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    I will never understand why the team chose to get rid of those uniforms. Every combo in that set looked great. And then someone saw the current set and said “yeah, these are better than what we’re currently wearing.” It’s hard to believe someone thought that, but they did. When you consider the difference between the old set and the current set, this has to be the biggest uniform downgrade in NFL history, right?
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    Good guys won. Go get that second star, Timbers. RCTID! (That’s not exactly fair. KC is a class franchise with great supporters. They’re good guys, too.)
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    I can’t figure out why they complicated their wordmarks and made them harder to read.
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    This league is killing it. Those jackets are really well designed. There’s a real professional feel with this whole thing that you just don’t get with any of these fly-by-night leagues or even AFL. Hope XFL is taking notes.
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    Thanks for the feedback, guys. I'll add some other combos to the original post. I think yellow pants are more of a Rams thing, but I wouldn't mind seeing them on the Chargers a couple times a year as a callback to their history. Thanks! I'll put one together at the end. Next up, the Washington Redskins! While I doubt they're ever changing their name under the Snyder regime, I think removing the Indian head (which isn't particularly well-rendered anyway) is a logical step for the franchise. (This would also allow for a seamless transition to Renegades or Redhawks or what-have-you, if that's the eventual route they go) In its place is a new R logo. Its simple, inoffensive and has a lot more character the Cleveland Indians' block C. The helmets feature the new R, with a feather in place of a stripe, like they had in the 60's, but running front-to-back this time. The alternate helmet features a modernization of the old spear decal. The uniforms aren't too much of a departure from their current threads. A sharp new block font replaces the standard block. Yellow pants could be substituted for the primary pants a few times a year. I prefer the burgundy-over-white look, but I like the yellow as a change of pace. I also made the burgundy a couple shades darker to better contrast the gold. The scripts are an adjusted version of the Parkside typeface. Let me know what you think!
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    While playing NHL 17, I came across the Kansas City Scouts' logo when messing around on Create-A-Team. I got to thinking pretty hard about what I would do if I were ever approached to build a new Scouts identity from the ground up, and got to sketching. Today I have a finished product to share! The Scouts looked really good during their time, and I'd be perfectly fine if a resurrected Scouts franchise skated out of the gate wearing those exact get-ups. I wanted to challenge myself, however, and went the way of the Winnipeg Jets with a built-from-scratch identity. This identity revolves around a war-painted horse with feathers attached to the mane as the primary mark. The alternate marks are inspired by painted hand prints that warriors would place on their horses for both accomplished missions and an oath of vengeance. The original logo is also used as the primary crest of an alternate third fauxback, which is a red, navy, and gold version of the original sweaters. Let me know what you think! C&C is appreciated, you know the drill!
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    Great match, should be a cracking final. Portland is the poster child for getting hit at the right time. also is it me or is Portland everyone’s second favorite team (except maybe in Seattle)? My local soccer bar is a Timbers bar now and we’re on the opposite coast.
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    The Bucs and Browns are still the worst offenders. They had perfectly fine uniforms before Nike got their hands on it. Those Bucs uniforms represented the best era in franchise history. They’re still one of my favorite football uniforms ever. The digital clock uniforms were bad when they were first revealed. It’s wasn’t something that took a while for people to realize. I remember people calling them “arena football jerseys”. I don’t want a tweak because there’s nothing saving these uniforms. They have exactly ZERO redeeming qualities.
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    This is one of the most overrated uniforms ever. I liked it when it first came out but it got old to me after several years. I just don't think it's as good as everyone says it is especially when it lacks the one color (orange) that everyone wants from this team.
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    Also, here is a modified version of the Sockeye based on the native american drawings and totems of the pacific northwest. I am really happy with how it turned out, let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestions. Here it is in the original colors. And here in the green and blue Let me know what you think, cc is appreciated!
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    Current Vikings set wouldn't work well with outlined numbers. If they'd get rid of the "sail" gimmick, it'd be a really solid jersey.
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    I can do it in three for each team. Browns: Lose the leg word mark for a full stripe. Limit the sleeve stripes to, you know, the sleeves. Lose the Cleveland word mark on the front of the jersey. Bengals: Lose the side panels on the jersey. Go back to a full pants stripe. Lose the orange toilet collar. Done.
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    Marquee match in Kansas City tonight, an MLS conference final, and we’ve got SKC wearing black and Portland wearing white. WTF?
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    I don't have the graphic design skills but in my head there is a way to make the white helmet on the top right and the Creamsicle into great cohesive look
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    I liked the original colors and uniforms - at the time the team was actually wearing them. I didn't suddenly think "hey, now that he's gone, I kinda liked Bucco Bruce" after the first uniform change. So am I misremembering or am I straight up lying?
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    This was one of my favorite looks in the NFL. Colors seemed very much what my impression of Florida was. But, as always, I'd defer to locals as to what colors they feel better represent their city/region.
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    Nike certainly made us uncomfortable with these uniforms, but I think they normalized quickly and are great, unique, modern uniforms. Cleveland makes the cut if it's not for the wordmarks on the pants. Overall, if you squint, the Browns uniforms are pretty good. I even love the contrasting stitching.
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    Let's go Timbers Army and show up well in the ATL. 72,000 soccer fans at the MLS CUP will be sublime. Great match SKC. A tip of the cap to you.
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    The Oilers were back in royal blue tonight.
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    If the Cowboys had an actual coach, an actual offensive coordinator, and an actual GM, their defense is NFC-CG worthy.
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    I would be totally cool with the Panthers wearing black-on-black with blue socks full-time. But only with blue socks. I just don't get why the leotard look has gotten so prevalent.
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