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    First off, I want to say that the template is my traced version of @OhioSportsMan61's fantastic Adizero template. #1 - Winnipeg Jets When the Jets unveiled their newest alternate logo, I immediately thought that was their best logo and should be the primary. So I made it the primary for this concept. I brought back to original Jets last uniform styling and combined 2 different eras from 2 different teams. Enjoy!
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    Another quick one. Minnesota United is now Twin Cities United, so that the name makes a bit of sense. Their current crest is gorgeous, and I've only made a few changes. Flipped the logo so the name fits a bit better, and so the blue sash better represents the direction of the Mississippi River through the cities. Added a ring to the neck removed the line from the largest wing feather. It wasn't necessary and it was just another area for the sash to try to peek through Increased the size of the head and body of the loon.
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    The Jets didn’t need to complicate this: - Lighten the green a touch - Fix the shoulder stripes - Add matching stripes to the green socks - Use this as the helmet logo (with the new, lighter green): Done and done.
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    Most of the Americanized names in MLS are just fine: Sounders, Whitecaps, Timbers, Earthquakes, Crew, Impact... "Americanized" names that wouldn't look out of place (from the lower divisions): Sacramento Republic Indy Eleven Charlotte Independence Las Vegas Lights Phoenix Rising New York Cosmos Jacksonville Armada Charleston Battery Bethlehem Steel Tulsa Roughnecks Oakland Roots etc. etc. Just because Nashville Beat, Groove, Honky Tonkers, Vibe, and Notes would all be f'ing terrible names, doesn't mean it's not possible to have decent Americanized names.
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    Removing the NY from the background and tacking the full NEW YORK wordmark above the JETS wordmark can’t be the only thing they’re doing to update that logo, can it? The Jets have one of the most boring logos in the league (even if it has history) IMO. There are about a billion things they could do that would be an improvement. Actually making it MORE boring would be... A very good representation of what the Jets are as an entire organization are. That actually seems like like a decent slogan for them. The New York Jets: They can’t really be this bad, can they?
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    I honestly don’t think they’ll keep the shoulder horns, and think the reason is it would make the new jersey too similar to the throwback. The general preference from a merchandising perspective is to have a marked difference between the two so that one doesn’t cannibalize the other in the market. I do think a number update would be welcome, though. The throwback numbers are fine, but they do have that “rec league” style like the Sixers’ numbers, and I think something more stylistically in tune with the curvaceous design of the horns would be welcome. I think a great solution could be as simple as a single color version of the St. Louis numerals, or something tastefully round like Virginia Tech’s numbers. If I’m putting money on it, though, I don’t expect to see that kind of restraint and more than likely it’s going to be an exercise in overthinking.
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    This is why I've been hating on this upcoming change. Say what you will about the logo looking like a rugby ball but that logo and jersey (thought not exactly the same style) are the Jets. I didn't ask for an entire re-branding. I don't want a new helmet. I don't want a new jersey design. I don't want a new logo. All I just wanted was a lighter shade of green dammit!
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    I think it's the royal helmet. Despite it not matching the rest of the uniform there's something about the darker blue helmet that tones down the throwback look.
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    I’ve had that opinion whenever I see the lighter helmet shell. The navy helmet is what you think of with the Rams. Making it royal makes it look too much like Angelo State.
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    Reaugh needs psychological help. Perhaps a get-well card, maybe?
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    This was from the 2-year span where these jerseys overlapped
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    A's will do something too with him being from Oakland... https://twitter.com/DaveKaval/status/1093992329344634890
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    Tomato, tomahto. They're all the same to corporate folk.
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    If the Rebels change their name to the Thrashers, hopefully they don't move to Winnipeg.
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    I like MLS going screen print crazy this year. It's goofy, but in a fun way. Those new Revs shirts are aggressively boring, aren't they. Contract the franchise.
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    Montreal's new home uniform was officially announced: https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/02/08/montreal-impact-unveil-new-primary-kit-traditional-twist Certainly not bad, but I'd call it a downgrade from last year. Too much black relatively speaking, especially if they wear black shorts. Atlanta has the same issue, IMO. I'd really prefer if the base were blue rather than black and/or if the pattern went down way further on the shirt. Great jocktag, though! EDIT: @upperV03, you beat me to it by a second!
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    This is so cheesy. It’ll really put them in a pickle if they use this.
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    I think these uniforms were pretty awesome for a 90's expansion team. The gradient was a new effect in MLB, but not hideously overdone. I think they went backwards and became less "fun" with each change they made.
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    I don't know if it's as recognizable/enviable as the Yankees, Mets, (or Giants), but it's certainly more delicious.
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    As somebody who's been suspended for a short time before, that week can feel like a long time when you're jonesing for updates on the Jets-new-uniform-hate bandwagon.
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    I've realized that I am this series and this series is me and I have to stop abandoning it, so expect more frequent updates. (and more food stay tuned!)
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    Unpopular opinion, maybe. But I like that the Rockies use a "CR" and I don't care for how many concepts I see that want to get rid of it altogether. As much as they need a refresh, I'd rather they get a better CR than be yet another team that just uses a C.
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