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    Is there anyway the mods would consider a one week ban for anyone criticizing a team's colors based on the color of the animal they're named after?
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    The League has a surprising amount of orange, so I've done away with it for this logo. In place of orange is a much more Miami Vice color scheme. I've combined elements of a few different Miami logos. Not a lot going on here, simplicity was my goal. Miami Dolphins:
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    It's the right move, good they are doing it. I wasn't one of the ones fighting for it to be removed, but yea it's time to move past crappy caricatures that look offensive.
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    Good f’ing riddance to Little Red Sambo. Now come up with a good replacement Cleveland, and we’re in good shape.
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    Cobb County is so afraid of people of color that even their Phillie Phanatic is albino.
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    It's worse than I realized:
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    In the current economy I’m just glad this guy found a new gig.
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    Of all possible pictures, why would you post Kobe in a Knicks uni?
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    Nothing revolutionary here, a mix of the new and the original. Jacksonville Jaguars:
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    You know what? I am all in on this now.
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    That's because Lucky the Leprechaun is a Leprechaun. Leprechauns are not real, unlike Native Americans. So the comparison breaks down pretty quickly.
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    The Blazers’ Twitter account with another dig at the whole Raptors “North” thing:
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    ...for anybody wondering where Soundofthrowingpennies went after he got booted off here...
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    Here we go guys, a new thread that is a follow up to my NHL 90s series last summer. This time we are doing basketball. The NBA in the 90s was a wild time for designs. Teams like the Raptors, Hawks, Bucks, and Grizzlies are the teas that stand out to me but there were many other fantastic and crazy designs. I plan to make a concept for every team in the league with designs similar to the ones I just mentioned. I plan to do all defunct teams that were around in the 90s as well as teams that are around now but weren't in the 90s. Without further ado, lets start this off with two concepts. Golden State Warriors. Golden State had some wild jerseys with bold lightning bolts on them n the 90s. I decided to take this to the max and use the bolts as a full jersey and shorts design. Also present is a gradient in the numbers and the road jersey being a red to orange gradient. Definitely out there but I really like how they turned out. Second up is the Portland Trailblazers Portland has always stayed with their sash design and while I do really like it, I wanted to try something implementing their logo. I made it the main design aspect with the lines extending much farther than usual and eve on to the back of the jersey. I could have seen something like this being a reality in the 90s. So there's the kickoff for this new series. I am extremely excited to be doing this and I'm hoping you all enjoy it as much as the NHL series.
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    I'm all in. #takenote
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    I doubt it, as Chief Black Hawk is portrayed in a dignified manner, not as a caraciture.
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    Absolutely perfect. To my mind, not only the finest uniform that the Jacksonville Jaguars have ever worn, but one of the best looking uniforms in the history of the NFL.
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    I like them using the cap "D" on the jerseys, but they really should have designed a new Old English "D" to work in both applications. Shameless self-plug, but I'd suggest something like this: It's light enough to work on a cap and bold enough to work on a jersey without deviating too much from their previous insignias.
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    The World Series turned into a CBS procedural, nice.
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    Ideally, we would stop living in the past and accept that the Oilers aren’t around anymore.
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    Here’s a couple looks at Orlando’s City uniforms in action:
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    Clips need to change their entire identity to this scheme.
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    If the Dolphins really insist that they don't want to go with the throwbacks.
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    Alright, Hettinger seems to have switched focus the the Ravens, and is making awesome progress. So I'll go ahead and post the next club: Arizona Cardinals: And the flag inspired helmet:
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    If the Spurs try something out with the fiesta colors, and they should, they could always recreate the old warmup jackets:
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    Thankfully. There are no kelly green helmets, disgracefully.
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    Are we designing a football helmet or painting a bedroom?
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    Careful who you call ugly in High school.
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    First team. The Philadelphia Founders
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    IMO, not when done right. I'll take this over this any day of the week
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    I wanted the Ravens logo to feel more like the Carolina Panthers logo: a black creature coming from the shadows, only the highlights lending an idea as to what was really there. I also wanted to put that much beloved Maryland/Baltimore flag in there, but not go Maryland Terrapins over the top with it, thus the beak. A black to purple iridescent helmet - not too over the top with the iridescence- with metallic gold highlights.
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    Front page article : http://news.sportslogos.net/2018/01/26/oakland-athletics-unveil-new-kelly-green-uniform/
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    I'd love to see a return to the 1993-1998 look. So clean and dignified: just red and white, no black.
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    This is like arguing Lord of the Rings canon. Makes me want to get shot out of a cannon.
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    Well Super Bowl LII is officially history. Congrats to the Eagles on winning their first Super Bowl. It's now time to begin looking ahead to Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta next year, and as expected the NFL has churned out yet another generic template logo for the game. So without further ado, here's my concept for Super Bowl LIII next year. Let me know what you think; always appreciate the feedback!
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    You’re not, hawkfan is. He’ll post when he can, a project like this takes an extraordinary amount of time and this thread isn’t the only thing in his life.
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    You're gonna bite my head off for this, but I think the retro stuff gets Miami right more than the modern stuff does, both in uniforms and creative. I hate the Dolphins' uniforms. I think the team on the field looks terrible. It's easy to overlook them because they're in the Roll Over For The Patriots Division but for all but two games a year they look terrible. So it's a testament to your abilities as a designer that you can do such good product around a team that looks as bad as the Dolphins do. All the social media art with Steelfish or a typeface that looks like Steelfish is very sleek and modern and clean, the execution is perfect, but it's missing some Dolphins je ne sais quoi. They're the oldest sports team in Florida and I like when aesthetics reflect that as international and modern as Miami has become, the Dolphins remain a product of a point in time. I also like South Florida's crummy pastel houses and dated strip malls, so maybe that's just a problem I have. Frankly, I blame the 1972 team for my belief that the team should be preserved in kitschy amber.
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    I think the Nike run in the NBA has been a disaster so far. This whole “Teams can wear whatever they want” experiment is terrible. Then there’s the Lakers who aren’t even wearing their classic purple jerseys. That’s like the Yankees not wearing pinstripes for the majority of the season.
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    I know lmao i just did it for the meme CCSLC: GET RID OF THE AQUAFRESH LOGO CCSLC: THE DOLPHINS SHOULDN'T USE NAVY CCSLC: THE OLD MARINO LOGO WAS ICONIC ME: Hey, y'all, you know that high quality logos are accep- CCSLC: GO BACK TO THE CAVE OF WHICH YOU CAME FROM
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    I can't remember a single uniform-related rumor from Reddit that ever turned out to be true.
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    Good riddance. Wahoo can burn in hell. Seriously, though, I hope some sort of rebrand is coming. That block C, as is, is pretty dull.
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    This is such a tired arguement. Eagles aren't Green, Seahawks (Ospreys) aren't blue, Buffaloes aren't blue, Falcons aren't red etc. etc. etc. It's sports. Have some fun.
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    They were both fantastic secondary logos that neither team is using anymore. It's a shame. They fit in that sleeve space so well too. I've joked since I was a kid that every year the best of the 4 cat teams should get a trophy of their own because none of them are ever winning the Super Bowl.
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    I'd love to know the full story behind it. Maybe one day we'll get an oral history the way we got one about the New Jersey Swamp Dragons. It's just so stupid looking the only way it could get past so many levels of approval would be if one loud, stubborn person hammered it through. I know everybody's got a weird boner for the teal flake helmet, but I recently watched the 96 playoff game against the Broncos on youtube and the super buffed and polished all black helmet with the original logo was so striking and sharp I couldn't stop staring at them. I have problems with their current logo, but all the Jags need to do is a glossy black helmet with the logo big on the side. And put a full bodied logo in those empty sleeve caps. edit: even with that catalog logo that looks pretty good to me Don't overthink it, Jags!
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