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    Yes, but that is a very misleading stat, since #2 and #11 are separated by just a few thousand fans per game. 71,000 fans per game is really nothing to sneer at. Twenty-one teams woud trade places with them.
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    In a perfect world, here's how I'd like to see the Anaheim Ducks dress, with a home, road, and alternate/throwback jersey, And just for the hell of it, I made two specialty jerseys that I actually think look pretty sharp. Any thoughts?
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    Hockey sweater/no pants in the back there, underrated combo
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    If you take a close look on official nike render of this uniform, you'll know why 2k interpretation look wrong:
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    Since finishing my NFL Redesign I haven't taken on any large projects. With baseball season gone I've found myself missing it, and missing the best designed league in the world. Iconic logos abound, near perfect designs, and more history than anyone would know what to do with... ...so why not redesign the whole league? First up: Oakland Athletics The A's have had at least as many cap logos as they've had cities, and they've not yet perfected it. Time to lean into the green and yellow. Time to endear themselves to Oakland (before they find yet another home field).
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    Also, there’s construction limiting how many seats the Rams can sell.
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    At least in the case of franchises with classic uniforms, it would be nice if Nike would use its modern fabrics in a way that doesn’t wreck timeless designs. For example, there’s no reason the trim on the back of the shoulders of the Celtics’ uniforms needs to be abruptly cut off other than for Nike to make its jersey cut more noticeable.
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    That and the Rams limit the capacity to around 75,000 (which after being there personally for that first preseason game with 90,000 in attendance, I wholeheartedly agree with that decision). ESPN still thinks that the Coliseum seats 90,000+, which gives us that 75% capacity when in reality it’s actually near 95%. Make no mistake, Los Angeles has really re-embraced the Rams.
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    Minnesota with chrome gold helmets that don’t match one damn thing with a white jersey and maroon pants...row that boat until it sinks!
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    what im surprised to see about these 4 new options is that the Brief (or chosen direction taken by the design agency) doesn't offer a new idea— it's still revolving around a marlin infused with an M, just in different styles. it's not a great combination of ideas if you ask me. you can see what they're going for, trying to fuse the relationship between the elements better in the way the fins sort of form pat of the letter or fit in its negative space, but i'd also bet that the design team feels frustrated that the execution doesn't live up to the vision— its just not quite there and i beleive its because the idea is so forced. i'd love to see something new. how about a lone marlin? or a lone M? the options are just kind of repeating the same composition mistakes as the previous logo in new ways and the only message or voice i really see in it right now it "south beach", or some sort of play off of the alternate heat uniforms. and again, thats not a great direction for this team. you know what Inter Miami really nailed in their logo? a true Miami style. it's more MiMO (Miami Modern) than Deco and it works beautifully. The Marlins seem to be struggling with who they want to be and what they want to express in an authentic, relatable manner.
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    Played a bit like them, too. I've seen all the cheesy alts from OSU I need to see.
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    I'll tinker with some other Washington concepts. I'm really liking it without the stroke, but I also think the Nats should be RWB. Until then... Anaheim Angels The ANAHEIM Angels started with a beauty of a logo. I wanted to go back to that look, but integrate the halo. This leads to the formation of two A's in one. I also wanted to stick with red as their primary color.
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    First uniforms I ever remember thinking were cool, interest inspired by the knockoff shown on the backyard basketball cover.
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    I started following the NFL in 2003. At the time, the Atlanta Falcons had the newest uniforms in the league. This particular combo makes me nostalgic for that time in my life. It also helped that Michael Vick was the cover athlete for Madden NFL 2004.
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    It should be the Washington Pigskins (because of decent). DC teams do not need to be red white and blue. That’s silly. The District is so much more than America’s capital. Even if you’re going with an America-themed identity, it can be presidential (blue and bronze) or federal (us dollar greens). But beyond that, DC teams can do whatever scheme they feel like.
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    Nice of Kentucky to look like $hit on a national spotlight. No reason for black jerseys.
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    I took a two year break from hockey after the disappointing end to the 1993/94 season and sometime in 1996 one of my friends showed up to school in this exact jersey (ccm replica, incorrect shoulder patch). I didn't even know who the Colorado Avalanche were but was absolutely enthralled with the design of this new jersey. It was unlike anything I've ever seen from the angled striping, to the metallic highlights on the logos. I didn't know why there was a foot on the shoulder but thought the silver embroidery made it look really sharp. Within a few weeks, everyone was showing up to school in this jersey and by the end of the year I started my jersey collecting hobby with a starter version of their burgundy road. Anytime I see an Avalanche jersey, with the lighter burgundy, it never fails to bring back those warm feelings of nostalgia.
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    Washington Nationals The Nationals (or Senators if you want to go way back) have had two looks: Walgreens and Boring. I wanted to move away from Walgreens but not move too far into Boring. I'm not 100% sold on the blue stroke yet.
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    Yeah attendance is not the best number to look at when you consider how awful the colosseum is to watch a pro game anyone that has been to a Rams game since they have come back will tell you that and that and when you look at the ratings you'll see that people absolutely do care about the Rams here in LA.
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    I lose about 8 lbs of water weight, and I used to feel it when I wore an NYPD Cotton T-shirt under my equipment and jersey. It'd hang off and feel like I was wearing a weighted vest. Since these moisture wicking tech was invented and readily available, I've switched to that. I feel like a weight LITERALLY has been lifted off my shoulders during and after a game. The fabrics are great, FOR ATHLETES. For a schmuck like me? I don't need to go to a Heat game in a $250 moisture wicking polyester shirt. I'm happy w a mesh replica for $70 (think the old Nike Swingmans)
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    Man, Nike 1.0 was great back in the late 90s/early 2000s. That's why I was pretty excited when they landed the league outfitting deal, though it's definitely been a massive disappointment so far. I guess since they only covered 8 teams back then, they could dedicate more resources per team? That, or unfortunately, the industry as a whole just continues to get cheaper and less creative (yay templates!) There was even some degree of individuality to warm-ups in Nike 1.0; I remember the Pistons and Celtics having warm-ups inspired from their classic eras.
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    I think 1999/2000 was the best year for NBA uniforms. It was past the biggest excesses of the mid-90s, but before the alt-craziness with sleeved Adidas and whatever hell Nike is doing now. Check out some of these classic looks: Not everything was a winner then, of course, but in general, the league had a sense of professionalism night to night. Which is weird, because NBA play was so bad back then.
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    The 2001 Thanksgiving game sparked my interest in throwback uniforms. Washington's 2002 throwbacks cemented my interest in uniforms. I was totally hooked. I spent every day of that football season searching for the pocket pro size of that Washington helmet but never found it.
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    Yeah this is such a fantastic uniform. Bring back the blue facemask too. And the Bills red helmet. Just all of it idk man
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