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    Still honestly prefer a million crazy city jerseys to sleeves.
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    No one cares. But it's been a while since there's been a blaze of glory post, so I take that back. But no one cares the way you want them to.
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    Washington Lizards anyone?
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    Probably because Mark Davis is a boob and hired the man he saw on TV every Monday. Or maybe he thought the TV man was John Madden. Dumbass NFL owners who inherited their teams and their wealth really put to lie the idea our gilded class deserves their good fortunes. There is no job Davis could successfully do that isn't "be Al Davis' kid."
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    This is perfectly said. I don't think reverting to teal is the best option even though so many people think it is. If anything it's just the easiest option.
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    You Marlins fans don't know what you want! That's why you're still Marlins fans! Because you're stupid.
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    Oregon players are going to make a lot of money selling these https://sneakernews.com/2018/11/01/air-jordan-3-oregon-ducks-tinker-hatfield-pe/
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    Huh? He provided additional insight to your post.
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    Warning from a mod. If a poster is saying they’re leaving? Just let it be. Don’t dogpile.
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    Growing up in Australia, those Tampa Bay uniforms were the first NFL uniforms I ever saw thanks to brief coverage of the Super Bowl. I was 9 years old, I had a notebook where I would sketch uniforms in (mostly AFL and ODI cricket uniforms, because, Australia) and I remember drawing those pretty vividly because pewter was like a new colour to me. When I see those, I think of drawing them, and I think of the simpler times of early childhood.
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    Maybe I'm just old, but when Washington wears their dark jersey, it's as jarring to me as when Dallas wears navy. Growing up in the Gibbs 1.0 era, they never wore burgundy at home, and teams didn't "force" them into it on the road, like they would occasionally do to Dallas. I don't know the statistics, but there may have been seasons where they only wore their darks in Dallas. Google "Mark Rypien Redskins" and only two of over the first hundred or so results show him in his burgundy jersey.
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    Farewell to all. Thank you to the two, three awesome posters here. Enjoy the 18/19 season and whatever the future will hold. Take care everyone.
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    In other news, I'm glad D. Rose had his career-high night in the Wolves' black throwbacks that are so much superior to their current bland bottom-of-the-league unis. This uniform design is special and feels the way the Wolves should look.
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    The thing is that nobody is trying to chase him away or nor should he feel chased away. He just needs to chill out a bit and come back in a few days or maybe a week or two and things will be fine.
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    They Colts did for a few road games in 1995, they even used the correct socks, and looked awesome!
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    Oh no. There's been a few REPUS Bowls (Super spelled backwards), with the Buccaneers and Colts as repeat entrants. 1981: 1-14 Colts vs. 2-13 Patriots 1983: 1-11 Oilers vs. 1-11 Buccaneers (But TB had no 1st Round pick as they traded it to CIN for QB Jack Thompson) 1991: 1-14 Colts vs. 2-13 Buccaneers 2005: 2-13 Texans vs. 3-12 49ers
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    What you want is irrelevant. All anyone cares about is information or comments germane to the topic at hand. It's like the teacher asks a question, you raise your hand, and say "well, I want to answer, but can't. Just wanted to let you know I wanted to". You're not passing that class. News flash - nobody is going anywhere. We don't need you letting us know something is coming. You have something? Bring it. Otherwise, keep quiet. This post alone validates what others have posted that you either just desire attention, or think that you're somehow important, as if people are sitting around waiting for Teal to chime in, so you have to let them know that it's coming and to be patient. What names have you been called? It's possible I missed something, but I don't recall you being called any names. People - including me - have commented on your constant posts despite complete lack of substance, but it's not like people are calling you an idiot or loser or any other unacceptable term. Why don't you take a couple of weeks, resist the urge to post, and just observe how people interact with each other here. 98.3% of posters have no issues here, so I certainly don't think there's a problem with the forum membership, but rather the 1.7% of members that consistently have issues. Sit back, observe, post when you have something to add to the discussion - including learned information - and cut it out with the post-padding. You'll be fine.
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    @Teal : If you have stuff to share, share it when you can. If you can't share it, don't tease people. It's rude.
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    SOO GOOD on the field! https://twitter.com/UCF_Football/status/1058129625585467392
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    Ducks are again going with the incorrect reproductions of those Wild Wing jerseys, unfortunately. Rounded yoke instead of pointed. No Mighty Ducks should patch. Collar is wrong. Wrong twill fabric for the numbers. This link from the Mothership article to another blog post points out all the differences pretty well. Fun to see, but if you're going to go ahead and do this (and sell them and charge out the nose for them in the team store), you've gotta do it right.
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    Well that’s the problem, isn’t it? Every brand only has so many ideas. And to be frank? There aren’t thirty new good ideas per year. You’re already seeing that now. Phoenix just changed some trim. Charlotte just changed out some panel designs and the numbers. Minnesota is resorting to Prince cosplay. Detroit just went “we put road striping on it.” Orlando is the exact same design from last year, minus what made it interesting. And this is only year two. These are only going to get worse and more random the longer we go with this stupid uniform system.
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    Im gonna miss the Vsr4 helmet era. Its the quintessential football helmet and its bitter sweet that its the final season with them. Theres only a handful of players still wearing them (Antonio gates, Thomas Morstead, Adrian Peterson, Ted Ginn, Colt Mccoy). There maybe some more but not too much anymore.
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