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    "...and that's the story of how I showed those jerks on the sports logo message boards that I'm as real as it comes." "OK, sir, but like I said before, we can't serve you at the drive-thru window if you aren't in a vehicle."
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    The. Angels. Are. Not. Leaving. The. Los. Angeles. Metropolitan. Area. They. Are. Not. Giving. Up. A. Two. Billion. Dollar. Television. Contract. Stop. Assuming. They. Are. Going. To. Vegas. Or. Portland. Or. Montreal. It. Is. Not. Happening.
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    The Rockets seriously need to go back to the red & gold identity. They'd be unique in the current NBA.
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    That Titans set really does get worse every time I see it. They really crapped the bed with this redesign. At least when the Bucs wear white pants, it’s not total garbage in my opinion; there isn’t a single combo the Titans have that save that set in any way. It’s all bad. My 1-3 best are right along with yours. Excellent, excellent looking games. I even said last night watching the 49ers/Packers, “that’s what football should look like”. Panthers/Washington was SO close to top five. If only Carolina went with white pants instead...I just couldn’t come around to that super mix-n-match combo of theirs. I’m admittedly a sucker for Washington in white pants, so I was pretty happy about that combo. They looked sharp for sure. And oh hey, remember when Cardinals/Vikings used to be a killer matchup? Man, I’m so done with the Cardinals looking like they fell out of page 64 of the Russell Athletic catalog. No way an original franchise should look like that.
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    Boom. More blue, Jeter approved.
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    Q: Are the Cleveland Indians a red team or a blue team A: Yes
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    Solid uniform. Love that helmet.
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    I don't care how classic it might have been, that has always been a terrible wordmark. The L looks like it's stabbing the A, and the S is angled oddly relative to other letters and isn't really attached. The present wordmark is so much cleaner and better.
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    I wish we lived in a world where a corporate sponsor wasn't expected. In a perfect world, they'd remain Marlins and Nationals Parks.
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    Saw this on Sam Darnold's Instagram story feed (he was signing memorabilia) Let us hope and pray the likes of this never ever sees the field.
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    Remember when I posted these and everyone was calling me a troll and that these were fake? Good times....
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    Week 6 was a pretty solid week for uniform match ups. There were three outstanding match ups, one pretty good match up, two awful match ups, and one match up that I've been looking at since Sunday and still can't decide if I like it or not. As always, the lists are just my opinion. Your opinion may differ from mine and that's perfectly fine. All I ask is that we keep the conversation civil and limited to the uniforms. And with that, let's play our game. BEST: 1. 49ers - Packers: Two of the best uniforms in the league facing off under the lights. It doesn't get much better than that. Every game should look this good. 2. Colts - Jets: A tribute to Super Bowl III. Kudos to the Jets for bringing back the gray face masks for this game. Unfortunately, this may be the last time we see this great uniform match up. The Jets are going to really f*** up their getting new uniforms next season. Great looking game. They all should look this good. 3. Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles - Giants: I think the Giants NY helmet is the better looking of the two, but it was still pretty cool to see the old GIANTS helmets come back for this one. Another great looking game. 4. Chiefs - Patriots: The Patriots have a decent looking uniform that is a few tweaks away from being a great looking uniform. Add in the classic Chiefs road set and we have a very solid match up. The "I'm not sure where I stand on this" game of the week. Jags - Cowboys: Part of me thinks the Jags black over teal look is kinda cool and part of me thinks it's not so great. There's something about it that I like, but I also feel like it's missing something that would make it really work. When I first saw it on Sunday, I thought it looked pretty bad, but as I watched the game, I found myself liking it...and then I'd go back to not liking it...and that back and forth is still taking place. So, here it is. Make of it what you will. I'm still not sure where I am on it. WORST: 1. Bucs - Falcons: A whole lotta ugly going on here. You know it's bad when the Atlanta Falcons are clearly the best looking team on the field. I still can't believe those Bucs uniforms somehow got past the drawing board and made it all the way to the field. 2. Ravens - Titans: See game #1 on this list and replace Bucs with Titans. That's it for this week. We'll do it all again next week. Thanks for dropping by.
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    This version of it from the Mets Instagram looks sooo much better
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    I’d say it pretty much looks like a perfectly equal compromise of the previous two brands—a lot of the curved & pointy lines of the inagural set, with some of the art deco minimalism incorporated from the 2012 rebrand. In that sense, this was a good approach to take. If this is really the new logo, I’d say I like it, but like always we’d have to see the full thing before making a final judgement on it. I do hope the secondary color is closer to a pink/magenta and not a maroon, as that would be random and too Phillies-like to me.
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    (sigh) A real shame that such a well-executed identity and historical name have been replaced by a copy-and-paste. The Mets name doesn't work so well outside of NYC.
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    There is no reason you can't just replace old benny with the new logo and have that be their regular uniforms. Those are just about perfect.
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    As a reminder, Oregon State will be wearing their gorgeous new fauxbacks with the Retro Benny helmets this Saturday against Cal:
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    Peter Angelos, attorney at law.
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    Robert and Jonathan Kraft as investor/operators of Major League Soccer's New England Revolution. The Revolution are an afterthought to the Krafts. They've historically put the bare minimum of effort into their stewardship of the team. That the team has managed to make it to five MLS Cup Finals speaks more to the vagaries of the league's playoff structure than it does to any sort of concerted effort on the part of the Krafts to build a benchmark, best-practices organization in MLS. Which is why, 22 seasons into Major League Soccer's history, the Krafts are operating an MLS 1.0 operation in a world increasingly defined by the efforts and achievements of MLS 4.0 outfits such as Atlanta United FC, Los Angeles FC, Portland Timbers, Seattle Sounders FC, and Sporting Kansas City. The Krafts' soccer team is nothing more than a means to fill dates on the Gillette Stadium calendar that aren't occupied by New England Patriots games or concerts, maintain a share of Soccer United Marketing revenues, stay on the radar of FIFA and USSF officials for the purposes of landing high-profile international matches such as World Cup games, and drive foot-traffic to retailers and restaurants at Patriot Place. Period.
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    Oof! Abandon a team name that has graced Syracuse minor league baseball for 77 years (87, if you count the decade under the SkyChiefs sobriquet)? Check! Unveil an uninspired - and visually clunky - primary logo that seemingly attempts to position the franchise as enjoying some sort of (non-existent) statewide appeal or relevance? Check! In other words, the Wilpons have hit the ground running when it comes to replicating their spotty track-record as owners of the big-league Mets with their newly-acquired Triple A franchise. Frankly, they'd have been better served doing something as simple as retaining the current Chiefs logos/uniforms while adopting the Mets color palette. Barring that, simply render the Chiefs name in a Mets-style script on the front of the home jersey and go with the road uniforms that they've just unveiled. As for a logo, copy the layout of the Mets primary mark, but place the name Chiefs over a silhouette of the downtown Syracuse skyline.
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    I thought there was supposed to be more blue. That's somehow more black.
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    One thing I miss the most from the 2000s era uniforms are the red facemasks.
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