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    I goofed around with an old alternate logo concept of mine for a fantasy baseball team called the Moons. Realized it could work for the Astros and threw a pennant on his bat after the game last night.
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    Thanks. Without making this too dramatic, I stopped doing the lists because I had heart attack* back at the beginning of October. Needless to say, the lists became a low priority. That being said, I really appreciate everyone who followed and contributed to the best and worst lists thread every week. *
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    Nike telling the Los Angeles Lakers they can’t wear purple would be like if UnderArmour told the New York Yankees they can’t wear pinstripes until a certain date once they take over the MLB contract. It’s moronic. The Lakers are a marquee team, and they shouldn’t have to avoid wearing one of their signature looks just because Nike has a half-baked branding idea they insist on making a reality league-wide.
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    Utah whipping it out for the troops.
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    Cool. Guys - a mod just said that rules don't need to be respected! Let's go nuts.
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    If so, what a wasted opportunity to phase into the side-view Senator. One of the best logos in the NHL and it's not even a primary.
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    I see what you're saying. Thanks for the help.
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    Stan Kroenke took land he owned, and announced his intention to build a modern, state-of-the-art stadium with his own money. He didn’t ask for public money he didn’t need from California or Inglewood. He turned down public money from Missouri and St. Louis he didn’t want or need. He basically did everything we want to see out of billionaire owners when it comes to stadiums; use his wealth to build his own damn building without taking taxpayer money he doesn’t need. And yet some people are determined to cast him as the villain because he dared to have the arrogance to move a team he owned outright to the market of his choosing on his own dime. I just don’t get some people.
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    On that note, everyone yelling at me to wear pants when i go to retrieve the morning paper, congrats! You won't see me pantsless anymore, because someone called the cops.
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    I think this would’ve been a way better choice...
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    I can't stop looking at this. Mostly because it says "balls" right between the eyes for no apparent reason.
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    They at least could have done it in Rockies colors...
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    Hey folks! So this will be my first series here in about six months. I haven't been creating concepts as much during the summer, but now that hockey's back, I figured it was time to continue. This series is focused on the 2023-24 NHL season, the year after Adidas' jersey contract expires. With Adidas not willing to extend their contract, Nike becomes the official NHL uniform supplier. Along with the switch, the NHL decides to lose the traditional home/away jerseys and replace them with a new system that mimics the NBA's new 4-jersey system. Each team will now have four jerseys to choose from for each game: FREEZE: The team's white jersey. CLASH: The team's colored jersey that closely resembles the FREEZE uniform. STORM: This will be the team's alternate jersey, using a dark color, and completely lacking white. PRIDE: This jersey can be any color. It reflects both the history of the city and of the team itself. The home team will choose the jersey they want to wear, and the away team will select one that doesn't closely match that of the home team. With that in mind, here is the first team! **************** CALGARY FLAMES FREEZE/CLASH: These uniforms bear a striping pattern similar to their alternate jersey from 2013-16 seasons, while the logo remains the same. The number font is also changed. ALTERNATE: The striping is similar to Calgary's early uniforms. For the first time since 2006, the team will have a black jersey. PRIDE: The overall design is based of of the WHA Calgary Cowboys' uniform, though it doesn't match completely. Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? Leave it below!
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    LOGOLYMPIAD is finally here! Just like the last editions, the contest will be broken into a series of events, with award icons for each event, as well as banners for overall winners. The LOGOLYMPIAD goes back to 2004 in its original form, and 2017 will be the ninth edition of the contest. Events The order of the ten events has been determined by a random draw. Events will run for one full week with two events running each week. Events will start on Mondays and Fridays, and will finish the following Mondays and Fridays. The first event will be posted on Monday, November 6th. Here is the full calendar for 2017: Rules Specific criteria will vary by event, but there is an overlying set of rules for the LOGOLYMPIAD: Any registered board member may enter; Participants are limited to ONE entry per event. You may enter as many or as few events as you like; All entries must be your own original work, unless specified. For example, you may use existing logos and images if it is part of the event’s criteria. You may not use anyone else’s work for any part of your entry; You may use any template you like, unless a template is provided in the event’s criteria; I will serve as the contest’s referee, and will answer any questions about rules and event criteria. Questions must be asked within the event thread, and will be answered within the same event thread. I will NOT respond to any questions about an event in a PM, instant message or personal email, so don’t contact me directly. Any contact via PM, instant message or personal email will be answered in the event’s thread for full disclosure; I will be the judge to any dispute. Anyone caught cheating or otherwise compromising the integrity of the LOGOLYMPIAD will be disqualified, stripped of awards and/or banished from future participation. Submitting your entries Failure to follow the guidelines could result in your entry being inadvertently (or intentionally) excluded from judging. Entries must be emailed to logolympiad (at) gmail (dot) com prior to the set deadline. Subject line should be the event number (Ex: Event 1). Once you submit your entry, it is considered final. Entries must be submitted as .jpg, .gif, or .png formats. The file name format of the submission is: event#_yourusername.extension (Ex: event1_pollux.png). The file must be attached to your email. All final entries must be 800x600 pixels with at least 70 pixels of white space at the bottom of the image. This means that your presentation has to fit in an 800x530 pixels window (800 pixels wide by 530 pixels high). I will NOT resize entries that are not properly done, so make sure it’s right. The background of the entries should be solid white, unless otherwise specified. You must not use gradients, shadows, patterns, lines, etc. on your background. Do not add nay text, like labels, or images to your submission, unless otherwise specified. Do not add the team name, location, entry number, event type, etc. Do not include your name or any other personal identifiers on your submission. Also, do not watermark your work. I will add a watermark to each entry before they get posted for judging. I will also provide each entry with a number. You are expected to keep the identity of your entry anonymous until the end of the event. If you think you know the identity of another designer, keep it to yourself. Anyone who exposes their identity or the identity of anyone else will be DQ’d. You should receive an automatic reply once you submit your entry. If you don’t receive one, please PM me directly. If I see an issue with the format of your submission, I will contact you giving you a chance to resubmit. I will NOT, however, comment on the content of the submission. Judging/Awards The voting will be open to public voting once the event is officially over. Once the finalists have been posted in the event thread, voting will be open for 3 days. Judging is open to all board members registered before October 1st, 2017. This is to ensure no one is voting for themselves under an alternate login. Members may vote once per event and may not vote for their own entry (I’ll know if you did, and will not count your vote). You may not disclose the identity of any of the designers of the entries until voting closes. Voting will be via the 3-2-1- points method. Voters will be asked to post their choice for a gold, silver, and bronze winner. Gold votes are worth 3 points, Silver worth 2, and Bronze worth 1. Points standings After each event, the top 15 participants for a given event will receive points based on their position in the standings of that event. The participants will receive points from the following scale: 20-18-16-14-12-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 depending on their position, with the gold medalist receiving 20 points, and the fifteenth participant receiving 1 point. The points will be cumulated through the contest. At the conclusion of the contest, champion icons for the points standings will be awarded to the top three participants. What’s at stake Medal icons will be awarded at the conclusion of voting to the top points-earners, based on the above scoring system. Results will be posted in the event thread. In the event of a tie, multiple medals will be awarded, at the expense of lesser-value medals. If there are two gold winners, no silver will be awarded; if there are two silvers, there will be no bronze. If there are more than 3 entries for an event, three medals will be awarded. If there are three entries, only gold and silver medals will be awarded. If there are only two entries, only a gold medal will be awarded for the event. Champion icons will be presented to the top overall winners at the end of the LOGOLYMPIAD and will be determined by total points from weighted medal values – 3 points for each gold, 2 for each silver, and 1 for each bronze. Winners can download the posted medal icons for use in their signatures and on their own websites. Please do not link to the images. A complete list of event-by-event medal winners and overall standings will be posted in this thread and updated at the close of each event. The party starts on Monday, November 6th. And with that, I hereby declare these games… OPEN! Event 1 - League Logo: Thread // Voting // Full Album Bronze - ZionEagle (Entry 6) Silver - officeglenn (Entry 14) Gold - Chapeeko (Entry 8) Event 2 - Fantasy Team: Thread // Voting // Full Album Bronze - tpat13 (Entry 4) Silver - Bruins (Entry 15) Gold - Whitefoot (Entry 2)
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    Raptors King has done it again. Still batting 1.000.
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    That Raptors jersey wouldn't even make it out of the Concepts folder without getting wrecked.
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    It actually happened. I'll be damned.
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    Congratulations on inventing the Boston Garden.
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    "Icon" and "Association" are in no way as descriptive as home or away, at least when home and away meant white and dark. "Light", "Dark", "Alt", "Classic", "pride", would have been fine. Even "pride" is silly. Nobody - and I mean NOBODY - is asking their parents for a Lakers "association" jersey for the holidays, or a Sixers Embiid "icon" top. It's absolutely silly, and counterproductive since few (if any) people will be able to keep the stupid names straight.
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    Not sure where to put this, but the Bears posted on Instagram a very neat Photoshop of Walter Payton and Jordan Howard walking together. It’s cool to see two eras of practically the same uniform next to each other. Not that it’s news, but it shows how timeless the Bears’ uniforms are.
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    I got to work on Boise State’s helmet. I was told to use the throwback script from the WAC days for homecoming, and I tried to separate us from classic Florida (orange helmet, blue script), and not make it seem out of place with the current set (which is where the chrome mask comes in to tie with the numbers and stripes). I’m pretty happy with it, given the constraints. Dont worry, this is all part of my master plan to get the bronco head on both sides of the helmet.
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    I "brandiosed" it. How's this?
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    So was Canada's also inspired by the iconic jaws of Husky Stadium bald eagle feathers? Because it's the same template.
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    One underappreciated aspect of the first Jaguars logo was the decision to not give it a keyline on the helmets. This was a great decision and one reason why I wasn't a huge fan of the teal flake you guys all seem to love. This actually is like the Jaguar is coming out of the shadows. Really dynamic and sharp.
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    Calgary hasn't looked good since the early-1990's. Just drop black, or incorporate black as subtle trim into the classic set (to prevent the white and yellow bleeding together): Thanks, @monkeypower, for the rendering.
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    Old guy speaking here, but is the early '00s now considered "old school?" Asking so I can brace myself for the resulting mental trauma.
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    The future of yesterday comes to life tomorrow which is the day after today which is the future of right now but will be the yesterday of Wednesday which is the future of yesterday where today was tomorrow and thus the future of yesterday which brings us to Tuesday.
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    Miami is wearing their throwbacks tonight at Utah. I see them and can’t help but think how much better the throwback colors are for Miami than the current colors. Red-Orange-Black is both more visually appealing and “hotter” to me than the darker red-gold-black to me.
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    Well, I’ve officially made it. I designed a helmet and everyone hated it
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    Don't want to identify too strongly with either of the main universities in the state? Problem solved.
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    Orioles are overdue for a B logo alternate hat. Get rid of the O's hat and add this
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    That's not really a cool thing to say. Autism doesn't equate to stupid, illogical or poor taste. Try another figure of speech.
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    Except I don't -- and won't -- know the difference among the various titles. They're nonsense words that have no practical meaning, especially when existing words (home, away, light, dark, classic, whatever) worked a whole lot better. And as long as the jerseys are falling apart, have poor visual contrast and/or look like trash, Nike doesn't get the benefit of people learning their dumb language. And for an added bonus, the Lakers continued to wear their home jersey on the road, in yellow against the white Suns last night. Can someone explain how Nike forcing the Lakers to withhold their purple jersey for a month and a half increases sales? I don't get that. People already know the Lakers have a purple jersey; they've had one for half a century. What's so special about Nike's version that it needs to be locked away for an arbitrary amount of time?
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    These look awesome Not this this: or this if they want to do alternates, at least make it look like this or this
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    It's just like the Canadiens' logo, if you ignore the complete lack of brand equity and the inferior design work. The original logo was about a 9/10 and this one's a 10/10. You might not immediately guess "that team must be the Senators" from looking at it (trying to step outside myself for a sec, I would probably guess their name is the Spartans), but you wouldn't do that for any number of teams whose logos we still like. I suppose the difference there is that with the Bruins or Flyers, it's more abstract, and with the Blackhawks, one would have to explain that it is a drawing of a historical figure named Black Hawk rather than a hawk that is black. Here, you can reasonably argue "factually speaking, that is clearly not a Roman senator," which I think has always been IceCap's fair-enough beef with it. It's of a kind with the Canucks, where an orca whale is decidedly not a Canuck. But I think a lot of that is overridden by how good the logo looks. If only the Sens would actually use it.
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    Over the past year or so, I've been working on concepts for IIHF teams. I think I got a little bit carried away. I've completed uniform designs for every single IIHF national team, including some other teams that haven't received IIHF recognition. 93 teams in all, 199 uniforms total. With Nike releasing the uniforms for this year's Olympics this week - and many not getting a good response - this felt like the right time to post these. All the designs can be found via this imgur link. https://imgur.com/a/KUXEJ Just to save you a click, here's what the teams taking part in this year's Olympics should (for me) look like.
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    I've totally lost track of this thread, so please forgive me if this was brought up for some reason. I just want to take a moment to bitch about the Grizzlies not using the split numbers of old. In particular I'm bringing it up because their G-League affiliate, the Hustle have them! Old Grizzlies numbers Modern day styled numbers
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    Sure am. Someone in a different thread tried to argue that football "represents" war, simply because of terminology used in both - trenches, bomb, gridiron - and I couldn't stop laughing that someone truly believed that.
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    Congrats, Houston! Hope any Astros fans here enjoy the moment. edit: Reddit was on the ball within 90 seconds.
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    The United States' World Cup jerseys just leaked:
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    Sigh. I give up on trying to understand 'Nike Speak' HOME. AWAY. SECONDARY. STUPID FOURTH JERSEY. Is that better?
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    It’s really sad that Ohio State earned one of its most memorable wins wearing something that doesn’t resemble an Ohio State uniform in any way. Leave these gimmicks for the little guys.
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