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    UPDATE: Primary, secondary and wordmark added. Uniforms still to come.
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    wat is ths im in traine
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    they're built with slave labor
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    Signature-worthy quote.
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    And now he truly is in phone.
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    Ladies and Gentlemen, I humbly submit the official trailer for The Tankening
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    it is so bizarre the rest of the internet is discovering this character I've known for over a decade.
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    Francis Fleming's "A Series of Incompetent Events"
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    Does this make us all Tnak hipsters? "His earlier unhinged rants were much better, before he became mainstream."
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    They get very hot in the polyester. You know, it's not a natural fiber. I think they would prefer cotton. Cotton breathes, you see, it's much softer. Imagine playing games and your team is five degrees cooler than the other team. Don't you think that would be an advantage? They're cooler, they're more comfortable, they're happier, they're gonna play better.
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    Do those arms really belong to that head?
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    I love PHILA on the jerseys. Philadelphia is long and not aesthetically pleasing. Like my wang.
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    How long until he shows up in the clickbait ads at the bottom of the boards? Remember Frank Fleming? You won't believe what he looks like now! (Picture is actually of Matt Damon)
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    In a stunning turn of events, Pawnee, Indiana has mounted the winning bid for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games over competing cities Los Angeles and Paris. Headed by Regional Parks Director Leslie Knope and her husband, U.S. Congressman Ben Wyatt (D-IN), the bid proposed the building of three state of the art all-purpose stadiums as well as the renovation of two local parks to serve as Olympic-worthy venues, which ultimately swayed the Olympic committee to select the rural Indiana city. Though initially opposed by City Councilman Jeremy Jamm (who had tried to secure one of the stadium lots for a Paunch Burger franchise) and former Parks and Recreation Director Ron Swanson (due to strict fiscal concerns), the bid was supported by the city council by a vote of 3-2. After the bid was announced as the winner, Mayor Jerry Gergich stated this was "the single greatest thing to ever happen to Eagleton...oh, I mean Pawnee". The games' official logo depicts the late Pawnee icon 'Lil Sebastian carrying the Olympic torch, a mark Knope herself suggested. "'Lil Sebastian was and always will be the spirit of Pawnee," she said at the press conference, "and thus I felt it fitting that the Pawnee 2024 Olympic Games evoked the spirit of our beloved 'Lil Sebastian." The games are slated to be held August 5-17, with the opening ceremonies being held at the Pawnee Olympic Stadium and featuring performances from local icons Mouserat, Duke Silver, and Perd Hapley.
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    I propose MLB "Primary Uniforms Day."
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    Gila River Arena should be renovated into a parking lot.
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    I will never understand those who have convinced themselves of this sentiment regarding our uni. It is trash from head to toe (not just the head, though especially the head). (Oh, I'm Jax-jacking the crud out of this thread now.) The all-black jersey/pants/socks combo looks like edgy garbage that fails to evoke a lick of the badassery that the team intends to show through it. It is just an abysmal idea to adopt all-black as a full time look when it should only be reserved for occasional alt looks (such as the Ravens current alt, or the Jags' very handsome old black alts). The use of our beloved teal is shockingly horrendous, relegated to gaudy blocks of color throughout the home uni (primarily the contrast-sleeves and pants rectangles(?)). If the use of teal appears to be hastily applied, that is because IT IS (at least in my belief). TIN FOIL HAT TIME: The org made it clear from the beginning of their rebrand that teal was going to majorly take a backseat to Shad Khan's preferred scheme of black and gold. However, this obviously resulted in massive opposition from fans who know how deeply the color is ingrained in the franchise and the town. I believe that this left the team with no choice but to hastily throw some extra teal into the mix. The result? Crappy fill-by-numbers color-blocking. The proof? Check these often overlooked renderings from an old Nike press video regarding the uniform. The uni was going to be even MORE BLACK. The shiny sleeve inserts (claw marks???) are not brought up enough in conversations of how trash this uniform is, but they are indeed trash. The gold nonsense around the neck is trash. The way that there is no consistency across any of the number/NOB outlines is trash. The way that they designed a perfect sleeve logo yet put a slightly modified version of it on the chest for "we-love-the-goddamn-military" reasons, leaving the sleeves desperately bare, is trash. The way that they even designed a teal jersey only to never use it (regardless of the fact that it looks like trash) is trash. It goes without saying that the helmet is super duper trash (but I'm saying it anyway because it is, indeed, a part of this trash mess like everything else). Stupid helmet or not, the whole uniform is haphazardly-thrown-together trash. Bring these back yesterday. I rest my case.
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    Haha stay golden, Morgo I'd look for a picture of the Flames last Cup parade/rally, but the internet didn't exist then. And I'd look for the Canucks last Cup parade/rally, but it doesn't exist, and if it did, it'd just be engulfed in, well, flames.
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    Well, I guess this completely puts to rest my old theory that he was just trolling the place. I think we can all picture that as a post.
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    He's about to fall off the edge of the flat earth that he probably believes in.
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    I have never laughed harder than I did when his voice cracked. Dear god, it's just a manifestation of what I pictured every TNak post ever to be. Marvelous, in a word. Marvelous. This is the greatest moment in CCSLC history.
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    There's a thread in the announcement folder for NoHoJoe's suspension. It's a bump of an old thread for NoHoJoe's suspension, one year to the day for the exact same post. I'm laughing so hard.
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    Sean Avery...oh wait...scrubs in stars' jerseys, not scrubs in Stars jerseys
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    Not pertaining to any uniform changes, but here are some good looks at the uniform and equipment-related details on the Mariners' new Ken Griffey Jr. statue outside of Safeco: They really nailed it IMO. They based it off of Jr. in 1997, hence the Mariners' 20th anniversary patch and the Jackie Robinson breaking barriers patch. They got his signature cleats right, the details on his bat, his Nike gloves, etc. Really nice execution overall.
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    I can't believe you followed up a post in which BBTV mentions his wang by saying "It looks good and is functional. Nothing wrong with it."
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    I was on board with the new uniforms because they brought back orange jerseys and pants. There was also some consistency between the striping and the brown facemask was a big improvement over gray. That's really where the positives end. There's just too much going on and they look like a cluttered mess. Simplify by: 1. Removing 'Browns' from the pants 2. Remove contrasting stitching 3. Remove dropshadows on numbers 4. Switch number colors. White on Home, Brown on Away and I'd actually be okay with Brown on the alternate orange. 5. Don't extend the shoulder striping onto the front of the jersey. Never understood the need for this. Just looks awkward. I did a quick mock up:
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    As far as the uniform goes, this should be the easiest job in history...
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    Hello everyone, It's been a while since I've last posted on this site. Glad to stop by and see some new people posting! This is one of the first concepts of done in quite some time and I figured I'd add it to the forum. This was my senior project for my Graphic Design major. The last graphic design class in my college career! In short, we had the whole semester (a little more as we started at the end of last semester) to work on a brand. There were 14 students in the course and we all picked something to brand. Some picked fast food (You can see some of her work on my Behance project page), check the game program), some picked guitar stores, puppy adoption, Positive news stations, but knowing me, I had to do a hockey team. Full project on Behance, feel free to check it out on there or just see some of the images here! Link: https://www.behance.net/gallery/51875739/Houston-Bulls-NHL-Expansion-Team
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    Can we stop comparing canine logos to other canine logos. Yes certain ones will look similar because the are howling dogs facing right. There are only so many ways to draw it.
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    It's not bad. The colours are different enough from the Seahawks with the two shades of blue, the new Wolf looks nice & the new font looks simple & sleek. The "North Star" though makes the basketball look like the Tropicana Orange (Edited by me):
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    So you may have heard that Canada is set to launch a brand new domestic soccer league sometime soon. No concrete details yet on league structure or clubs, but some info has been leaking out--including that the league will likely be called the Canadian Premier League. Here's my attempt at a fairly realistic look at what we might see when the league is finally announced (hopefully next month).
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    Seriously, the Coyotes thing is stupid. The Wolves have essentially had this as their secondary for YEARS, only facing the other way and NOW that it is facing the same way people are flipping out about it?
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    I've posted the whole series on my Behance, but I'll still be posting here for feedback! I'm also going to do them in batches, so I'll start by finishing off the Pacific Division. There are a lot of alternates as well that didn't make it to the Behance project, but I'll be tossing them up here as a kind of "CCSLC Insiders Bonus".
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    This might be the best thing I have ever seen on these boards.
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    "They" sounds a bit too detached and impersonal for a team that you've invested your time, money and emotions into for at least a significant portion of your life. And "the team I root for" is a mouthful. "We" is a totally acceptable shorthand, IMO.
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    This is the equivalent of a guy named Cal Garyflame suiting up for the Calgary Flames. Shut it down.
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    I bet the nike-speak for the shoulder strip wordmark will be something along the lines of "we incorporated both detroits automotive industry and the Ford families automotive company into the sleeve design by making it look like racing stripes...."
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    I miss when stadiums looked like stadiums and not abstract art.
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    McHale, Aguirre and Bird from 1991 Playoffs:
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    You know, I tried to give you a heads up and a little advice. Instead, you want to act like I'm infringing on something special. Impetulant children don't get their way with me.
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    Something like this would be fine by me..
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