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    it still bugs me when i see old clips and remember the cavs won their only title in these: instead of one of these:
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    Kneel during the national anthem.
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    I'm Cuban, I don't mind it, I kind of like it actually. Why do like every other team and be forced to have two hashtags for the same message in both languages. Just bring them together into one unified message. Gets the point across to everyone instantly. Nuestros Colores doesn't really have the same ring to it either.
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    I like it too. What could be better for a melting-pot city than a single unified campaign? Spanish-speaking fans, you don’t shunted over to the side with your own ad campaign. Everyone is right in the mix. One city, one team, one slogan.
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    Thanks for the feedback guys. Lots of great C&C. I wish you wouldn't have mentioned the dragon cause now that's all I can see, but thank you. They could definitely use some black and maybe red pants, but I couldn't figure out a way to incorporate the striping pattern while maintaining consistency with the white pants. I'll work on it! Next up, the Green Bay Packers! My goal here was to build a modern, consistent brand around an already iconic look. I took a lot of cues from the most recent Bucks redesign. The biggest departure from tradition here is the stenciled type treatment throughout the identity. It's a blue-collar, industrial look that's perfect for a cold weather team named after the meat-packing industry. The stencil look also made for a pretty cool 'GB' logo. Numbers and letters are built from the Apex typeface. The uniforms are pretty standard Packers. They finally update to the Nike template, so the needlessly complicated collars are simplified to a single color block. Road striping returns to the Lombardi pattern. Yellow and white never touch to prevent the colors from bleeding. The alternate/color rush is a callback to their 1953 uniform. Gone are the weird yellow-navy-khaki uniforms that really just remind me of Jim Harbaugh. Let me know what you think!
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    I cast votes for the Ohio Governor and senate this morning. I hope they still count. I don't really align with the true native Cincinnatians on a lot of stuff, politics especially, but the most Cincinnati thing about me is how much I love the Reds and Skyline Chili. Skyline Chili is the :censored:ing best gross food on the planet and I go there biweekly. Any attempts to knock it only serves to make me stronger and places you firmly into Basic Bitchdom. I don't make the rules. I will stan for Skyline until the day I die. It's cheese, meat, spaghetti. You can get it on a hot dog. They bring you oyster crackers! Throw it all on a baked potato and it's like if a warm blanket was a meal. Protip: Get the Chilito with spaghetti on a tomato wrap. It's a 3way, wrapped up in a tortilla, but their tomato wraps are bigger than their regular tortilla shells so you get more goop inside, but for the same price. Kentucky doesn't want us either. Yes correct, but Cincinnati's topography is far more interesting. St Louis had to build an arch so people had something to look up towards.
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    The big question I have is whether Chinese counterfeiters will have those Blackhawks monstrosities up on eBay in time for Christmas, so that they can be the hottest thing going at United Center come January.
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    There are MANY bulldog logos in college sports. In fact, "Bulldogs" is the #1 nickname in NCAA D1 college sports (14 schools use it), ahead of eagles(11) and tigers(13). But, one of the bulldogs that is most in need of a face lift is Minnesota-Duluth's. I hadn't made a bulldog logo of any kind yet, so I thought I'd use this as my opportunity to make one:
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    I really think they're going to have to get a waiver. They are so so so so so bad.
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    The Liberty jersey was a perfect example of how to get creative with an original six team. A crest based off a city landmark, using new colours that don't stray too far from the overall look, a different (albeit failed) take on the primary logo (the only bad thing about the uniform), new striping, etc.
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    The ads and the swoosh make the jerseys look like, when you go a game and a get a free giveaway replica jersey to the first 500 fans or something and since it's free it's sponsored by the local bank or something and their logo is plastered all over the jersey. The same can be said for pretty much any free giveaway ever. And since you know it was a giveaway you're ok with the sponsorship on it but once you see it on the court in a real NBA game it becomes super annoying. Ugh...
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    Imagine thinking Nike has the final say on these designs and that it’s not a collaborative effort between the company’s designers and the teams.
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    Was a lot of work to get this one done, but it's finally finished; the great abomination, the Rams Frankenfield from Week 8. Baltimore had black endzones, with purple letters and white trim for the first time.
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    All those throwbacks... this is great. I love that logo, too. Although, are we still gonna pretend that the original team didn't fold?
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    The fact that that's literally an all star jersey should give some sense of how 2004-era Roloson doesn't belong in this thread.
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    Best looking game from the weekend. Duke-Miami in the mud
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    I have a Tim Couch Browns jersey. Got it the year he was drafted. Haven’t worn it in YEARS. And this Dodgers fan thinks that Giants jersey above looks NICE.
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    Dallas's blue-over-white is just a few small tweaks away from being their best look. With the double outline on the numbers, either make the second outline silver or just drop it. Then, make the stroke widths for the sleeve, collar, and helmet stripes the same as the pants. Add a white jersey with silver pants that matches the set, and you'd have the perfect look for the Cowboys.
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    I don't think the Cowboys could've chosen a worse opponent to wear their navy jerseys against. Could've been a decent looking game with Tennessee in navy over white or columbia with the Cowboys in white.
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    That gray triangle isnt the eye, its the open portion of the mouth.
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    I don't know if this has been posted in here yet, but I do think it points toward how well this set is resonating with fans and for good reason. The current Heat look is fine and good, but I think that the Vice colors would look really sharp full time.
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    Official unveiling of the Heat’s new Vice set: These are absolutely gorgeous, and better than last season’s white set IMO. They hit it out of the park. And here’s the official unveiling of the Bucks’ Mecca-themed set: After seeing the full uniform, these are growing on me quite a bit. I still think the jerseys could’ve been executed a lot better, but I think the shorts do a nice job of tying it all together. It definitely is reminiscent of the old Mecca court, so I’d say it’s mostly successful. Overall, not great, but not as bad as the retail jerseys seemed to indicate.
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    I thought this was a great looking matchup: ECU vs Memphis. This colors and uniforms worked well. Bright and lively.
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