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    Add some more temporary bleachers to the yard at Cal Expo and inject the Sacramento Raiders of Vegas via Oakland directly into my bloodstream, please.
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    Nike. Stop. It's the Lakers. The Lakers. Stop. It's disgusting.
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    Levi's makes too much sense; I see the NFL pressuring the Niners if they're cool to the idea. You could still call them "Oakland", there's already a locker room there for them, and only shacking up there for one season has to lessen the sting for the Niners. Personally, I'd like the Raiders in San Diego for one year. Make the Chargers return in disgrace for one game.
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    Lakers with pinstripes = When these first came out people were screaming bloody murder but over time they became classics. Lakers version if executed right could be the same.
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    Disappointed beyond words that this Mac The Knife post didn't culminate in his proposal to move the team to a temporary stadium in the temporary city of Refridger.
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    1. Yankees . . . . . . . . 2. Dodgers 3. Red Sox 4. Athletics 5. Cubs 6. Astros 7. Indians 8. Braves 9. Rockies 10. Brewers If the Brewers went back to their rightful royal blue and athletic gold, they'd at least shoot up to #7 on this list. Pretty solid crop of uniforms there. The Rockies' Times New Roman font bothers me a ton, and the Brewers are painfully dated at this point. Outside of that, all strong sets.
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    The Yankees have a terrible road uniform, so no.
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    The Magic's alternate is more like what you are talking about. Black jersey, colored pinstripes. I wasn't sure about it at first when it was unveiled last year but I'm really into it now. Imagine if the original Magic jerseys did this? That'd be amazing.
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    Grumpy Puss Nick Saban going away would be the best for all mankind.
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    Sell the team to Arte Moreno, owner of the Angels and rename the team "The Los Angeles Raiders of Anaheim."
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    Why are the Red Sox wearing red again? Only the white and grey jerseys should be seen in the postseason.
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    Levi's Stadium does have a 3rd locker room for this type of scenario but the 49ers would probably tell the Raiders to go kick rocks in a gravel pit in Irwindale.
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    In fairness, the Red Sox have been in the World Series far more recently than the Yankees, and have won three World Series to the Yankees' one so far this century. The "Yankees win all the time" trope hasn't really been accurate since the mid-2000s, which (hate to say) is a long, long time ago now.
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    The Braves getting rid of the red-brimmed hats on the road is one of those mind-numbing changes that make no sense to me, much like the White Sox getting rid of the diamond sock patch on their sleeve. The all blue hat for the Braves simply looks mismatched/misplaced with the rest of the uni now. It looks like a remnant of their early 80s unis. It doesn't match, and it drives me crazy.
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    There's gonna be three teams playing in LA next season, aren't there?
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    I’m just a humble board member, don’t know much about ad buying and all, but these border ads are the worst ad unit I’ve ever seen. The bottom banner ads are slightly annoying but a minor inconvenience. These border ads make me want to throw my phone at the wall. It makes the site nearly unusable on mobile.
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    BOS - Home is great; away is good. HOU - Solid, but a bit generic. CLE - Boring caps, and generic away uniform. NYY - One of the best home uniforms, but one of the most boring away uniforms (though I still like them). OAK - Unique color scheme and great uniforms. MIL - Dated uniforms and... what's their color scheme again? LAD - Great all-around. ATL - Solid, but that's about it. CHC - Away is pretty 'meh'. COL - Too much black and not enough purple. 1st - Oakland A's 2nd - Los Angeles Dodgers 3rd - Boston Red Sox
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    Texas A&M in their throwbacks looks great against Kentucky’s white-white-blue set. Very aesthetically pleasing.
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    They'll bring the donuts part back in 4 or 5 years when they rebrand. That said, the interim will be one of those silly, "no no no---we're only dunkin, now! Haha, yes you can still buy donuts. Ma'am I am the manager. No I can't explain this, heh. Please stop asking me about this" type things.
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    Next up, the Seattle Seahawks! Going for a tasteful modern look here. I wanted to keep the essence of the team's identity, i.e. custom fonts, creative striping, emphasis on grey, but take it in a different direction. The logo is a simplification of their current logo, designed to match the jersey striping. The custom number font takes cues from traditional Haida art. I like that their 2012 rebrand attempted to incorporate some traditional Pacific Northwest imagery into the sleeve striping, but the addition of volt negated most of that effect. Volt is out, replaced by the teal of the Seattle flag. I've also prepared a version that uses an Emerald green that fits the city as well. C+C appreciated!
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    Can’t believe that I have finished half of the NFL teams!! Thank you for all the love for this concept. Here’s the Chargers! Idk if it’s an unpopular opinion but my favorite Chargers uniform is the 1988-2006 one and the part I love most is the navy helmet. Really solid and I think it may be something forgotten classic.I also like the AFC era powder blue/yellow uniform so I finished a standard set and a throwback set, both w/o an alt. Though I like the double blue color scheme (like the Royals alt) but I don’t like it’s presentation on the Chargers current set, so I decided to finish something based on the navy/gold and powder blue/yellow color scheme, and try to make them more 90s or retro. For the standard set, it’s inspired by the 90s Warriors because they have the same lightning identity. Made the lightning asymmetrical and add a gradient on the lighting and number to make it more 90s. And for the AFC throwback, I thought the enlarged Chargers bolt logo will look good on the front, also put a throwback wordmark inside. Rather than creating some traditional pant stripe I put two lightnings on the side of the shorts, just like what Chargers actually does. Thx for reading and looking forward to C&Cs!!
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    The FHL is the uncle doing time that we do not talk about in this house.
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    Well, welcome to Sacksonville. I didn't touch the logo but I did come up with a new wordmark to accompany the new uniforms. The uniforms are kind of a modernization of the classic Jaguars uniforms. Obviously, the horrendous half & half helmet is gone and the uniforms move back to a more traditional football uniform. The traditional striping pattern has been replaced with tapered, pointed stripes and the new number font is a block font with some contemporary touches. Teal is now the home uniform again because, come on, its just the way it should be. White pants are the primary home pants and black is the color of the primary road pants, but they could be worn interchangeably. I love the color balance that teal numbers give the white jersey the perfect color balance. I'll be honest, I didn't hate the idea of a gold Color Rush uniform for the Jags, but I didn't care for the previous design or the fact that the gold uniform was entirely devoid of teal except for the number outline. The alternate jersey is black with teal sleeves and I went ahead and paired it with black pants, because, lets face it, that's how it would probably worn and I'm not opposed to the occasional monochrome uniform as long as its worn with contrasting socks. Here's an update to Seattle. I added a white outline to the sleeve stripes to mimic the helmet logo and pants stripes and I think it was the right call. Thanks for the input.
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