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    To show how the club got uprooted.
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    because Screw Columbus doesn't land with the gravitas of Fuc-- I'm sorry a mod is calling me gotta go
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    if you ever doubted the difference a client can make to a project, just study this photo for a while
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    15% of my posts on this site are this picture: No need for an ounce of silver in the Panthers identity.
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    Sticking it to PJ Fleck. Don't let him pick uniform choices! Way to go New Mexico State. "Shipping errors," I think not!
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    Hey guys! With the 2018 season quickly approaching, I'm going to start posting a series that I've been working on since before I knew this place existed. For each NFL franchise, I've created a new uniform and logo set. Some are simply modernizations of classic looks, while others will be more radical changes. The vector template I'm using is a combination of parts from a few existing templates that I modified to fit the appearance of andrewharrington's incredible template. After I've posted all the teams using the 2D template, I'll be presenting them division-by-division using a realistic 3D presentation I created myself. Until then, I'll be putting out my concepts in no particular order. I've got designs together 28 of the 32 teams so far. Most of them were created over the course of this summer. I'm starting college in a few days so I wanted to get as much work done as I could while I still had the time. AFC East Buffalo Bills Miami Dolphins New England Patriots New York Jets North Baltimore Ravens Cincinnati Bengals Cleveland Browns Pittsburgh Steelers South Houston Texans Indianapolis Colts Jacksonville Jaguars Tennessee Titans West Denver Broncos Kansas City Chiefs Las Vegas Raiders Los Angeles Chargers NFCEast Dallas Cowboys New York Giants Philadelphia Eagles Washington Redskins North Chicago Bears Detroit Lions Green Bay Packers Minnesota Vikings South Atlanta Falcons Carolina Panthers New Orleans Saints Tampa Bay Buccaneers West Arizona Cardinals Los Angeles Rams San Francisco 49ers Seattle Seahawks First up is the Cincinnati Bengals, inspired by their color-rush uniform's block font and emphasis on white. The helmet design, which more accurately depicts the way the striping on a tiger's head actually works, is borrowed from a concept I've seen floating around for a few years. It's such a good idea that I built the rest of the team's visual identity around it. The number font is a custom block font I built. It's very similar to the one the Jaguars just released, but that was after I had already finished this concept. For the logo, I wanted to make a more aggressive, snarling cat with a lot of movement. Pretty happy with the way it turned out! Enjoy! C+C is greatly appreciated!
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    These titans' uniforms are dismal. They look like a vaguely less interesting Seattle (and why anyone would want to look like Seattle at all is a mystery to me). What a pack of dopes. As expected, the dumbasses go with the monochrome look, and also as expected it looks like complete garbage.
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    I have no problem with the "three different colors" issue, as long as one of the colors is white. But when all three are different and none are white? Disaster...
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    The thing is, this new Nuggets look had POTENTIAL. The issue is that they decided to do :censored:ty colour balance with the jerseys and create a third that looks even more awful. Had they tweaked things so the look was more cohesive, the Nuggets would look fine. But hey, they've torched every jersey they've worn since Ujiri left them with every little tweak starting in 2015. EVERY SINGLE ONE has been nothing short of a bad idea save for that White sleeved jersey they wore cause the shorts + the Nuggets icicle wordmark on the back were cool. 1. They elongated the number font + made it navy to make it stand out more, a change that wasn't needed: 2. ^ The yellow alternate "Nuggets" font was changed to the old skyline font & the number was moved from the right shoulder to the left. The number thing isn't that big of a deal, but the wordmark looks out of place. 3. They decide to switch from being a baby blue team to being a navy team for a grand total of one season while completely wrecking the yellow alternate: And well, you know the rest..... They should never gone away from this look and should've based the OG yellow alternate as the basis of a new design: Look at how much cleaner that looks, how the colour balance was fine as is, how the "Nuggets" wordmark on the yellow alternate looks like it belongs.... every change made for the worse.
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    An almost six-month old project that I haven't even posted here thus far: new grizzly, new colors, new identity for the ECHL's Utah Grizzlies.
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    This is probably the most dated '90s uniform this side of the Grizzlies: BFBS, jagged font, unneccessary outlines... ...but that's why this works so well as a throwback. I still wish they would resurrect the tree-lined collars for the new jerseys.
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    Carolina certainly has the better handwriting of the two.
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    Meta: Idea for Uniform reveals / game day attire reveals Bingo card. Rap Music Weird camera angles "Do that superman thing with your chest" "Do that 'no way/incomplete pass' signal" Flex muscles Show your gloves Crouch
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    THAT IS AWESOME!!!! I see no prob with putting subtle creative touches on the field. Especially if it matches your team's logo or theme. Now if it was Minnesota and they put a bunch of boat oars around the field, then I'd be mad.
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    The Cal-UNC game looked great
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    The edited 5 still looks more like an S. Your 3 is a definite improvement though. I still don't like the pointy question mark 7. To me the last number set was perfect for WVU. Unique, fits the logo, doesn't try too hard
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    Thanks! It's weird omitting the elephant, but I thought it'd be a good place to mix it up. Thanks! Thanks! I did think about that, but I thought it was a bit too Pacific Northwest for me. It didn't really need red. Thanks! Thank you! Portland will be towards the end for the series, but I doubt I'll be doing the Elephants on the bat. Given that it's a modern relocation, I doubt the Cardinals would be thrilled with another major-league team aping their style, even for a throwback. If I do wind up doing a retro-styled alternate, a Mavericks-themed one is more likely. Anyway, it's Seattle time! SEATTLE ATHLETICS - The Emerald of the North Another one of Charlie O.'s stops on the relocation tour was Seattle, which he apparently enjoyed. Period articles feature him commenting on how he liked the area, with several other AL owners backing him up.1 However, it didn't work out for several reasons: 1. Oakland had a considerably larger metro area to draw from for fans, alongside a major league-ready venue. 2. Much like the Pilots found out, Sicks Stadium was ill-suited as a temporary venue for a MLB team. The 25,000 seat expansion plan was also part of Finley's negotiations, which I'm sure would have gone as poorly as it did for the Pilots. Compounding on this issue was the political wrangling behind the eventual construction of the most depressing domed stadium ever Kingdome. 3. The team would have had to pay up the wazoo for the territory rights from three PCL teams (Seattle, Vancouver, and Tacoma). The Pilots paid $1 million to the PCL, so it's easy to assume the A's would have paid as much/more.2 I can best sum it up with an image of the early-mid 2000s Audi Allroad: It may look nice on the outside, but it's a technical mess that turns into a money pit (I normally don't like Doug DeMuro, but he's got some good points about the Allroad). However, what if the stars somehow lined up in perfect formation, and the A's moved to Seattle? I assumed that Kelly Green/Yellow-Gold would stick around, if only because the other pro team in the city (the Supersonics) used that same colorway. Due to the market influence/success of the Sonics, the A's would keep Kelly Green around and/or return to it (albeit slightly darkened - 349 C) by the time they set themselves up at Safeco Field. Scripts would appear in the 1980s, with the white elephant returning to the identity along with a rendering of the Seattle skyscrapers/Mount Rainier. I've also mocked up a version that goes in a slightly different direction, removing yellow and preserving the lighter Kelly shade (348 C). It has precedent in the city, with the 1900s-10s Seattle Giants of the Northwestern League. Thanks for the idea, @vtgco! PART A - The Gold Standard The skyline logo is the primary, featuring bits of the Mariners' 30th Anniversary logo, an old Supersonics concept I made, and the updated 1930 elephant. I used Market Deco (akin to the Seattle Public Market's signage) as the wordmark font and also to form the "apostrophe s" on the cap insignia. I added an Old English S to the logos, along with the standalone elephant. The home and road set feature the yellow/green/yellow striping pattern of my old Oakland concept. A yellow/white/yellow sock stripe pattern emulates the cap's colorway, as the Kelly Green is now dark enough to allow for proper contrast. I put the textless primary on the sleeve and a "Seattle" script on the road uniform. The first set of alts feature both yellow-gold and green softball tops. I placed an "Old English S" hat on the green alternate. The second set of alts feature a white alternate cap for the home uniform (like the old coaches' caps, modeled by Dick Williams). The Rainiers-style alternate merges several uniform styles for the team, such as the 1939, 1951, and 1955 uniforms. The elephant appears on the sleeve, as a means of tying the Rainiers' brand to the A's traditional aesthetics. The dugout jacket features shoulder inserts and white sleeves, to emphasize each of these colors. The "Seattle" script is on the front, while the "A's" logo is on the back and the sock stripe pattern is on the trim. PART B - Emeralds and Elephants The logos are the same in the Kelly/Yellow identity, which features a touch of grey in some of logo package (retro uniform and road alt cap). The uniforms now feature all-green caps (save for the squatchee) and green/white/green striping on the sleeves and pants. The tri-stipe on the socks is now all-white. Bold block numbers are on the home jersey, while white outlines highlight the road jersey (a la my old Reds concept). The green jersey comes with a white-crowned cap for home and a grey-crowned hat on the road. The vintage alternate uses the 1955 Rainiers' template (based on the Project 32 Mariners redesign), with grey appearing as an outline color. The solo elephant appears again on the sleeve. The jacket flips around the "Seattle" and "A's" marks, while deleting the sleeve inserts. It's pretty cool to see how the A's look adapts well to both the Seattle setting and a Kelly/White colorway. C+C is appreciated, as always! Up next, surf's up! 1John E. Peterson, The Kansas City Athletics: A Baseball History, 1954–1967 (Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland, 2012), 255-58. 2Ibid.
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    IMO, script logos on helmets all look great.
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    There's your ***damned home uniform, right there. No number outline bull****, no team nicknames down the pant legs, none of that bull****. That helmet, that jersey with a white version for road games, and those ****ing pants. In fact, even bring back real sleeves so that your offensive players can actually advance the ball via holding calls since they can't do it by advancing it downfield on their own. End of list.
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    I mean, in fairness, these Oregon unis aren't so bad. I am by no means a fan of the contrasting nameplate, but I wonder why they didn't do something like this to make it feel like a part of the jersey:
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