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    Wow this is mid game??!? Backwards hat, untucked jersey, this is too much for my taste.
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    I'm okay with no more stirrups, so long as players are required to show socks to the top of their shins. No more pajama pants. A-Rod was an insufferable narcissist, but at least he knew how to dress on the field.
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    Much like Jerry Reinsdorf, there can be no doubt that Dan Gilbert was one of the NBA's very best at writing checks to elite players who were already there when he bought the team.
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    Eh, if you wanted to have the Lakers become the Raptors or Clippers (really good for a long time, but never great), then sure. But that core was always going to need a free agent signing. It should be the latter. Owners don't deserve to get credit for spending money while running sports teams -- that's the whole point! If you're a super rich guy who buys a sports team and doesn't want to spend money, that's bad sure, but "rich guy spends money on toy" is hardly something that's worth getting credit for. The only reason Gilbert broke the drought is because LeBron wanted to come back, play for a guy he clearly hates, just to win a championship for Cleveland. LeBron leaving to go play with Lance Stephenson and JaVale McGee a month after he spent the whole Finals talking about wanting to play with high IQ players is an abject failure on the part of the Cavs front office, which comes back to the ownership that couldn't resist meddling in the previous, actually good, front office's work. That the Cavs didn't even try to iron things out with Kyrie, a perennial All-Star with two years left on his contract, and instead shipped him off for a glorified sack of baseballs because Dan Gilbert likes short dudes is :censored:ing absurd. That Gilbert's franchise value was about slashed in half yesterday is the least he deserves. Unfortunately, the City of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County are still on the hook for $70 million in arena renovations for that :censored:. :censored: him.
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    San Diego Padres When working on my San Diego logo project last year, as well as over time on the boards, I've grown accustomed to the consistent bickering about the colors of the team and which era to pull from for a concept. My original idea was to blow up the identity once again and disregard every previous period in Padres history, because that would actually just so happen to fit in to their history, but ultimately I ended up with recreating (or creating something similar to) their current wordmark for a few reasons. Firstly, I like it (duh), and second, it fits relatively well with their current iteration of their interlocking SD logo. I wanted something that would appeal to everyone by creating a clean, but not too clean look that can hopefully satisfy all of the color combinations your heart could desire. For the home and away sets, I wanted to stay traditional and made sure to reference the padres uniform history to see if there was anything that I could pull for my own purposes (someone put this together, I think I found it from someone's signature here on the boards, but this database should exist for all major league teams. Period.) It's simple, but still has its own flair to it that makes it scream "Padres" in my eyes. i primarily based these off of the 74-77 home designs, the striping anyways, but inverted the brown and gold to more accurately reflect the importance of each color. For the alternates, I decided the best way to appeal to the lowest common denominator I mean normies I mean :censored:ing dumbasses I mean those with different opinions than me was to avoid my favorite scheme for the padres (2016's blue and gold) and go for the brown/orange/yellow scheme used in the home run derby for the home alternate, and blue/orange scheme of the Tony Gwynn era for the away alternate. As much as I hate to admit it, they turned out kinda nice actually, and I'm almost sorta proud of myself for making this work. I never wanted to go for the full throwback on these jerseys, as I just couldn't help myself with this gorgeous typeface I will brag about for the rest of my life, but I felt that I captured the essence of the eras they were based off. Also, for the sleeve patches, they're meant to not have the words. Essentially, it's a partial logo that I didn't feel like putting into the logosheet.
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    Just mimicking the original:
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    Eastern Conference Basketball is Fun Again!
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    Decided to finish up today (with work during the week eating up more time) with two more unique ones from the Central Division: Chicago Bulls: Red bull fur texturing, but featuring the wordmarks, logos, and numbering as "branded on". I also added an optional/extension headband, where the headband literally has bull horns on it, adding more to the gimmick. Cleveland Cavaliers: A yellow cavalier uniform with a holster for a sword (down the side of one pant leg) The rest of the Central soon to come...
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    Unbelievable. I thought for sure LeBron was coming to Memphis. What a disappointment. Now I gotta go burn all of my custom LeBron Grizzlies jerseys I bought in anticipation. Absolutely gutted.
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    Looks like a beer league softball team. Men's D lower league too.
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    Royals should wear that as a full-time alternate with powder blue pants. I like some of the Mariners skipping the undershirts, since in 2027 most summer outdoor games will be too hot for sleeves.
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    You forgot @MJD7 and @Victormrey as baseball designers.
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    Why does everyone forget about Colombia? Now if England gets past them they'll be in good shape to cause trouble but even without James, Colombia is dangerous.
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    Final push, thanks everyone for following this series! Toronto Raptors -- Utah Jazz -- Washington Wizards --
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    Sure, France looked awesome against Argentina, but who hasn't this tournament? I don't know... I just don't think France is well-managed enough to make it all the way to the final. Uruguay is perhaps the best defensive team in the tournament... I think they have a good chance at keeping Mbappe in front of them and muddying the midfield enough to slow down Griezmann. If Cavani were 100% healthy, I would pick them to advance over France... They still have a puncher's chance with Suarez up top. I think an England/Belgium final is most likely at this point in time, but I think Croatia, Brazil, and Uruguay all have feasible paths as well.
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    Los Angeles would be beautiful if not for the human settlement aspect.
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    Hmmmm... not sure how this impacts the Sixers' chances of getting him. Gonna do some digging.
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    Royals unis here look good to me, the batting helmet would be better if the crown were gold and the background blue instead of inverted as it is now
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    Man... I wish there was a hockey video game where I could import these into and play as these teams...
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    These beauties right here.
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    Honestly, I think there's only reason why the Indians have kept this logo. The Wahoo logo may not represent a particularly good era of Cleveland baseball, but it represents a famous one. Immortalized in pop culture, frozen in amber.
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    Louisiana-Lafayette have changed the warning label on the back of the helmet as well as adding a 3D US flag. Facemasks are now the same style as USC uses.
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