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    The Pacers' pinstripes were fantastic.
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    [Originally from the "Overrated Uniforms" thread merged into this one.] New York Yankees. Don't @ me, bro.
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    Not sure if this has been done before, it might’ve been but I don’t recall seeing it ever, but it’s something I feel could have an interesting discussion. Pretty self-explanatory, what uniforms do you think are the most overrated? By that I don’t mean just post any uniform you don’t like, but more along the lines of a uniform people around here (or anywhere, I guess) seem to regard as a top uniform of all time that you feel is no more than average, or something along those lines. For me, one I’d call overrated is the classic Patriots. For starters, that logo is God-awful. Way too much going on in the middle there that just starts to look like a mess at any distance, and on the helmet it’s way too tall to look good. IMO, helmet logos should be wider rather than taller. As for the rest of the uniform, it’s nothing special. Just some basic striping. The biggest issue? It’s primarily red. Anyone see an issue with the Patriots, a team name referencing the Revolutionary War, a team based in America, wearing red? I’ll give you a hint: Paul Revere wasn’t shouting “the blue coats are coming.” IDK, what else to say. I mean, I just don’t get what some people see in them. So, anyone else have a uniform set thy feel is overrated?
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    Well the Patriots dynasty rolls on. Congrats to the Pats for winning their sixth Super Bowl; only time will tell if they can make it seven under Brady and Belichick. We shift gears now and look ahead to Super Bowl LIV in Miami next year. Below is the design I made for next year's event down in South Beach. Let me know what you guys think and I appreciate the feedback!
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    It's amazing how adaptable this template has been. They melded it with a charcoal scheme, the 70's Nets template, and the Biggie sweater to great effect. Even this looked interesting despite sleeves being universally a bad idea.
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    Going to put FCC's players at a pretty clear disadvantage if they only have replica kit technology, like the plebes in the stands. Think of when you want that extra 0.2 ounces off your kit on a quick counterattack!
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    Lol, the only thing the Giants are going to “go deep” on this year is themselves.
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    It was a decent set in the block-wordmarks-and-minimal-striping era in the early 2000’s, but the subsequent uniforms were so much better and would be my pick for some of the most underrated uniforms. At the same time a better Hornets update than the current Hornets and more New Orleans than the Pelicans Another underrated set is the Kings 2003/08, especially the home whites. They’ve never done purple better
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    If they let the Chargers play in a soccer stadium for three years this is nothing.
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    They handed out Gold footballs to the MVPs of past Super Bowls, I'd expect a similar plan for each team to acknowledge their greatest players in the same way this year.
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    Everything... The Brooklyn Nets... Do... Is Outstanding... But Nobody... Gives Them Credit.
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    Hey guys, sorry there's no actual concepts but I felt like this discussion was worth having before I spent a lot of time on it. If you're reading this, you frequent the concept boards. If you frequent the concept boards, I'm sure you've seen my soccer template. It's been THREE YEARS since I built it, so it's probably time to create a new one. It's such a widely used template I want to make sure I'm filling the needs of designers of all kinds. I certainly have my own opinions, but want to make sure a template I spend a few hours on is easy and sharp looking. One thing I want to do is make the lines thinner, make the side lines straight, or at least diagonal. I also want to make the collar as interchangeable as I can. I have some kits from last year, so that's what I'm going to base the seams off of. Any other suggestions are welcome! Feel free to share some templates you've seen that have good features that I could possibly include.
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    I'd say a close game, however slow and boring, is always more intense than a blowout.
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    I love it. Completely agree with @Gothamite and @BrandMooreArt that this logo is so iconic that it doesn't need a wordmark. And by removing the wordmark, they've elevated the logo to explicitly convey that it's so iconic that anyone would recognize it without any words spelling out what it stands for. The removal of the wordmark forces the logo to stand on its own, and carry the work of telling customers "this is MasterCard." Look at how the logo works in the applications shown above - it's far more powerful when it stands on its own, rather than having a wordmark beneath it carry the load of telling customers that it stands for MasterCard. I have a feeling this was always the end goal of the 2016 rebrand - to separate the wordmark from the logo so that the simple circles themselves would be recognizable without any text (considering that 2016 was the first time the circles were portrayed without overlaying text), and then eventually to quietly remove the wordmark so that the circles would stand alone. If that was the plan all along, it worked.
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    So to be clear, is the implication that this script is a "throwback style" insomuch as it's a script and scripts generally are more throwback? I would argue (and this is not to pick on BVZ by any means or to call BVZ out; this just sparked a thought that I've had for a while) that this script feels decidedly not "throwback" or like a classic baseball script. And here's why: When teams started using what I would now think of as classic baseball scripts from roughly the 1930s or 1940s (e.g. the Dodgers' script), teams were unaided by computers and ostensibly attempted to mimic how the word would look as though it were written. In other words, it appears that scripts were meant to look organic and unique to each team while being done in such a way as to be legible on a uniform. Sometime in the 60s (that's a guess, based on the uniforms I'm thinking of and have seen), uniform manufacturers must have had basic patterns for each letter to allow them to put together scripts without having to fully design them from nothing, though still maintaining some semblance of that handwritten feel. Nike included this particular set of letters in one of their apparel catalogs a few years back, and a member here converted it into a font with an Oregon State-related name. (The font is now no longer available.) I took the vectors out of the pdf of the catalog to make making scripts easier: (I made these in roughly a half hour, all in. The town name is a census-designated place in central West Virginia; I just used it because I really like script Zs. The team name is just one that had a fair few characters I feel like exemplify the standardized baseball script patterns/letters. The S, especially, is fairly ubiquitous.) The Texas script (though I can't see the T) in the photo of the Clemens-era uniform looks to be similar to this kind of script. The new script looks like a computer-based brush script font. It kind of mimics a brush script, but it's a little too exact/cold and lacks a certain human touch, if that makes sense. I don't know why Texas just didn't go with the same script. I really like the uniform otherwise. I don't mind modern uniforms in baseball, and I don't necessarily think traditional means good. But if a team is going to go with a script, go with a real baseball script, and not an imitation. So in that respect, I guess I'm a bit of a baseball script purist. Again, this isn't to call out BVZ. That just made me think of this post that I'd not really ever written down.
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    I love the Thunder's OKC-set: Throw together a white version of this (or don't, it's probably not that important anymore) and it's top 5 in the league and maybe the best outside of the classics And they get bonus points for the way they use their tights to change up the colors.
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    This is a school that has no classic, Arthur Evans style, logo. So I took a jaunty route and I really like how it turned out. Virginia Cavaliers:
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    I gotta say I’m pretty opposed to any company that replaces an ‘S’ in their name with a ‘Z’
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