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    No, the Islanders need to stay in royal blue and orange for the connection to New York and to the dynasty. The Oilers also need to stick with the uniforms from their dynasty. It's not a perfect situation, but that's the way it goes. I think orange over navy would be good for a Hamilton Tigers team, for what little that's worth.
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    Can someone point this fellow in the direction of "Unpopular Opinions", please?
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    Baby poop is seldom a basic brown, in my experience. I think I've seen more diapers with Longhorn orange in them than Padre brown.
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    The Rams were LA for around 50 years, and spent only a portion of that in Anaheim. As for the Raiders, they just have a more visible and vocal presence in the fans, and people were likely to continue rooting for a team still located in California. But there is a silent majority that doesn't like the Raiders and in particular the image their fans project. I've noticed this particularly among women.
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    Just gonna say this that the away uniform looks 1000 times better than the home, sure the royal blue is cool but I like this version more.
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    I don't think people are applying that retroactively. Rather they're arguing that presently? The Rams are in the "Lakers" position in terms of support levels, whereas the Chargers are clearly fighting for scraps.
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    Thank for the feedback, guys! I might rework the 'Boys later on in the series. Next up, the Carolina Panthers! A sharp, modern look finally brings the Panthers into the 21st century. Silver is removed from the set, distilling it to clean combination of black, white, and Carolina blue. The primary logo features a 'C' and a panther's eye. Can a logo have a gradient? Maybe not, but I haven't figured out a better way to render it yet. Let me know if you have any ideas. I created this logo in 2016, making it the oldest in the series. The striping pattern and custom jersey numbers take cues from the logo. Color balance is one of the strengths of this set, so mixing and matching is encouraged (with the exception of black-blue-blue, but it would've been weird to leave one combo out). This identity shares some similarities with the Jags, but in the end, I think the blues are different enough that you'd know which team you're looking at. With that, we're halfway through the series I'll probably be posting less frequently from here on out cause art school's starting to heat up. C+C is appreciated!
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    Well, to steer this away from the another Marlins pile-on.... Do we know if the Brewers are finally gonna or get off the pot with any changes? They've been painfully, slowly phasing the BiG back in for the past few years and I seem to see the throwback/fauxback brand more around the city (and pretty much everywhere else that isn't an actual game on TV). Yet the full-on rebrand we've been anticipating for years now never seems to happen. Though I have to imagine if the Brewers are plotting any changes, they'd keep quite about them now, with playoff ball returning to Milwaukee and all the new merch for sale that it entails. Speaking of which, they went with navy and gold with the glove for their official locker room shirts, and I've been seeing this combo a lot more often lately in ads. I still prefer royal blue, but if they did go back to 1982 with royal swapped out for navy, I could more than live with that. As overused as navy is in general, they're the only NL Central team that uses it for their primary color. And apart from their stint in the AL, Milwaukee teams have always worn navy, going back to the early 20th century.
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    Here's the aforementioned Treadwell and his white socks. I can't condone the Governor's Ball glove look, but I'll take the all white socks any day over Minnesota's usual all purple. If you wanted to throw a stripe or two on there I wouldn't argue.
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    #693F23 from that site looks like the perfect brown to me: not too red, not too yellow, not too desaturated or too dark.
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    Maybe, but from a distance the blue is almost invisible. The treatment on the t-shirt showcases their beautiful colour scheme in a more effective way IMO.
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    Wow. The uniforms are amazing, but that logo is simply awful. The whole concept just doesn't fit when the Panthers have an established brand and logo that only needs minor tweaking. All you have to do is replace the silver with white and maybe tweak the left eye and you're golden. Like I said, the uniforms are fantastic, maybe the best Panthers concept I've seen. Just replace that logo and it'll be perfect.
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    How could anyone but the clippers be considered the league's most expendable team? Now that the inevitable overshadowing by the Lakers is back to stay. If the Mets are the Yankees little brother and that's upper limit of inequity that's tolerable - how close are the clippers to that? A half decade of contention while the Lakers were in the dumpster brought them to Mets status - and unless Kawhi chooses them it's back to the status quo and worse.
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    Citation needed I have no doubt that the Raiders have a strong fanbase in LA, but I'm hesitant to say they're more popular than the Rams presently. I recall a poll indicating that, back in 2016, the Rams were the clear preference among Los Angeles fan. The Raiders were a respectable second, and the Chargers were a distant third.
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    Here are the Brewers: What do you think? C&C Appreciated!
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    SHAZAM! I found one. Preseason 1997 in a game between the Magic and Spurs to celebrate the ABA's 30th anniversary. Why against the Spurs and Magic? Especially in Orlando? I have NOOOOO idea, especially considering the Floridians never played regional games in Orlando (that I am aware of). But, there's a Nuggets game in the mid-90s that I am sure used an ABA ball as well? Anyways, that was a nice tangent.
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    Real photo of Milwaukee Bucks alternate from 04/05:
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    Bingo. Check attendance standings and local tv ratings. Also the Hurricanes, even at the best of times, never once established themselves as a team with a national presence. No one outside of Raleigh cares (and evidence seems to suggest very few people within Raleigh care). Meanwhile the Whalers have a certain cache nationally. There’s a nostalgic aspect that makes the Whalers appealing to even casual hockey fans.
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    He wasn't the owner for both World Series. There's really no reason to legitimize Jeffrey Loria as a good owner. He wasn't.
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    Why would the Marlins want to switch from "Miami," which is sexy and glamorous, back to "Florida," which is where Florida Man lives?
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    I have absolutely zero complaints about these. In fact, it's just as frustrating as the Brewers so rarely wearing their fauxbacks.
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