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    The only option is Supersonics. Charlotte proved that any other nickname other than the fan favorite won't really work.
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    I wear my khakis full length always but I wear different tops every day. Some days I wear our company colors, some days I wear the colors and logos that the company popularly wore in the mid 80s, and recently I've been wearing the company's logos from the 80s with their colors from present day. I happen to work in Milwaukee.
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    And the biggest size available is 3XL. Tank is too big to wear his own t-shirt. I think that's what the kids call ironical.
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    I am personally fascinated by what's going on in Minor League Baseball right now, and the majority of that is due to Brandiose's reign of two-word nickname, food logo, baby cake of terror, which to be honest hasn't been all bad imo. There are things happening down in the MiLB that wouldn't have been dreamed of 20 or so years ago, and its like watching a blowout: Painful, but fun to watch it go down. So i got to thinking, with news of Brandiose sinking its toes into the minor league hockey pool, how long is it before they get their hands on the major leagues? Now if (when) in eventuality they do, they won't come at it with a Jumbo Shrimp ideal, but for fun, I'd like to think of what would happen if they did. So I'll be taking a TBD select number of teams from the MLB and making them look like they belong in the International League, starting with the Oakland Swingin' A's (Athletics).
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    Keeping the leagues separate became impractical for several reasons: 1. The league was leaving a ton of money on the table by not playing interleague games. Example: Indians fans are not driving down here to watch the Reds play the Braves for the 100th time, but a 3 game weekend series? Yeah they're gonna come for that. You put every team in every stadium and you give a fan a reason to go to the ballpark that they didn't have before. They could no longer afford to leave that revenue on the table because.... 2. The strike demanded the game introduce some gimmicks to win fans back and every team in the league actually playing every other team in the league (like every other sport in North America) was a quick way to do that. 3. As sports coverage grew, cable stations aired more games, people started to watch more out of market games thanks to satellite and then later the internet, it became more and more necessary to widen the pool of opponents for the schedule to remain interesting. Again, I could watch the Reds play the Braves for the 100th time or I could watch the Reds play the Indians for the first time ever. TV broadcasts need eyeballs like seats need butts and interleague play was a ratings grab. It became impractical to leave that money on the table. 4. I don't know how much longer young people would've put up with the notion that some of the best players in the game will never face off against some of the other best players in the game because "that's the way it's done". By the late 90's it felt antiquated to me, a kid, that we had 28 teams, many of them in the same city and some of them had never played. That's weird when you explain it like that. "When are the Mets gonna play the Yankees, dad?" "Unless they both make it to the World Series, never" "Why?" "because that's the way it is." 5. The draft, umpires, free agency, TV coverage, minor leagues, and leadership were all intertwined and both leagues were truly one entity. With all of those moving parts working together it made less sense to keep the play on the field separate. They hadn't been separate entities for decades. The only thing they weren't together on was actually playing each other. Think about this - some of the best baseball players of all time never played against some of the other best baseball players of all time and the only reason we were robbed of those matchups was because they happened to be in different leagues. That's silly and eventually it was going to change. When I go to the ballpark I go to see the other team probably more than I go to see my own and the more variety we can get the better that is for me, the fan. I want to see those matchups without hoping two guys meet in a meaningless allstar game or the small chance both their teams make it to the World Series. I'm as much a traditionalist as anyone, but that was a bad tradition and I'm glad we're moving away from it. I love interleague play because I love baseball. If anything I want to see more of it. Thank you
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    Green and Gold. SuperSonics. If it's not both, it's wrong. End of story.
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    Had he still been a member here, he probably would have left home 5-minutes later (because of posting) and missed the cameras, or would have been posting about the delay (from in phone) rather than going on a rampage. The timeline would have been permanently altered. So in a way, CCSLC (or at least the mods that banned him) created Frankie Midnight.
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    Disagree completely. The silver always seemed like an inappropriate accent color to use in the pinwheel, and I think most Blazers fans would agree that switching back to a primarily red/black/white color scheme is more fitting. I'm fine with them keeping gray(s) as secondary colors to be used sparingly for merchandising and promotional materials, and possibly even the alternate uniforms, but the main scheme should absolutely be red/black/white.
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    The Bears C is just a poor execution of cutting out the ellipse. The moved the middle point too far up. Both shapes are perfect ellipses with a rectangle cut out. The left side is vertically aligned, the right is moved up.
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    Thank god they don't have to worry about that.
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    Ok so I decided I am going to post a few more sets of concepts, and probably update them all at the end of the series so I can get a better feel of the entire league's look and aesthetic as a whole. So for now, my 4th team is the Knicks! With an old-school vibe, contrasted with vibrant, striking colors, I love this look for the big Apple. Next up, we have the Bucks! I tried to incorporate the classic many shades of green, as well as the hints of blue in the uniform combining them with the updated logo and wordmarks. And to round out this last set of concepts, here are the Pelicans! I hate how boring New Orleans current set is and my main goal here was to make their uniforms as exciting as the city itself.
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    I also have a weird coworker from San Diego who happens to wear camo to work once a week. The rest of the week he wears the most boring and bland outfits I've ever seen even though everyone reminds him of the great and unique outfits he used to wear in the late 70's. Sadly, nobody likes him.
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    So next is Coco's idea and by far the most drastic change yet, based off of the Braves nickname, The Atlanta Peach Clobbers! 'The one thing people think of when they think of Georgia is the ever famous Georgia Peach, so it makes perfect sense to base Atlanta's team on the fuzzy fruit. The new peach mascot P.J. is a symbol of combined fun & focus and the design as a whole is fresh and bright with a few subtle nods to the 70's Braves, lowercase a included. The Clobbers have multiple cap logos including two monograms resembling peaches, a and PC, P.J. doing a Schwarzenegger pose, a muscle and a leaf the first four of which have a fuzzy texture to them. All peach-colored jersey logos are also fuzzy. In addition to the lowercase a main cap logo, the home and road jerseys feature a leaf on each sleeve resembling the feather logo in use from 72-79.'
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    The Lord Stanley's Cup has undergone some changes since its inception in 1893. I wanted to see what the cup would look like if all of the removed rings hadn't been removed. I'll likely be adding some infographic style information regarding which rings are which.
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    With the Blazers releasing their new logos yesterday, I figured I'd whip up some uniform concepts for what I think we might end up seeing. I have the primary home and road uniforms finished, so I'll start by showing you guys those. They're pretty similar to the current uniforms, but with some small tweaks. Both uniforms now feature v-neck collars, and the collar and armhole trim is now solid red on both jerseys. The wordmarks and numbers feature the updated typeface, and they're one color instead of being outlined. The signature uniform stripes now have space in between them to be more consistent with the lines of the pinwheel logo. Both uniforms feature a red tag on the waistband of the shorts with the ripcity logo inside. Lastly, I used OHSU for the ad on the jerseys, but they've yet to formally announce one. It's just what I'd like to see. I'm currently working on the alternate uniforms, so hopefully I'll have those posted in the coming days.
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    And I'm surprised that you somehow know about my unspoken desire to see a uniform covered with pictures of dildos. It's like you read my secret diary.
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    I can't agree with mr graphic designer on Reddit there. The revised logo is better because that's how I perceived it my entire life until a few years ago when uniwatch pointed out the flaws. Now it's fundamentally flawed every time I look at it. The right is how it's supposed to look (like the Reds) and the left is a product of poor graphics reproduction tools that kept pushing forward a bad trace of a wishbone c until it became official. It's not designed like that to be "optically" pleasing as this guy claims. his argument is that the "metrically" designed logo wouldn't look good on a helmet but provides no reason for this. It's the same logo, same shape, just with the flaws corrected. It'd look better on a helmet.
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    Hey guys doing a little house keeping on this. I'm in month 4 with the team, and here's some big things I've worked on. A lot of birthday graphics for social media https://www.behance.net/gallery/48990707/Rays-Birthday-Graphics-pt1 and a logo for a radio show hosted at Tropicana Field https://www.behance.net/gallery/50774111/Rays-Bats-N-Brews-Radio-Logo There's so much that I've done that I don't have pictures of, but I'm glad I've sort of asserted myself as the logo guy on our design team haha. Follow my twitter, I share a lot of graphics on there.
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    This thread offends me.
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    and this so good. It makes no sense why they use the B instead of those two logos.
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    Yea. I hate that dopey B, especially when it replaced this:
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    America was founded in Seventeen Seventy-six. The internal combustion engine was patented in Eighteen Twenty-six. Man landed on the moon in Nineteen Sixty-nine. Why should that mode of dating suddenly change? The War of One-thousand Eight-hundred Twelve doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.
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    Yeah I roll my work khakis up to my knees every day as well. I also wear a Rawlings CoolFlow batting helmet at my desk, just to be safe. Still not sure why my co-workers don't talk to me or invite me to their after work hangouts. Must be a bunch of stiffs.
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    My whole accounting team wear our pants up to our knees and wear matching colored Stance socks. A different color each day.
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    Gosh, these Stance socks are cheesy. I guess some are okay, but a lot of them are just crap. The Golden Gate Bridge doesn't need to be on the socks. And giving teams even more options than they had before is just making the problem worse and a whole lot less uniform than it already was. Remember when teams only had one socks design and it looked professional and not like a bunch of little leaguers that got their socks from 12 different stores? Those were the days
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    BALTIMORE ORIOLES, PT. II - The modern St. Louis Browns The first alternate take delves into the Orioles' turbulent history in St. Louis. The Browns barely survived their time in St. Louis (a short recap by Hardball Times writer and fellow board member @pmoehrin here, and a cool website designed by @STL FANATIC here) and there's no way that the city could have ever supported two teams in the long-term. However, what if the Browns had survived to the modern age? What would I have look like? Well, here's the answer. The most obvious change from the original Browns is the color scheme. Gone is orange, and in its place is red. I did this for two reasons. The first reason is that brown/orange is too associated with the other two teams named "Browns" (the team that's now the Ravens and the record book-ignoring doofuses), and I wanted the baseball Browns to carve their own aesthetic path (let's presume they added red sometime in the late-60's/early-70's). The second reason is that I wanted to try out the color scheme, as I've grown to like its application on Indians concepts and the NHL Panthers. The second change to differentiate the team from the NFL Browns is the deletion of Brownie the Elf. I've never liked the logo. The identity now focuses on St. Louis' history (as part of New France from late-seventeenth to mid-eighteenth centuries - here's a good book on New France) and the city's namesake Saint Louis (King Louis IX of France, from 1226-70). The real team referenced this connection in their 1936-51 primary logo. It was from this point that I drew my inspiration. The new primary logo, to go along with the Louis IX theme, is now a shield (based off of the proportions of Lego shields, which had a more "medieval" look to them than the '39-'51 logo). The logos feature the color "Champagne Silver," from the USFL's Michigan Panthers. I thought the name and color fit with the brown/red pairing and the city's ties to France. In one section is a modernized version of the '39-'51's rendering of the Apotheosis of St. Louis statue, commissioned for the 1904 World's Fair/Louisiana Purchase Exhibition/Anthropology Days/Olympic Games and therefore connected to the wackiest Olympic marathon ever). Here is a comparison with the original logo. In the opposite section section are three fleur-de-lis sourced from the 1945-53 alternate logo (in a pattern that mimics the Île-de-France flag and heraldry, the home region of Louis IX). The center of the logo features a baseball with the team script, to divide the sections. The lower part showcases the barberpole sock stripe pattern and the Gateway Arch with the cap logo in center. The secondary logo features an enlarged arch, stripe pattern, fleur-de-lis, and Apotheosis rendering. The founding date of the 1902 is on the Apotheosis' platform. The cap logo is based around the 1946-53 cap logo, with alterations to make it look less like the contemporary Cardinals cap logo. I gave it spurs (a la the Cardinals' 1900-19 primary logo - per Cooperstown Collection), and adjusted the height/spacing/serifs of the letters to better accommodate an outline. Here is a comparison. The uniforms are based off of the 1952-3 set, AKA "The Padres can totally do brown/white/grey" look. I tweaked the scripts to clean up inconsistent line weights, standardized the tails, and widened the letter kerning to accommodate outlines (a tip for fellow concept artists, adding outlines to scripts necessitates wider kerning). Here is a comparison. The fleur-de-lis takes the place of front numbers, while the secondary and primary logos grace the sleeves of the home and road uniforms, respectively. The barberpole sock stripes and wide red outlines on the logos allow for a red-billed hat on both uniforms. I used black cleats to enhance the "retro" aesthetic. The number font is the same as the Orioles' retro day alternates, and the NOB font is Rawlings' block (used by the Orioles and in the past by the Cardinals). The home/road alternate is an updated take on the 1908 home uniform, with an "St.L" on the chest and the fleur-de-lis on a piped cap (a pre-1950's design element I'd like to see return). The Heritage Day alternate is a brown/red fauxback to the 1944 home uniforms (with the addition of the fleur-de-lis on the cap and the modern secondary logo), one of the few bright moments in team history. This ties the "modern" Browns to the history of the old Browns and their sorta-funky uniforms. I had a lot of fun creating this one. While most "alternate takes" won't be this extensive, I do like to have the opportunity to put new spins on the classics. C+C is greatly appreciated, as always. Up next, Boston!
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    That logoset is better than the LA Clippers one...geez.
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    Or maybe the Braves should just admit that they have a gorgeous primary uniform, among the best in baseball, and stop trying to ruin their look with pointless alternates.
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    If the Raptors started wearing a jersey that said "The North" that would be worse even than Charlotte's black sleeved Buzz City uniforms and those were just a smidge worse than Rip City. that, folks, is why we can't allow nicknames on jerseys. Some teams can't be trusted to not wear stupid :censored: like this.
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    I don't see that as a problem. If the blue needs a little separation from the silver, white can do that. But the white itself doesn't also need separation from the silver. A second outline is just needless clutter. I think this is the best option of them all: They never needed an extra outline before, and they certainly don't need one now.
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    Do you have these opinions about everything? "Ugh, I'm so tired of PB&J. What a boring sandwich. Make room for fluffernutters...GOD!" "Ugh. ANOTHER red car? And with FOUR wheels? Try something new!" "Ugh. Oxygen is so annoying. We should try breathing carbon dioxide for once. Let's give another chemical compound a try for once!"
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    And I wish CCSLC could reassign you to HF Boards.
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    You spelled that wrong. Everyone knows it's MOICHandising :-)