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    5 years ago I would have been pumped. But after seeing what has happened to uniforms in the NBA, and to a lesser extent the NFL, I'm concerned there I said it
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    Oh no... This might be turning into a series. The worst logo in American professional sports is in dire need of something new. Prepare yourself for some logo-explainerTM nonsense. 6 red stripes for the 6 New England states 11 total stripes for the 11 revolutionary players on the pitch a shield reminiscent of the Massachusetts official seal, and so tall for @raysox an evergreen tree, because New England. is that a 3 pointed hat? look at that revolutionary as sh** font.
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    Dumbest possible move in the wake of the Chargers leaving. Why wouldn't you sell people stuff that says San Diego on it? Here's kind of what I had in mind: Nothing outlandish, the colors take care of being weird.
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    Can’t wait for the Diamond, League, Major, Town and Worthy of October “Editions”
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    Huh, so the court design team and the jersey design team should probably communicate a little more.
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    Shameless self-plug: It definitely needs a font that invokes the Mission-style/Gaslamp Quarter architecture. Nothing too crazy, just a slight hint.
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    IMO, this is what the field should look like.
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    Alright, alright, alright... next up is the Phoenix Suns! Probably the biggest design risk I took here was removing black from the Suns identity entirely. With such a striking contrast between bright orange and deep purple, I've never really seen the value in adding black (90's nostalgia notwithstanding). In order to play up that contrast (and hopefully get people to forget about black), I made a couple deliberate design choices. 1. I darkened the purple to "almost black". I was inspired by this Carl Anders photo of the bright sun popping through a dark night sky. I wanted contrast like that in the Suns' uniforms. 2. I kept the Icon and Association uniforms identical except for the base color. Not a drop of purple on the Association set, not a drop of white on the Icon set. This is to evoke a night / day or sunrise / sunset duality between the two. 3. After a long and brutal negotiation period with PayPal, they agreed to let me change the color of their logo patch to orange so that it would work with the color scheme of the rest of the jersey. The Statement jersey is, yes, a little evocative of the Utah Jazz's new unis.... sorry. Believe it or not, this concept was started before those were unveiled. I've zoomed in on the shorts pattern of the other two sets and stretched it across the entire uniform to create the gradient. The idea here is that opponents have flown too close to the sun when the team steps on the court in these loud and bold uniforms. Someone's gonna get burned. Hope you enjoy. Feedback welcomed!
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    It’s an exercise in how not to design a script. I don’t get why it had to look like such disjointed garbage. The preceding Senators script was fine: That “Minnesota” script offers the perfect letter set to update that garbage script. Shameless self-plug: It’s not to everybody’s taste, but it’s less of a painfully awkward mess than the “classic” version. Modernizing the 1960s uniforms should have been the Target Field look, not an indecisive mess stuck between the Metropolitan Stadium and Metrodome looks.
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    I used to think Texas' was a uterus. Actually, I still think that.
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    I thought the Canucks' flying skate logo was supposed to be a ringed planet like Saturn.
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    Los Angeles Rams Confirm Throwback Uniforms For Super Bowl January 21, 2019 - 01:30 AM The Los Angeles Rams wasted no time picking the uniform they’d wear at Super Bowl LIII. Within an hour of their overtime victory in New Orleans in the NFC Championship, their official Twitter account @RamsNFL Tweeted the following… Yes, the […] Read More...
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    I see a penis in just about every logo. Is that weird?
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    I’ve been informed by an impeccable source Tulane is in the process of dropping anthracite from its uniforms. The sleeves and pants stripes will match the helmets stripes, while the numbers will be a single stroke outline rather than double. The Green Wave obviously have a great color scheme, this just cleans up the uniform a bit.
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    Follow up point: college baseball isn't ruined by nike to the apocalyptic extent you'd have us believe And hell, I'm an under armour guy
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    It looks more like a dolphin than the current dolphins logo...I jest.
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    I wonder how long it will take the Twins to realize that forcing "Minnesota Kaosta Gold" into their identity doesn't really work. It reminds me of when the Pirates kept adding red elements until they had horrible red jerseys that didn't fit their identity at all. I hope the Twins wise up before they are eventually wearing gold.
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    Well, I had hoped to get two concepts posted last week, but then I started tinkering . . . then work got crazy out of nowhere . . . then I got high I went out of town for the weekend. . . then next thing you know and here we are. No excuses, play like a champ! Without further ado, the Detroit Pistons! The Pistons have a long history of clean, classy, almost boring uniforms which has periodically been interrupted by some wacky ass :censored:. I don't mean that in an entirely bad way, just that they've had some crazy designs. What I tried to do here was to start with their more classic design elements and push them just a hair closer towards the wacky. Nothing crazy, but nothing boring. Classic red, white, and blue, classic racing stripe side panels, classic circular logo, etc. Then I played, by bringing the racing stripes across the chest, dropping the number into the circle and the team name below. I updated the wordmark using an adapted version of Draplin's DDC Hardware font to give the team some of the blue collar muscle that Detroit is know for. I miss Detroit's red alternates so I knew I had to bring them back with the Statement uniform. I drew some inspiration from some older Pistons looks and brought back the lightning bolt, incorporating it into the side panels. Nothing crazy, nothing boring . . . except that Flagstar Bank patch. That thing is awful. Yikes. Y'all's feedback has been top notch so far. Keep it coming!
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    That's for continuing to wear your black jumpsuits, New Orleans. You deserved this.
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