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    Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation has a good case.
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    Leinie's wordmark, I've always thought, would look beautiful on a baseball uniform.
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    I personally like straight maroon without any light blue. I agree with others that maroon was always a good look for them. This is what I remember as a kid. The 90's uniforms were cool at the time, and there weren't as many red uniforms as there is now with the addition of the Nats, Angels, Rangers, Twins, Indians since then. I don't think many would be upset over the switch back to maroon at this point. .
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    There's never been a more appropriate user name juxtaposition than "who do you think" and "dont care" talking to each other.
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    I like the striping better on the black socks. But yes, the socks need to be yellow.
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    I’ll go one further and say that the Ravens’ entire look is really good, especially with white pants. Across the board.
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    Thanks. I appreciate all the feedback. I might go back and fix that up. Up next we have the Valmiera Wizards
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    Actually, my example of the Phillips/PSV connection is rooted a lot deeper than just a sponsorship on the front of the jersey. If you trace back PSV's roots it started as a club for the workers at the Phillips plant in Eindhoven, so while the sponsorship was very long standing, it also had deeper meaning. In this case, the sponsor was literally the reason the club exists. We do not need anything. Sorry if that comes off as hostile to start. I don't mean for it to be. You have your feelings on jersey sponsorship (and you are entitled to them) just as others are entitled to theirs and this will probably be a never ending topic on the sport. My 2 cents? If it means I only have commercials at half time, then I'm cool with jersey sponsorship.
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    The replicas are a trash bin though.
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    Yeah...not really feeling this. It looks great, don't get me wrong but Rutgers should only wear red helmets for one thing. Also, using the striping pattern named for a school in the same conference is a questionable decision at best.
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    THIS IS VOL 4 VOL 1 VOL 2 VOL 3 VOL 5 Wow, this may be my best work ever. Thank you all for the feedback to get me to this point on this concept.
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    So Rutgers looks like the bastard child of Nebraska and Wisconsin with Northwestern stripes thrown in for kicks. Way to distinguish themselves in the B1G....
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    Their new wordmark is even better, too! (I just wish their beer was...)
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    I didn't notice this until you mentioned it. It really is a massive downgrade.
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    Actually, that IS a sports logo now...for Vernon Hills HS in Illinois.
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    Always thought the deer crossing symbol would look cool on the side of a football helmet
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    Unfortunately, the Phillies have basically adopted light blue as a throwback color, so I don't think the gray and maroon roads will ever see the light of day again. It's a shame, too, because they are better than the powder blues.
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    Man I wish Nike would remove the white stripes and lettering on the Rams’ yellow color rush uniforms. It would look pretty good and unique
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    Thanks! I get tired of re-doing the NHL over and over, so branching out and creating my own identities is fun! Up next are the Daugavpils Knights aka HK Bruņinieki Daugavpils and the city's coat of arms
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    One team in one season ended all arguments in favor of mucking up the middle of a shirt with an ad.
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    You are completely wrong about that. It is impossible to deny that the biggest logo — that of the sponsor — dominates the shirt and is the first thing that anyone sees. One time Paul Lukas, who knows embarrassingly little about soccer*, listed a few items that he had lying about and that he was giving away. One of these items was a Chivas shirt. But Lukas called it "a Bimbo shirt". And that is precisely what it would be to every observer who does not already know about Mexican football. That so many people can just accept and even prefer the improper intrusion of advertising is truly saddening. The bad guys have won. I disagree. A large blank space in the middle of the jersey looks worse than having a sponsor there. It's how the sponsor is displayed that can take away from the shirt though. So don't have a large blank space. Make the crest bigger, and/or add the number. This is how it is done on the national team shirts. As a fan I care only about club football; I am actually kind of hostile to the entire idea of national teams. So it pains me to say that national team uniforms set the standard in aesthetics. * I want to be clear that it is not necessarily embarrassing for any given individual not to know or care about soccer. But someone whose specialty is sports uniforms must be able to recognise a Chivas shirt, which is amongst the best known uniforms in the entire world of sport.
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    I'd argue that the either the Baltimore Colts or Cleveland Browns hold that distinction, but other than that...
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    Pennsylvania should have dealt with their Sandusky the way we dealt with ours. Would anyone have had a problem with Pennsylvania's Sandusky being sliced into three or four pieces and distributed throughout the state?
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    The logo for Grand Central Terminal, whether classic or modernised. The Van Halen logo
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