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    Please for the love of god just go back to wearing purple on the road, and gold only at home. Other than that I trust that the Lakers will put out something nice.
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    Should be the Sunday aways if they must have a black jersey...Just Do It Nike.
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    They can alter the logo but they shouldn't stray away from the general iconic look. Here's an old version of the current Lakers logo when they still were a blue and white team. Upon seeing the Lakers wordmark on this logo, you can clearly see the resemblance to water here.
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    Just messing with my AZ Cardinals concept from a few months ago. Here are your Arizona Desert Cardinals:
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    This is my favorite Lakers court. Something similar to this would be good.
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    I used to prefer the gold paint, but I think purple works better. Its contrast with the gold uniforms helps them stand out more. Gold key and gold uniforms becomes a bit much.
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    Let's not forget that current Lakers wordmark comes from proposed logo back in 1999:
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    I still have one...and it's a Magic Johnson jersey
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    The Warriors need blue around the court, it's way too much yellow and steps on the Lakers.
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    Florida/Miami had a unique thing going with teal in the early days, even winning not one but two World Series in their best look. And then years later they decided to wear a few colors short of a full rainbow in a gaudy stadium, essentially taking a dump on the golden days of Marlins baseball. Okay, maybe that's a little harsh. But nevertheless, the Marlins identity has admittedly taken a few steps back. However with that being said, I personally find the biggest issue with the Marlins now to be the colors. There's too many colors competing against each other for it to be effective in my opinion. Plus their previous color scheme was damn near perfect. So I thought, why not combine the eras? The amount of colors seemed like it would be a challenge but I think it might have worked. Hats - Two main hats, teal/black and black/black. A newly recolored M with the stylized Marlin graces the front of them all. Jerseys - This time on the home jersey, it says Marlins. Look the way I see it, your home fans know where home is, no need to have it on your chest on the home uniforms. Anyways, the striping pattern was derived from the stylizing of the M logo with a few tweaks here and there. Away mirrors the home pretty much, also it's teal this time rather than black or grey. Teal is a unique color. Flaunt it. Alternate is black with a slightly different stripe and the M logo on the chest rather than a wordmark. Pants - Only white pants this go around. The side stripe here is based off the marlin from the M logo and continues about 3/4 of the way down the leg. Socks are striped based off the jerseys they go with. BP - For the BP hat, I broke the marlin away from the M and slapped in on the front of a black/teal hat. For the jerseys, I put the M front and center and shortened the striping a little bit. The black one is a "blackout" style jersey, with the numbers and the logo being mostly blacked out with some color still in there. C&C welcome! A bit wild with some reservations but I think it's an improvement.
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    This is what they need; to go back and find an old, if not original version of the logo and re-build it digitally. If you look at several teams with older logos in the present day, many of them were done quite poorly when they were first converted to vector art, and that poor facsimile of the original artwork goes on to live as truth, sometimes for decades. Go back to the originals, though, and you can find much better, cleaner, and well constructed artwork. Just look at this Lakers logo and how much nicer the letterforms and spacing/alignment are compared to the team’s “official” logo.
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    Wow, I’ve never seen that before. I always assumed all the lines were meant to convey motion, which I never understood.
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    I liked the grey with a blue tint for the contrast, but now I'm liking this for the desert vibes:
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    HJC just finished their Pairs Comp, And I teamed up with fellow designer Burkus Circus for an idea for a 2019 Centennial Classic doubleheader. The main idea is that the NHL is helping the Packers celebrate their centennial season by playing two outdoor games at Lambeau Field. First, a College matchup between the Golden Gophers and Badgers, then an NHL showdown between the Blackhawks and Wild. I designed the Event Logo, Ice Surface, and Slideshow, while Burkus Circus designed the jerseys and title page. Disclaimer: I have received full permission from Burkus Circus to display our work here. Thanks for watching!
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    There are actually a few other teams with the side panel design like that as well (at least on one of their sets): It’s technically the same design, just with the entire side panels filled in with the base color of the uniform. It’s a much more effective design this way, as the striping on the jersey and shorts actually does match.
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    The Lakers' 1999 update was so good that it took me quite a while to realize they had changed. I hope they apply the same level of subtlety this time around. There's the Yankees, the Lakers and the Cowboys. The Lakers can't be too cavalier about their brand.
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    I would suggest extending the flamingos neck to the circle so it doesn't look cut off.
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    I agree with coco1997, a white front panel on blue cap would look great!
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    Nice job on Team Israel! Curious how the home and alts would look with white front paneled caps. And for the alt, I'd make the socks royal blue with powder blue stripes.
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    After the USA and Venezuela, let's continue with the planned order. Time for Israel! For these designs we kept the current wordmark and logos, featuring a double pipping inspired by the country flag. The alt uniform uses powder blue as main colour, inspired by this variant of the flag, and the name of the country in Hebrew.
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    I just hope they go with gradients and sublimation.
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    BROOKLYN CANARIES, PT. II - Birdcage Blues Let's head back to the early 1930s for this one, when Brooklyn's National League club lost long-time manager Wilmer Robinson left after leading the team for eighteen years. His presence inspired the "Robins" nickname for the team, which news outlets would use alongside names like "Superbas" and "Dodgers." The team went all-in on the "Robins" branding by the end of his tenure, as the 1931 uniforms used "Robin's Egg Blue" throughout the design. With Robinson gone, the team had to do the 1930s equivalent of a rebranding. Todd Radom described this transformation in an article on his blog, highlighting that manager Max Carey's hire turned the name "Canaries" into a front-runner.1 While the team opted to codify the "Dodgers" nickname in 1932, what if they went ahead with Canaries? I figured that the team would have adopted cursive scripts with tails in 1938 (much like in our universe), while adding yellow to go alongside the traditional blue (akin to the coloring of a canary). The primary logo is a blend of Tottenham Hotspur's crest and the vintage Cardinals scripts, with the classic "B" at the center of a baseball. The tertiary combines the canary graphic with the founding dates, crossed bats (similar to the ones in my Pirates primary logo), and the cap insignia. The home and road uniforms use the 1940s-'50s road uniform template on both home and road sets. I thought it'd be a good way to mix up the look. There are now two yellow stripes to the socks, for more of a "dual stripe" presence in the uniform. The front numbers are still contrast-colored, as it's a trait I rather like for the squad. The alternates include a powder blue set meant to hybrid the satin road uniforms and the 1971 Los Angeles Dodgers' road set. I put the tertiary on the sleeve. The other one is a Robins throwback to 1931, to homage the pre-Canaries look. The dugout jackets are pretty similar to my Dodgers jackets, albeit with yellow replacing white throughout the design. While the "Dodgers" brand is one of the most famed in all of Big Four sports, I'd like to think that Canaries wouldn't have been too shabby either. At the very least, it translates better to Los Angeles than "Dodgers." In fact, let's see it! Thanks @Topherlee2 for pointing out the error. C+C is appreciated, as always! Up next, the Senat(ionals)ors! 1Todd Radom, “Why the Los Angeles Dodgers Were Not the Brooklyn Canaries,” Todd Radom Design, accessed July 8, 2018, https://www.toddradom.com/blog/why-the-los-angeles-dodgers-were-not-the-brooklyn-canaries.
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    While it's true that a brand is a lot more than just the team's uniform, the uniform is either the biggest or second biggest visual component of the brand after the team's logo. As a result, it definitely hurts a team's brand when they don't have at least some consistency in their uniforms. Not only is it more difficult to identify the team quickly for the average fan. It also has an effect on the affective relationship a fan has towards his or her team due to the fact a major part of the visual stimulus that triggers these feelings is missing. Most team's brands are built upon the positive feelings that come from memories of watching the team whether it's going to your first game, watching your team win a championship, etc. Due to this, fans will have a much stronger visual association with uniforms and logos that have been used for a long time since there will be more memories associated with these visuals. A good example of this would be a comparison between the brands of the San Diego Padres and Seattle Mariners. Both teams came into the league at roughly the same time and have similar success. However, the Mariners I would say have the stronger brand of the two. A major component of this is the fact the Mariners have kept a similar visual identity since the '90s, which means when you watch them play it invokes memories of watching Ken Griffey, Jr., Ichiro, Randy Johnson, and other past greats play as well as big moments in the team's history such as their ALDS victory in 1995 and the 2001 team. The Padres on the other hand wear uniforms that are pretty generic looking and don't look anything like uniforms they wore during the past when they had success, so when you're just watching them play you don't get those same kind of fond feelings you do when watching the Mariners. Another area where having a consistent visual identity is important is when it comes to creating a sense of feeling or belonging that goes along with supporting a team. As @Ice_Cap touched on you feel much more a part of the crowd when you're wearing similar colors as everyone else in the stands as well as the players on the field. It's much easier for a Cubs fan to feel a part of the team while wearing the team's traditional blue and red than it is for a Padres fan when there is such a mix mash of colors in the stands. Finally, speaking specifically about some of the NBA alternates this year, a lot of the alternates that teams were wearing didn't fit their brand at all. This can be especially problematic if the alternates clash with the team's brand. For example, the Cubs brand is based on having fun in the sun and watching a baseball game. The brand is further emphasized by the team's typical bright blue and red colors. However, if they were to wear a black alternate jersey because the people at Nike thought it would be a popular seller, it would create a weird juxtaposition that would dilute the team's overall brand that they've worked hard to achieve.
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    I'm back with the Seahawks!! Love the 1983-2001 set, especially the sleeve stripe with the logo, so I enlarged it and put it on the chest. For the wordmark, did't want to use block font or the serif wordmark which they have actually used, I chose this font. Since I love the 90s jerseys, for the Seahawks I want something looks "futuristic" in the 90s and looks retro now.(maybe like the turn ahead the clock jersey in the MLB). Also put the stripe on one side of the short, hope it not being too off. Thanks for watching!!
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