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    Well the Patriots dynasty rolls on. Congrats to the Pats for winning their sixth Super Bowl; only time will tell if they can make it seven under Brady and Belichick. We shift gears now and look ahead to Super Bowl LIV in Miami next year. Below is the design I made for next year's event down in South Beach. Let me know what you guys think and I appreciate the feedback!
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    Everything... The Brooklyn Nets... Do... Is Outstanding... But Nobody... Gives Them Credit.
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    I hate how people keep saying this kinda thing. Look at the court or look at the scoreboard, it's not hard.
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    Ok, hold up. How in the ever loving :censored: was this 8 full ass years ago already? My goodness how time flies.
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    People may disagree with this, but... New Orleans Hornets circa 2003-2008
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    I always liked this look for Denver (the rainbows are better, I'll admit)
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    It’s not common to see a team brand designed with this type of approach. Take away the helmet, pennant, and other sports paraphernalia, and this could be a store, a fashion label, a restaurant/bar, an agency, etc. They might not be the first team to approach branding like this, but they might be the first to go all in on it, and I think there is a lot of success here. The uniforms are the most underwhelming piece compared to the rest of the work. I’m admittedly sad to see the iconic blue-white-red jersey design go away, but the brand extensions and the helmet are, in my opinion, the pieces that are going to live on and challenge the status quo of team branding into the future. The helmet, in particular, is really interesting in the way it gives you such a unique look from different angles (wings from the side, M from the front), while the logo itself straddles a nice line between monogram and bird. I hope they eventually get the perfect threads to complement the rest, but I’ve gotta hand it to the people who worked on this one; you’ve got the building blocks of something special here.
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    So do the Saints, I'd imagine.
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    I'd argue that what the 49ers did from 1981 thru 1994 was a little harder to do. Defenses weren't as handcuffed back then as they are now and the NFC back then was a little tougher than the current AFC is. That's not to say that what the Pats have done isn't incredible, I'm just saying that each dynasty has to be judged by the era in which it took place. I don't know if the current Pats offense would have worked as well under 1980's rules. I do think the 49ers offense of the 80's would be even better against today's defenses. Make of that what you will.
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    So the one silver lining... Julian Edelman is, I think, the first Jewish Super Bowl MVP. That in and of itself is cool, but given the state of the world? It’s really ing cool.
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    I’ll never be on board with the Celtics in black but the contrasting accessories looked good for the Thunder. I wish more teams would do that rather than submit to the Color Rush look.
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    Did they plan this for a long time or did they just do it on a lark?
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    In a similar situation, in '94, the Yankees switched from polyester to cotton uniforms with disastrous results.
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    That was... absolutely miserable. Having the game within your reach for nearly the entire 60 minutes and being able to do absolutely nothing with it. It sucks. To see the the offense completely stall like that is extremely tough. Like against the Bears, it felt like the Bears imposing onto the Rams. In this, it felt like the Rams doing it unto themselves. That’s why it’s just so frustrating to have the game where it was, extremely winnable for like 97% of it, the defense playing its heart out at a championship level, and just unable to get what they needed, as they did most of the season. All in all, a stinging experience to learn from, for all of those guys. Was Goff ready for the stage? It didn't look like it a lot, but he's been there now. Was McVay outc oached or in his own head? Maybe, but sometimes you need someone else to point out your own flaws. I truly do feel they'll be back soon enough. The core is too good, McVay is too smart. As miserable as this all feels, the other thing I feel is how I can’t wait to see those guys in camp next July/August. I can’t wait to be back at UC Irvine and do it all again from the start. More so than anything else before, this is my football team. I love those guys. I loved learning their stories. I loved rooting for them. And I can’t wait for another round. Goodnight to the 2018 NFC Champion Los Angeles Rams. See you in camp. Ram It.
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    The Oakland Raiders of San Francisco (en Route to Las Vegas)
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    Just some minor nitpicks: I'd have the left side of the wave come to a point like the right, and just continue the tree all the way down to meet it. I'd continue the outlines of the shadows of the LIV up to meet the rest of the outline. Also, the rectangle shape on top maybe could be replaced with a ball shape, with the dots as the laces. Sorry to focus on those kind of really minor issues! It's really nice already, and way better than the generic one they've released.
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    Now that the Super Bowl is pretty much in the books, lets see a show of hands. Who is excited for the start of the Alliance next Saturday? *raises hand*
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    Is the AAF paying you for every time you mention it on the boards?
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    I’m not from Detroit but this video is great. “It’s so hard in the D...”
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