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    Seahawks in navy over gray? Time for an old plug of mine: Now there’s a ing uni.
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    Talk about this before. The 1 helmet rule is pitched as concussion safety. Whether that’s real or not can be debated but if some Dr told the NFL that then they aren’t risking more lawsuits by changing it. However, for me I love the 1 helmet rule! A lot of team figure out ways to make it work with throwbacks by changing or removing the decals or changing the Facemasks. But the most important thing is that Helmets are basically a team’s logo. If you allow a team to wear different helmets your going to have teams drastically altering their brand week to week. You don’t want that. Look wtf is happening in the NBA where almost every team now has uniform sets that are no where near their primary brand scheme. The one helmet rule protects teams from themselves because if youre forced to wear at least the same color helmet you can’t do that much damage to the rest of the uniform. Especially because the NFL Has wayyyyyy more casual fans watching than any other league, the teams need to be instantly recognizable. The redskins leather looking helmet was cool but I’d sacrifice that in a second to avoid the can of worms removing the 1 helmet would start.
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    1) It was humid and hot in in Texas back in 1994. They couldn't figure this out then? 2) Why should the tax payers pay for the Rangers' boneheaded mistake?
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    Why can’t the swoosh go in the middle of the largest yellow stripe? The Seahawks have the swoosh inside a design element so I don’t see how this would be much different.
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    Helmet always has 1 stripe. Jersey/pants always have 2 stripes. Seems pretty consistent to me. The pants/helmets/jerseys don't have to have the exact same stripe to be considered consistent for me.
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    And they lost that game too. Why do they wait for high stakes games to wear different combos? Then they lose and never wear them again. Wish they would just switch it up more. These all would look great:
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    joke's on you, Dallas, now you're stuck with the Clapmaster for another five years
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    Rub some dirt on it. That’s what we did walking uphill to school both ways in the snow every day when I was your age.
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    I never thought I'd agree with that but now I do. Seeing as how the swoosh is essentially Seattle's and Tennessee's and Jacksonville's logo, it'd actually be less intrusive on the front. Ideally I wish they'd do like NHL and have it above the NOB, but that ain't happening.
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    Ohio State, Michigan, Florida, Ohlahoma, Clemson, Georgia, Kansas State, LSU, Ole Miss, Tennessee. Rarely is a terrible choice of words here. Nike knows how to do classic looks well. In fact, many uniforms look best on the Vapor Untouchable uniform. Also, the schools have the same opportunity to say no to Nike as they do to say yes to any alternate they throw out.
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    Umm what all those images are the definition of what a stripe is. Just because modern uniforms have a different cut and the stripes have to be applied different doesn't make them not stripes. stripe /strīp/ noun a long narrow band or strip, typically of the same width throughout its length, differing in color or texture from the surface on either side of it
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    Why do teams with just one color always insist on adding black to their color scheme? It has to be the most unnecessary addition ever. The Cincinnati Reds and Northwestern athletics are a few to name that do this... and now the Jets?
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    Hello everyone, and Happy New Year! So there are lots of cool Seattle NHL concepts right now (yay!), but I thought I'd try my hand at our soon-to-be archrivals, the Vancouver Canucks! As I'm sure you're all aware, Vancouver hockey has had a bazillion different identities. Here's an overview of Vancouver's hockey history for those who are unfamiliar: In this series, I'll try to combine or introduce different styles to some logos through their history. The uniform template I will use is this Adidas template by Matthew McElroy. Please enjoy, and let me know if you have any combo recommendations!
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    here are the jerseys for the avs and some teams that may also be involved, since nothing's been confirmed. any thoughts?
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    IIRC, Nike tried to move the swoosh to the chest when they first got the contract, but the NFL said no.
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    Well that's probably the last we'll see of the Seahawks navy over grey uniform combo
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    Doesn't bother me. Would double stripes on the helmet look nice? Yeah. Do they need to do it? No.
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    and i actually own the green one. it was a authertic jersey, and there were no replicas avaliable.
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    Yup. Fill those goofy little shapes with green and burn every other pair of pants.
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    1976 teal Seals sweaters with a "ʃ harks" script! Again with the what-ifs, but it would have been cool if the Sharks and the North Stars had been able to sustain a rivalry based on the de-merge.
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    Your pant stripes go above the belt line. Your facemasks aren't even all the same color. We're really doing this again, aren't we?
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    Without further ado, here's the first Variation: It's my attempt to combine the infamous Flying V era with the fan-favorite Johnny Canuck. The secondary logos are adapted versions of the Millionaires V and the Stick-in-Rink. The uniforms keep some of the Flying V style, but focus on a primary crest. I also tried it in West Coast Express colors, and I think it works well: Let me know what you think! Which color scheme do you prefer? Does this combo work? Second variation will be posted shortly.
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