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    That's basically all you need to know for this one. I'll make a second version of this set with more "Warm Red C" (smh these dumb lipstick names are the same as nike colors and normal pantones) but for now, enjoy this uber teal Marlins concept. Home and away were pretty simple, I just had to emphasize teal while trying to maintain black as a large enough color for the first alternate. Original ideas were VERY pinstripe heavy but I ended up keeping it to just the home uniform. I like the Florida in the style of the Marlins script, so I'm keeping that the way it is. Here are the alternates. I originally was gonna go vested for one of them, but I need to refine the vest template that I have (thank you SF) and I will be on my way to making a new logo for the Nationals (I made a new W but I want something as a secondary logo, any suggestions?) Up next on the Disney Channel is a recolor of this don't get too excited.
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    They can alter the logo but they shouldn't stray away from the general iconic look. Here's an old version of the current Lakers logo when they still were a blue and white team. Upon seeing the Lakers wordmark on this logo, you can clearly see the resemblance to water here.
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    To me, the drop shadows are essential to their look. The Lakers look so ordinary without them. I compare it to the NY Rangers. The drop shadowed wordmark on their sweaters is iconic. For awhile they wore darker blue "New York" alternates. The wordmark wasn't italicized and it didn't have drop shadows. Why veer from a famous and beloved look?
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    Before we get to the Canaries, I figured I should do an update on my "Brooklyn" script to get it to better match the "Dodgers" mark. Here it is: I'd like to give a huge shoutout to @Htown1141 for his assistance in nailing this one. Here it is on the full set (I also attended to some logo sheet errors): Logo Sheet: Home and Road: Alternates: Dugout Jackets: C+C is appreciated, as always!
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    Am I the only one that sees that as just a photoshop of the old Cavs jersey to try and look like a lakers one? I am surprised they didnt use the old gold alternate though.
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    My first preference is Purple numbers on the gold jerseys, second is the return of the drop shadow numbers that scream classic Lakers.
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    A complete set of uniforms, plus court designs, will follow in July.
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    Is it possible to have a lightning bolt logo that doesn't "look like a child drew it"? I mean the nature of sports logo-ized lightning bolts (or most other sports logos) tend to be more simplistic. If a logo gets too complicated it doesn't really make a good logo. Most good, or iconic, logos tend to be ones that you'd expect a child to be able to easily replicate.
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    Apparently the logo will be undergoing minor tweaks, https://mobile.twitter.com/fv4hunnid/status/1015330997162766336/photo/1 Also:
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    An England-France final would be SO LIT.
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    Even my Montreal Canadiens dusted their timeless CH crest several times, when they really needed to...
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    The Southwest Division has been started! Denver Nuggets: Giant gold nugget anyone? Minnesota Timberwolves: An NBA player in wolf's clothing... Oklahoma City Thunder: Accepted the challenge of trying to do it without lightning: pseudo-succeeded... Finishing the rest of the Northwest soon! Again, comments and CC encouraged!
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    I'd have to check with our resident Californians but I believe that's where the LA Memorial Sports Arena was.
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    Crazy how that worked out ? ?
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    Absolutely. They updated the purple back in 2001 so I don't see why it's seen as some untouchable classic. The 'Los Angeles' is in desperate need of some kerning and the S's need to be properly aligned to the baseline. Get rid of the black too.
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    That last one was a mistake, IMHO. An example of not knowing when to stop tweaking. The C looks so much better when the ends don’t overlap.
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    Thanks! I'm not sure what you mean by making the "Los Angeles" script look more like the "Dodgers" script (I left it untouched), but I'm more than happy to adjust the "Brooklyn" script to look a little cleaner. The pattern is my generic faux-flannel, which I use on any gray throwback to the flannel era (like creme replacing white). I'm looking forward to seeing you go hardcore vintage with that pattern (note: clipping masks for that thing are an absolute pain)! Thanks, guys! Making that script was one of my favorite parts of the concept. Thanks! My original plan was to "hack" Minne and Paul to turn them into lumberjacks (complete with reproportioning their bodies). It didn't look very good: My dissatisfaction led me to the new Bunyan design. Thanks. You know, that's an interesting challenge! How could one modernize the Dodgers in a way that fit with the new stadium, without necessarily betraying their brand? Well, I've got an idea! The logos use the (slightly-modified) Final Frontier font for that 1960s space age touch. I made sure to tilt the wordmarks and add underlines, to "modernize" the scripts. The primary features the Flatbush Dome. The uniforms use an un-striped template (much like the 1965-70 Astros), while continuing the use of Block Standard numbers (no need for a display number font at this time). I figured that this identity would have only lasted a year before popular demand forced the team to switch back to their classic look, much like the 1956 Cardinals or 1960 Tigers. Of course, this redesign would have lasting consequences, such as the permanent removal of striping from the road uniform. the reintroduction of a "Brooklyn" script, and the addition of red front numbers to the grays (like how the Cardinals dropped striping and adopted cursive wordmarks following 1956). I also reasoned that O'Malley would have been talked down from his domed proposal, instead building a Shea/Dodger Stadium-like structure on the site. That would have kept the identity intact (much like Dodger Stadium did in our timeline). The Canaries should be up soon!
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    Hopefully the Swooshies get the yellow/gold/whatever right this time. You will not convince me the shade was correct last season.
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    Maybe a script from their unused jersey?
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    I'm glad they brought back the red but I wish they also brought back the sleeve piping. For a while, these away jerseys looked lifeless.
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    Just messing with my AZ Cardinals concept from a few months ago. Here are your Arizona Desert Cardinals:
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    The rest of the Southeast Division has been added right before the end of the holiday!: Charlotte Hornets: A hornet shape, wings and stinger included! Miami Heat: Flaming hot from the pants up (inspired by the Magic's City jersey) Washington Wizards: A wizard's robe, simple enough... Next up: the Western Conference!
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    Atlanta Hawks: Black hawk plumage covers this jersey and shooting sleeve "wings" serve as a fun extension to the base uniform
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