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    With the Spurs, I wanted to really push the black and silver color scheme. For that reason, the only white you'll see in this set is the Association uniforms. The wordmark is simplified, but has a modern twist on a classic aesthetic. The side stripes on the Association and Icon edition uniforms form a 'spur' on the shorts and the inline stripes echo the wordmark and the numbers. The statement uniform is a bit more wild. It incorporates the first custom logo I've added to a set so far with the state of Texas on the shorts. The different color shorts and jersey are something that people see as a "throwback", but its a look that I wish was more common in the modern game. I know it feels a bit bizarre, but it is a design element I"m planning on bringing back for a few different teams in this series. The stripes at the hem and waistband are supposed to call back to the inline design of the wordmark and numbers on the Icon and Association uniforms. I'd love some feedback on this set in particular! Thanks y'all.
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    Very interesting. https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/columnists/nick-canepa/sd-sp-padres-brown-uniforms-canepa-20190110-story.html About freaking time. More at the article - give it a click.
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    Remember the pants you stopped wearing because they were a safety risk? You should wear them again now that you're old. What, I'm good at management.
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    Similar shape =/= "the same designs". I think MLS has a very good diversity of brands. I'd stake it against any other top-level sport in this country, if not others.
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    Here's my dream NBA matchup vs.
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    That Browns uniform is perfect. Geez.
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    My take on it is this. Back in the early 1990s? The Rangers could have had a neo-retro style park without a retractable roof or they could have had a SkyDome-esque park. In a vacuum? Either are fine choices. SkyDome/Rogers Centre is proof that even a park like that firmly planted in its pre-Camden stylings can still be a nice place to see a ball game if properly renovated and maintained. So really, either would have been viable in 1994. Where I lose sympathy for the Rangers is that they didn’t exist in that vacuum. They were planning a new, expensive baseball stadium in the middle of Texas. The humidity and heat didn’t sneak up on them, they knew the climate. And that should have dictated a SkyDome-esque park, as that was the long-term viable option given the climate they were working with. Sorry if they don’t get their neo-classic ballpark, but all the retro stylings in the world won’t make it not hot and humid in Texas in the summer. They chose the open-air option though. No one forced that on them. They chose it. That short-sightedness is all on them. And they still had the gall to go, cap in hand, to the tax payers asking for a new baseball palace not even thirty years later. And for the record? Rogers Centre is still going strong.
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    This is a really good point, as someone from the midwest who went to school in Columbus. Columbus' German Village is one of its best areas, including one of their more iconic (for Columbus) restaurants, Schmidt's. By paying homage to clubs like Bayern Munich, there's some regional flair and personality that the other logo lacked (even though it literally had people on it).
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    "Wichita Zephyrs" has a great cadence to it. Sometimes the best answer is right under your nose, or wherever your nose was five years ago. "Goodbye, Baby Cakes" sounds like the title of a Cole Porter song but not a particularly good one.
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    I think they have a really strong balance between the black, gold, and white. Well chosen to work at smaller sizes. There's one thing that drives me crazy about the NYCFC badge; that white ring. It muddies the design and blends into the NYC monogram. Make that ring orange, leaving the monogram as the only white in the logo, and all of a sudden the defining shapes hold their form even at smaller sizes. So much better. Small details matter. A lot.
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    you know what one team really "screams" in this graphic and grabs your attention? the Crew they're the only yellow team in the league and there's a boldness to the shapes that really works well at these small sizes. you can see how Miami, Philly, NYC, these other circle-logos start to collapse and become hard to read. Columbus holds strong i totally get the uniqueness and quirk of the original logo being appealing, but not at the costs of craft and function. you have to balance both and i think the new logo does a really good job of that.
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    I'm sure this has been done a million times before, but I felt like wasting some time in Microsoft Paint.
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    Baby Cakes always seemed like a bridge too far. To me, it was funny/quirky/cute for the first day I heard about it, but after that it was too much. It had no staying power. Who in New Orleans would take pride in reppin Baby Cakes gear? Who would want a hat with an angry Tommy Pickles on it? Wichita Wildcats. That's my vote. Boring. But safe
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    I submitted the Wichita Channel Cats. The channel catfish is the bread and butter of Kansas' fishing industry and about to be named the state fish...also, the team's the Marlins' affiliate, so it makes sense to keep the fish theme. Of course, if Brandiose designs the logos, we could end up with a regular housecat swinging a universal TV remote control...
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    So i've been quiet about this for a few years because I didn't want to make enemies in the industry I was trying to break into, but check this out. I applied to the United Soccer League in 2016. Did some test graphics for them (which they wanted built in indesign, big red flag). Here's one matchup graphic i made with the assets they gave me. In my in person, the designer Enrique Alvarado said he liked what I made but would maybe move the USL logo to the bottom corner. Totally reasonable, i was scared to break from brand guidelines and put it on a busy background. So imagine my surprise when this is their playoff graphics I didn't want to get into a fight but this really hurt me, because 1. I didn't get the job and 2. it looked worse! My friends took it upon themselves to go after him on twitter and I stayed out of it, all he replied with was some laughing emojis. They asked if i was interested in a position in 2017 which i turned down because I was with the Rays, and still had a job opportunity at Under Armour open. But mostly I would've socked him in his face when I saw Enrique. Since then, a close friend began working there and apparently he got fired (which is why the position opened up) and the mood seems to be that he was genuinely awful. There's some crossover in twitter followings so people will tag us together if it's about soccer design and I still absolutely hold this grudge. So if you're reading this Enrique, kiss my ass
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    The Indiana Pacers are another team for whom I immediately had issues with Nike's new uniforms. I liked where Nike's ideas were headed, but found the execution muddy - this will be a common theme - so I tried my hand at reworking them. To me, Indiana's basketball team should be drawing on the basketball heritage of the Hoosier state. They were one of the original ABA dynasties and the state has a storied connection to March Madness, James Naismith, high school basketball, and so on. With this in mind, I wanted the Pacers in a classic and understated uniform set - but one that isn't boring or faux-throwback-ish. I simplified the color palette (another recurring theme) so that they're essentially a navy and white team with gold accents. The primary icon and association sets fit this color scheme, and the statement uniform flips gold to the primary color to, uh, make a statement. The design is inspired by the one thing in the game that hasn't changed (much) over the past 100 years - the lines on the court. The team name and jersey number are organized around a center court circle. The name on back is placed on a nameplate like a team name on the baseline. The striping and trim is all simplified to evoke the lines on the court and give the entire set a classic vintage feel. I hope y'all enjoy, please keep the feedback coming!
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    I don't get why so many people want to see the Cowboys in navy and silver instead of going back to their classic dark royal and metallic blue/silver. If you love navy you can have the Seahawks, Bears, Patriots, Titans, Texans, Chargers, and Broncos. That should be enough for you.
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    I like the colors, but two outlines around the numbers? No thanks.
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    A better question is why does Shelden Williams look like Ken Griffrey Jr. suffering from gigantism?
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    Well if Brandiose gets a hold of this, I'm expecting Flying Monkeys or Lollipop Guild.
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    Arsenal and the Blue Jays have already been mentioned. Other truly significant upgrades of recent times: Houston Astros Chelsea Manchester City LA Galaxy Columbus Crew
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    Helmet always has 1 stripe. Jersey/pants always have 2 stripes. Seems pretty consistent to me. The pants/helmets/jerseys don't have to have the exact same stripe to be considered consistent for me.
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    OK . . . I’ll start with the team that sparked this whole thing, my hometown Portland Trail Blazers. As far as I'm concerned, the Trail Blazers brand should revolve around its most recognizable design elements. The rest is just noise. 1. Black and Red 2. Lowercase lettering 3. Diagonal sash/stripe 4. Pinwheel logo When the team gets away from those four elements, they start to look pretty generic if you ask me. With this in mind, you'll notice I removed gray/silver from the uniforms. It's not needed and it just muddies up a crisp color palette. On the icon and association sets, I kept with some classic design elements and smushed together a few different eras. I love the gorgeous lowercase type face, created by Kyle Zadina, that the team introduced on the Rip City uniforms a few years ago. I can’t for the life of me figure out why the team is clinging to generic uppercase lettering when they have this beauty in their toolbox. It is uniquely "Portland" and fits the franchise just right. Lastly, for the statement uniform I mixed it up a little bit. I was tempted to create a red Rip City jersey, but I've always wanted to see the team with their whole "Trail Blazers" name on the front of the jersey. It is a pretty large word mark, but I think it is fun and has that asymmetry that is already familiar on the team's uniforms. On the sides I added five diagonal stripes that are a effectively a little slice of the pinwheel logo. The team has been using this design element in their social media and in-arena branding for a little while and I think it's a great look. I know it's a little like the Raptors chevrons, but I don't really care. Raptors had a unique look at one point, they only have themselves to blame if they end up looking like the Canadian Trail Blazers - We the Northernmost, anyways . . . Feedback is welcome and encouraged. More to come soon!
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