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    Thanks for the feedback, guys!! Miami Dolphins:
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    Recently we moved my Mom out of her house, and in the basement I found an old army locker I had squirreled away, with a few childhood treasures. Along with some awesome old sports magazines, and some hand painted action figures was a stack of drawings. They were in surprisingly good shape for being as much as 45 years old... probably because they were stacked so tight, and my parents' religious use of a dehumidifier. They ranged from probably age 5 to age 14, mostly superheroes, but as I got older, a few football uniform designs started creeping in. This one was the oldest; I actually remember making this. I was probably 8, maybe 9... early 70's. I had been given an amazing set of markers... red, yellow, light blue, royal blue, pink, dark green, and black. At the time, I drew most every in pencil and went over it with a black ball point pen, then colored it in. I remember wanting to use as many colors as possible, but I couldn't get the green in. What I was really fascinated by is how much the set up looks like my current template I use today, and how I had already become a crazy stickler for matching stripes. Naturally, I decided to put it on an updated template; I tried my best to stick as close as possible to my 8 year old design... no "fixing". (The exceptions being the added "W" on the logo... I mean, come on!, and the addition of a road jersey, which I don't think at the time I bothered with.) There were other uniforms in there... for the most part, I started out inventing my own teams, but later I had a bunch of new designs for the Minnesota Vikings. Apparently at the time, I was very interested in adding a lot of yellow/gold to the Vikings. Anyway, I hope some of you get a kick out of this. I had a lot of fun making it. (Both times!) And if the Kansas Jayhawks break out something similar, I'm suing!
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    Tell me more about this video-oriented Web site by the name of "YouTube."
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    Wow...it's been literally years since I last posted a concept...probably the New York Jets about 7 years ago. Anyway, as the San Diego version of the Chargers are now gone, I have at long last adopted my home team support. Their current look really bothers me...I love the logo but hate the uniforms. I didn't start out to redesign the logo, but as I was working on this concept, it just sorta happened. Anyway...
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    I'll explain this respectfully. 1. Joe knew, whether when McQuery told him or before (almost undoubtedly before), that Sandusky was doing this. FACT 2. Joe told his superiors. OK, that's protocol. FACT 3. Nothing happened. FACT. Maybe Joe influenced this, possibly it was the higher-ups protecting the image of the program. OPINION (I think) Doesn't necessarily matter. 4. Joe knew that Sandusky was free, assaulting children. FACT. He shrugged his shoulders and moved on with his life. He was either OK with it right away, or accepted that the higher-ups didn't want to take action. He did not notify the authorities, he did not pursue it any further. He was OK and content with the knowledge that Sandusky was doing this. FACT 5. Joe is the most powerful and influential figure in State College. More powerful and influential than the higher-ups. FACT. He had the power to trigger an investigation, and if the police chose not to, he could have gone to the media or some other channel. 6. In this case, the "chain of command" is flawed, because the coach is higher up on the influence chain than his bosses. At major college programs, the coach is the most important person, not the president or AD. OPINION, but hard to argue. 7. Joe's inaction directly lead to the continued abuse of children by Sandusky. FACT. The accountability lies with all of them - Spainer, the other guy, Joe, McQuery, everyone. However, in any business, the boss bears the ultimate responsibility. It's entirely possible (hell - it happened!) that nobody would listen to McQuery. It's entirely possible (hell, it happened!) that the president had a conflict of interest and would choose to ignore it. It would not have been the case that anyone in any law enforcement position would ignore Paterno had he chosen to pursue it. Joe is responsible for every abuse that occurred after the first time he knew. So is everyone involved, but he was in the best position to stop it. Respectfully, I don't see any reasonable argument against this. Sandusky bears the full responsibility for all of his actions, but Joe shares it from the point he knew and on. It's the same with any crime, however there aren't many (if any) crimes worse than this.
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    We're all pivoting to it! Now, let me tell you about a similar, yet different site named "RedTube."
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    Not a bad look for West Virginia.
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    I agree with this. They should come to some sort of compromise. Have the Rams go to royal and yellow, and have the Chargers go to hell.
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    That's perfect... for Washington State.
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    Wait, the Suns almost used that weird 90s "S" thing in their logo? Why is this not bigger news?
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    That would be the ideal set for me and lots of other Rams fans I think. I'd be in heaven!
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    At least they did this for them:
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    Can Arizona just go back to these full time? They just look so good, and they won the WS in them. When I think of the D-backs I think of these jerseys.
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    Once again, it comes down to the old saying: A man can build 1000 bridges and one goat. He won't be known as a bridge-builder; he'll be known as a goat er. A coach can win 1000 football games and enable one pedophile. He won't be known as a winning coach; he'll be known as a pedophile enabler. Vicariously, idiot fans who keep wanting to shift focus on the accomplishments a guy had on a goddamn football program as more important than turning a blind eye to children being raped and abused should be remembered for being pedophile excuse makers. No sympathy or understanding. You're cool with children being raped so long as football program is good. That's about where it ends.
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    As a Blazers fan, I laugh every time I see any part of the Raptors' "We The North" marketing campaign since Portland is farther north than Toronto. To this day, this tweet is one my favorites that the Blazers' Twitter account has ever put out there: And Minneapolis is farther north than Toronto as well, so technically the Raptors are the third northernmost team in the league. Now I completely understand that the meaning of the "We The North" slogan is much more than the latitude of the city of Toronto, but on face value that's what it's always seemed like it's in reference to.
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    I'm fine with the O being the center ice logo but something like this should really be their new primary.
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    "Once a Knick, always a Knick" except if your Charles Oakley, according to James Dolan
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    The NHL really dropped the ball by not having the Canadiens follow the Avalanche and Devils and honor the Colorado Rockies. After all, the Canadiens did play the Rockies a few times and should probably honor their existence because of that.
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    Thanks! I like both of them too, but I might have to give the edge to purple/powder. Stumbling upon that muted purple made that color scheme work. Thanks. I used that color arrangement on the cap because I didn't want a royal outline on a green background. Part of my goal in the concept was to have green and blue show up in near-equal proportions on colored backgrounds (one of my complaints about the Whalers' classic look was that blue barely showed up on the green sweater). Also, a white "D" would mess with the silver outline. Thank you! I think I'll take a gander at that. Thanks! I'm also a fan of that color scheme for the Jazz. The purple does go well with the silver train and its details. Well, I ran into a bit of an issue. Allow one of my favorite Plinkett review highlights to describe: In testing out the alternates on my action templates, I got some serious cold feet. One of them (which I'll show off at the end of the post) just looked terrible, and I opted to throw it out of the main set in favor of another design. Anyway, onto the Astros! HOUSTON ASTROS, PT. I - An adventure into the Neo-Retro realm! This concept has been a long time coming. After releasing my Project 30 concept for the Astros, I became dissatisfied with it. The font was too extended, the color balance was a tad iffy, and the racing stripes were a bad idea. Upon creating a condensed version of the font (Space Frigate - which had a bit of a "TMP-era Star Trek" look to it), I redid the concept with a vertical arch on the wordmarks. It brought the look closer to the original "Shooting Star" uniforms (which is something many neo-retro Astros concepts miss). I let it sit on the backburner for a while, cycling through different ideas on how to improve the look. I went through several styles of striping (racing stripes, tequila sunrise cuffs, etc.), shifted the color balance to orange-dominant (an idea @the admiral triumphed), and tried to find ways to work with the tequila sunrise pattern. These trials went on for the two-year duration of my old tweaks thread/dumping ground. Included here are galleries of several of the phases these concepts went through, these being MK I, MK II, MK III, and MK IV. Project 32 presented me with an opportunity to incorporate these experiments into one concept. I wanted the logos and uniforms to convey forward motion (slab-serif is too static for a team like the Astros), preserve that 1960's space age-y charm, and use a unique color balance. Orange-dominance won out, as the all-orange look is something the Astros could own in the majors. Also present is the tequila sunrise pattern, in a three-color form. The primary logo features the new cap logo with a tequila sunrise contrail. The hat insignia (no longer a tilted version of the 2000-12 star logo) fixes the "static" nature of the current and retro H-stars. Slab-serif is not congruent with the space age/motion aesthetic, so I placed an italicized "H" into the logo. Here is a sampling of all of the variants I went through before deciding on a final one. Another benefit of this H-star is that it shows up on white/gray backgrounds, unlike the current one. The tertiary is the home uniform script. The uniforms are where the neo-retro approach becomes evident. The arched wordmarks rest underneath a modernized "shooting star" pattern, which features the tequila sunrise at the center. I've opted to render the sunrise pattern in a symmetrical pattern, to mimic a contrail. This style has precedence for the Astros, with their racing stripe uniforms. While it may be a bit too much color, I think I've used enough navy to keep the shades restrained. Thin striping graces the sleeves and pants, to draw attention towards the scripts. The primary logo is on the sleeves. Sock stripes mimic the look of the Colt .45's hosiery and the pattern on the wordmarks. The number font is my attempt to imitate the 1960's-70's varsity font used by the Astros.1 It's more neutral than the slab-serif. The alternates also have a neo-retro character to them. The orange top uses a cursive script, inspired by an old @robbman21 concept. I used thicker fonts (Fenway Park JF and Beaverton Script) to give the wordmark some depth. I saw this as a way to tribute the successes of the "Railmen" period and the Houston Buffs, while also sticking to the Astros' brand. The navy alternate features a navy cap and a wider tequila sunrise pattern since I didn't want to put a white outline on the design. Also, here is the set on the @jayjackson3 action templates! Since the board software doesn't allow Imgur album embeds, I've enclosed them in a spoiler tag: Now, the Astros can rock a proper neo-retro design that has both a unique colorway and a strong connection to the team's history. C+C is appreciated! P.S. Open the spoiler tag. They're a useful tool for eliminating page clutter. I'm going to be doing two alternate takes for the Astros. One cleans up a somewhat-maligned identity, while the other plays with a little alternate history. 1William F. Henderson, Game Worn Guide to MLB Jerseys: (1970–2017) Eighth Edition (Philadelphia, PA: Aardvark Publishing, 2017), 466.
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    jesus. just when i think we're done with the "north stars belong in minnesota" debate, i get a "oilers don't belong in tennessee" debate. as an adopted texan, both franchises deserve their own history. anyway, that mascot's new "logo" sure reminds me a lot of the concept i made in madden for the titans a few years ago. if that's the direction they plan to go, i'm 500% on board.
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    Holy , man. I really wish this was a parody. Because taken at face value, it's actually very sad.
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    Considering eight people have liked the comment I made yesterday about how Oregon's combo would make for a really nice matchup with Wyoming's home uniforms, I don't think it's really that much of an unpopular opinion at all.
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    Um, yeah, that's how uniforms work. Sorry, but this all just sounds insane. I said this earlier in this thread, and I'll repeat it. Now that every two-bit program in CFB does what Oregon used to do, the Ducks would be smart to get off the clown-suit-of-the-week train. They did it first, for a while they arguably did it the best, but now it's over. It's played out. And after a few playoff appearances, including making it to a championship, they should be above it. Now that everybody is finally taking you seriously (last year notwithstanding), you need to raise your self-esteem and put your boobs away. Uniform-wise, Oregon is there. Ignoring a few quibbles over minor details, it's over. They're done. This uniform... ...is quite nearly perfect for them. It's modern, it's clean, it's instantly recognizable, and it still looks like no other team on any level of football. And that color scheme... I am not a good enough writer to express how much I like those two colors together. And that green! In isolation, just that color alone, that is currently my favorite color in sports. Repeat... IN SPORTS. Having said all that, do I expect Oregon to eventually jump back on the goofball express? Yup, unfortunately.
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    Do they plan to die? Because that's what a hyphenated pair of years looks like to me.
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    The Gophers need to wear these two unis and call it a day.
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    G-d, the Cavs' identity is such a train wreck.
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    I know that months if not years of planning go into what eventually become the final uniforms, but I'm going to take this opportunity to shamelessly plug my yellow Utah Jazz alternate concept from a couple months ago that apparently is ending up being relatively close to what they'll actually wear: I haven't been on the boards much lately, and haven't worked on any concepts in what seems like forever, but with more of the alternates being leaked/released/etc. I might have to get back to it.
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    And here's Oregon's combo for tomorrow: Absolutely love it. I was kind of hoping they'd save the yellow/green/yellow for the Civil War, but since Coach Taggart has said there won't be a different combo for every game, they might repeat it. This looks great though, a fantastic mix of traditional and modern.
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    Are they serious with that baseline font?
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    "The main color of the Bulls Christmas jersey is fire engine red, which evokes the nostalgia of the color the elves painted the Radio Flyer wagon you found under the tree on Christmas morning as a bright eyed youth. With this jersey you can be assured that your favorite NBA stars, just like Santa's elves, go hard in the mother:censored:ing paint."
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    You can bet that Nike is gonna roll out some ridiculous Christmas uniforms. Probably some insane neon green and chrome red that supposedly "evokes the spirit of Santa Claus and the Elves hard work at the North Pole."
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    Yeah, the idea that the Rams would wear navy and white to differentiate from the Chargers' powder blue and yellow is predicated on the Chargers committing to powder blue and yellow, and if the Chargers could ever be counted on to make the smart and self-evident choice, they wouldn't be sharing a market and stadium with the Los Angeles Rams in the first place.
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    Atlanta Hawks Dropped the volt, anthracite (or whatever), triangle pattern and mismatching shorts and jerseys and went back to the Hawks' roots. Chose to go with a modern update to the Dominique Wilkins unis, black alternate with similarly swooping and asymmetrical, but because it's an alternate, different lines, and a 90's throwback alternate because it was ridiculous when they were wearing it 41 times a year, but as a once in a while alternate it works.
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    Yeah, but any excuse to put the Brewers in their real uniforms is a good one.
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    Just shrink Goldy and put him on both sides.
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    Says the Toronto Maple Leafs fan under the age of sixty.
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    The NBA Raptorized. https://www.johnmong.com/design
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