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    And that GD swollen talon and squat wings...I frankly hate that thing. They could’ve done a much better job of updating the original (and the original did need updating, yes). For example, I love this concept by @LogoFan . It’s my favorite attempt at updating the original I’ve seen yet: I might have “swooped” it a little more to give it some speed, but this is still just about everything I wish Atlanta had done instead of energy drink bird.
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    Dark royal blue and metallic blue-silver. Unique, attractive, and historical. What's so hard?
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    Here's a concept I made upgrading the throwback Broncos logo. This is how I envision the franchise looking like by 2021. Very subtle and nothing drastic, with a return of the lighter shade of royal.
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    Because I'm sure just having a TCU only thread wouldn't be as accepted, I decided to just go ahead and get a jump on next season (if that's ok)... I really hope they downplay the "Frogskin" this time. The Boykin era uniforms were perfect.
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    I wish the Nuggets were wearing their powder blues against the Heat's black Vice uni right now, that would be awesome.
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    The cleaned-up Predators logo is a definite upgrade:
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    Thank heavens he wasn’t in Indy long enough to “make ‘em flashy”.
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    If you ask someone in branding, the answer is probably one, depending on strategy. If you ask someone in merchandising, then the answer is always (n+1), where n is the number of logos you currently have.
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    PART THREE - Floridian Flare This concept follows the same hypothesis as the previous one (a neo-retro redesign of the team in the late-'90s/early-'00s), but this one goes in a slightly different direction. Instead of the Giants restoring their classic font, they would instead modernize their vintage cursive script to fit with their Florida setting. Seren Script by Type Faith Fonts forms the basis of these new scripts. Here is a comparison with the vintage wordmark: The scripts replace the Giants/Pirates lettering from the neo-retro take. The ball stitching from the Twins' primary logo takes the place of the Giants-style stitches of the first version. EDIT: I've updated the "Tampa Bay" wordmark to have a few more flairs and tighter spacing between the two words, per @coco1997's suggestion. Here is a comparison and here is the original logo sheet. The uniforms now feature the scripts, along with front numbers. Here is the original home & road set. The alternates follow the same formula as the previous design, except with the "TB" replacing the "Tampa Bay" wordmark. The initial rendering (with trim errors) is here. I kept the orange-billed cap and heritage alternate from the first set. Here is the original image. The jacket is the same, except for the new primary logo patch. This link leads to the original image. I like this take a bit more than the previous version, as I'd rather see the Tampa Bay Giants break with their aesthetic (and competitive, given the fall of the great rivalry, Naimoli ownership, and entry into the NL East) traditions and try something new. It'd look pretty nice in one of those Tampa Bay stadium concepts that pops up now and then - capturing a "classically Floridian" aesthetic. While the Giants moving to Tampa Bay would have been awful on many fronts, they still had the potential to look fantastic. C+C is appreciated, as always! Up next, we wrap up the sweepstakes with a few experiments.
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    It makes me so sad that the Texans stopped wearing red socks. Lovely balance with that combo. I would love to see these become the primary looks:
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    I like the compromise concept there, but the current logo is a big upgrade to the old look and doesn't need to change IMO. The Cards logo is one of the greatest examples available of a proper clean up/upgrade.
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    Honestly, if they standardize the silvers, I hope they go with the silver-green. It’s such a unique color that it doesn’t matter which blue they choose to pair it with (however, if they go with regular silver, they should only use navy with it, and burn the royal blue).
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    Something I’ve always wanted to see the Cowboys try is to tone the green in the greenish-silver down a smidge, then use that as the helmet AND pants color. Then, strip the color scheme down to simply royal blue, new green-silver, and white. No navy whatsoever on anything, including logo. I think that could really work; at least it looks really good in my head.
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    I love how South Park even acknowledged the problem....
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    I know it won't happen any time soon but the Dallas Cowboys seriously need to fix the color of their damn uniforms. They need to find a shade blue and silver and stick with it.
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    The GM re-contacted me and decided to go ahead and purchase the rights to the logo. A top notch guy who did the right thing for his organization.
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    Might I add... I love the number font on the powder blues.
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    I agree it was a great look last year. They need to incorporate red more.
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    Any attempts to "clean up" this enduring logo probably wouldn't be worth revoking its nostalgia... a classic!
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    You sure about the Rams? I think it looked better with the gold myself
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    I don't know ... they've grown on me. I love the white jerseys. I just wish they'd do something different with the blue jerseys.
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    Washington’s uniforms were terrible. Good riddance.
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    I don't get why sports venues aren't lasting as long as they used to. Why waste money building new stadiums and demolishing old ones every 20 years when you can invest in proper workmanship and maintenance and have a place that will stand for at least 50 years?
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