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    No one liked this aesthetic, but they brought it back anyway. This what a team does that doesn't believe in its identity. What a waste.
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    Here's the Nuggets court in NBA Live 19. The entire branding as a whole is a complete downgrade.
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    If only UNC could/would just put stripes on the pants that match the helmet stripes, I'd rate their uniforms as a perfect 10. As f now UNC's uniforms are about a 9.65
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    Stunningly awful. If Darnold lives up to his potential, whatever uniforms they go with will define the era, much like Brady and the current Patriot uniforms.
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    So, I’m back, it’s been a couple a weeks since I’ve even signed in. I’ve got good news and bad news. Ill hit y’all with the bad news first. I’m gonna stop the open branding aspect of this project, sadly. Now that school has started and especially since soccer is full swing I practically have no time. So I will continue to post teams as I do them when I have time. Good news is I finally have the means to make logos on stuff on a computer, I’m actually downloading gimp as I write this so hopefully in the future once I’m confident in my skills I’ll mske the jump from hand drawn to computer. That’s going to be a big change for me that took some time to think over but in the end I can always switch back but I feel this will elevate my work and make it much better. So I’m sorry if you were really attached to the open branding part but for right now it’s best to leave it where it was. I’ll have Atlanta up soon, I’m reworking Houston because I don’t really like where it was. Thanks for putting up with me! Sorry for the break aswell.
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    I, like many other here, am not a fan of Maryland's football uniforms. The design is too obsessed with the Maryland flag design, and fails to use the design in a dignified manner. A few years ago, the Terps wore a nice looking throwback uniform against Penn State that I thought could be a solid base for a uniform. The main basis of the design is to create a classic designed combined with the Maryland flag elements used in a more symbolic fashion. The set's main feature is a UCLA style shoulder stripe that had been segmented into three portions, each shifted to mimic the black and gold bars on the flag. The red and white cross is sublimated upon the sleeves. The broken stripe is only featured on the sleeves (wouldn't work on the helmet, didn't like it on the pants). Otherwise, the uniforms are pretty straightforward, hopefully emulating the classic Big Ten look while retaining some uniqueness.
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    I really miss the sky blue/gold Carmelo era identity.
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    Indiana...why oh why must you guys keep bringing up that :censored:ty throwback!! Flo jos!!! Please or at least one of their ABA uniforms. Plenty to choose from.
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    The Jets have had 2 basic long-term uniforms that most folks associate with them. Each has favorable qualities and each could be tweaked for a nice fresh look. Unfortunately, I predict the Jets will opt for an entirely new direction and come up with some original garbage like other franchises have done lately.
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    I really don’t think this is the best case you can make. ?
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    It was a good look. Though I don't take too much offense to how they look now...this is clearly better My personal favorite is this though. The yellow bolts on the shoulder, helmet, s and pants made the look a bit more vibrant
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    A better look at the Helmet with stripe:
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    This is it, really. If they had been the LA Angels through and through since the original move to Anaheim Stadium, there would be zero issues whatsoever. That’s just what they’d be. As Ice Cap evidenced with the Rams move. (Would the Ducks be the Anaheim Ducks or the LA Ducks? I’m not sure, because of the Disney influence. Mighty Ducks of Los Angeles is a weird one.) But the Angels changed, separating from LA. And changed again, localizing to Anaheim. To jump backwards over those two things and over 40 years is difficult.
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    I've always enjoyed when teams have a name relating to, but not being the major league's name. The Memphis Redbirds are an excellent example, but if we look at the G-League, you can find a bunch like this, like the Greensboro Swarm, Wisconsin Herd, the (former) Delaware 87ers, Grand Rapids Drive, etc. I love this so much. It ties into the original team's identity and clearly communicates who the minor league team is affiliated with without saying "we're too lazy to come up with a local name so we just took the affiliate's name. Enjoy!" However, I really do like the ridiculous names, with an important caveat. I think this should stick to double-A or below. At the triple-A level these players are almost in the majors, so names like the Baby Cakes and IronPigs don't fly for me. They're waaaay too "minor league" for triple-A. I love teams like the Knights, Clippers, Sounds, and Aces, since they have big league identities, something these players can be proud of. I would hate to be drafted by the Marlins: from the Batavia Muckdogs, to the Greensboro Grasshoppers, to the Jupiter Hammerheads (not bad), to the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp, to the New Orleans Baby Cakes. I'd think it would be slightly embarrassing for the players! Here's my rule for triple-A: if it wouldn't work in the big leagues, it doesn't work here (unless it's a one-off promotion).
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    Yeah I get the wordmark thing. I think it looks off above Diggs' 14 so I'm leaving it off of this concept, but it might make its way into the final. True. It's almost more of a forum blue. Either way, I'm not that concerned about it, cause in real life it would look different in every photo anyway. I tried it out. The helmet looks great on its own but it doesn't fit as well with the rest of the uniforms. Good suggestion though! Next up is the Baltimore Ravens. This one's a little unconventional. I'm going for a dark, gothic look for B-more, complete with a shimmering, art deco take on raven feathers for the shoulders. The raven's eye and the swooshes have a yellow-red gradient, a reference to the colors of the Maryland flag. Pants and socks could be mixed and matched. They'd probably go monochrome once at home and at least once on the road over the course of the season. The font is an adjusted version of 'Avenged for Yourself'. It's definitely not your standard block, but I think its perfect for a modern gothic look. C+C is greatly appreciated. Happy Labor Day everyone!
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    The Brooklyn Cyclones were named for the famous Coney Island Cyclone roller coaster. IMO, they have one of the best team names in Minor League Baseball.
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    Kansas football heyday...........I'll never not love this picture.
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    By the time the 901 becomes obsolete (if ever), it will just be the team's name. Or are we mad at the NY Rangers for not changing their name, now that some guy named Tex doesn't own them?
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    The Crystal Palace exhibition building burnt to the ground in 1936. Yet, despite the edifice having disappeared from the London landscape 80-plus years ago, the structure's namesake football club - Crystal Palace F. C. - doesn't regard its sobriquet to be "obsolete" simply because the original inspiration for its branding no longer exists. If the area code that serves as the inspiration for Memphis 901 FC's branding someday disappears, then - like Crystal Palace F. C.'s identity - the team name can live on as a similar "snapshot in time" tip-of-the-hat.
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    ??? (screenshots from NBA Live 19 trailer)
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    I get that this is from the only era when the franchise came close to mattering, but this uniform sucked then, and it sucks more now. The tree trim is overdone, the numeral font is atrocious, with the upside-down "8" the worst offender, the wolf head on the shorts is clowish, and the "MT" wolf head insignia tries to do too much on a uniform that's already doing too much several times over. If you want the essence of bad late-1990s/early-2000s sports design, here it is.
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