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    I don’t think I’ll ever understand all the hate for the current walking Cubbie Bear. I think it’s not only great, but it’s also the best logo the team has ever had by a WIDE margin. Some of those bear over a C logos they’ve had over the years are TRASH.
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    Seahawks' Blitz BEFORE AFTER
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    Lake Erie Crushers mascot Stomper Before: After: Fun fact- The "before" picture is me in the costume.
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    Does Pierre the Pelican getting retconned from a nightmare inducing bird of prey/ Pennywise hybrid to something that wouldn't worry me in the vicinity of children count?
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    I don't have anything substantial to offer, but this is an interesting thread.
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    Hate that whole uniform: the separation of blue and red, the awful arced/arched city script, the white outlines on grey, that stupid dumpster bear, and the red bill. Royal blue crown/red bill would be good for the Rangers, but not the Cubs. Teams should only have one hat. Overwhelmingly the best script the Cubs could wear on the road, not sure what this 1937 curved underline business is all about.
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    I find that very limiting, to be perfectly honest. If the best design is in the past? Go with it. Don't cut out potentially the ideal choice to chase an overthought design philosophy. Look, I'm sure you could think of any number of ways to do something "fresh" and "modern" with the Maple Leafs' unis. And I'm sure some of those ideas would look great in a vacuum. Problem is, it's not what Leafs fans want. I mean it's really not. Go on about history being a "crutch" all you want, but most Leafs fans like the classic styling the team has. And given their financial situation? I don't think their "stagnant" brand is holding them back. "History is a crutch" is the sort of philosophy that sounds good in a classroom or pitch meeting, but it really doesn't work once you start taking the fanbases into account. Most fans of teams with "classic" looks like said looks. Leafs fans will riot if you do anything too drastic with their team. As will Habs fans. And Yankees Fans. And Packers fans. You can lament this if you like, but we're not wrong. Team history is an important part of it as fans, and we don't like seeing it disrespected for the sake of a branding philosophy that didn't take our team and city into account. I'm glad you asked... ...well here we go. The Mooterus concept didn't "take." It was hated by Stars fans from almost the moment it was unveiled. The team even made fun of it, putting it on a guy wearing a horse mask for an April Fools "new jersey unveiling" stunt. My point is that it was a look soundly rejected by the team's paying customers. Could a constellation logo work for the Stars? Yeah. No reason it can't. The one they went with poisoned the well so badly, however, that it's no wonder they don't want to try again. The Mooterous is probably the franchise's biggest branding error in their history. Why would they want anything even vaguely associated with it? The very idea becomes tainted. Not in the minds of the team, but in the minds of the fans. Which makes the idea untenable for the team. I have no ideology. I'll be upfront with that right now. The closest I have to an "ideology" is that I think a team ought to look good. Experimentation and creativity mean next to nothing if the end result looks hideous. That might seem shocking to you. That might seem like I'm trying to piss you off, or insult your point of view. Maybe you think it's charmingly naive in a certain condescending way. And hey, if that's how you feel? I can't stop you (though I will say I'm not trying to piss you off or insult you. I merely disagree). What I'm saying is that ideally? Every team ought to look as good as possible. If that means simple white stripes on a blue sweater for the Leafs? That's fine. If it means pushing the boundaries and coming up with something wacky for Arizona? That's cool. I just don't believe philosophy ought to get in the way of a team looking their best.
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    What initially started as a quick test to see what the Rockies would look like with white numbers instead of black turned into a full concept as the game stretched on for 13 innings, including a new primary logo that combines the elements of the old primary logo with the ubiquitous Colorado CO from the flag. Changed the wordmarks to a sans serif font that matches the logo better. Road pinstripes because why not. Template by @rsaline
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    Arch the word mark, or arc it. Either one is a legitimate choice. But together? Ugh. What a mess.
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    In 1970, a 69-year old fan named Milt Mason, unhappy with the Brewers' low attendance so far, decided to sit atop the County Stadium scoreboard until the team would draw at least 40,000 before a home game. He was there for about 40 days, finally descending on August 16 to a cheering crowd of 44,387. To this day, he is recognized as the original Bernie Brewer. In 1973, Bernie Brewer was officially introduced as the team's mascot, depicted, in honor of Mason, as a cheerful man sporting a big mustache and wearing lederhosen and a Tyrolean hat (Unfortunately, I can't find any pictures of that era online). When his chalet was torn down in 1984 to make room for a new sound system, Bernie was sent into retirement as well, until, by popular demand, his chalet, slide and beer mug were rebuilt and he made his big return in 1993-this time as a full-body costume with a foam head. When the Brewers moved into Miller Park, Bernie got a makeover as he moved into Bernie's Dugout, keeping his new look to this very day.
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    So he became the Nashville Predators logo?
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    The Raiders' branding as-is works perfectly well for a post-apocalyptic, Mad Max-esque identity.
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    This isn't directly related to uniforms, but the Patriots are doing a behind-the-scenes series with their equipment staff some of you may be interested in.
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    The Heat also need a cyan Vice uniform. That would be a perfect set.
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    Guys, I think DeFrank is Jon Gruden.
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    I keep getting these absolutely crazy ads that originate in the bottom of the screen and end up surrounding my entire page every time I click to a new page. Is this a new board feature or is there something wrong with my phone? I post almost exclusively on my phone.
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    So now some teams will have 5 uniforms? Three ain't enough, they need five.
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    Yeah, I mean, it's just further confirmation of what everyone knew from day one, that Los Angeles fans want the Los Angeles Rams to pick up where they left off and toss out the St. Louis set that means nothing to them.
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    And their current pewter DOESN'T look brown to you? As melonscratchers go, that's a honeydewdle.
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    The Sabres have redesigned Sabretooth a couple of times to coincide with their various color changes over the years. The original Sabretooth was orange and black: When the Sabres changed to red and black in 1996 Sabretooth changed to red and black as well: When the Sabres changed back to navy blue and gold in 2006 Sabretooth changed as well, this time to gold with navy stripes:
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    VALPARAISO All the wavy designs on the uniforms were taken from their V-shield logo. I decided to use metallic gold instead of athletic gold (ehem, yellow), because that's what the football team has been using for the most of its existence. With that, gold helmets make their comeback. Despite all those waves, block numbers are here to stay, since nothing can go wrong with block numbers.
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    Eh, I think the Cubs' uniforms peaked in the 1930s. That's damn near perfect. Even the numbers are an improvement: simple, elegant, yet distinctive. Even their road jerseys were better. I really hate the sort-of-arced-sort-of-arched "CHICAGO" mark they use today. Pick a style and run with it, you monsters. But nothing can improve upon the 1937 beauties:
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    They brightened the color ever so slightly and it turned into a massive improvement. They didn’t resort to changing their whole set. If only there was a certain green NFL team from NY that would do the same with their color....
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    Really wish the Ravens would go with purple pants on the road against a black heavy team like the Steelers. White pants would also be superior to the leotard look.
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