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    I feel like these could’ve been executed a little better, but still a very nice and solid look overall. Good job, Nuggets.
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    Video with some really nice insight into the design of the Thunder’s new City set: This uniform, and all of the explanations of the different design details, is really refreshing. Whereas many of these alternate uniforms are often full of Nike-speak, this is an example of one that was thoughtfully and carefully crafted with specific design inspirations in mind.
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    A quick few thoughts on the Nuggs’ new city jerseys... 1) I like the vibe and feel of them. 2) I wish it said Denver instead of Nuggets — it’s a CITY jersey after all. 3) Too bad its not the old city skyline font. 4) I wish the number was under the Nike swoosh instead sponsor patch. It looks too clustered next to it.
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    Are those lane lines from pavement? So, is the implication here that everyone drives all over them every day?
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    I like the navy split-script Statement unis...but these City unis are really the best they've ever worn.
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    "Buzz City" is like meeting someone who you know gave themselves their own nickname
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    The idea of changing (fourth and fifth unis) alts is so needless, and the loss of the last years' cream Bucks jersey - which should've been kept as a permanent alternate in place of the black one - is a good example why. Instead, we are getting subpar and disposable designs every year, for the sake of creating new ones, like that new Nuggets City uni, among others. Fashion jerseys should remain fashion jerseys. As contradictory as it sounds - and I can reiterate this over and over again - it was a lot more exciting and interesting, when the alternates introduced by the teams were, for the most part, recolors of their existing sets. And I'm 28.
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    That's terrific and a blue version should have been the road. Why do they make this so hard?
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    The Panthers actually look good in all black provided they wear the blue socks, which I think they're doing.
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    They can call that whatever they want, it's still yellow.
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    And now the official release of the Pistons’ new City set: These are terrible. Nothing else really needs to be said IMO.
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    The wordmark has always been awkwardly low on the rainbow skyline, on the originals and the various revivals. Just kind of a thing to deal with on this design, and why I’ve never been especially fond of it. (The crowding of the number and sponsor patch is new, though.)
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    Clean as hell. if you hate this Nuggets jersey, then I hate you. A new spin on a classic.
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    This is what the Bengals looked like when I first became a fan in 1975, and there's just something about the look your favorite team has when you first become a fan. I spent six years dreaming of someday seeing these uniforms in a Super Bowl. Sadly, they missed it by one year. My Christmas list consisted mainly of stuff with that logo on it from the Sears catalog back in those days. Good times.
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    Discrimihater was and is a concept artist ahead of his time.
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    That bucks jersey really reminds me of abstract art. I like it, and it'd go perfectly with hipster fashion nowadays, as well.
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    I’m 19. That Bucks jersey can be thrown into a dumpster fire. Carry on
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    A thought on the general "City" discussion: I am by no means a home/away only traditionalist. But I think the issue with the recent moves is that the out-there alternate ideas are just being beat to death. Like I don't necessarily have a problem with the Bucks doing a Robert Indiana jersey (actually kind of appealing to the art student in me), or Miami going Vice or Toronto's Drake jerseys, whatever. But as we've discussed before, there's no way there are enough sound ideas to change 30 City jerseys every year, and 30 Statement jerseys every two years. And I also found that most teams were wearing their City jerseys too damn much last year -- I think alternates are fun to inject a little life into a random March Saturday against a non-conference opponent, but wearing them 20% of the year is too much. On that subject, a thing that I absolutely HATED about the later Adidas years -- that Nike didn't do yet but sounds like they'll screw up this year -- was the Christmas Day alternates. If the NBA really wants that to be their marquee day, a la an NFL Thanksgiving, the teams ought to wear their best, most pure look. It seems counterproductive to me to use that day to outfit your best teams on the biggest stage in fill-in-the-blank Adidas templates completely divorced from regular branding, or for Nike to use that to promote its "Earned" program, whatever the hell that means. Bring back the snowflake patches. ON THE OTHER HAND, now that the season starts extra early, I want Halloween to be weird dress-up day. I guess we can rollout whatever dumb alternate scheme if it makes the bean counters happy, but ideally, I want the corniest and most absurd throwbacks. Make Halloween the day for the Grizz in teal and the weird 70s Hawks unis and the Raptors dinosaurs.
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    Weirdly enough I think this might be the Canucks worst uniform; its their worst colour scheme coupled with their worst logo. Yet every time I see it I feel a little bit of nostalgic warmth for when I was a child and first started watching hockey, The West Coast Express, etc.
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    The uniform that makes me overcome with nostalgia is the classic A's set. I grew up a Yankee fan. But there was no way not to love the mustachioed A's. During the latter part of the Lean Years, the A's took me through the fall. And even after I developed a strong preference for button-down / belted uniforms and a dislike for coloured jerseys, I maintained a love of this brilliant look. When I actually saw them play on television it was usually in black-and-white, as I didn't have colour TV until I was in high school. But from my baseball cards I knew exactly how glorious they looked. Second place: It was rare to catch a glimpse of this uniform in action when I was a kid; Net games were on only once in a while on New York's channel 9. And even then I was seeing them only in black-and-white. But somehow the brain compensates; when I think of watching the sports highlights on the evening news, the memories come in colour. And then when I got to high school, there was a life-size photo of this guy on the gym locker wall: alumnus Billy Schaeffer, in his beautiful Nets uniform. The Nets returned to this look in the mid-1980s, so I got to see it in action plenty of times as an adult. But the sight of it still brings me back to childhood. Honourable mention: I was a Yankee fan, but I loved the Mets' classic look. After unfortunate flirtations with silly racing strips, unnecessary tails, and hideous black, the Mets are back to looking right. Almost. The one element that would make the Mets' road uniforms perfect would be the use of varsity numbers. I know that it is strange for a team to have different number fonts home and road. But the differing number styles are those which go best with the team's two distinct lettering styles: standard block numbers with the home cursive lettering; varsity numbers with the florid serifed road letters. And the varsity font looked absolutely spectacular from the back, especially with no player names foul up the presentation. So it's no coincidence that I consider the 1973 World Series the most beautiful uni match-up of all time, and why this picture strikes me as one the best-ever baseball shots:
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