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    Self-explanatory. Took a lot of time to track down or recreate most of the fonts. Click to enlarge, and enjoy!
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    Seriously, upset central is your ideal. If you don't like this, I'm not sure what you have of value to offer.
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    City of Cincinnati basketball status: Spiderman pointing at Spiderman.jpeg
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    Remember when HDTV was going to revolutionize NHL broadcasting? It's certainly easier to follow, but the presentation is still basically the same. If any sport could benefit from an XFL-style makeover, it's hockey.
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    Ric Flair vs Hulk Hogan, Wrestlemania 8.
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    This just in from a friend of a friend who’s brother’s neighbor’s sister works for Reebok, and has a former boss who now works for Nike. Word on the streets (and it would explain the gray color) is that the Titans will use actual fenders from a 2015 Nissan Titan (they had to start the design process at least three years out for this one, so it makes sense) on their new set. It’s definitely something that’s never been done before, and the hope is that the powder coat will stay shiny while also allowing for an extra layer of protection. Some pretty innovative :censored: Nike has in the works, I tell you what.
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    Asymmetry was all the hype in the 90s!
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    Thank you guys for the feedback! Time to start with the NL West, the first team are the Diamondbacks. While I wanted to keep their current logos and wordmarks (except for the "D-Backs" one), but changing their uniform style: the home and road unis are based on the team first alternate design. And for the alts I decided to use a Native American-inspired pattern on the front and back. I wanted to keep the current colours, but tweaking them a little bit, in order to make them close to those used for Navajo's fabrics. I also decided to get rid of the dark grey as road colour, using a sand-ish shade instead. Thanks to @Carolingian Steamroller @coco1997 and @Paul Lucas (who suggested the Southwestern theme for the alts) for giving me ideas and helping me with the designs!
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    Thank God this never happened.
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    since the fisherman has already been included here...
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    The same way I do anything here: arbitrarily and stupidly
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    Jamaica 1996 kits 1998 World Cup kits
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    No kidding. Upsets are fun until you get a UConn/Butler type final from 2011 where the championship game absolutely sucked because neither team, in truth, was close to being the best team from that season. Upsets are fun to an extent. In exceeding doses, they can utterly wreck the balance of the tournament.
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    As far as I'm concerned? His info about the Jags being entirely discredited and his refusal to show the mod team his "insider information" (which he offered to do) after I accepted his terms proves he's full of it. I've asked this several times. Produce the info for the mod team to see, just as you offered to do, or back off.
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    Biggest issue I see is your watching softball
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    Here's Wild Wing vs. Burger King with no glow puck, but instead two fighting robots as the goal animation
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    One of my favorite jersey sets of all times. I'm trying to buy this hat on LIDS as we speak!! But they don't have my size currently. 😣
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    This SI cover might just be peak 90s.
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    Hello All As many of you are well aware, Adidas releases postseason jerseys for some of their teams to wear in tournaments. Nike does not do this, so I decided to try my hand at this idea. I have 12 teams that I will be doing jerseys for, and if those turn out well, I may take some requests for teams from the NCAA tournament. Without further ado, here are the first two sets, North Carolina and Butler. NORTH CAROLINA: For the Tar Heels, I've always thought that navy blue would be better than black. So here it is. A navy jersey with their Carolina blue as the accent color. Argyle pattern remains on the shorts, and the word mark is a baseball word mark that I thought worked well for these jerseys. BUTLER: For the Bulldogs, I focused on the aspect that they are Indianapolis' big team. The Indy skyline appears on the jersey, and the flag of the city is the shorts design. Hope you all like these, and of course C&C is appreciated! Thanks for looking.
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    I used UMBC as my NCAA Teambuilder team for years because they used a Chesapeake Bay Retriever as their logo and that is AWESOME. There really aren’t enough dog based logos in sports.
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    How about that old NFL on NBC intro with the over-the-top phallic symbolism of the Lombardi Trophy penetrating the ground glansular-football-first and triumphantly rising up to brass fanfares? That's gotta do something for someone...
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    Hey guys, just decided to show off some of my concepts I have been working on for quite some time! Link to each team (Completed teams in bold): NL: Cardinals, Cubs, Brewers, Reds, Pirates | Mets, Braves, Nationals, Marlins, Phillies | Dodgers, Giants, Padres, Rockies, Diamondbacks AL: Royals, White Sox, Twins, Tigers, Indians | Yankees, Red Sox, Blue Jays, Orioles, Stingrays | Mariners, Rangers, Astros, Athletics, Angels I'm a fan of classic uniforms and respecting tradition, but I definitely feel like modern elements have their own niche in uniform design. Modern can look great if done well, and not over-designed! To get started... First team up, the St. Louis Cardinals! Here is the logo package: The home uniforms are true classics, and are untouched--hands down one of my favorite uniforms in the big leagues. The away uniforms are slightly changed, with "St. Louis" being on the front of the road greys, and a navy cap with a red button and bill--harkening back to the 1940's and 1950's. The throwback uniforms are those worn by the very successful Cardinals teams of the "Gas House Gang" era. These will be worn on Sunday afternoons.
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    I knew about UMBC before, because Duff Goldman (of Food Network fame) went there. He wore a UMBC hockey jersey on his Ace of Cakes show once.
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    They used that all white Jaguar all the time on social platforms the for past few years. Also, the full colored Gold Jaguar was used all over the place during free agency on Instagram posts, twitter, etc. but for some reason that's ignored. I will print out this post and eat it if they change their logo to an all white Jaguar.
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    This look made no sense then and looking back, it somehow makes even less sense.
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    For me, the discussion about the most 90s uniform starts and ends here.
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    Thanks guys! I have to admit, when I was getting ready to post those, I was like, "man, people are going to really love this, or hate this. Nothing in between..." Hahaha. Glad it's the former from you three! None taken! Heck, I'm happy with how this series is going. Lol! Super cool to get the feedback that I have been getting. Makes it a lot of fun to post my concepts for you guys! The Pittsburgh Pirates are the next team up. Logo package: The primary logo goes back to a pirate. There is a keystone in the pirate's beard, for the state of Pennsylvania being called the "Keystone State." This logo graces the sleeve patch of the two alternate jerseys. The stars by the "P" on the primary logo's hat are a nod to the "Stargell Stars" worn by the Pirates in the 1970's.The socks go back to their classic three stripe pattern, and will be worn with every uniform. The home and away jerseys go back to being vests. Roberto Clemente, and Bill Mazeroski would be proud. Always loved this look for Pittsburgh.The vests are THE uniform style I still think of when I think of the Pirates. Not that gaudy stuff they wore during the "We Are Family" era. The primary home and away jerseys do not have a sleeve patch because, well--they don't have sleeves. Not a fan of putting patches on what is essentially an undershirt. The first alternate is a yellow jersey, complete with a matching yellow cap that features a black squatchee and brim. The second alternate is basically their current black alternate sans white outlines--which really cleans the look up. The cap they currently wear with their current black jersey is pointless, so I made the jersey now match their iconic cap. Very clean look and more legible, as well. This can be worn both on the road, and also at home. The two alternates are sleeved, because personally, I just don't care for colored vest jerseys. The Rockies currently do it, and it looks awful.The Pirates have an awesome color scheme, and I had a lot of fun making this uniform set for the Bucs.
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    And yet, if these leaks are in fact real or even close to it, their main home set will be all black. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #logic
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    I'd be for that. It's probably my favorite concept I've seen to date.
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    The Seattle Emeralds "Take me down to the Emerald City, Where the grass is green and the coffee's gritty..."...or something like that... Of course the "Emeralds" name comes from Seattle's alias of "Emerald City". Whenever I hear '(anything) city', I think of soccer or rugby, so I thought that I would give the Emerald City logo a bit of a soccer-crest vibe. I blended the letters "E" and "C" into an old-style monogram... For a secondary, I was looking for something that wasn't a gem-stone. I found an interesting guy who's a native of the Seattle area, and is bright green in colour. He's also an official critter of the state...The Pacific Tree Frog... So, here's what I'm thinking to use as my primary and secondary...
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    The colors and logos make it feel too close to the University of Texas Longhorns.
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    Is it just me, or do all pictures of the Kingdome interior look extra-depressing? Maybe it’s the bad lighting, the poorly-designed Mariners’ identity, ugly coloration, I’m not sure. It’s no wonder that the Mariners wanted out of that eyesore.
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    @coco1997 Thanks, man! I tried white wordmarks and numbers with a silver outline on the purple alternates, and it just looked... off to me. Hahaha. But I can always mock it up for you down the road! @marlins2017 I alternated the home uniform between the pinstripes and home alternate, but stuck with the pinstripes ultimately because that's been their staple: Purple pinstripes at home, you know? The next team up: Tampa Bay! In this series, they are rebranded as the Stingrays. Logo package: I always thought "Devil Rays" was a silly name--silly uniforms to boot. Felt that "Rays" was too bland... The latter being named after a ray of sunshine, but yet still have a stingray patch on their sleeves, and a stingray touch tank in the outfield concourse--complete mess of an identity.However, the second uniform set the Devil Rays wore utilized dark green. It looked great (sleeved and sleeveless jerseys)! I wanted to get rid of yet another blue-centric team... ... So I brought back dark green, and also brought in light green, and yellow as a trim color to compliment it. The team names, and numbers on all uniforms feature two yellow lines to bring a splash of color to the uniforms and make them visually more interesting.Bright colors ought to brighten up Tropicana Field a bit more!The home whites are simple, and feature triple piping (all jerseys do). "Stingrays" grazes the front of the jersey. The dark green cap with a lime green squatchee and brim pair with the home whites. The road greys have a slight green tint to them, and have "Tampa Bay" across the front. An all green cap is to be worn with these on the road. The home alternates are a recolored version of the home whites. These will not be worn a lot (maybe to save retinas, a bit... Lol), but just enough as this is a very unique jersey, and will really brighten up Tropicana Field. The dark green alternates are primarily an away alternate--thus why they have "Tampa Bay" across the front, but they also have the choice to wear them at home, as well. A bit of a drastic change to the now-Tampa Bay Stingrays, but this is a nice change of pace for their uniforms. Yes, the uniforms are a bit bold--but they don't have the tradition of the Yankees, Dodgers, or the Cardinals--however, they are an expansion team from 1998, and can afford to be a bit, loud. So that's what I went for. Hope you guys enjoy!
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    It looks like one logo pasted inside another logo.
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    I appreciate the feedback, guys! Appreciate it! I tweaked it slightly. There is an emphasis on red more than navy blue. Next up, are the Colorado Rockies. One of two expansion teams added by MLB in 1993. Logo package: The Rockies' uniform set and logos have basically been the same (with the exception of road uniform changes) since their inaugural season. I think it is a bit dated, and not very cohesive with a black vested jersey (horrible), and a purple alternate that has no piping on it. I definitely wanted to change that. I wanted to clean up their look a bit, so I dropped black from the color scheme, and rolled with just purple and silver. The primary logo got updated with the new font, and new color scheme. The secondary logo is simply the new cap logo. The Rockies' cap color goes to purple, and will be worn with all their uniforms.The home uniforms retain "Rockies" across the front. Purple pinstripes will stay. That is a uniform feature that is unique to Colorado. The road greys retain their current placket and sleeve piping, but have "Colorado" updated in the new font across the front. The home alternates are something the Rockies have never worn: A white home jersey sans pinstripes! This is a very, very clean look. This jersey will be worn during Sunday home games. Colorado will retain their purple alternates, however it will feature silver placket piping (unlike the current which feature no piping) which ties the uniform in to the rest of their new uniform set. These will be worn both on the road, at home--at home they will be paired with the home alternate pants. The Rockie,s with these new uniforms will definitely own the color purple in Major League Baseball. I wanted to freshen up their current uniform set, and I feel like I did just that.
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    Thanks guys, I appreciate it! Next up, are the Minnesota Twins--a mainstay in the American League since 1961 after they moved from Washington. Logo package: The color scheme often gets changed, because the Indians, a division rival have the same color scheme. I like navy and red for the Twins, a lot. It has too much tradition behind it to change it. To me, anyways. The color scheme has been used for almost 60 years, now.They recently added "Kasota Gold" to their home uniforms and red home alternate, and I am not a fan of it. So that is dropped... I get that it ties in with Target Field, but it just muddies up their look. Also dropped that road cap they added a few years back with the red squatchee and red brim--another Indians-esque element is dropped.The home whites go back to what they recently wore. A lot of people see this uniform, and think of the Metrodome--which is understandable. However, I seen a uniform that made a seamless transition from under the "Teflon Sky," to under the natural light, outdoors. The road greys retain the cursive "Minnesota" across the front. But in a nod to their previous road uniforms, the script is now red and outlined in navy. No road pinstripes, here--but I heavily considered it. The home alternates are the gorgeous throwbacks they have been wearing since moving in to Target Field. To me, the cream color of this jersey ties in to the use of Limestone way better than "Kasota Gold," any day. Just a terrific uniform. The last alternate, is a navy jersey, with red piping and has "Twins" across the front. This is to be worn both on the road, and also at home. Always was a fan of their old navy alternates.
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    People keep mentioning the Haida for a Totems logo. Haidas are much more a Northern B.C./Southwestern Alaska tribe (which is why the Grizzlies influence makes a little more sense). So many other tribes around the Seattle/Western Washington area from the Coast Salish group to draw inspiration from if that was the direction the team wanted to go.
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    Actually am going to post a concept of that when I finish up, here! I love that idea, actually--maybe they can wear that Wednesday day games, or something. Up next, are the San Diego Padres. Logo package: They have had many different color schemes throughout their history, but my favorite has always been brown and yellow. Not the gaudy stuff they wore from 1976 until 1984--but rather their uniforms from their first three seasons from 1969-1971.I love the piping they used a few years back--double piping on the sleeves, and placket piping and color piping, so those are brought back and used on all jerseys. The socks are inspired by ones worn previously worn by them in 1969. But just with two stripes (to match the jersey and pants piping) instead of three stripes.The home whites have "Padres" across the front. Nothing fancy: With a color scheme as unique as brown and yellow, you want your uniforms to be simple and let the color scheme be the star of the show. The road greys have a slight yellow-ish hue to them--a nod to the inaugural uniform set they wore. A no-frills, no-nonsense "San Diego" is worn across the chest--this font matches the number font. The road font in this manner is a nod to the 1998 team that won a National League pennant. The yellow jersey is a simple recolor of the home whites--this will be worn with a brown cap that also features a yellow squatchee and brim. This will be worn exclusively at Petco Park. The other alternate jersey is brown, with the interlocking "SD" over the heart, and also features yellow numbers and lettering. Simple, but bold. When a majority of people think of the San Diego Padres wearing brown and yellow, they think of the obnoxious, gaudy uniforms worn by them for years in the 70's and 80's, and not the gorgeous uniform set they wore their first three years of operation.Here, I wanted to give the Padres a color scheme they can and SHOULD still own. I wanted to make a timeless uniform set for the Friars in their best known color scheme!
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    No, this is Patrick.
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    You are correct, but I still don't understand what Modell had against elves.
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    Thanks guys! I appreciate the feedback! Up next, are the North Siders of the Windy City--the Chicago Cubs! Logo package: The sock pattern is inspired from the three stripe pattern they wore from 1927-1956.The sleeve patch on all three jerseys is again home to this particular version of the "Angry Cub" logo that I am a huge fan of.Their home whites are classics--I really dig them. So they are untouched! The away uniforms are highly inspired by the Ron Santo and Ernie Banks-era road uniforms--thin piping and all. Might be kind of cliche at this point, but they really do look pretty darn good--that's why it's done often. The current hip logo on the road pants is dropped... Never was a fan of it. The blue alternates are to be worn just on the road, and are heavily inspired by their blue top road uniforms worn from 1982-1989. I like their current setup of wearing the alternate on the road exclusively, and didn't want to deviate from that. Really like the Cubs current home uniforms. The current road greys and blue alternate leave a lot to be desired, so I wanted to change that.
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    Up next: The Boston Red Sox. Logo package: The primary logo goes back to the style of roundel they used for decades. The socks in the new primary logo are updated to their famous sock pattern (Shoutout to @SFGiants58 for the idea--it's terrific). Also, navy undershirts return to Boston--which I thought were always superior to red undershirts they wear now.The home whites are unchanged with the exception of the socks and undershirts. I loved the road throwbacks they wore against the Padres, recently. I wanted to bring that style back on a permanent basis! There is placket piping on the road uniforms to match the home uniforms, finally. The red alternates return, but with some changes: The navy placket piping returns (should never have been removed), and the 1970's era red cap with a navy squatchee and brim is now paired with the red alternates. I love the Red Sox's home whites--especially with their classic sock pattern and navy undershirts, but I feel like the road uniform could use some sprucing up, the red alternate could use it as well. So I sought out to do that!
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    Yes, that was the main reason for doing so! Can't have them wear too similar of a color scheme. Oh, yeah. It sure will be! Kind of weird to even make concepts with their logo on the chests, now. Hahaha. Thanks, man! I appreciate the feedback! We are officially a third of the way through this MLB series with the next team: The Oakland Athletics! A team that was an original founding member of the American League in 1901, when they called Philadelphia home. Logo package: I enjoy their current color scheme of forest green and "gold." However, I LOVE their old color scheme of kelly green and "gold" more!The secondary white elephant logo is the sleeve patch on all jerseys. All four jerseys feature piping on the jerseys, a nod to uniforms they wore a few years after moving to Oakland from Kansas City. The socks are the classic pattern previously worn by them, and feature their trademark yellow sanitary socks.The home whites have "A's" on the left of the jersey front, features yellow lettering and numbers, with a thick green outline to maximize legibility. This is a nod to uniforms worn by the A's in the 70's. The road grey uniforms have a slight green-ish tint to them. "Oakland" stays on the front. The home alternate jersey is still "gold." However, "Athletics" is now on the alternates, contrary to them having the "A's" logo on the front like they do now. The kelly green alternates are to be worn both on the road and also at home. Simple and straightforward. Kelly green and yellow is a beautiful color scheme. I feel like it is a way to brighten up the identity, and refresh things a little bit.
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    Thanks, guys! I appreciate the feedback. Glad you guys enjoy the White Sox! Up next, are the Atlanta Braves! I love their current uniforms--I really do. But I love the color scheme they used during the 1970's... So, why not try and merge them together? Logo package: I got something that I'm really happy with. The sock stripes come from their days in Milwaukee. The color scheme and piping (the pants stripe, mainly) comes from the 70's, as previously stated. The uniforms retain the triple piping, a uniform feature that distinctively belongs to the Braves--at least in recent times. The scripts and numbers are double outlined to match the piping.There are two cap options: A cap with a white front, that is reminiscent of the caps worn by Hank Aaron during the time he hit his 715th home run to pass Babe Ruth. Also, there is a cap, which is essentially their current cap, just recolored with a lighter shade of blue. Home uniform: Away uniform: Alternate uniform: This is a look that I feel like blends eras together in a way that can brighten and freshen an identity, while still looking sleek and modern.
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    Wow, guys! Super humbled... This is awesome. Thanks so much for the feedback! I appreciate it so much, guys. It makes me just want to keep posting and showing off everything I have done! Next team up, are the South Siders... The Chicago White Sox! Logo package: I love their current logos and uniforms. After so many changes (many very drastic), and using so different color schemes over the years, starting in 1991 (with the exception of few games late in 1990), the White Sox have finally found a color scheme and look that works for them. I wanted to keep that the same.The uniforms feature a new number font to better match ones they have used in the past, and to better match the new font on the road jerseys. Also brought back in to the mix are the old sock stripes from the "Go-Go Sox" era, just in the current colors.The home whites remain the same--except the number font, and adding the "Sox Diamond" patch. I absolutely love these uniforms, and wanted to make some minor tweaks that to me, would perfect them. The road greys drop their familiar script, for the "Chicago" font used back during the "South Side Hitmen" era and during the early years of the franchise. The thick black and white striping is restored on the pants--bringing back consistency that is currently lacking. Also added the "Sox Diamond" patch back to the left sleeve. The black alternates, like the home pinstripes remain the same with the exception of the number font. Another jersey I am fond of. Of course, it is to be worn both at home and also on the road as a nice change of pace. Love the jerseys, but I swear they wear them at least 100 games of the year! I really, really enjoy the White Sox current uniforms. They have done some chipping away at their identity over the years, and I wanted to restore their identity to where it was around the time they hoisted the title back in 2005--with some modern flair.
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    I sure can! After I unveil all the teams, I plan on showing off other concepts that didn't quite make the cut--I actually already had a home alternate with orange trim made up, but I can surely add that road alt that you requested, as well. Next team up, is a team deep-rooted in tradition--being a member of the National League since 1890, it is the Cincinnati Reds. Logo package: The primary uniforms are heavily influenced by the amazing "Big Red Machine" Reds teams of the 1970's. The home whites and road grays are sure to make fans think of the days of Johnny Bench and Joe Morgan. A classic look modernized with button ups and belted pants--contrary to the sansabelt and pullovers of yesteryear. The home alternate is a look that harkens back to the vested looks the Reds have often used, and the sleeveless pinstripes they used for years. The road alternates are a simple colorway of the road uniforms. Nothing fancy. The Cincinnati Reds are a classic team, and to me, their uniforms should look the part of it.
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