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    Charlotte is finally going with the tramsparent side panels they’ve been teasing for two score and a century.
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    You can get a full explanation on the first post under the spoiler labeled "Running the AFA." The short version is that each season, every team is assigned a constant rating between 1.00 and 10.00 (realistically, it's exceptionally rare for anyone to fall below 2 or exceed 9). For each game, teams also receive a random number to indicate how well they played (I call this variable the roll), with home teams getting numbers between 1.00 and 12.00, and visiting teams getting numbers between 1.00 and 10.00. I give temporary bonuses or penalties during the postseason to teams that rolled exceptionally well or poorly during the regular season, with each standard deviation above or below the mean worth +/- 0.5. In the Victory Bowl, which is played on a neutral field, both teams roll 1.00-10.00, unless there is a plausible reason that one team would have partial or full homefield advantage. If New York and Seattle play a Victory Bowl in New Jersey, I'd give the Imperials a 1.00-12.00. If the game were in Philadelphia or DC, I'd give them a 1.00-11.00. I've also given d11s under circumstances where most otherwise neutral observers have a reason to favor one team over the other. The year that Washington won it all after their owner passed away comes to mind. At this point, everything outside of assigning the constant is totally automated in Excel. All I have to do is rate the teams and put the year in the spreadsheet, and it automatically looks up the matchups, generates the rolls, compares the results, and then tallies team records. Even the tiebreaker procedure is largely automatic, though I do have to check just to be sure. I've been meaning to post screenshots of my template spreadsheet, because I'm pretty proud of it. I'll probably wait until the league expands to 30, though, because it will be prettier once the divisions are even.
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    Washington Redskins Redtails: The main mark is inspired by American warplane insignia and the DC flag. The secondary mark is inspired by the Tuskegee Airmens' planes. And the helmet, with its very own red tail.
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    Here are the teams Arizona: Wow!!! I started my NFL series that I'LL TOTALLY finish!!!! Detroit: Lmao nvm no one cares about this team (sans I assume @drdougfresh and I think @ZionEagle. Correct me if I'm wrong) Houston: So like, the Oilers, but not.
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    I love the jersey design for Long Island - but their colours are pretty much a carbon copy of the New York Civics (in reference to that the orange looks more like red). Imagine their marketing department - there would be 2 New York teams with similar colour sets! The 2000s theme is really good and it suits Long Island - a team who wants to be part of the trend. The logos are excellent!
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    well, next season will be *30 years for "the franchise". should make a nice patch. i'm just a little perplexed since we lost the original franchise to NO in 2002, only to get a new ownership group and team name in 2004-2014, before MJ rebranded the Bobcats to Hornets. It's weird to celebrate 30 years when they've been somewhere or someone else for 40% of this "history". I don't recall how Clev Browns, Oak Raiders, or even LA Rams handled any of their "missing years" or if really matters... but to me it seems really odd. at least MJ can sell some more Jordan branded Hornets gear *sigh*
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    Oof. Why is the wordmark outline/trim in a different color than the outline/trim for the numbers? I don't see the wordmark trim color appear anywhere else on the uniform.
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    Every time I see the Nets' Joe Harris wearing no. 12, I think of Lucious Harris. A half-credit goes to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson wearing the no. 24 that will always be associated with Richard Jefferson. I think the most famous example of this phenomenon is Jack Clark and Will Clark both wearing no. 22 for the Giants. Recently I saw someone walking around wearing one of those Yankee t-shirts that improperly feature the player's name. It said "JOHNSON 41". And I thought: "Wow, that guy sure is a big fan of Cliff Johnson!" Then I remembered about Randy Johnson. A case from international soccer is Tomas Müller wearing the no. 13 for Germany that had been worn by Gerd Müller.
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    Well, it pointedly says 30 years of “Charlotte basketball”, not “Charlotte Hornets basketball”. Still doesn’t account for the two years in between the original Hornets and the Bobcats.
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    So...perfect for the Browns? Thanks for the awesome feedback. New York Jets: combined eras, updated the J-E-T New York Giants: I've been really struggling with the Giants. I wanted to take the monogram and give it a tall building feel, looming over. This one's not done yet.
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    NHL logo without extra outlines:
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    I think they're shooting for a "pretend the move never happened and the Bobcats never existed" type of situation.
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    Yeah you'd have to keep 26 to whatever power number of different shaped letters for vertically arched names. It'd be almost impossible. Like here's the drawer for an L if it's the second letter of a 7 letter name like GLAVINE because that would be a much different shape than the L thats the fourth letter of a 6 letter name like SMOLTZ. That's not even to mention that GLAVINE is shorter and therefore differently skewed than his 7 letter last name teammate WOHLERS because of the i in his last name. It'd be a nightmare to keep track of all that. It's impressive that vertically arched naming was so commonplace in those days because it was so much more work. You'd almost expect it to make a come back now that we have modern vectors and better plotting machines. I'm not a huge fan of how vertically arched names look, and the fall-off in its usage over the last couple decades gives it a very time-stamped look, but I appreciate the craftsmanship that went into those last names.
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    It should say 30 years of Hornets Basketball. How did they screw that up?
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    Well that's easy, just use the throwbacks and Color Rush's as the Home and Away respectfully. And IF they need black pants, please put stripes on it and get white socks with stripes.
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    San Francisco 49ers: I made the Niners red a bit closer to the 'international orange' of the Golden Gate Bridge and simplified their logo. Along with that, I've been working on an interesting helmet concept.
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    Carolina Panthers: Just continuing the direction they started in, but switching black for a deep purple.
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    New colors for the Chargers: dark slate blue, more yellow volt.
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    Pete Rose and Pete Rose, Jr. Ken Griffey and Ken Griffey, Jr.
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    Count me as part of the minority. I loved the 49ers update.
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