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    I like the more aggressive logo but I also like the old colors. I did a quick color change a while back and I think it looks great.
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    This is the RAMS' FAULT, NOT THE LEAGUE'S. They HAD the opportunity to change, but chose not to. Then they ruined their uniforms, and are trying to blame the league for not allowing them to change their mind on the decision they consciously made. It's pathetic that they're trying to point the finger at the NFL, and "educate" them, as if they're morons that don't understand the fan bases and marketing implications. If anyone need's education, it's the Rams organization themselves. They need to be better educated as to the rules, deadlines, and ramifications of their own decisions. Idiots.
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    NFL: We want them to wear the uniforms that no one likes. THAT will help jersey sales
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    One time I wore a Cubs hat in Bridgeport and a guy called me a f-cking f-ggot. Classic misunderstanding: I'm not gay.
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    You're doing something wrong in your life if you have this many confrontations over sports-logos.
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    They could do it if they weren't so insistent on waiting on the new stadium for a rebrand. A lot of the blame should go towards the team. They are the ones that don't want to fully change their look right now, because they want to roll out something completely new in 2 years.
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    Sorry a bit of self promo here but I'll leave this here in case anyone's interested...
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    That flag is actually what inspired the cape in this version of the centurion. It may be my favorite part; a shining example showing how to incorporate a local design element without forcing it.
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    Why does Cincy even put a wordmark in their endzones? Just having the tigers stripes would be an upgrade to me.
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    The DC logo was fine, but the curly W makes for a very nice pretzel.
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    Hey, you guys remember that episode where Michigan State guest starred on Gunsmoke?
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    Could not possibly agree more. A few years ago, I tried to come up with a fix for every yoga look in the league;
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    as much as i like the current colors, i think i'd actually like to split the difference— current blue + kelly green
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    They won't be home and away uniforms. They will be "league" and "idol" uniforms.
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    I posted the 2017 Penguins cup in the best thread, so it's only fitting to go with:
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    They should have stuck with this version:
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    I've been a long time peruser, occasional poster on these forums for a while now. Over the years, I've seen many great concepts, but there has always been one poster whose concepts I really gravitate towards, Oldschoolvikings. A few weeks ago, I pulled up his NFL Fauxback Thread and saw his 1965 Baltimore Ravens concept. I really love how it captured the essence of 60's design.... One of my hobbies is building football helmets. I liked Oldschool's Ravens helmet concept so much, that I decided to make an actual helmet based on his design for my personal collection. Below is the result... Big thanks to Oldschoolvikings for the inspiration and coming up with this design. Keep up the great concepts......I love 'em!
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    "Teal is the heart of the brand" So let's only wear it 3 times. Fans have been screaming for a teal primary and you stick with black because you want to own black? YOU LITERALLY OWN TEAL!!! Why try to "own" something that so many other teams have?
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    Usually the owner of the team doesn't advertise on the uniform.
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    Just use this with a matching black at home. It celebrates the entire history of Ottawa hockey and is the perfect compromise between the roman and heritage themes. Also put the =O= on the shoulders.
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    Should be a great series between a team that had to build its entire organization from scratch and the Golden Knights
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    @whitedawg22 You should write for Nike. I've always understood the Piston's logo to be a Basketball viewed from the side and when they updated the logo, they just made it more accurate to modern basketballs It being the lower hole of a piston sounds like revisionist garbage to justify a circle logo with lines
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    Congrats to long-suffering Knights fans. You've been with this team since 2017 and you lost that game in March so it's been a tough road to get this far.
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    It's funny.... this logo is round enough to work with a barberpole setup, and it also plays homage to the 1st logo they ever wore. The fact they won't even consider using it as the primary makes my blood boil.
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    Just about everything the New York Giants have ever done.
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    Does anybody else read these posts in LaVar Ball’s voice?
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    It's still weird to me to realize that there was a time when the 49ers wore silver instead of gold. They're named after the GOLD rush!!!
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    Hello all. First let me say if this is in the wrong place I am sorry. I have been a long time member who used to post a lot way back when but haven't a long time. I just remembered awhile back I have an account here. Anyway. I am a big Dolphins fan and I have been attempting uniform swaps for quite awhile. There is a guy on the net that used to post the best ones on finheaven.com but he wouldn't help me learn how to do swap informs. So over the last 13 years I have been attempting to figure it out. I have a folder with a few swaps over on Deviant Art starting with Ndamukong Suh and ending with the recent addition of Fitzpatrick. I know there is still quite a way for me to go to make these look absolutely photo realistic but I am still happy with the end result. Here is the original I started with: And here is the swap (I added a few effects to make certain areas pop as I used it for a wallpaper): I would love some feed back. Like I said I know there are areas (like the orange shoes and gloves) that need some tweaking but I think I will apply any tips to future swaps. Again if this is in the wrong place please move it to the correct forum.
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    2010 Giants: Even the alt that year looked fab:
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    I made a joke about how y'all would yourself if they brought the colors back, and no one laughed.... (Shameless plug for a dead thread is shameless)
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    And that’s why I prefer the original. That and the bright color scheme. The updates are all trying too hard to be tough and “kewl”. The harder they strain, the less effective they are.
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    To me the worst part of this update is that it's brought out so many people who now want to claim that the previous nightmare of a uniform was "fine, except for the helmet." Stop that. You don't like this new look? OK... but that old garbage still needed to be dragged to the curb. Oh... IMO.
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    These things are oh so close...and yet, not quite there. I think just a few small tweaks and these sets will be, given what they're going for, about as close to 100% as one could hope for. One: move the logo on the jerseys down onto the hip on the pants. They've already done that before, and if nothing else at least something will be on the pants. (And of course, I have Florida State on my mind as I write all this...they've been doing the hip logo thing for quite a while now. It'd be an interesting little ode, especially with Jalen Ramsey headlining that defense.) And second...the sleeve cuffs should really be the same color as the jersey, like the collar...that way the little sleeve stripe things follow the same style as the collar...slashes, I guess?...oh, and on the white jerseys they should definitely be teal. Here's a quick and dirty Photoshop job I mocked to show the difference.
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    98% may be bit of an exaggeration; Apparently, the key is... yellow.
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    We all knew this thread was coming eventually! I think the title is pretty self explanatory, so I'll get this ball rolling with an example of my own! In 1998, coming off his record setting 4th album, rap legend and acting icon Shaquille O'Neal decided to give basketball a try. Eventually he won in 2000 against Indiana in the Lakers' perfectly reasonable, but not quite as good as three others, current set
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    If I’m hosting the Rams, I’m going white at home to force them to wear the mismatch. I’m also a small, petty person. (I know why they did it, but it’s a shame they’ve effectively dropped the gold. The St. Louis set with gold pants was a great modern look.)
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    A pedestrian silver? What do you mean! Don't you know "Wolf Grey"TM when you see it? It's got major wolfyness all over it.
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    The Toronto Raptors are the Toronto Huskies now.
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