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    If you're doing a series where you isolate logo elements, I think it could turn out really well if you had a big, bold red stripe with the white doodad on the front on a blue background. Instead, they just awkwardly cut off the poor guy's back legs.
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    I kinda thought we got that against the Saints in the preseason. Obviously, the Saints gold works great against the classic combo. The SNF game against the Steelers could also come close since I suspect they'll wear teal then, but I fear they won't be using the white pants and more likely will bust out the all-teal for that occasion. Ouch.
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    Colts v Redskins should be higher, maybe #1, as it's two classic looks and beautiful, contrasting colors. Seahawks v Bears wouldn't make my list because it's too much navy. I think Ravens v Bengals got hosed this week. The purple pants are a pretty great addition that means they aren't going with their :censored:ty black pants. As for the Bengals, I'll maintain my feeling that if they ditched the side panels they'd have a damn near perfect look. Even with em I love those jerseys and I think that matchup was on the wrong list... Especially cuz it was a festival of Halloween colors!!! It's such a shame that the Saints v Browns looked so bad. Put the Saints in gold pants and put the Browns back in their classic uniforms and it's a gorgeous matchup: Better combos with their current sets would still be alright:
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    On a side note, I'll never understand the appeal/popularity of this place. Overpriced, mediocre chain food. Any locally owned sports bar has better wings and beer on game days.
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    How about these uniforms for New Orleans and Cleveland?
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    I hope this means Voodoo Doughnut will be their advertiser.
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    I'm guessing Salt Lake City. Looks like a honey comb with an aggressive bee.
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    I noticed this season that on the Raiders sideline they've been wearing something similar to what was popularized by N.W.A. which is pretty cool. I didn't even know teams could wear the non-official sideline hats but I guess if it's New Era then they're free to wear it?
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    There are now ads behind the goal line on both sides of the trapezoid. Fine as long as they keep them off he jerseys.
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    I really like those ideas, I was also thinking just having a honeycomb pattern for the shoulder but went with this anyway, in hindsight I definitely should’ve chosen the other design. The SLC and long name, are just for irony purposes honestly, every major pro team has quirks like that. *cough* Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim *cough*, in reality everyone would probably call them the Utah Jackets anyway if this were real. Thanks for the feedback! I got time to mess around this weekend and got this next team done, kinda excited to show you guys! Yet another “classic” team, but this just more so happens to be really old, I wanted to try my hand at it and I like how it’s came out! Birmingham Wildcats Founded:1959 Championships: 1(1972) History: Founded as one of the original teams in the PAFA, Birmingham is sadly the least successful. Although it has had little to no change since it’s founding. The Cats are always middle of the pack or good, but not championship material. Owned by the first coach to ever coach em, he hasn’t wanted to change anything. “It represents us as a team! We hold our heritage close to our hearts here in Alabama.” Said the owner. Uniforms: Simple,simple,simple. At home the Wildcats rock a maroon jersey, white numbers. Matched with white shorts lined with a tapered red stripe. And on the road they were inverted colors. No alternate needed. Helmets: the only other team to have no logo on their helmets. Maroon helmets with a single white stripe. The face mask was historically white until changed in 2012 when they changed it to maroon when the league changed manufacturers to Nike. Logo: A wildcat logo, circa 1950’s hasn’t changed since 1972 when the team added a black outline to represent the teams one championship. C&C appreciated! Hopefully you guys will like this as much as I do!
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    Maybe we should have more than 2 AAA leagues. Cut down on travel.
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    They should've gone with a plain orange hat for Cleveland lol
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    The look on his face says it all.
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    Thanks! I created the majority of the fonts. Colts and Giants are standard blocks. I used 'Avenged for Yourself' for the Ravens, adjusting a few of the numbers. Lions are based off the font Featured Item, but I made a lot of changes. Thanks! That's what I had initially, but I wanted to see what a full set in each color would look like so I had to post them both. I'll post the original too. I gotta say, I don't really see it. It is a little more simplified, I guess. Next up, the red-hot Kansas City Chiefs! Minor changes here for a franchise that has looked practically the same for its entire existence. My biggest focus here is a much-needed update to the arrowhead logo. No more black, so it's consistent with the rest of the set. The "K" in "KC" doubles as the binding that holds the arrowhead to the shaft. I also designed a new block number font to inject some modern elements into a classic set. Striping consistency across the board. C+C is appreciated!
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    Navy jerseys for Georgia Tech. Supposedly inspired from the 1990 squad. I’m not seeing any similiarities besides the color. These are basically a re-color of the two white sets. The jersey needs some white number outlines to match the helmet and pants. Looks like something Pitt would wear. Not bad, though. adidas has been good for Tech compared to Russell.
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    I am beyond impressed with these. They even got the little details right by having our 90s helmet logo, the old school pennant conference patch, and the previously mentioned tie-dyed collar
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    So, no reason at all? Michigan removed the white from its socks, helmet bumpers, and chinstraps prior to the 2017 season, and it markedly improved the look: Before the change:
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    I don't mean this as a way to rag on the Rockies but that prototype could have worked well for them too with some slight changes.
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    I don't like the yellow and white touching in the wing when everywhere else in the logo is very high contrast. It just makes the wing fade into the background
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    If this was the XFL, the Memphis Kings would be Jerry "The King" Lawler's face.
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    Do you want feedback or not, that’s kinda the point of posting.
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    Sure is. And it's not like the Browns don't have any other logos that could have been used instead. Hell, they have a logo that fits this set already! Even with the helmet, they could have done something more interesting by keeping the helmet stripes at least.
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    I am also seeing Wyoming. Both are brown and gold, and with this concept, both use a similar western-looking font. It looks like you directly took Wyoming's logo, erased the Cowboy, and flipped it.
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    I think the big issue here, is that when I see Brown and Gold and college football with a bucking horse, the first thought is the Wyoming Cowboys.
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