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    Plenty to work with in week 13 for both lists. We had a couple stone cold classics take the top two spots on the best list and we had what I'm pretty sure is a first for the top spot on the worst list this week. As always, the lists are just my opinion. Your opinion may be different from mine and that's perfectly OK. All I ask is that we keep the conversation civil and limited to the uniforms. Let's play our game. I'll take "Miami fans won't be asking 'no love for the Dolphins this week?' for $800, Alex." BEST: 1. Bills - Dolphins: What's better than seeing the beautiful Dolphins throwbacks make their 2018 debut? The Buffalo Bills showing up in their pretty cool AFL throwbacks to play against the Dolphins in those beautiful throwbacks. My only issue with this game was that I was unable to find pictures that included both teams that do this match up justice. This one is definitely in the running for the game of the year. The sooner the Dolphins pull the trigger and make this the full time look, the better. Every game should look this good. 2. Chiefs - Raiders: There aren't many match ups that can knock this game out of the top spot. Another fantastic looking match up. They all should look this good. 3. Bears - Giants: It's gotta be a pretty good week when this game is only good enough for the #3 slot. I think it would be great if the Bears would go all white when matched up with classic uniforms. They don't need to do the all white all the time (although I wish they would) just do it against teams like the Giants, Packers, Chiefs, Raiders, etc. 4. Redskins - Super Bowl Champion Eagles: Kudos to the Eagles for staying away from the Thursday/Sunday/Monday Night nonsense of wearing CR, monochrome, all black, etc. Great looking game. 5. Colts - Jaguars: I'm probably in the minority, but I really like some of the combos with this new Jags uniform. Nice to see the Colts looking like the Colts again after last week's blue monochrome disaster. Honorable Mention: 1. Chargers - Steelers: There are a lot of things I don't like about the Chargers current look, but when they wear the right combo against the right team, they don't look half bad. I thought the all white matched up with the Steelers looked pretty solid. 2. Vikings - Patriots: Not the worst looking game I've ever seen. WORST: 1. Panthers - Buccaneers: Leave it to the Bucs to follow up an article about how awful their uniforms are by wearing the worst possible version of that uniform. This just might be the ugliest NFL uniform I've ever seen. This also may be the first time the top game on the worst list included a team that looked good. The Panthers had nothing to do with this game taking the top slot. They were just innocent bystanders. The worst part of this disaster is that there are surely people out there who think this looked good. 2. Broncos - Bengals: The "Wow, do we need new uniforms" Bowl. Whole lotta ugly going on here. 3. Browns - Texans: If the Browns had gone with the all white combo and the Texans had gone with blue over white, this game has a shot at making the best list - or at least an honorable mention. Instead, we got this. There should never be a game in which the Browns in that combo are the best looking team on the field. 4. Ravens - Falcons: Both teams could easily look better - they just choose not to. That's it for this week. Hard to believe we're down to just four weeks left in the season. We'll do it all again next week. Thanks for dropping by.
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    Seems like Bettman is against the team being named Metropolitans since they already have a division with that same name. Good. It's a terrible name.
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    Why did every lego basketball player have to look like Shelden Williams?
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    Everyone is gonna call them the Seattle Gays and that inaugural season patch is gonna get turned into a dick.
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    The Heat need to drop this lame act that they're doing. People love the Vice look and you don't want to alienate your fanbase by not only not catering to their wishes but also playing bad basketball!
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    Honestly, anybody who disagrees is somebody I wouldn't trust.
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    I did my own lil update of the TCU Horned Frog as illustrated in this GIF: http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/112910-tcu-horned-frog/
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    The only special thing I ever expect from Under Armor is absurdly small numbers.
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    Emeralds with a double-green color scheme would do the trick.
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    Low-hanging fruit? Yes. Appropriate? Also yes.
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    http://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/25440967/uni-watch-delivers-winning-entries-seattle-nhl-design-contest I can even see them using a unique shade like the previous Seahawks set: Some might bring up the Canucks, but that logo has an orca in it. An orca is part of the dolphin family, and not an actual whale. They're not even comparable: Seattle could really take advantage of this, imo, and come up with a great uniform and logo.
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    Heat are still hoping if they look like the Raptors, they'll play like them.
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    They can introduce new pants anytime they like. But I don’t think this is an issue at all - not every color needs to be on every single piece of the uniform. The blue stripe looks great.
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    Just a FYI, the Warriors are getting new unis next season.
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    Here are some Color Rush uniforms with proper socks if anyone is interested. Had some spare time at work today: https://imgur.com/a/Gi4K0bp
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    Lighten the blue a little bit, and I think this would be a great permanent home uniform for the Rams.
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    I'm with you... Show me a random cartoon goat, ram, or bison wearing a jaunty sailor hat, and I get all giddy inside.
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    It actually made the game hard to watch for me (my dad didn’t even notice until I pointed it out to him though, so it’s probably just an ‘us’ thing). It got even worse when all those people dressed up as empty red seats as soon as the Magic went ahead, mismatching the court even further.
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    Honestly, are they not fantastic though? There is something about seeing animals walking on 2 legs, with a letter sweater on, that just make me feel warm inside.
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