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    First glance, amazing, weird little additions but still great. Then I noticed it was black.
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    It’s like they tried combining every single Ducks jersey ever, minus the Wild Wing, into one single concept. I just... idk. After the orange third, this disappoints me greatly.
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    It'd look better if the torso was eggplant instead of black. I was super excited, then realized it was predominantly black, with stripes.
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    He wanted to move the team to Ft. Lauderdale, not Illinois, right?
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    And Lakers third Jersey will never be as great as Heat's alternate red jersey.
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    I'd rather keep the 0 as a shoulder patch. I LOVE it in that context
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    Crap. Granted, if they just added Las in front of the team's official name, none of this would sound nearly as bad.
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    Sometimes when new jersey cuts and templates come out, I look at what we got and wonder.... what if team A used team B's jerseys? Well, here we go. I'll be posting a couple jersey swaps. These won't be full identity swaps, as you'll notice there will be some small details that were left the same/omitted. There's no weird reason i have for choosing which teams I'm pulling from, and i'm not swapping both teams with each other, just one team using another team's jersey. So far I only have a few ideas so if anyone wants to see/suggest others, please feel free. First up is the Washington Capitals borrowing the Nashville Predators jerseys.
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    Hello, everyone, I'm vtgco! I've lurked on these forums for a while now, and I finally decided to sign up for an account and post my first topic, because... ...after a few less successful attempts, I have finally created a concept for my Seattle Sounders that I like! Despite being an enthusiastic fan of the team, I don't particularly like their current logo. Its strangely shaped shields and redundant white & gray outlines feel poorly weighted, the Space Needle is inaccurately depicted in a gray color, and the banner hogs the spotlight. Worst of all, though, the current logo doesn't even represent the beloved Puget Sound, the namesake of the team! I think my concept addresses some of these issues, while also combining the different eras of Sounders logo history. So, first off, I decided to use a hexagonal, emerald shape for the Emerald City's team. I also wanted to use a kelly/emerald green, because I don't like the obnoxious lime green, because it's closer to the color of both trees (Seattle has a lot of those) and emeralds, and because the NASL and USL Sounders used a darker green. I created a new, more accurately colored and shaped Space Needle silhouette. I brought in the NASL era-style waves to represent the Puget Sound. I paired it with the NASL era wordmark, which I really love, and kept the current logo's "Seattle" font. For A & B, I wanted to have versions that used similar colors and format (green on top of blue) to the current logo. For C & D, I incorporated the NASL-era teal, creating an abstract image of a typical view of the Puget Sound (light blue sky, green islands, deep blue water). It also semi-intentionally looks like the local SoundTransit buses, which apparently was once the jersey sponsor for the USL-era Sounders. I might do some alternate logos and jerseys, so hopefully you guys can help me decide between these four versions before I move on! Your input is appreciated. Thanks! TL;DR: I really like retro Sounders stuff. Help me choose a version of my logo, plz
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    I've always wondered about the first basketball league. The game was invented in 1891 by James Naismith in Springfield, Massachusetts, so it would have had to have been within a decade or so. After some research, I found the "NBL" (National Basketball League) which was founded with teams in New England. So, for the past few weeks, I've been working on teams, logos, uniforms, simulating, and creating a storyline for my newest project, the ABL (American Basketball League), founded in place of the real-life NBL in 1899. This is going to be the biggest project I have ever taken on, as I plan to have up to 40 teams in 5-8 divisions by 1920, all while I will be simulating each game individually. The league originally will be based in New England, like the NBL, but will expand to include the rest of the Eastern Seaboard and the midwest over time. If I am able to stay motivated and keep this series going, I could see it expanding past the Rocky Mountains in the distant future. The ABL is owned and commissioned by the inventor of basketball, James Naismith. The ABL headquarters and future hall-of-fame are located in Springfield, Massachusetts, the original basketball city, and the most passionate fanbase. I have already designed logos and uniforms, and planned changes for the first few years, but C&C is always encouraged and appreciated! Especially on what cities I should add teams for. Current Year: 1899-00 The league is currently split up into 2 divisions, each with four teams. Each team plays 20 games, and at the end of the season the top two teams from each division make the playoffs. They each play a 3-game series to decide their divisional champion, and who will advance the the American Basketball Championship, which is a 5-game series. Teams:
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    Thanks for the kinds of words! Here are #10 and #11 #10 LA Clippers #11 Dallas Mavericks I think you can see what I am doing with both of these teams. I wanted to do something different for both of them but I found myself recreating their current jerseys anyway (or, in the case of the Clippers, their previous sets). Obviously a few changes. I think the Clippers really need to embrace powder blue; and with Dallas, I just updated the font to something that says 'Dallas' a little more (sort of like with Toronto, that means something a little bolder/thicker),
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    And yet, no teasers or anything beyond Icethetics' source indicating that it'll be revealed today. Still; T-minus one hour minimum.
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    My bad, I meant yellow shadow on the purple jersey. As you can see with the black heat jersey referenced, the darker the jersey color, the white makes it stand out. The yellow imo just looks weird and it may take some time for me to get used to.
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    LOS ANGELES ANGELS (FORMER WASHINGTON SENATORS/NATIONALS or expansion team) - It's time to (Jack Kent) Cooke! One important twist in the Senators/Nationals relocation story is that the Griffiths originally considered moving out west. As this Hardball Times article states: Calvin Griffith dreamed of going out west, only to be turned back by officials who wanted a team that wasn't a flaming trash heap. However, what if the move went through, and Griffith got an expansion team to join him out west? I reasoned that the team would have completed the move/expansion process by 1958 (then a revolutionary prospect), changing their name to the traditional PCL moniker of "Angels" and adopting the I also reasoned that Griffith wouldn't have found the LA officials nearly as accommodating as O'Malley did, seeing as how the team blew chunks and didn't have O'Malley-level cash flow. After shacking up for a few years in Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum while trying to build a stadium, Griffith got fed up. In 1964, he sold the team to a very certain Canadian businessman with a knack for baseball: Enter Jack Kent Cooke, the most recent owner of the International League's Toronto Maple Leafs. He was a member of the Continental League in our timeline, so it would make sense that he'd want to get in on owning a major-league team.2 With the Lakers, Angels, and (soon) Kings in tow, he set about crafting a sports brand for a complex in Inglewood. It would include an arena (the LA Forum) and a baseball stadium (Angel Stadium, albeit in Inglewood and not Anaheim). The teams' colors would all be Forum Blue (purple) and Gold, and their branding would share fonts. Although Cooke would eventually sell the team in the 1970s, they would go on to have success with his identity package and carry it over through the years with minor modernization tweaks throughout. If you're wondering how the expansion version of this would play out, just replace Calvin Griffith with an expansion group from LA. This scenario would also work with the 1961 AL Angels, with Cooke moving the team to Inglewood instead of Gene Autry and Walt Disney shifting to Anaheim (for more info about the "Orange Curtain," read Lisa McGirr's Suburban Warriors). Basically, this was my attempt to merge bits of the Lakers, PCL Angels, and AL Angels into a cohesive identity. The primary brings together bits of the Angels' vintage logos, with the diamond, ball, and wings. The secondary/cap insignia homages the PCL Angels' cap logo, with a halo and in the italicized "Showtime" font (created by Conrad). The roundel acts as a tertiary. The home/road uniforms stay pretty simple, yet do plenty to showcase the purple/yellow color scheme. The wordmarks use the Showtime font, while the fonts include MLB Block with Serifs (like the Twins, one of the few Senationalators bits left in the identity) and varsity serif NOB's. I drew a lot of inspiration from this Lakers jacket (thanks for finding it, @Lights Out) in crafting the wordmarks. The sock stripes are off of my AL Angels concept, while the sleeve/pants stripes come from the Philadelphia A's concept earlier in the thread. The alternates allude to the PCL Angels' waffle weave shoulder stripes, albeit shrunken to add NOB/wordmark space and paired with contrasting stripes. I reasoned that it was a modernization/taming of an experimental 1970s design. The yellow version uses a yellow-crowned cap and yellow socks (with the stripes of the Lakers' old shorts panels), while the purple variant employs the "LA" logo as a crest (akin to several PCL Angels uniform templates). The yellow alternate also uses the tertiary on the sleeve. The second set of alternates includes a yellow-billed cap and an homage to the 1942 and 1935 Angels' uniforms, with the navy/red of the Senationalators (crests were also a big part of the Sens/Nats identity, so it works as a tribute to them). The multi-colored interlock design is off of the Angels' later cap insignias, while the socks are off of this uniform. The main jacket is purple with yellow/white/yellow shoulder stripes and the nickname wordmark. It also has trim stripes meant to accentuate each team color. The heritage jacket is a Braves-style design, albeit with the wordmark from my NL Angels (former Dodgers) concept and creme replacing white. I love the whole "Jack Kent Cooke in LA" aesthetic, and it was pretty fun to translate it into a baseball design that featured bits of the AL Angels' identity. It also provided me a way to allow the relocated Sens/Nats to renew themselves in a new location, much like what happened to the Orioles and Rangers. C+C is appreciated, as always! Up next, let's go a bit northwards for the other landing spot of the Senationalators/AL expansion team. 1Paul Francis Sullivan, “The Franchise Moves That Almost Happened | The Hardball Times,” The Hardball Times, June 21, 2011, https://www.fangraphs.com/tht/the-franchise-moves-that-almost-happened/. 2“UPI Focus: Jack Kent Cooke Dies,” UPI, April 6, 1997, https://www.upi.com/Archives/1997/04/06/UPI-Focus-Jack-Kent-Cooke-dies/1196860302800/.
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    Interesting. So far they've only shown the 'Fear the Deer' black court at the new arena. Disappointed that the nod to Robert Indiana court is gone if this is the case. Just put those sublimated M's on there
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    Thanks man, I'm glad you're enjoying it! Your series is cool, I love the concept. I've actually considered doing something similar sometime for Atlantic Canada but for junior hockey. It's taken a while but Long Island is finally in contention again. I'm really looking forward to that LI/NY series myself. Several colour schemes were considered for the Raiders, I settled on carrying over the Black and Red from Ottawa because it just looked the most aggressive. A change could be possible in the future. I will say of all the new uniforms for 2005-06, the Raiders are one of my favorites. It's not a huge overhaul but I think it looks pretty good. Glad you're enjoying the series! Crowley's contract is up after '05-06, at which point he will almost certainly retire, but if Minnesota wins this year, there's a good chance this will be it for him. I'm sure he will not leave the PHL story entirely, however.
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    Seattle and Louisville have almost the exact same striping, just in different colors. I'd try something different from Louisville. The logo is a good idea but I'd look at the current NBA logos for inspiration on better shading and vectoring.
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    What's funny is their other GREAT set, in my opinion, was their other all star game year, 78. Again, only used for one season. Guess it's their thing.
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    Well, it's time to Twin up! WASHINGTON SENATORS/NATIONALS, PT. II - Twinning it up! The year is 1987. The Senators/Nationals want to emerge from their pullover/sansabelt period with a renewed sense of identity. They tell their design firm to create something that balanced traditional baseball aesthetics with a more modern font style. They get pretty much that, albeit with a few hiccups along the way (debates over square and angular slab serifs, matching or non-matching road scripts, etc.). This look popped up at the right time for the team, as they underwent a competitive resurgence right after their debut. However, attitudes on the design soured over time as it got more dated, with minor tweaks happening in the late-1990s to keep the look fresh. By the time the team moved out of RFK to Navy Yard Stadium (completed a bit earlier in this timeline), the team was ready to go full-on retro. Basically, this is my simulation of what would happen if the Senators/Nationals followed the same identity trajectory as the Minnesota Twins (while maintaining a commitment to New Historicism by keeping the changes realistic to the period). While I loathe the 1987/2010-present "Twins" wordmark and the navy/red co-balance (which should be what Cleveland or Boston does), I know that it has a lot of fans. I figured it would be a fun experiment for the team to go all-in on the 1987 Twins-style redesign. PHASE ONE - "I am the Senate!" "I am the Senate" "I am the Senate and so is my wife!" The primary is my attempt to recreate the 1987-2009 Twins' primary logo, complete with the ugly drop shadows (it was harder to "nail" the look that one would imagine). The secondary logo debuted in the late 1990s, featuring the shape of the Washington family's coat of arms and the senator from the 1950s-'60s logo alongside the founding date and the "DC" logo. It was my way of paying homage to the Twins' state logo. The insignias include an underlined "w" and a "DC" meant to emulate the Twins' "TC" logo. The home and road uniforms would undergo a shift in their existence. The 1999 season would see the introduction of nameplates (for realism's sake, because I don't like nameplates in baseball) to the home uniforms, as well as the new secondary patch. The number and NOB fonts are the Twins' classic MLB Block with Serifs. I had to use the road pinstripes, because why the f--k not? I figured that the team would insist on a matching road script instead of the non-matching ones we got in 1987. If Atlanta, Oakland, and the White Sox (sorta) could match wordmarks, then the Senators certainly could follow suit. The alternates include one navy top with the "w" logo (for the "W" insignia's importance to the jersey designs of past teams) and a "DC" cap with a contrasting bill. The second alternate is a recreation of the 1959-60 design (with Wilson Varisty numbers, as the Twins wore on their 1960s home uniforms), which would be a means for the team to "test the waters" with a retro revival. The dugout jacket employs the "w" logo on the front, while featuring the primary on the sleeve and the "DC" insignia on the back. The Nationals version should be up soon.
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    There is currently a team in Seattle named the Reign. It’s our NWSL team that includes Megan Rapinoe from the USWNT among other internationals. It was also the name of Seattle ABL team before that league folded and Seattle was granted a WNBA team.
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    Let's not forget that current Lakers wordmark comes from proposed logo back in 1999:
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    The official color of the New Jersey flag is "Jersey Blue." So I often go with Newark Blues or New Jersey Blues. I hear you though. I think the problem with Newark is that all the culturally significant things about it either fly under the radar or are just assumed to be from New York. A lot of people have no idea that much of the PBS programming they've watched was produced at the WNET studios in Newark. Or that the tube from the RCA television they may have watched those shows on came from a factory right outside of Newark.
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