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    The steroid era featured three highly successful teams who were built primarily around veteran talent. The D'Backs, the Giants and the Yankees. Most of the key players on those three teams were over 30. These teams were also built for the most part through trades and free agency. You could look around the league and see players like Johnson, Bonds, Edmonds, Gonzalez, etc. who were over the age of 30 and playing better than ever. So when Tim Salmon bats .290 with 34 home runs at the age of 31, it's easy to see how a team can become convinced this is a sign of things to come, so let's make him the highest paid player on the team. And teams did this repeatedly. Look at the Rangers in the early 2000s and ask yourself what was tying them up financially. The $25 million they were giving to the best player in the American League? Or the $20 million they were giving to two corner outfielders (Juan Gonzalez and Carl Everett) who couldn't run or field, and only provided average production at the plate? You could get the same amount of production Gonzalez, and Everett provided you with for under $3 million at the time. Arod is another story. But those are the types of deals that were sinking mid-market teams who were trying to match the Yankees and Red Sox in free agency. The smart teams like Oakland figured out very it wasn't worth it to even bother trying to keep up with teams like the Yankees in free agency and focused all their energies on developing their farm system. What they found was that if you play your cards right, you can get players better than anyone available on the free agent market, and as a bonus, you only have to pay them 1/10th the salary the top veteran free agent is going to get. Once the big market teams started to figure out they could do the same thing, the days of good but not great veteran players getting big money essentially ended. The idea of teams spending wisely in the free agent market though is a fairly new phenomenon. Teams spent like drunken sailors in the '80s giving big bucks to proven but past their prime vets like Steve Garvey, George Foster, and Ron Cey. Even the first big-money deal in free agent history (Catfish Hunter to the Yankees) was a bust. The Yankees signed him for five years and only got one good year and one decent year out of Hunter. The only difference between now and then is that you didn't have Sabermetric people there to call them out for overvaluing veteran talent. The teams have caught on. For better or worse the "I drink, and I know things" talk radio host type of persona have been scrubbed from most front offices. What's on the spreadsheet matters just as much as what you see on the field. That's a hard concept for a lot of people to grasp and most fans and media people can't which is why I think so many people look at Sabermetrics as a kind of voodoo science, even though all 30 teams have fully adopted this mentality.
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    I wouldn’t mind them flipping the tomahawk colors. It’d be a fantastic modernization of this: ...except with a navy tomahawk instead of a black one.
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    I'm fearing sort of a change-for-the-sake-of-change where they outline the A on the hats and reduce the piping to single-layer navy blue (very clean, really pops). Or perhaps they'll put a secondary/roundel that doesn't need to be there on the sleeve. Or maybe simplify some of the old details out of the tomahawk. Frankly, I'm still not over them getting rid of vertically arched lettering.
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    I have no problem with the different striping schemes for home versus away. But I’m a Blackhawks fan, so what do I know.
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    Hard to imagine a Pittsburgh team wearing anything besides black and yellow... let alone purple and orange...
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    Would run into trouble for red-green colorblind viewers, though. Maybe the Wolves' green is bright enough to counteract it, but I'm not sure.
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    The 2019 rule change phasing out some older helmet models has changed a few “classic” looks
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    I'll take the Brooklyn Cyclones, Burlington Bees, Daytona Tortugas, Hillsboro Hops, Idaho Falls Chukars, Memphis Redbirds, Nashville Sounds, Toledo Mud Hens, and West Virginia Black Bears. Hell, just to show I can give Brandiose credit where credit is due, I'll take the Asheville Tourists, Clearwater Threshers, Lakeland Flying Tigers, and Spokane Indians, as well. That said, you can have the likes of the Rocky Mountain Vibes, Amarillo Sod Poodles, Florida Fire Frogs, and Rocket City Trash Pandas.
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    but this is a concepts forum
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    I can't imagine them dropping the tomahawk as part of the "chop-fest" celebration..
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    At this point I’ve given up trying to find a loophole to explain away the Pats dynasty. They are in fact that good, and it’s freakin impressive. It’s also really freakin irritating and I hope the Chiefs pound them on Sunday, but it’s unlikely because they seem invincible. I hate their guts, but I also have mad respect for Brady and especially Belichick for what they’ve done.
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    I wish I were sensitive to dog whistling. Years of headphone use have probably made me half-deaf.
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    Yep. And we should take notice that they’ve dropped that spin - an interview with an owner who doesn’t want the brown by a journalist who doesn’t want the brown would have been the perfect place to drag out “you know, people say they want brown but the blue merchandise sells soooo much better.” That they didn’t speaks volumes.
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    Steve Christie, the Buffalo Bills place kicker for 9 seasons (and made countless game winning kicks), played the first 2 years of his career for the Buccaneers
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    No it didn't, the Los Angeles Raiders did. And there's no sense in sweating "hip hop culture" anymore. NBA players all look like this now:
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    I prefer the old one, it has a lot more texture in it and it just looks more realistic
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    Most likely was due to the fact that their specified gold is a Pantone Metallic color which doesn't usually translate well to flat fabrics, and I'm strictly using the Pantone specs in making these since otherwise there would be too much guesswork. Anyway, here's Pittsburgh --
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    This is exactly what I expect to happen, and it’s going to be as disappointing and frustratingly unnecessary as you’d expect.
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    If I didn't know any better, I'd think that he is the white Russell Westbrook.
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    I’m not exactly sure what makes it “unprofessional,” but I actually liked the decision for both teams to wear white pants. The Eagles’ midnight green-white-white provided good visual balance against the Saints’ gold-black-black, while the Chargers’ all-white is superior to white-white-blue (especially because of the blue-socks) and kept a matchup with the Patriots from being too blue heavy.
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    And, let's talk about their popular red alts that they ditched and won't bring back. Who the hell asked for black and gray?
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    2019 NHL All Star Game
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