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    Jock tag says "Oakland townies, please buy one more round of merch before we move across the bay and kick out the last 12 of you who are still at our games, we love you"
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    Not trying to derail this thread, but can I just say that college mascot logos is one of my favorite things in all of sports.
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    If the helmets had the exact same stripe as the pants, those uniforms would have been PERFECTO.
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    Thanks for the feedback, guys. Next up, the New England Patriots! My goal here was to bring back some visual elements from their history without completely disregarding their dynasty era look. The logo is somewhat of a compromise between Flying Elvis, Pat the Patriot, and their original tricorne helmet logo. It has a pretty unique profile, with the negative space on the bottom left formed by an implied jacket collar. I'm interested to hear whether you think that works or not. (It also kinda looks like Brady, so that's a bonus) The American Flag-inspired striping pattern on the logo is reinforced on the uniforms. The number font is inspired by their current wordmark. The spurs on the numbers also subtly reference stars, reinforcing the 'stars and stripes' motif on the uniforms. I also gave them a new 'NE' lockup logo, which appears on the pants. Let me know what you think! I love the home uniform but I'm not 100% sure the away set works as well. I'd love to hear any ideas you guys have regarding that especially.
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    I'm with you... Show me a random cartoon goat, ram, or bison wearing a jaunty sailor hat, and I get all giddy inside.
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    Lost in the mix of this announcement is the fact that Arizona will be moving to the Central. It was logical, but it also makes a potential move to Houston easier. If the Coyotes don't get an arena deal done before Seattle enters, hello Houston NHL.
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    Good thing no nut november ended.
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    The offseason doesn't really begin until we get some Photoshops! The last guy looks more like a cartel enforcer than a ballplayer.
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    Oh cool, another Red and Black team. I'm sure that will go real well in Seattle....
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    I did my own lil update of the TCU Horned Frog as illustrated in this GIF: http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/112910-tcu-horned-frog/
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    I really don't like the Heat update. I know gradients are bad and all, but I liked that the old logo looked more like a fireball. The updated version looks too much like a busted basketball to me.
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    Well it is now officially been unanimously voted. Seattle will get an expansion team and be the 32nd team in the NHL.
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    The 'Best Logo Refreshes' thread got me to work on this. Let me know what you think:
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    That jersey stinks. It's the bastardization of like 12 different uniform elements, it looks dumb. It has no creativity. I actually hate it. I'm sure they'll be wearing them in the NBA Finals, so I guess I'd better get used to them.
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    Ditching a gradient is almost always the right choice, but I have to say it really bothers me that the flames now change color when they pass through the hoop. That doesn’t make much sense. Man, am I the town contrarian here or what?
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    For all intents and purposes, LAFC's expansion partner is... FCC. AUFC and MNUFC came in at the same time to take MLS from 20 to 22 teams. LAFC made it 23, and now FCC's making it 24. The circumstances of MNUFC's entry into MLS were quite different from those of AUFC and LAFC, and pretty much guaranteed that the Loons were going to struggle for their first two years in the league. The short version is that AUFC and LAFC were true expansion franchises, each announced three years in advance of their inaugural seasons, which gave them that much time to plan and build their organizations and rosters; whereas MNUFC's move to MLS for the 2017 season wasn't finalized until deep into their 2016 NASL season, and even then they couldn't begin the transition in earnest until after that season was done - which left them about three months instead of years to blow up and rebuild their coaching staff and most of their roster. (Staying in the NASL until they were ready for a proper MLS debut in a new stadium wasn't really an option, as the NASL had already entered its slow death spiral at that point.) Coming from the USL, and also not being finalized until midway through the previous season, FCC's situation resembles MNUFC's more than the other recent MLS newcomers. Judging from the Loons' experience, FCC's best strategy may be to leave their USL squad mostly intact at first, and just build as they go from there.
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    I don't see the Bucs ditching the current uniforms in favor of the '97-'13 set. But I think they could go back to the original creamsicle look, which is my favorite Bucs look and a favorite among many in Tampa. But I'd suggest adapting the '97-'13 flag logo to the creamsicle orange color, similar to the logo in this concept, to use instead of Bucco Bruce. I don't love the entire concept, but the logo is a great idea. The flag is a great symbol of the team around the city, seen on businesses, homes, around the stadium, and a huge one at their practice facility. I love the colors and solid striping of the original look, combine that with an adapted '97-'13 flag logo would be a perfect Bucs look to me.
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    Thanks for the feedback, guys. I'll add some other combos to the original post. I think yellow pants are more of a Rams thing, but I wouldn't mind seeing them on the Chargers a couple times a year as a callback to their history. Thanks! I'll put one together at the end. Next up, the Washington Redskins! While I doubt they're ever changing their name under the Snyder regime, I think removing the Indian head (which isn't particularly well-rendered anyway) is a logical step for the franchise. (This would also allow for a seamless transition to Renegades or Redhawks or what-have-you, if that's the eventual route they go) In its place is a new R logo. Its simple, inoffensive and has a lot more character the Cleveland Indians' block C. The helmets feature the new R, with a feather in place of a stripe, like they had in the 60's, but running front-to-back this time. The alternate helmet features a modernization of the old spear decal. The uniforms aren't too much of a departure from their current threads. A sharp new block font replaces the standard block. Yellow pants could be substituted for the primary pants a few times a year. I prefer the burgundy-over-white look, but I like the yellow as a change of pace. I also made the burgundy a couple shades darker to better contrast the gold. The scripts are an adjusted version of the Parkside typeface. Let me know what you think!
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    For laughs I was searching for Jets concepts that look like something Nike would come up with, and I came across this decent design: I can see Nike designing something like it, and it would be "bold and exciting" for a team like the Jets. Hopefully it won't just end up as over-the-top as their recent designs. You would think they got the hint by now.
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    Prior to the 1949/50 season, the MAHL made a number of announcements regarding new teams, a new league, and two new rivalry trophies. Roseau and Warroad announced they would play for the "Victory Bell" which is painted half in Roseau's green and yellow and the other half in Warroad's blue and red, the winning team gets to keep the bell for the year; the winner of the bell will be decided by which team wins more games head to head (in the current regular season schedule they would play each other 3-4 times a year, if the season series is tied goal differential in the series is the tiebreaker). The other rivalry trophy was announced between the Ely Black Bears and the Soudan Miners who will battle for the "Miners Hard Hat" or "The Hard Hat" for short. This trophy was picked by the coaches of either team who decided it would be a fun idea to compete for something in an attempt to grow a rivalry between the two since they are closer to each other than any other teams. A hard hat was chosen due to both cities being mining communities, and since most players from both teams are actually miners. This trophy is won by the team who wins more games head to head or if the series is tied, who scored more head to head goals. The league announced that there would be 3 new teams set to join the league for the coming season as well as a new league, the "Valley Hockey League" will begin play this season with 5 found members; Rochester (which will be league HQ), Red Wing, Albert Lea, and 2 expansion teams that we will get to in a moment. Up first we have Austin. Austin is a fairly large city in the area with a population around 23,000. This large population can be attributed in large part to the major corporation based in the city, SPAM, which became a major company after WW2. The nickname "Mavericks" was chosen because of the cities meat packing industry. Their logo is a stylized A, representing the city of Austin. The team colors are blue, yellow, and white. Fort Frances, Ontario, is located just across the Canadian border from International Falls. They are almost identical to their neighbors across the border in population and in their love for hockey. The Trappers and Ice are already off to what could become one of the fiercest rivalries in the league with International Falls voting against allowing Fort Frances into the Northland League, they ultimately were granted permission to join, so it will be interesting to see how games between these two play out in the future. The nickname "Trappers" was chosen due to the cities long history of trappers and fur traders. Their logo is a Trappers head and the team colors are red, yellow, and white. La Crosse, Wisconsin is a major hub in the region, with a population around 47,000. Located on the other side of the Mississippi, the Brewers will become the second Wisconsin team in the MAHL. The nickname "Brewers" was chosen due to the cities reputation as a brewing center for the area. Their logo is an oval with the city on top and the team name below, inside is a strand of wheat, the oval is meant to resemble brewery and beer logos and labels. The team colors are brown and yellow. Let me know what you guys think, comments are appreciated! (I guess I was in a yellow mood when making these 3 )
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