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    I can't stop looking at this. Mostly because it says "balls" right between the eyes for no apparent reason.
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    Calgary hasn't looked good since the early-1990's. Just drop black, or incorporate black as subtle trim into the classic set (to prevent the white and yellow bleeding together): Thanks, @monkeypower, for the rendering.
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    Seriously, just exhume Tillman and put him in a glass case like Lenin.
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    That's the soccer version of the "it's just the Red Wings' preseason font!" that we see every year in hockey lol.
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    1) They won’t be called “pride” uniforms, although the general concept is similar to that. 2) How many times have you asked that question on here? 3) Probably in the next month or two unless they leak earlier than that.
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    Supporting a team that's subservient to another is a whole different ballgame than supporting an MLB club. I'm not saying Portland should necessarily get a team or anything, but I just don't think this is necessarily the be-all, end-all argument against a Portland team. Per-game attendance averages: 1990 Miami Miracle (A) - 686 1991 Miami Miracle (A) - 870 1993 Florida Marlins - 37,838 1994 Florida Marlins - 32,838 1991 Denver Zephyrs (AAA) - 7640 1992 Denver Zephyrs (AAA) - 4826 1993 Colorado Rockies - 55,350 1994 Colorado Rockies - 57,570 1996 Phoenix Firebirds (AAA) - 3718 1997 Phoenix Firebirds (AAA) - 2932 1998 Arizona Diamondbacks - 44,571 1999 Arizona Diamondbacks - 37,280
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    Before everyone freaks out, Ireland replicas have a sponsor. That's not the font.
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    #3 MOTOR CITY MUSTANGS Great Lakes Division, Great East Conference RATIONALE The Detroit-based franchise was named the “Motor City Mustangs” in honor the city being the center of the blue-collar American automotive industry, with General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler all headquartered in the area. The team name is derived from one of Ford’s most popular muscle car, the “Ford Mustang”, which debuted in 1964. The Mustangs wear a "Ford blue" uniform, with reflective blue-tinted silver letters and numerals to mimic a chrome finish. A candy red is used sparingly as the team’s secondary color. STORYLINE The Motor City Mustangs are an American football team based in Detroit, Michigan. They compete in the Great Lakes Division in the Great East Conference of the Ultimate Football League. The Mustangs have played all of their home games in Detroit, MI since the 1st UFL season. The Detroit-based franchise has been named the Detroit Destroyers up until season 25, when longtime owner Earl Fitzgerald sold the team to businessman Cutis Goodwin, and the team was rebranded as the Motor City Mustangs in honor of the blue-collar automotive industry and Goodwin’s role as a stakeholder in the Ford Motor Company. They have been known for their long quarterback tenures despite an often lackluster offensive attack. The team’s strong smash-mouth defense has been the backbone of the franchise, ranking in the top-5 overall during a 6-season stretch. The team hasn’t achieved much post-season success, largely in part due to the success of the Chicago Dragons, a division rival powerhouse. TOMMY RUIZ ERA (seasons 1-13) The Detroit franchise’s first draft choice in the 1st UFL draft was quarterback Tommy Ruiz out of Texas. Not knowing what to expect, the team went 9-7 in its first season and fell short of a playoff spot, but Ruiz quickly established himself as a strong leader, regardless of the lack of team offensive production. For the next few seasons however, the team would fail to achieve a winning record. This would turn around in the team’s 4th season, when they finished at 10-6 and achieved their first playoff spot. Ruiz would lead the team to only 5 wins in season 5, ultimately resulting in a brief rebuilding period. The team would draft several college phenoms in an effort to reinforce the defense, including defensive end Arthur Lamb in the 6th UFL draft, linebacker Ron Olson in the first round in the 7th and cornerback Marion Walton in the second round in the 7th UFL Draft. The team would finish number 1 in overall defense in season 9 with a record of 9-7. They would continue to have a rock-solid defense for seasons to come. The team would only achieve 5 wins in season 10, though the defense ranked 3rd overall in the league. The following season the team would rebound with an 8-8 record, but again they would fail to reach the playoffs. During the offseason, there were thoughts about the future of Tommy Ruiz at the quarterback position, with his age being a factor as well as his lack of postseason production. These thoughts would carry into the 12th UFL Draft, and after finishing the previous season at 4-12, the Detroit Destroyers would select QB Bruce Lewis with the 3rd overall pick. In season 13, the team would again finish at 4-12. In a post-game press conference following the final game of the season, Ruiz would announce that this would be his final game. BRUCE LEWIS ERA (seasons 14-18) Lewis, being inserted as the starting quarterback in his second UFL season, would struggle in his first four games, throwing 10 INT and only 2 TD as the team would go 0-4 in that stretch. The team would announce a blockbuster move in week 5, trading for WR Calvin Freeborg and sending CB Marion Walton to the New York Lightning. Following the trade, the team would go 3-3 over their next six games, with Lewis throwing for 6 TD and 6 INT in that span. The Destroyers would win two in a row before losing their final four games, finishing the season with a 5-11 record. The following season, Lewis would throw for 28 TD with 20 INT, with Freeborg catching 13 of those scores, as the team would finish with a 7-9 record. The Destroyers would again finish 7-9 in season 16, but Lewis continued to struggle, throwing 23 TD and 23 INT. Season 17 and 18 didn’t fare any better for Lewis, as he threw for a career worst 17 TD, 26 INT and 18 TD, 23 INT respectively. In the 19th UFL Draft, the Destroyers would draft two quarterbacks in consecutive rounds: Brett Hanson (California) and Christopher McCuien (Texas). Bruce Lewis would not make the roster for the season 19 and would be released. HANSON & MCCUIEN ERA (seasons 19-present) The battle for the starting quarterback role between Hanson and McCuien was settled two days before their opening matchup against the Cincinnati Vultures in season 19. Both quarterbacks had similar playing styles as pocket passers with accurate arms, both securing a win and a loss in their 2 starts each in the preseason. Hanson would shine in his UFL debut against a stout Cincinnati defense, throwing for 315 yards with 3 TD and one INT, coming on a tipped pass intended for Calvin Freeborg. He would continue his success, throwing 15 TD passes and only 2 INT over his next 6 games. In a week 8 matchup against the Los Angeles Aztecs however, he would throw 4 INT with the team losing its next 3 games. The Destroyers would finish at 9-7, with Hanson throwing 28 TD and 10 INT in his first UFL season. Hanson experienced a slump in season 20 and 21. The quarterback would struggle with accuracy, posting consecutive career-lows in completion percentage with 53 and 49. His struggles were thought to have been linked to the inefficiency of the receiving core, a group that dropped the most passes in the league in both years. In the 22nd UFL Draft, the Destroyers would draft WR Merton Burleson (Iowa) and trade Freeborg to the San Jose Outlaws for a second round pick, which would go on to be WR Darrien Augustin (Notre Dame). Hanson’s would put up a completion percentage of 62 the following season, a career high. The Detroit Destroyers would win their division for the first time in franchise history in season 23 with a record of 9-7. Hanson would throw for over 400 yards and a win in his playoff debut against the then-Charlotte Panthers, 28-17. They would lose to the Denver Avengers in the divisional round however, 10-37. The following season, Hanson would suffer a broken hand in week 7, and with McCuien in relief, the team would lose six of their next nine games, finishing the season with a record of 5-11. In the offseason of season 24, longtime owner Earl Fitzgerald sold the franchise to a Ford Motor Company stakeholder, Curtis Goodwin. The team was rebranded as the Motor City Mustangs for season 25. NOTE: The logos and designs used in this presentation are property of CJ Zilligen and MUST NOT be repurposed under any circumstance.
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    I will be PA announcing for an NCAA Division 1 basketball team this season. I am rather excited!
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    Supporting a team that's subservient to another is a whole different ballgame than supporting an MLB club. I'm not saying Portland should necessarily get a team or anything, but I just don't think this is necessarily the be-all, end-all argument against a Portland team.
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    Bloods vs Crips! Looks great
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    It's not a leak. A leak would be a photo of something listed on a style sheet sent to retail stores - along those lines. If it's already in the store it's 100% not the new logo
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    Me too. I wish they'd go back to using their C for the Captain's patch
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    While on the topic of the Flames I just want to say I absolutely love the Atlanta Flames A as the alternate captain's patch. A minor little tribute while fitting in to the team's existing asthethic.
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    and dog fighting. I'm surprised they haven't changed yet for that reason alone. Those are still known as the "Vick uniforms".
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    I seriously think Monterrey is a better candidate than Mexico City. It's a lot closer, they're a wealthier city, lower elecation, and they're a more "Americanized" location. Still not ideal, though. Montreal is suitable, but I only see them getting in, via expansion, if the MLB gets another strong suitor city, to balance the scales.
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    The closest major league team to Mexico City are the Houston Astros, almost exactly 750 miles away. If Mexico City were placed in the same division as the Mariners (which is possible if they were in the AL), they'd be a full 2,300 miles away from a divisional rival - the equivalent of having the Mariners and Orioles in the same division. Apart from the economics of a team in Mexico, the inability of a Mexican team to attract free agents, and the absurdity of baseball at 7,400 feet altitude, the insane travel schedule would make a Mexico City team nearly impossible.
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    Will you be doing the Thanksgiving Doubleheader Noon/3PM games, or just the Night ones? I wanna see how you do the Vikings/Lions and and the Cowboys/Chargers matches.
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    Lol, as much as i want to cry seeing this, you right
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    SPOT OF TEA RAM IT, I SAY! --- Also, nice play-calling, Falcons. Inside the 1 and you pass and run a jet sweep. You deserve this shutout.
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    Their last Stanley Cup set was perfect. I don't even mind the black crest. If they wanted to work more white/yellow into it and reduce the black I'm sure it'd still be great.
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    This should put to rest any remaining doubt about what colors they'll be wearing come 2020. Royal and yellow is what they really want to be wearing, but they're settling for anything that is more LA than STL in the meantime.
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    There was nothing wrong with the old logo, but once you get used to the change the new logo is a huge improvement, especially when you put them side by side. The old one looks like it’s just there, the new one looks aggressive.
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    A friend just sent this to me, says he saw it in Jacksonville. Never seen this logo before. Font is the same as current, though. I hope this isn't something new for next season.
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    That logo as a shoulder patch on the 06-07 jerseys would have been a perfect look. The 03-07 home red jersey is one of the best jerseys the league has had, period, apart from the horse snot shoulder patch.
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    From events in soccer we now know that that is faulty reasoning. The attendance numbers of the USL's Seattle, Montreal, and Atlanta teams gave no hint of the huge crowds that MLS teams in those cities would draw.
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    Congratulations on existing while the Texas Rangers incessantly bitched about their TV schedule!
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    You would think that this uniform could use the star that was typical on the previous sets, but the letters are so basic compared to the other ones I don't know if the star would look right with them. Could still be an upgrade regardless.
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    I think I would agree that the new one is more expressive, or maybe emotive is the better word, but I don’t think that equates to being less static. The new one is the epitome of static to me. It’s just a lone head, sitting there, with no indication of motion at all. It might as well be taxidermy. The old one had a natural vanishing point to its shape and supported that with the whiskers kind of doubling as motion lines, along with the tapering head and jaw.
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    It is, just as much as Jersey is part of the Tri-State Area (in fact, it's pretty much the exact equivalent to North Jersey). Putting a team there would put a dagger in the still-growing and still-young fanbase of the Nationals. It'd be terribly stupid. The Baltimore/DC area can't support three teams, DC itself can't support 2, and there's no sense in splitting the newest fanbase in baseball.
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    If the Los Angeles Angels and San Diego Padres names could transition well to MLB, then I don't see why another PCL "glory days" team can't.
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    Sorry for the crappy guess, but just something that got made by someone. It might be a team thing, but it's WAY too detailed for consideration as a logo. You could never reproduce that at small sizes.
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    Yeah I chuckled when I noticed that, also in relation to what someone said a page back. 2012 JAGS did make the change to black primary late but they got a waver due to new ownership. Because that set never even had black uniforms until Shad got here.
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    Redskins should wear throwback logos on their helmets to match the jerseys
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    I don’t think it’s a move to make WS the new standard but rather the design choice for 2017. I’m willing to bet we’ll see World Series on the patch again next year.
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    Last year I saw a post on Uni-Watch bringing up the idea of replacing the NFL Color Rash with Throwback Thursdays. The only issue with it is that the one-helmet rule kind of threw a wrench in some of the throwbacks, making it unfortunately unrealistic. For this, I set myself 2 basic rules: Must use the same helmets as usual Throwbacks should be roughly from the same time period for each game (~10 years or so) For a few teams I ended up making fauxback uniforms, one of which is right here-- So with that I have week 1 - Kansas City (1963) @ New England (1960) I have the rest of the teams planned out, and hopefully the combos will work!
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    Just use those and the white pants they wore and bam they have an alternate
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    Patriots are wearing the Color Rush jerseys that they didn't wear in their TNF game. Still wish this would be their new primary jerseys, such a good update and meshing of eras.
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    Upvoted for LA Football Clippers.
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    ROGERS HORNETS The Hornets, despite two playoff appearances in the last two seasons, have had little to cheer about in their history. In seven playoff games, their record is 1-6. They've also suffered through mediocre regular season play. They do have MVP candidate SG Roberto Furcal, but his contract will expire after the season, and jumping to an entirely different (and also nonexistent) league is likely. This is one of my most risky designs. There are some "out there" touches. It's not my favorite, but it spices things up. I may post the logo tomorrow. (Note: sorry about those weird gray blocks on the side of the gray background. It was necessary for complicated reasons.)
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    You've been holding out on us, Niner. I never would've guessed you were some expatriate royal
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    Car company sued saying the logo was too similar to the one they had.
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    Too bad women's soccer beat them to Thorns. I liked that.
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    It’s Portland Beavers and Montreal Expos or nothing at all. Okay, maybe not nothing, but this is clear and easy.
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    I guarantee that Chance came about because Bill Foley thinks he owns the Army, and the Knight is not something that can be lighthearted and fun like a regular mascot.
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