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    The uniform selection in NBA 2K19 is incredible. Alot of gems and rarities that I wasn't expecting.
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    Wake me when we get the logo with the bat-swinging cartoon raccoon.
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    What a great way to honor umpires
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    Meanwhile, on some ship in the galaxy: Rocket: "Quill, who do these Earthlings think they are profiting off my likeness? Granted, I am a very handsome sort, but they're called the name I HATE!" Star-Lord: "It's a hip trend they hop on to make the extra money...it's a gravy train!" Drax: "With my appetite, I'd probably USE the whole train of gravy for one meal." Gamora: "Just as long as I'm not the one who has to swab the ship bathroom that night..." Rocket: "Whatever...this is worthy of my newest, MOST upgraded baby yet!" Star-Lord: "That wouldn't be necessary...you could just sue them, and either get them to change the name, or get some of the profits." Rocket: "You got a good point, Quill...always wanted to collect a bounty of Earth dollars!" Groot: "I am Groot?" Rocket: "You probably wouldn't want any...they'd be like a graveyard to you."
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    The blue Oilers jersey looks too much like the Islanders but not as good. If they didn't win in the 80s, no one would have any attachment to it. It's fine for a throwback alternate though. That being said, is better than and I would love to see a navy alternate.
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    Are you happy, America? Are you satisfied that there are now three raccoon-based Minor League Baseball teams but not one team named ThunderSharks? ThunderSharks!
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    About time they had the old Vancouver Grizzlies unis in the game
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    Colorado going with their traditional road combo at Nebraska:
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    Rocket City Trash Pandas? This is what happens when a too-self-reverentially-clever-for-its-own-good design firm counsels a team's ownership group to present fans with a predetermined pool of mediocre-to-asinine team identities and then waits for bad taste and human nature to take over in the ensuing "Name-the-Team" vote. And as if taking the field as the Rocket City Trash Pandas wasn't embarrassing enough, the easily-gulled owners and management in Madison will inevitably double-down on their questionable judgement and allow Jason and Casey to talk them into throwing a "What If? Night", during which they'll don the logo and colors of the Madison Moon Possums. Oh... and let's not forget the inevitable food-themed identity package that the team will be talked into securing for a reasonable up-charge. After all, what's a minor league baseball season without the opportunity to cheer on the North 'Bama Butter Beans for a homestand or two? Brandiose has gone from creating a sports identity package as classically attractive as that sported by the Clearwater Threshers to... well, "jumping the ThunderShark". If this doesn't represent the nadir of modern sports branding, I don't want to see what does.
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    FINALLY completed this logo. Personal logos always take the longest time as I'm never happy, but i think I have finally put this one to bed.
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    I mean, Real only barely makes more sense in Florida than it does in Utah, which is to say, very little instead of none at all. Meanwhile there is no issue in describing Miami as ‘International’. All things considered it’s among the Euro-copying names that make the most sense
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    Those jerseys look straight DIY home project. Buy kelly green v neck shirt, cut out yellow numbers, add embellishments. Honestly the most interesting design element on these is the Pac12 shield.
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     There. Fixed. Right. There's actually quite a lot worthwhile on Deadspin, about on-field events, about the business of sport, and about various issues in sporting culture. They give plenty of attention to the WNBA, which is nice to see. Also, their coverage of the many recent college coaching horrors has been superb. And they serve all of this with a massive dose of humour and snark. That site is a winner.
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    For the record I think green, black and white can be a great colour scheme, it's just not something the Jets should be doing. (See Dallas? Adding a number outline isn't hard and makes it looks so much better) (Granted this jersey template sucked) Provided the green and the black have enough contrast or aren't touching, looking at you University of Saskatchewan Huskies. If you think the green gets lost in this picture, just imagine watching from the stands.
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    Thanks for the feedback everyone. While I work on the Ravens, here's the LA Rams. My thinking here was to split the difference between the 80's Rams and the 50's Rams, combining bold, modern color blocking with a more retro logo set. Athletic gold returns, complemented by a new dodger blue. The primary is a compromise between their 50's and 60's logo and their current ram head. I also created an LA monogram and a vintage-looking leaping ram logo. Home and road pants could be mixed and matched every once in a while. C+C appreciated!
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    The Jets are going to this up. It's going to be hilarious, sad, and frustrating. They'll return to kelly green versions of their current uniform in 2025, only with stupid numbers that have little jet tails like the 80s logo. We'll all go "good enough" in exhaustion.
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    I come to a thread that’s been bumped only to find it’s just teal padding his count with “I agree” or “anyone know anything?” Or “won’t be long now”. It’s annoying. Have a blessed day.
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    We will start this series in the East with the Atlantic division which consists of the Norfolk Neptunes (Redskins), Orlando Thunder (Dolphins), Raleigh-Durham Skyhawks (Panthers), and the Richmond Bulldogs (Steelers). Our first team is the Norfolk Neptunes who were originally a franchise in the Continental Football League from 1966-69 and the Atlantic Coast Football League from 1970-71. They are the minor league affiliates of the Washington Redskins.
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    Cleaner? I’m on a phone (small images) and I can’t read NUGGETS on the home jersey in that last image. I can barely decipher the player number because it’s so filled in with needless extra color. Sure, the new set could use some tweaks, but at least it checks the most basic design box: legibility from a reasonable distance.
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    Totally changed the look of the logo. Would like to get everyones thoughts?
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    Aunt, balls, uncle; they did win and now it's associated with some of the best hockey of all time.
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    This is the first time I can remember not being the least bit excited about watching my team, or the NFL, in a very long time. Kind of hard to support a team when the head coach says things like "We have a lot of respect for that [legal] situation" in regards to LeSean McCoy being sued by his ex-girlfriend for allegedly having something to do with an intruder robbing her at gunpoint and having her beat up, among other things (i.e. abusing his son and dog). It's also hard to support that team when the players vote McCoy as a co-team captain and the head coach says he is "very proud of him for that". I'm glad that Nike is putting Kaepernick in that new ad even if it's just to piss off the NFL and Trump. Good for them. I look forward to the owners having to testify in open court now that the collusion case is moving to trial. As usual, the league's incompetence knows no bounds. Just one single owner could have prevented this whole thing by just giving Kaepernick a roster spot. Not even a starting or backup spot, just a third string spot. Instead, there's a decent chance that the NFL will have to admit that they blacklisted a player out of fear of public backlash brought on by criticism from the President. These guys are total fools.
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    Heres my answer: Unfortunately a lot of the answers are the wrong kind of fire...
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