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    How about the name "Vegas Silver Raiders"?
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    In a stunning turn of events, Pawnee, Indiana has mounted the winning bid for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games over competing cities Los Angeles and Paris. Headed by Regional Parks Director Leslie Knope and her husband, U.S. Congressman Ben Wyatt (D-IN), the bid proposed the building of three state of the art all-purpose stadiums as well as the renovation of two local parks to serve as Olympic-worthy venues, which ultimately swayed the Olympic committee to select the rural Indiana city. Though initially opposed by City Councilman Jeremy Jamm (who had tried to secure one of the stadium lots for a Paunch Burger franchise) and former Parks and Recreation Director Ron Swanson (due to strict fiscal concerns), the bid was supported by the city council by a vote of 3-2. After the bid was announced as the winner, Mayor Jerry Gergich stated this was "the single greatest thing to ever happen to Eagleton...oh, I mean Pawnee". The games' official logo depicts the late Pawnee icon 'Lil Sebastian carrying the Olympic torch, a mark Knope herself suggested. "'Lil Sebastian was and always will be the spirit of Pawnee," she said at the press conference, "and thus I felt it fitting that the Pawnee 2024 Olympic Games evoked the spirit of our beloved 'Lil Sebastian." The games are slated to be held August 5-17, with the opening ceremonies being held at the Pawnee Olympic Stadium and featuring performances from local icons Mouserat, Duke Silver, and Perd Hapley.
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    For the Clippers to go back to their pre-Steve Balmer era uniforms from 2010-2015.
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    Regarding the Sens- That is all.
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    they're built with slave labor
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    As far as the uniform goes, this should be the easiest job in history...
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    I was on board with the new uniforms because they brought back orange jerseys and pants. There was also some consistency between the striping and the brown facemask was a big improvement over gray. That's really where the positives end. There's just too much going on and they look like a cluttered mess. Simplify by: 1. Removing 'Browns' from the pants 2. Remove contrasting stitching 3. Remove dropshadows on numbers 4. Switch number colors. White on Home, Brown on Away and I'd actually be okay with Brown on the alternate orange. 5. Don't extend the shoulder striping onto the front of the jersey. Never understood the need for this. Just looks awkward. I did a quick mock up:
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    Hands down: Turn THIS from a reality that I have to live with into a memory that I can repress. No one takes this franchise seriously as it is and now they wear on their heads the worst thing to happen to pro sports. Just black is more than fine.
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    I think the new set is so bad it may be a New Coke thing where they wanted to make things so bad that 100% of the fans demanded they go back to their original look.
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    A return to this look would be a welcome change...
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    This is the kind of thing a graphic designer with degrees in sport management and geography does. The Western Athletic Conference once was a proud football giant killer, but conference realignment has forced the WAC to retreat and become refuge for mismatched colleges trying to land on their feet. I say go on the offensive and build off what you have. Currently they have 8 schools in 8 states, none of which are where the conference offices are located. I propose making sure your teams are as western as possible, all acting as a travel partner for an existing school, making weekend trips easier on all involved. Cut the fat(Chicago State), and expand smartly. Ideally two current D1 schools(Denver and UN-Omaha), and two notable D2 schools(UC-San Diego, and Simon Fraser in Burnaby, BC). My goals are to build a presence, engage with the students, make things accessible, centralize business, and most importantly build a cohesive brand over all schools, sports, and applications. I moved the HQ to Phoenix, a larger area than Denver with all the facilities to host any conference tournament you could ever imagine. Also one last thing from me, I rebranded Simon Fraser University, you will see why below. I would appreciate a like on behance if you've got it! https://www.behance.net/gallery/50719489/Western-Athletic-Conference-Rebirth Also shout out to low res jpgs
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    The Raiders are an iconic brand in the NFL. They will leave their perfect identity alone. End of discussion.
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    This is super difficult. There's so many things I'd want, but to choose one? Ahh! But if I have to choose one, and this is just me, I'd choose to bring this identity back in its entirety: I frankly don't give a rip if it's "too Disney" for some or not, it's still one of the sports identities I love most and the Ducks have looked like steaming, putrid garbage ever since they ditched it. Bringing this back would be righting a gigantic wrong.
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    If there's anything good to come from this, it's that the Raiders moving to Vegas is basically an instant death knell for the Color Knights, before they even play their first game!
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    And exclusively white fans.
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    I attempted to redesign the Navy Midshipmen goat logo back in 2006, when I was 16 years old. It was one of my first posts on these boards. I tried again in 2013 with slightly better results. Recently, my 2013 logo was stolen by the douchecanoes over at Sports Live Decals, specifically by a 'designer' named Robert Olide. While I get on with the process of disparaging everything those folks do, I thought I'd take this as a positive opportunity to revisit what has become a litmus test for myself. Overall, I'm pretty happy with this most recent stab. It still needs some work, and I'd love to hear your thoughts.
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    The new Browns look wasn't a big hit? Shocking.
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    Thank goodness. Our current uniforms are horrendous. Just horrendous.
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    Done. (The face masks will stay gray. You get the point.)
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    So... you're just saying it would be nice if they wore football helmets? I guess... I agree?
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    It's difficult to thing of ONE wish, I have lots. But I think I'd wish for the Raptors to go back to their red raptor logo. Although I don't have problem with the latest logo, I just love the nostalgia the red raptor logo brings. Also I absolutely love the purple look. My second wish (if I had one) is for the Mighty Ducks to go back to their original, Disney logo, such a classic.
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    The same place the Carolina Hurricanes have been stuck for the last 10 years?
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    It's really sad. Oakland was perfect for them. They played in the worst stadium, on a baseball field, in the most badass uniforms that would actually get dirty. And they were actually turning the corner into an exciting team. I'm almost done with the NFL, and this might be one of the last straws. I'm bracing myself for 10-15 years from now when the Bengals ask Cincinnati for a billion dollars for a new stadium and the city tells them to fall in a hole. Having a local team is the only reason I still pay attention, but you won't see me on twitter dissecting mock drafts.
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    The Browns look their best when they wear orange pants
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    Breaking: Raiders unveil new logo after moving to Las Vegas
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    Oakand Coliseum, you'll always be a Home of Champion.
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    What exactly constitutes a "better color rush uniform"? Is that like the prettiest waitress at Denny's?
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    For me, it's several different motivations. First off, I've seen up close and personal the true cost of a city having to prop up a franchise that downright hemorrhages money. The way the Coyotes have bent over the state of Arizona and Maricopa County (as well as the way they've bent themselves over) is just despicable. It's a bummer your city lost your hockey team, and I know the situations were a bit different, but you should consider yourself lucky that the Thrashers bailed too early rather than too late. It's WAY worse having to deal with the backlash of supporting a team like the Coyotes than it is losing them. And if there's one city who's likely to screw over their residents even worse than Phoenix/Glendale has, it's Vegas. Which leads me to my next point: Growing up in the state of Nevada, I've seen the state absolutely screw over the residents of their state in order to support Las Vegas. Nevada is one of the most under funded states as it is, and they're basically on the very bottom of the list when it comes to public health and education. Now they're tossing public money, which they don't have and which all residents of the state are going to end up paying for one way or another, at TWO different teams (Because the Knights will get some sort of a public bailout if they haven't already. The way these things go it's basically inevitable.). As a Northern Nevadan, who won't even get the benefit of being able to attend games, that absolutely does NOT sit well with me. Why the hell should we pay for Vegas' toys? That and screw Vegas. I HATE Vegas. It's excessive, wasteful, casino culture sucks, and it's smack dab in the middle of the desert. It's essentially the opposite of everything I enjoy.
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    Well no, but I also don't want to live my life with everyone thinking I'm an :censored:. I've been to a million restaurants in different countries and continents. I've been overcharged once. I fixed it and I moved on with my life. Stalking servers at Olive Garden is bananas.
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    The new Hurricanes jerseys always make me think of a Walmart t-shirt jersey; the smaller logo and generic white stripes. Like something I would buy on the way to the game 'cause I got last-minute tickets from a guy at work and I don't have any merchandise to wear.
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    Either the Padres wear brown and yellow forever, or the Rockies embrace purple and move past the Times New Roman era.
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    Ah, some unused Marlins logos:
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    Yeah, that's why the L.A. Coliseum and the old Soldier Field were so cool. Football is the gladiator sport and the stadiums reflected it. In 20 years, the Eagles will play in a Santiago Calatrava joint that looks like a cross between an albatross and a vagina.
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    I miss when stadiums looked like stadiums and not abstract art.
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    McHale, Aguirre and Bird from 1991 Playoffs:
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    Aw man, I can already predict this thread being three years worth of one half "They should have never changed the old look!" and the other half "Now, if they just made the pants normal and changed the numbers on the brown jersey, they could actually have a solid look!" over and over again before anything actually develops.. Yet STILL I will probably end up checking on it everyday for THREE YEARS. (Count me #TeamOldLook, though.)
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    With the move to Las Vegas, twitter is abuzz w/fake logo changes for the Raiders. Personally, I'd be shocked if there are any changes to the Raiders brand at all for Las Vegas. The Raiders have such a gorgeous, iconic look that I don't see any future changes w/the move. Their uniforms are some of the best in not only the NFL but all of sports.
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    Stepped away for a bit and came back to see some pretty glaring issues. I think I can say that they're fixed with this update:
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    So many things I want the Knicks to change in their identity, starting with bringing back the old script logo.
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    Still be a subtenant in a smaller, older house.