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    On the subject of the sounders logo, a few years ago Go Red Sox! created a really on point update of their crest on the concept boards that I think would elevate them to one of the best branded clubs in the league. Just a cleaner version of what they have now, no need for a massive overhaul. Same feeling for most of the clubs in the league. I'd say: Colorado, Montreal, San Jose, and Sporting are other similar examples of where some subtle tweaks could really fix their overall looks without changing too much. Even Chicago too, but New England needs a complete visual re-tooling. This is the Sounders concept thread link: And here's the concept itself:
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    A good deal for the credit for this method has to go to Frazier Davison, who first started showing people how to make realistic templates in Photoshop. There's been a great deal of interest in the Vicis Zero1 football helmet. I'm going to show you how to make your own unique template using their website. To make a template you need two things, a copy of the helmet or uniform as if it was totally white, and a copy that looks like it if it was totally black. What I mean by this isn't a completely white or black object. Most items that you look at will have shadows and reflected light. Take this Soccer ball for example. Even though it's a white ball, it's not a perfect white. The shadows and reflections give the ball it's shape. Same with a football helmet. Lighter objects are defined by their shadows, darker ones by light reflecting off of them. If you try to just use either Multiply or darken or any single tool, you're not going to get a good image. Let's go with Multiply. We have a black set up for highlights (reflected light) and a white set up for shadows. Just using multiply white is ok but dull and the black is awful What about Screen (which we saw above is a better way to lighten a subject)? This time around the black is, well, it's there. Neither image is dark enough. Let's combine techniques. Now we have a nice solid looking image that runs the gamut of values from light to dark. It comes out feeling real rather than that puzzling "I know something's wrong but I can't figure it out" feeling. What has this to do with the Zero1 helmet? Vicis is nice enough to put up images that will work for the black and white on their website. Go to https://vicis.com/products/zero1 They have quite the selection of finishes, facemask designs, whether a strap is in black or white and angles. You get to pick what you want AND YOU AREN'T GIVING SOMEBODY THIRTY BUCKS TO GET SOMETHING YOUR HAPPY WITH. Once you have an angle/design you like get a copy with an all white finish and a copy with an all black finish. The white is there to provide the shadows, the black is there to provide the highlights. (it sounds backwards but it's not.) Save the images and then place them as layers in a Photoshop document. They are 1000 x1000 so it's nice and big. Set it up as follows: The top two are masked off to keep stuff like bolts and straps from changing color. The next folder (and it's helpful to lock this away once it's done.) is where the work is done. White image set to Multiply. Black image set to Screen. A copy of the black image set to overlay. Then you have a masked off layer for the Facemask followed by the helmet colors. You're going to want to have the decals stripes, whatever, on top of the base color of the helmet. You'll need to make a mask for the helmet so that the whole background isn't the same color as the helmet. An example copy can be found at: https://www.deviantart.com/darth-brooks/art/Vicis-Zero1-Helmet-Template-772528268
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    Have know this for a few weeks, so it was hard to keep quiet here given the above conversation.
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    There’s room for both. Some “Americanized” names, some global names. Some old, some new. Nobody’s saying that there can’t be teams like the Rowdies or Timbers. Nobody’s criticizing them for adopting their own slice of past soccer history. And yet we do have plenty of people who say just the opposite about Toronto FC and FC Cincinnati. That’s the only snobbery I see. Embrace diversity, it’s a strength and not a weakness. ?
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    I did not have to have them side by side to see the differences...
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    I feel the lakes need to be in the dark stain... But I'm not sure how it looked on TV( couldn't watch the game yesterday).
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    Have you ever noticed that almost all of Brandoise's logos have a bit of a cookie-cutter design to them? Look specifically at the eyes and mouths of some of their logos (Jumbo Shrimp and Baby Cakes, BlueClaws and Shuckers), and tell me if you see similarities. When they first introduced the Chihuahuas years ago, I thought it was awesome. But then they copied the design elements to other logos they made for teams and IMO, it lost it's appeal.
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    That is probably the best set Tennessee has right now IMO.
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    This was interesting...nice look for Tennessee IMO.
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    I think the real issue here isn’t that this symbolism is present, but that designers and brands feel the need to trumpet it like it actually means something to people. It’s fine if the lion was drawn with three feathers for a reason, but it ultimately means little to a fan. It’s fine if nobody knows why there are three feathers, because they don’t care. Explaining all these little tidbits to death is like walking into Yellowstone saying, “Look at this wood chip! Oh! And this pebble! Have you felt this mud!?” all the while ignoring the vast landscape of beauty that is created by the some of those parts. It puts the audience’s focus exactly where it doesn’t belong, and I think it’s a pretty bad way to present work. I’m still not sure that beginning with *only* an idea is the best way to go about it. You still need a plan and some vision because you have to be able to communicate that idea with aesthetics and branding. Some ideas have deep wells to explore, some have very shallow ones. There are great ideas in both of those categories, and even a great idea can be difficult to communicate. Truth be told, the aesthetics and the way an idea is presented are equally as important as the idea itself. It’s the first impression for 99% of the people who interact with a brand, and just as it’s not wise to sacrifice an idea for the aesthetics, nor should you sacrifice the aesthetics for an idea. It’s always a balance; the two have to support each other. I often assume that people aren’t going to get the idea, and that helps me find ways to communicate it more clearly in the aesthetics. Either way, though, I think there is a 50-year idea here, but it’s being overshadowed by the hollow symbolism. At its core, this is a neo-German club in a city/region (I like to call it the “Bavarian Belt”) that loves its German culture. It’s like the Celtics brand adapted for Cincinnati. Columbus does the same thing, and it’s successful. Milwaukee could pull it off, too. Is it a particularly deep or original idea? No, it’s pretty simplistic and common, as mentioned, but it’s an idea that resonates with Cincinnati and and an idea that will endure for a long, long time, regardless of how many points are on the mane.
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    The court looks better than the jerseys, especially the blue half.
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    I can't help but laugh to myself when the NBA tells us every off-season that 90% of the teams are losing money, then teams unveil new matching courts for every uniform.
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    Silly Pablo. That's not the Lion of St. Mark. It's King Moonracer from the beloved Rankin-Bass stop motion animation television Christmas special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. The depiction of King Moonracer is included in the FC Cincinnati badge because the name Rudolph - as in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - is of Germanic origin, and Cincinnati is a very Germanic city. Exceedingly Germanic. In fact, it only officially became part of the State of Ohio in August of 1962. Prior to that, the city was an exclave of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Further, the 7 points on King Moonracer's crown, the 3 feathers on his wing, his 4 paws, the 1 sword he wields, and the 5 sides of the soccer ball panel-shaped badge on which he is emblazoned all add up to 20... the number of playthings that Rudolph, Hermy, and Yukon Cornelius encounter on the Island of Misfit Toys in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Just as those toys - Charlie-in-the-Box, an airplane that can't fly, a rocking-dalmatian, a wind-up mouse in a set of nesting clown dolls, a pair of faceless tin soldiers, a winged bear, a push-up toy cat, a sailboat, a blue car, a pink fire engine, a scooter for Jimmy, a dolly for Sue, a spotted elephant, a choo-choo with square wheels on its caboose, a water-pistol that shoots jelly, a bird that swims, a cowboy who rides an ostrich, a boat that can't stay afloat, and a bicycle without handlebars - became "a sackful of joys for millions of girls and for millions of boys", so too is FC Cincinnati a source of tremendous happiness for the soccer supporters of Cincinnati. Which is why King Moonracer's tail forms a "C" in the logo. That "C" is a nod to FC Cincinnati's Managing Owner and CEO: Carl H. Linder III, the Santa Claus who'll make every match day Christmas in Cincy!!! Seriously though, in my opinion, one of Major League Soccer's best team logos. (Painfully-strained marketing-speak aside, of course.)
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    Gotta go with the Crayola Revs here. Can't believe this turd of a logo is still kicking around in 2018
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    Did you see this tweet from Todd Radom?
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    I see it as Rangers are Blue and Red Blue Jays are Blue and White Marlins are going to be Blue and Black Its one thing to copy a color scheme it’s another thing to copy how you use it, now if all these teams were for say predominantly red and blue than maybe, but you can tell them all apart based on how they wear it. Cleveland Minnesota and St.Louis fits your point better but still you can tell them apart
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    Yessir, just on the Vapor Untouchable template and regular Nike swoosh instead of the Diamond Quest swoosh.
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    I’m not a huge fan of the shorts, and the rainbow would look much better if it was solid instead of being made up of thin lines, but this is still a really nice look overall. Much better than their regular set.
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    Oh, you didn't know? It's verrrrry divided. On one side, you've got passionate soccer fans who love the game and don't give a crap what "naming convention" a team uses. On the other side, you've got people who aren't soccer fans.
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    Yeah. He wrote a check for $0.00.
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    It’s both. Why do we need to choose? Nobody seems to mind calling basketball “hoops”. Until the NFL goes away, the league needs to differentiate itself on a national scale. But clubs can adopt either name, based on their own local culture. Narrowcasting, tailoring to individual communities over the national focus of a television sport, is one of the things I like about this league. It’s a feature, not a bug.
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    More of this? The NASL died. What little value was left in it/the Cosmos' brand vanished when the resurrected corpse fell apart. Leave it in the past. Besides, Toronto FC has a MLS title to its name. What did the Blizzard ever accomplish?
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    Here are my passing thoughts: * The team name is ASININE... even by Brandiose standards. * I'm not a fan of the way in which the PRAIRIE DOG's head is emerging from the hole in a couple of the logos. I understand what the designers were going for, but the manner in which the edge of the hole was rendered does, indeed, make it look as though the PRAIRIE DOG's head has been torn. On the logo featuring the State of Texas, the PRAIRIE DOG looks as though it's partially submerged in a liquid. * The fact that the PRAIRIE DOG is rendered in the same color as the cowboy boots it's wearing, as well as the grass seed it's chewing, bothers me. In my opinion, the boots would look better if they were white, powder blue, or red. As for the grass seed... I don't know what you'd color it, but I don't like it colored the same shade of yellow as the PRAIRIE DOG. * I don't think that the four logos featuring solo depictions of the PRAIRIE DOG all need to feature the animal chewing on the grass seed. We get it - the PRAIRIE DOG is chock-full of "western grit" and a "John Wayne" attitude. Figure out another way to convey said West Texas character besides chewing on a grass seed. * Between the Sod Poodles and Soddies word marks, the roundel, the "A" on the cowboy hats worn by the PRAIRIE DOGS, and the "A" that a solo PRAIRIE DOG is leaning on, it would appear that there are at least three - and maybe four - fonts at play in this suite of logos. The one on the roundel seems most out of place. I'd suggest losing one. Did I mention that Sod Poodles is an ASININE team name? Just checking.
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    Here you go....the windows through the wall does look almost identical to the old Yankee Stadium. Its even in the exact same spot in left field. As a Yankee fan, I noticed it immediately.
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