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    Way too reminiscent of the Columbus Crew. Darn shame, as they used very unique, NM-centric colors leading up to this logo. And it's not like it would take much effort to make it more New Mexican:
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    It's surprising me how many teams are wearing their Association jerseys on the road. Give us more Color vs. Color!!
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    No wonder people don't take pre-Super-Bowl NFL seriously. "Hands off to the fullback, slips the tackle, here comes the linebacker, ope, no, he ran headfirst into a steel pole, touchdown Chicago Cardinals!"
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    Regular Season Western Conference Champion Nashville Predators.
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    Forgotten due to falling on their faces in recent memory but Avs/Red Wings was a blood feud.
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    Make it two weeks in a row in which there wasn't a whole lot to work with. We barely had enough good looking games to do a full best list. There were no truly awful looking games this week so no worst list this week. Rams - Seahawks tried, but couldn't quite get there. Dolphins - Bengals wasn't great, but the Dolphins looked just good enough to keep the game off the worst list. As always, the lists are my opinion. No more, no less. Your opinion may be different than mine and that's perfectly fine. All I ask is that we keep the conversation civil and limited to the uniforms. So let's get started. BEST: 1. Vikings - Super Bowl Champion Eagles: You wouldn't think green and purple would make for a great color combo, but to me, at least, it really works. The SBC Eagles home uniform has really grown on me over the years. I like it a little better every season. Do your best to ignore Wentz's shoes. 2. Packers - Lions: It's been a weird trip for me with the Lions uniforms. When they debuted, I really wanted to like them, but I didn't. These days, I really don't want to like them, but I kinda do. They aren't great, but when matched up with the right team, they look pretty solid. The Packers road uniform is one of my favorites. 3. Giants - Panthers: Good looking game between two good looking uniforms. Have the Panthers worn anything other than all white so far this season? 4. Cowboys - Texans: Solid looking game. Great helmets. 5. Raiders - Chargers: If I did the best list based on colors alone, this game might be higher than #5. But I don't base the best list on colors alone. There are a lot of things I don't like about the Chargers uniforms - stupid stripes, shoehorned colors, etc. - but I have to admit that this game didn't look half bad. For my money, the Raiders have the best road uniforms in the NFL and the sunshine really made the powder blue pop in this one. And that is it for this week. Here's hoping we have a little more to work with next week. Thanks for taking a look.
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    I disagree. The team represents New York City. One of, if not the, most famous cities in the world. The brand ought to focus on the locale over the nickname.
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    I completely forgot that the Red Sox and Yankees are rivals; glad to see such a long dormant match-up reawaken this postseason
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    I thought Bengals-Dolphins was pretty good
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    This, for sure. We also need about a 10 or 20 year ban on new US soccer teams using “United”.
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    Since the NBA's transitioning to Nike this year, I thought I'd throw my hat into the ring. My first team is the Minnesota Timberwolves: I tried to update the original Wolves jerseys from the 90s to match their new, modern design philosophy.
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    It's been recently renewed with a home-and-home series after close to a decade of not playing, but Colorado and Nebraska used to be rivals in college football. Granted, the rivalry meant more to Colorado than to Nebraska, who mostly dominated it, but it was the Friday-after-Thanksgiving game every year. It basically started because Colorado didn't have a rival so Bill McCartney started calling Nebraska their rival since their fans used to flood Boulder when they played every year. Nobody from Nebraska cared until Colorado got good and McCartney won a national title before Osborne. Interestingly enough, had Colorado not pushed the issue in making the game a rivalry, Osborne might have voted Colorado #1 in the coaches poll that year and it would have been an outright national title and not a split with Georgia Tech. There's probably a long, long list of college football rivalries that are no more. Pittsburgh/West Virginia comes to mind.
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    I'm a Preds fan, but this is ridiculous, borderline embarrassing. IMO, the only acceptable banners are: - Stanley Cup - Conference (PLAYOFF) Champs - Presidents' Trophy - Retired #'s Put all of the Division titles on one banner. Anything else is superfluous. Other than the weird and unnecessary grey banner, these do look good.
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    Do today's kiddies know that the Yankees and Royals once had a fierce rivalry? This was in the late 1970s and early 1980s. When I was growing up, George Brett was the opposing player whom I feared most. In the mid-to-late 1980s, the Cardinals were the Mets' biggest rivals.
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    If it were gold and red, the state flag homage would be more quickly recognizable and give the crest some strength. As it is in black though, it takes a bit to “get it”. And when you do, it just leaves you wondering why the zia symbol isn’t red to begin with and it just seems disappointing that something that should’ve been so easy was not executed as well as it should’ve been.
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    I can appreciate the small details like the four stripes representing the four bars of the state flag, but I'm incredibly disappointed by the lack of creative design throughout. There's no accent colors, no unique characteristics. If you took away 'New Mexico' this could be the logo for any soccer team anywhere.
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    Yes, the NFL in its obsession with money and popularity is going let the Chargers move back to San Diego, reducing the Chargers potential fanbase from 20 million people to 3 million(roughly speaking) where a publicly funded stadium will never happen. The Chargers will never be able to build a fanbase? Tell that to the Clippers who for 30 years were the biggest joke in sports run by the worst ownership ever. There's a reason the Jets, Mets, White Sox etc. have never left despite being the secondary teams. The league and owners(who control the league) will never "force" a team to leave a larger market for a smaller market for the dangerous precedent it would set...for themselves. You're ignoring the social, political, and most importantly economic facts of the situation. That's just not the way the real world works, especially not with the NFL in the 21st century.
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    *facepalm* the Baseball is the button and the d and c are the, wings, if that’s what you want to call them. It’s not a literal bow tie. But the seams are to clustered and packed too tight, look at mlb logos for a simpler baseball design. Also disappointed I can’t see the evolution and progress, gets kinda confusing the way you update it.
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    I would really hope not but Brian Cashman basically put his stamp on this team by hiring Boone for the role. He was willing to let go of a manager who had been very successful in his time with the organization (whose shelf life may or may not have run out) and hire someone with zero coaching experience to be the guy expected to lead thtem to the next step. I was always extremely skeptical of that decision, and anyone who has seen last night or tonight's game can see a recurring issue all season long that Boone has had - a massively slow response time for when a pitcher needs to be taken out, and also not then knowing who the best pitcher is to be brought in. He had five high-level relief pitchers in his 'pen last night and brought in Lance Lynn to face Betts with the bases loaded, down 3-0. He brought in one of those high-level relievers when it was 7-0...later in that very same inning. Baffling? Not sure how it couldn't be.
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    Except he would be totally right in the case of Aaron Boone. This guy is a horrendous manager.
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    This might be one of my favorite helmets in football.
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