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    Georgia Tech's uniforms today really needed gold pants. White pants look wrong and out-of-balance with the gold helmets and navy jerseys.
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    Worst part was 1st and goal on the 8 and they ended up punting.
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    Screw the NFL rules, pull a '94(?) 49ers and wear these at home for the rest of the season and pay the fines. Huge improvement over their current set.
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    Thanks man :) Yeah I feel I'm posting too much but I had pretty much 60% ready before posting. Now it'll take me more time probably
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    My problem with the stick in rink on the primaries is that it looks so damn big. Maybe it's just me, but have shoulder logos gotten bigger over the years? The Canucks should drop the Johnny Canuck/V hybrid on their previous alternate if that's coming back as I'm no fan of that logo.
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    How the hell did that even manage to happen?
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    With all the Swedes we're bringing in lately, that's actually a "thing" in Buffalo right now.
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    Dang thanks, man. That's some high praise. I appreciate it. Yep! Thanks! Thanks for the feedback dude. I do see the dolphin tail! That font could definitely work for either team. Next up, the Denver Broncos! The Broncos probably had my favorite uniforms in the league when I was 10, but since then they've aged significantly. My goal here was to preserve the clean aesthetic of their current threads but take it in a different direction. Simply taking their color rush and applying it to the rest of the set makes a whole lot of sense, but we've all seen that a million times already so I'm trying something a little different with the uniforms. I'm going for a set that looks traditional from afar, and modern up close. The sleeve design takes cues from the horse's mane. It's really hard to improve upon their current logo, which is one of the best in the league. I don't think mine's quite there, but I think its serviceable. If you want to imagine their current logo on the helmet, I won't stop you. My initial thought was to modernize their classic 'D' logo, but I think the head logo works better for this particular set. I kept the updated 'D' as an alternate. The font is my own version of their current numerals. It's a modified version of 'Homestead'. Let me know what you think! I'm open to ideas.
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    I’m shocked people like this Missouri look. I think it looks absolutely atrocious. It’s one of the most tacky looking sets I can remember. And the way that logo translates in the reverse colors is REALLY bad.
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    Cincinnati vs. Ohio U is a pretty underrated uniform matchup. Great contrast between both teams.
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    Hey Browns organization, notice how white numbers "pop off" brown jerseys. Not orange. Much easier to read from a distance, which isn't that the purpose of numbers on jerseys in the first place, to be able to identify players easier ??????
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    I would give anything for them to wear this against us in the last game of the season where we traditionally wear all red. That would be glorious.
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    Illinois vs Penn State was an interesting visual last night with the mono-orange/blue trim and mono white/blue trim matchup, not necessarily a good matchup but kinda cool.
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    Calgary's red and yellow-gold look is timeless and distinctive. The Flames became the NHL's second all-red team after Detroit when Atlanta first joined the league in '72. Their uniform match-ups vs other clubs looked great on TV and would look great in HD. Time to promote them to full-time and relegate black to alternate status.
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    Yeah, but my dad could beat up your dad.
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    I think you're missing his point. He's saying the current shade of brown is so dark it might as well as be black. And I agree... the need to lighten up that brown, and go back to the previous orange, too.
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    Or if you know your fan base wants them, how about just wearing them all the time?
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    Does anyone else look at the "A" in that crown and think "old AFL logo" and "lawsuit from the NFL about it is going to make it a short-lived logo?" I can't argue. Of the four released thus far, it's head-and-shoulders the best. The Memphis Express isn't bad now that I've seen it in a merchandising context, but there should be some designs that show the plane without the "E" somehow. I'm "meh" on the Birmingham Iron, as it's a general, uninspiring look. The Atlanta Legends is a bad name, with a bad identity and a mediocre color scheme.
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    Totally thought they were going back to teal permanently. So disappointed... Report: Marlins In Teal Again in 2019 Hey, when it’s abundantly obvious what the people want, you should just give ’em what they want! (*nudges the San Diego Padres hard with an elbow*) According to a report on SBNation’s “Fish Stripes”, the Miami Marlins will break out their teal throwback uniforms once again during the 2019 season for a four-game set against the Arizona Diamondbacks from July 26-29.
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    COPA DEL REY XIII 1907 - Preview COPA DEL REY XIII 1907 - Review
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    COPA DEL REY ALFONSO XIII 1905 - Review COPA DEL REY ALFONXO XIII 1906 - Preview COPA DEL REY ALFONSO XIII 1906 - Review C&C welcome Soon, the 1907 season!
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    Prior to the 1940/41 season, the Minneapolis Hockey Clubs split up back into the Millers and Bruins, the Soudan Miners made some adjustments to their uniforms, and Lou Tschida was announced as the first "official" head coach in Vulcans history. Here are the Minneapolis teams looks after the split. No changes for the Bruins, but the Millers completely redesigned. The Millers dropped their orange jersey in favor of the first white jersey in franchise history, the striping on the jerseys has also completely changed. The Millers also adjusted their logo yet again in an attempt to build a fan base again after the merger, the teams new logo is almost an exact copy of the Minneapolis Millers baseball logo. The Miners also changed their look, dropping the simple orange cuffs and hem for a stripe pattern. Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!
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