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    Apart from whatever cultural implications, that C looks like a staple gun misfire to me.
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    To me, it's saying that "indians" write with sticks or are cavemen or something. "Primitive" is right. Not sure we should be classifying cultures as 'primitive' - especially in this case. Is it as bad as Wahoo? That's subjective, and my answer would be no, but it's still south of the acceptability line, which makes puts it off limits.
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    Minnesota it is! Minnesota Wild This set was influenced by the North Stars history and the Wild's Stadium Series uniforms. I brightened the shade of forest green a bit, ditched the cream in favor for white, and swapped out red for the North Stars' green. The alternate's jagged arm striping is taken from the primary logo's shape. And while I think most will hate the "State of Hockey" patch, I think it fits in well with the Wild's brand and adds to the desecration. C&C appreciated!
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    I’m not saying that. What I’m saying is that “just go back to it” doesn’t work for the Marlins. With the Mets, Blue Jays, and Phillies, they had plenty of sustained success in their “vintage” looks and were coming off of dated designs (the Mets’ BFBS additions to their classic wordmarks and scripts, the Phillies’ 1970s kitsch, and the Blue Jays’ big step outside their aesthetic tradition (blue-centric with split lettering) that included BFBS and a shortened team script). I have absolutely nothing against traditional looks. With the Marlins, I want to see something new. Something that symbolizes a fresh start for the team as Miami’s team would be best. Forget about Huizenga’s big fire sale that killed sustained success after 1997, forget about Loria’s two fire sales/preferred color scheme, and forget about the constant legal and financial quagmires the team has had. This set comes close to capturing a new ethos, drawing from something not often seen in baseball (light, near-neon accents on a bunch of black). Would I want tweaks? Sure! Team name on the home set, a few details adjusted on the cap logo, no separate primary logo, and a blue script with light red shadow on the black jersey would all be great ideas. Nostalgia and modernizations of classic looks aren’t always the solution. The Marlins are a team that can really push a modern identity, and they’ve come close here. There’s more potential here than with a modern overhaul of the 1990s set.
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    How about no? The “primitive cultures” font is almost as much of an issue as Wahoo was, IMO. Besides, it’s ugly ‘70s kitsch.
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    I’ve never understood the love for that ’70s C. It might not be as generic as the Block C, but that doesn’t also mean it’s actually any good.
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    In a multitude of settings, they look phenomenal. In a number of baseball settings, it's going to be quite a strain to read those black-on-black names.
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    Scott Darling's "Whalers Night" gear has been posted. Great homage to Sean Burke. Excited to see it in action.
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    Anyone see what Paul Lucas said about the 2012 -18 unis? How he disliked them at first but they were starting to grow on him and now it's weird to see them go? That it doesn't feel like "good riddance" like we thought it would? I feel like many of us can relate to that thought.
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    The last time I went cap shopping, I found that nearly all of the ones I sorted through were defective in one way or another. Most of it was random/missing threads and misaligned seams. Is it common for New Era caps to have this many flaws? I had assumed that they were already manufactured overseas and was floored that they cost $36.
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    I've seen the critiques here of the 90s wordmark and I happen to disagree with them. In fact, I think it's quite nicely executed and it's always been easy on my eyes. And, no, that's not nostalgia talking. I think the overall design is much better integrated than in the current rebrand where the M looks completely detached. If the Marlins were to go retro, I think they would need to do a nearly full redesign anyway in light of the name change. Obviously the cap logo and road gray wouldn't even work. They'd still mostly need to start from scratch aside from sticking to teal and a classic baseball look. Something in the spirit of the 90s with a little modernization would have been amazing and would not have looked lazy at all IMO. I think for me that solid teal wordmark on the home white is stylish, bold, and quintessential Miami. This doesn't even look that dated to me (you can always pair with black cap if you think it's too much teal):
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    Just Add Hotdogs? Seemingly overnight, new and overhauled baseball stadiums have popped up all over the eastern Torland. Union Park in Waterdee has been retrofitted into a beautiful ballfield. “The Yoop” as it is known to locals, now seats nearly 50,000 and looks to be a central figure in a plan to bring major-level baseball to the eastern shores of Torland. Other parks recently overhauled and updated include Dominion Park in Cobantle, Ferryman Field in San Estas, and Rhymorkin Park in Malvaton. That brings four potential cities to light as locks for new teams. Who's On First? New reports have surfaced detailing nearly a dozen ownership groups are fighting for clubs in the new baseball league. Bo Gossett has been tight-lipped but has said that there will be official announcements about the new league soon. We have done our own research and found credible sources who say San Ferrio's Jerry Brandenberg and San Estas' Joe Cardoza are leading the charge for bringing franchises to Maienzona. Both cities have prominent ballpark facilities. Show Me What You Got? A new announcement today by Bo Gossett of the upcoming Torland Star League shows the fledging league is getting serious, as they called for a nationwide talent tryout in preparation for a short developmental season of play to help teams evaluate players before an inaugural draft takes place. Gossett also announced that regular league play would begin in the spring of 1960 and felt confident that owners, teams, stadiums and rosters would all be in place by that time. Have Stars Will Travel? Over 700 prospects auditioned for a chance to participate in the TSL short development season. That number was reportedly whittled down to approximately 250-300 prospects, in line for an 8-team league with 25-man rosters. It is unknown if there will also be any lower level team systems attached to the TSL but the nationwide audition has created a buzz about the new league. If It Looks Like a Duck... The first four official teams have been announced by TSL: The Waterdee Ducks are owned by John Rosenthal and will call Union Park home. The Cobantle Bears are owned by Arlie Penny and will play at Dominion Field, also known as “The Cavern.” Heading across the bay, the Malvaton Maroons are owned by George Kidwell and home field will be Rhymorkin Park. The San Ferrio Tars are owned by Jerry Brandenberg and will play at the newly renovated Hallcedony Park, affectionately known as “The Quarry.” Waterdee Ducks Leak New Logos The Ducks officially adopted Waterdee's own colors of red and green along with cream as their scheme. A stylized serif W with a duck head imposed upon it comprises their main mark. It is rumored that teams will unveil uniforms after the draft. Quick Facts: City: Waterdee, Granago Nickname: Ducks Colors: Red, Green, Cream Owner: John Rosenthal (Rosenthal Engineering Group) Home: Union Park (Cap. 50k; Built: 1957; Field: Grass; Owned by John Rosenthal; Nickname: "The U.P." or "The Yoop" Sponsor: Union Medical Network Mascot: Dub The Duck The city of Waterdee is the miniature New York City of Torland but with more of a Boston / Portland, OR flair due to the high number of Irish-American immigrants that first settled the region. It also has a large amount of canals built into the area which facilitated shipping in the earlier years which is how the city got its name, also known as the "Water City" and "Watertown". Waterdee is now home to many large businesses and is a top commercial and financial hub of Torland. It is also the home of Oracle Sports Network, the primary coverage of TSL baseball. The city has a deep rivalry with nearby Cobantle due to the presence of two state universities, the University of Granago in Waterdee and Granago State in Cobantle. The Ducks are the inaugural team in part because of Waterdee being the flagship and also partly because Rosenthal already owned the team rights, which has competed independently at various levels for many years and already has a devoted fan base. I'm still figuring out a presentation style that will suit my needs for this series, so any suggestions on what to include or not include are appreciated. I don't want to overwhelm with too many details as the point of all this is obviously graphics and design, so hopefully I can strike a good balance as we progress. I always appreciate all graphical critique and criticism as I am also using these concepts to continue improving my skills. Freehand drawing is not my strong suit, so you'll see plenty of open source graphics and clipart as the series begins.
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    Most of the Vicis helmets have this problem.
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    I don't know anything about baseball, so excuse me if I broke some cardinal rule of baseball uniforms. Quick and dirty "fix" to add some contrast to the tops with the addition of white outlines. Also tried to make the blue more consistent with the others.
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    Good call on the ABA, except for one. I don't think this one qualifies. The "N" is clearly upper case, even if that particular font uses a lower case-ish style. If the initial letters were the same size as the rest, then maybe it would fit.
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    Thanks for all the feedback, guys. Next up, the Chicago Bears! As a diehard Bears fan who sees no reason to make significant changes to their look, this was definitely a challenge. In order to make an original concept to one of the oldest franchises in the league, I had to make sure the changes I made were rooted in tradition. My goal here was to create a set that harkened back to the "Monsters of the Midway" era of Chicago football, when the Bears were a perennial powerhouse. I based this set of off their 1936 road uniforms, one of the most distinctive looks from the pre-Super Bowl era. The shoulder striping pattern from this uniform is applied to the entire set. The jersey numbers are a block version of their classic font. The sans-serif look wasn't quite hard-nosed enough for this look. I designed a new bear logo that takes cues from the uniform striping and classic wishbone C. A more symmetrical version of this C appears on their alternate helmet. The stars from the Chicago flag appear on the back of the helmet to inject some city pride into the set. The helmets are closer to the finish the Browns have, in lieu of the hi-gloss shell. The orange alternate is to be worn once a year the Sunday before Halloween. Mixing and matching between the home, road, and alternate is encouraged, as seen below. Ideally, they'd wear the road uniforms once or twice at home too, I also did a quick mockup of how the shoulder striping would look in action, since its pretty unconventional. Let me know what you think!
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    I'm sure it's not a popular opinion around here but I'd rather have players running around with a giant ad on their shirts than cut away from the game every minute and a half for a commercial break.
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    I can't bring myself to spend nearly 40 dollars on a baseball cap.
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    Welcome to the fictional country of Torland! It is an island nation situated in the North Pacific and features diverse geography and people groups. The year 1960 is approaching and economies are rebounding after world conflicts and once again society is craving entertainment and national pastimes. In the neighboring United States, the Giants have recently relocated to San Francisco and the Dodgers to Los Angeles to raging success. On the other side of the Pacific, baseball has long been a staple sport in Japan. The rage has traversed the ocean both eastward and westward to Torland and many independent teams are seeing massive increase in interest and attendance for the game of baseball. With other sports also on the rise in the country, along with a booming economy, rumors of bigger endeavors are swirling. Who will rise to the top and carve a destiny in this new promised land? Play ball! (Teams, logos, uniforms, commentary, simulated season summaries and player reports to follow. I will be sharing news via rumor/report style from various Torland sports networks) (Note: I have been been developing Torland for over a year now. While this fictional country will not be the focal point of this series, it has come to feel like an almost real live place the longer I have developed it. I have many details about the diverse nature of Torland so feel free to ask questions about it. I will post details, maps, etc as needed. At the core, Torland is just a backdrop for my baseball and other fictional sport concepts but I hope you will also come to love and adopt these cities, places and people like our own real countries and states.) TORLAND: The Country New Baseball League Underway? Several news outlets are preparing sports channels and anchors in light of reports of serious talks of a new baseball league in Torland being headquartered in Waterdee, Granago. It is rumored that local lawyer Bo Gossett is slated to act as the league's commissioner. It is unconfirmed how many clubs will be formed but Waterdee and Cobantle have already filed paperwork with city planning councils. Build It and They Will Come? Vertex is reporting that a slew of stadiums are set for construction or remodeling to pave the way for a new major-level baseball league in Torland. Bo Gossett of Waterdee has been confirmed as lead council for the project, which now includes several prominent businessmen in key surrounding cities. John Rosenthal of Waterdee, Arlie Penny of Cobantle, and George Kidwell of Malvaton have all confirmed their interest and involvement. Bo Knows Best? As expected, Bo Gossett has been announced as the commissioner of the Torland Star League (TSL), a major-level baseball league based in solely in Torland and headquartered in Waterdee. Gossett confirmed that the league will embark with eight clubs and many cities and owners are still being considered but stated that Waterdee, Cobantle, San Estas, Malvaton and San Ferrio are the leading candidates. Torland Star League Unveils New Logos The new league logo for the Torland Star League plays off an historic asteroid-T mark found throughout Torland's advertising imagery. The asteroid star represents how the first settlers of Torland came from all corners of the compass. The ownership group hope to create a brand and level of play that will rival the MLB in the United States and the Nippon Professional Baseball League in Japan so they chose to use the 'star' moniker and imagery to create an illusion of elitism. Bo Gossett chose the color scheme but it is thought that the black and white versions will ultimately prevail in usage. Critics think it doesn't look very "league-like" and panned the inclusion of the asteroid-T as a cheap play to gain fans. Gossett certainly has his work cut out for him but Torland is excited for the Big Show to arrive soon.
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    I'm guessing they will still be in competition with Arizona for worst unis in mlb.
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    Just modernize these into button downs. Keep the font. Put this "C" on the hat.
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    Man I can't believe how many people are unhappy with the rebrand only because it's too traditional. I hope those aren't the same people who complained in 2012 that that rebrand wasn't traditional enough. Damned if you do and damned if you don't!
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