clap, the gift that keeps on giving. I hope Garth chokes on a chicken sandwich. A big efffffffff you to Scott Malkin too because though you brought in Lou and Trotz last month, you should have changed management LAST YEAR when you took over full ownership. Too little too late.
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    Agree. This is why it should be challenged. There might not be enough for a full on cease and desist but it should be challenged to protect the CCSLC brand and ensure that the site doesn't have problems trying to use it's own logo in the future.
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    I would have preferred them to stick with the black and white ball all tournament. I'm a purist. Keep it traditional. Too many colours and versions of everything, just feeding into the instant gratification mindset we all have today.
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    I think what's most interesting about that Louisiana warning label is that it goes against convention. Those labels have to be on helmets, and team typically try to make them as invisible as possible. By taking the opposite approach, it's almost hidden in plain sight. From a distance it'll just look like a state pride sticker. I'm a fan.
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