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    I can't wait until Starr/Unitas are done playing. I can't wait until Bradshaw/Staubach are done playing. I can't wait until Montana/Marino are done playing. I can't wait until Aikman/Young are done playing.
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    Thanks! I'm in good health and yes, the lists will be back this season. I was working on week one earlier this evening. I should have them ready for Tuesday.
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    Thanks! I'm weaning myself off of Liebe's guides for A's-style Old English letters, as they're often messy. They're a good base, but they need expanding upon. As for the question of how I decide the eventual appearance of each team, I find myself looking to two things: 1. How the team looks now, as well as their successful periods in history (e.g., Minnesota Giants and Washington Sens/Nats). 2. What the team in the current location looks like, and how the history of the location and local owners may have shaped the look (e.g., Atlanta and San Diego Athletics). 3. What the team looked like when the move happened, and the initial reaction to said move. Most of the A's relocations I've done involved the Kansas City period's experimentation after Johnson's generic script set. Had the move happened with the Swingin' A's pullovers (albeit in their steep decline), a more radical alteration may be possible. Chicago would involve the eventual sale of the team to Reinsdorf, while Coangelo may have bought the Phoenix equivalent. Such moves will prove to markedly change the A's aesthetics by the 1990s. Throwbacks will happen, but we'll see when we get there (after some time away to deal with a few other teams). Anyway, it's time to put on your red shoes and dance the blues! KANSAS CITY BLUES, PART II A - Royally Blued When one thinks about Kansas City's musical history, one often turns to Jazz before the Blues. However, Kansas City has its own style of Blues music (which helped to found jump blues) that bred several of the genres' best performers (e.g., Pete Johnson, Jay McShann, and Big Joe Turner). Here are some examples of the style: Big Joe Turner - Shake, Rattle, & Roll Pete Johnson - Rocket Boogie Jay McShann - Hootie Street Blues It may not be as famous as the Blues from St. Louis, but it's still an influential school of composition that bled over into Jazz, R&B, and early Rock 'N Roll.1 It's an important part of the city's cultural influence. For further reading, here is the Wikipedia article on the style, as well as a link to the Kansas City Blues Society and an article from Experience Kansas City. Unrelated to this musical tradition, the American Association team in Kansas City adopted the Blues name. The Kansas City Blues were a Yankees affiliate, developing a few of the team's best players of the 1940s and '50s (e.g., Mickey Mantle for 40 games and Phil Rizzuto). Bleephead Arnold Johnson owned both Yankee Stadium and the Blues' stadium (Municipal Stadium), forcing the Blues to move to Denver once the A's relocated. While Johnson insisted on maintaining the Athletics name, let's assume that he decided to be way less subtle about his intentions for running the team, and renamed them the Blues. I reasoned that the name would have stuck around during Johnson's tenure, with Finley maintaining/experimenting with it (think early attempts at double blue, perhaps inspired by the AFL's Oilers' use of powder blue, alongside several universities and the White Sox's 1966 road uniform). Kauffman, seeing the absolute mess the franchise was in by the time of his purchase in the late-1960s, would commission a complete redesign to rejuvenate the club. New ownership would avoid falling back on the visual history of the Blues, as it was fairly conservative and Yankee-like: So, let's assume that much like the Royals, Kauffman turned to Hallmark to handle the new brand. Shannon Manning's designs (along with some other designers' influence) would win, with a guitar pick primary logo, an italicized cap logo, and cursive scripts. All of these elements would subtly incorporate music notes, similar to the "hidden letter" technique of the period (Expos, Canucks, Brewers, etc.). Much like the Royals, the brand would remain largely unchanged with the passage of time, only incorporating minor tweaks and maybe a navy-heavy phase (akin to the Royals' BFBS era). The team uses a double blue color scheme, with a dark royal (294 C, like the Dodgers) and a well-saturated light blue (299 C). The guitar pick primary logo features a baseball with the "KC" logo, the sock stripes, team script, and a music note. The cap logo (a modified version of the Royals' design) is the secondary, while an imitation of a record label is the tertiary. It features the "KC" logo, a music note, a trumpet (based on this reference), a baseball (in the place of the spindle opening), and references to the team's former and current names (the only bit of the A's left in the identity). Clarendon Condensed remains for the wordmarks. EDIT: I have updated the guitar pick logo to incorporate the updated sock stripes, while also moving the "Blues" script to the bottom (and turning it into a Clarendon Condensed wordmark, a la the 1969-78 Royals primary). The tertiary has been simplified, per @vtgco's suggestion. On the uniforms, I've shrunken the white stripes while providing better spacing, as suggested by @the admiral. Also, I flipped the color balance on the royal alternate to favor white with powder outlines (thanks, vtgco). Here are the original images: Logo Sheet, Home and Road, Alternates 1 and 2, and the primary dugout jacket. The home and road set further the multi-blue angle, with powder cap bills, lettering (with royal outlines), and sock bottoms. The sock tops feature the 6-string stripe, a bit of a 1967 Pittsburgh Penguins cue. MLB Block with Serifs is the number font, while Rawlings Block appears for the NOBs. Sleeves feature the primary and a truncated version of the sock stripes, while the road uniform uses a powder blue base (to homage them wearing powder road uniforms for most of their existence). The alternates play with the color scheme a bit. The powder jersey has the tertiary patch and a matching cap (not unlike what the Royals did for a while), while the royal outfit has the "KC" logo on the chest and a powder with white outlines color balance. The second set of alternates features both an alt cap pairing for the home uniform and a Monarchs throwback. Since the AA Blues' visual history was so tied to the Yankees, I reasoned that a Monarchs throwback would be better-received by fans. This is my attempt to recreate the 1924 home uniform of the team, from when they won the Colored World Series for the first time. It was the Monarchs uniform with the most blue on it (save for that season's all-navy road uniform), so it worked with the AL Club's identity. The primary dugout jacket has contrast-colored sleeves (with white shoulder inserts), while the throwback outfit uses the "Monarchs" script on the front. These Blues not only pay tribute to the history of Kansas City baseball, but they also illustrate how the former A's/future Royals' identities could have adopted a more local focus. Having another team named "Blues" does leave a question as to what the St. Louis hockey team would look like. I'd presume that they'd have adopted another local name, such as Crusaders (for the city's namesake, Louis IX) or Pioneers ("Gateway to the West"). C+C is appreciated, as always! Up next, it's time for a coronation. 1Edward Komara, Encyclopedia Of The Blues, vol. 2, 2 vols. (New York, NY: Psychology Press, 2006), http://archive.org/details/EncyclopediaOfTheBlues.
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    Agreed. I really wish that they kept their helmet white. Heck, silver would have been acceptable IMO. Not a fan at all of this look.
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    I think red-over-white is their best combo, but I still wish they'd mix-and-match a little bit like they did in the Vick years.
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    Life sure is funny sometimes. Life can also be kinda cruel.
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    Thanks for the feedback everyone! I'll be posting updates periodically. Next up, fresh off their week 1 upset, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers! I have to admit, I don't hate their current threads as much as everyone on these boards seems to. I like the addition of silver and the color blocking, but the execution was lacking in a few areas, namely the numbers. So instead of completely scrapping the look, I'm attempting to build off of it. Sword-like imagery is my main design element here, featured in the striping, numbers, and reinforced in the logos. The logo set is very similar to their current ones, but I think I made some significant improvements. I constructed it with bolder, more organic lines, and I think the skull ended up a lot more menacing and visually interesting. An updated ship logo, originally intended to be the primary, is featured on the pants. Black is removed from all logos. Orange is relegated to logos-only. I also put together an all-white set to suit Tampa's climate. White pants could be paired with the red jersey a couple times a year to mix it up. I look forward to hearing everyone's thoughts!
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    This is a dark period for monikers in MiLB right now. In an attempt to garner attention (and merchandise sales), too many teams are opting for ridiculous, asinine names and logos. Teams should be looking to the culture and surroundings of where they play for inspiration. Instead, they let outsiders force cartoony, moronic names and logos on the fanbase. Case in point, New Orleans. If you polled the locals here in New Orleans and Jefferson Parish (where the team actually plays), you will find the overwhelming majority of the fans despise that idiotic "Baby Cakes" name. There were several other names (honestly, none so good), but the out of town general manager and ownership, along with a certain San Diego based graphic design company, decided this was a fantastic name for the rebranded Zephyrs. But, no one in New Orleans knew what a baby cake was, other than a name for a mobster's mol/girlfriend. The GM explained that he couldn't call the team the King Cakes, because, when Googled, it wouldn't be on the top of the page. Plus, he always hears locals calling each other "baby". So, he mashed the two. Unfortunately for the locals, the merchandise seems to be selling, just not locally. People aren't going to the games, but some one in Des Moines is buying the cap, and that means money for the team. Hell, even the sports casters don't call them the "baby cakes", but just Cakes. They don;t even have a jersey with the "Baby Cakes" wordmark. But, I digress; after two years it still irritates me to no end. As for parent club names, I do mind those. But I like it more when a minor league teams makes it their own: different script, different logo. Think St. Louis and Memphis; Chicago and South Bend; Cleveland and Kinston.
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    As a college student a few years ago, one of my school projects involved rebranding the Los Angeles Clippers and moving the team to San Diego. I recently visited the proposal and reworked it a bit. Here is the mark I created when I initially did the project; And below is my refined concept. The look is meant to be an ode to all eras of the Braves/Clippers franchise, while maintaining a modern, clean feel. The uniforms are inspired by this, and the City edition pays homage to the San Diego Zoo.
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    The navy blue helmet/columbia blue jersey combo made them look a little bit like last year's Jags upon a really quick glance. Yes, I know the colors aren't the same.
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    They could give the spider mascot a native headdress and have it hold 8 tomahawks. Everybody wins.
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    For an art project in my art class, I decided to follow my love for sports designs and update/rebrand the Colorado Avalanche with a less 90's-esque logo. I figured before I go to my teacher for advice, it'd be best to post it here and see what the experts have to say. I've designed both a primary and secondary logos, and are posted in that order. And that's that! Any thoughts? Also, I apologize for the overlays, I just didn't wanna watermark the logos into oblivion and I wanted to at least kinda protect them from people stealing them.
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    As a Mets fan, my blood pressure just went up seeing this
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    Somehow the Browns are undefeated, but at the same time still haven't won a game since 2016.
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    I disagree like 200% lol. Of course, I'm a highly biased Oilers fan, but I think the Oilers royal blue looks 10x better than the Isles', which I don't like very much. Second, I think the current orange is way too bright and hard on the eyes, and makes the team look like pylons. I have nothing against navy but prefer the royal blue. So I think the 2016-2017 orange jersey was perfect. In fact, I think the entire 2016-17 set was perfect - royal blue home, white away, orange third.
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