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    I'm going to go ahead and say no, little stars and a shiny squatchee are not even remotely gendered elements.
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    1. What members would you want to have a beer with? 2. F, Marry, Kill - banned member edition: Craven, Nick, Tnak
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    It's funny, if we were to see a fan wearing a jersey nowadays with numbers that looked like that we'd immediately point out how bad of a counterfeit it is.
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    Having a team in Vegas is not traditional either. If Sergei Federov played with white skates, I'm pretty sure the NHL will allow white gloves.
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    Cal may be the big winners this summer. Those look great.
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    Didn't they create a special ASG jersey that was basically their home uniform but road grey?
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    Perfect opportunity for color rush! All-aqua with the fauxback helmet. Because the players are LITERALLY dolphins on Thursday!
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    Guys guys guys guys guys, the Marlins should not re-embrace teal. They should embrace bright colors splashed on black. They're a few tweaks away from a modern classic. For instance, Look at that lovely shade of green they intended to use. Red-orange and creamsicle orange, too. Look at the sans-serif numbers. They had the right idea early on and then went astray. The idea of the Marlins transcending A Color Scheme as we think of it by putting everything in play and letting fans (and players?) express themselves within a full spectrum would have been really cool.
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    All the Jets really need is a color switch (and a better logo, but that's the least of my concerns). The Eagles' uniforms are pretty outdated, especially the numbers. I'd be fine with kelly or midnight, but the uniforms need an overhaul.
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    Doesn't matter if it's traditional or not. Most teams wouldn't go with the white gloves because they'll cite "tradition", but with a new team, anything goes.
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    I think they forgot to tick off bold
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    The first UA uniforms that Utah had (2009-10 or so) were better than Utah's Nike unis, but have, IMO, gone downhill since.
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    Blue over gold for the win. After being annoyingly told over and over that schools do their promotional images in monochrome because "it's the best way to show all the different combinations" (which I still say is obvious crap), Cal debuts their uniform in the best possible home combo... because "it's the best way to show that you consider yourselves to be a top tier program."
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    The 1997 logo wouldn't match the throwbacks very well. If there's one thing I hate, it's mismatched elements.
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    I think sometimes when arguing between the cartoony and angry dolphin, we lose sight of the fact that even though the angry dolphin may seem more realistic, it is still wearing a football helmet.
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    I still want the Dolphins to have a fauxback uniform with that mystery M helmet that the dolphin is wearing.
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    Well I'm sold. Give Cincinnati an MLS bid like tomorrow.....
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    Well that's irrelevant. Ontario's just the best province. That's not bias. That's just science.
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    Don't know if this was confirmed, but hoops on the back(!) Looks very nice in these shots. This would be an amazing primary if the blue hoops were white
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    Still way too much. Really hope Charlotte's bid gets passed over in favor of owners who are willing to pay for their own businesses.
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    Now every time this Mickey Mouse operation has another "Vegas Placeholder" or "shiny hockey" incident I'm gonna call them the Dumb Grey Line
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    You have every right to be "lazy" when your main logo's that good! Shaded is the better variation, mostly because of the dimension it adds to the eye area, and the typeface is exactly what it should be. Another A+
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    I know it's a cliche, but the books are way better. If I were you, I'd start reading the series.
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    I'll do them at 6, which was their draft spot, so they'll get posted with Anaheim
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    In retrospect "Sorcerer" makes more sense
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    What the :censored: have Nike done to Monaco's kit?
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    Exactly. The fine lines are easily lost at small sizes, but the sun shines clearly.
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    I know most people like the helmet-wearing-dolphin, so I understand people wanting to go back. But would people actually prefer the thin outside rays? I say this, of course, as a non-design person, but those were terrible every second they were part of the logo. Too detailed. Too difficult to recreate in small renditions. And not valuable (maybe even deterrent) to making it look like a sun. When they do go back, I hope they will use a sun more like today's. As for "cartoony," isn't that the point? Isn't that why everyone loves this logo? It's wearing a helmet; it's cartoony. It's why I don't like this logo, but that eye doesn't seem like an issue in the scheme of this logo.
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    OT Sports --> http://www.uni-watch.com/2017/06/26/talking-big3-uniforms-with-todd-radom/
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    You've committed horrible crimes in your life and when you die and meet somebody's god, as punishment she gives you a choice of being reincarnated as either: 1. The upholstery in Tnak's car 2. One of his T-shirts 3. The bedside lube (but in perpetuity, so even when it's empty you just become the next supply) What do you tell her?
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    I feel like their logo would be better if they added a silver outline to it along with some small details that would make it pop more. In it's current state, it feels unfinished and quite frankly, flat.
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    HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE Every other league can induct meaningful contributors every year. This game is played at an elite level around the world like never before but apparently everyone who plays it is a stiff.