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    In retrospect, Chuck Taylors did not really work well as a cleat.
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    I'm just posting to share a concept logo i've been working on for a competition on another forum. As a part of the competition I am creating an identity for a NYC based Australian Rules team, and I decided to go with Snapping Turtles as my mascot as it's the state reptile of NY. I've stuck with the blue and orange synonymous with NYC sports. I'd love some feedback! I need to work on a wordmark to go with this, but I always struggle with wordmarks and working them into a logo.
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    I forgot to mention. Another downside is that wool collars are no more...
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    If that's the case, it's a miserable failure.
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    40th Victory Bowl - Atlanta Rebels vs Guardians of Cincinnati After years of postseason struggles, and repeated stories about how the Guardians can’t handle postseason pressure, it was the Rebels who faltered in the limelight. Midway through the first quarter, Atlanta FB Danny Mutch lost the handoff while attempting to pick up a first down on 3rd and inches at the Cincinnati 36. Then, in the final second of the quarter, they ran one of the most broken plays in Victory Bowl history. Facing 1st and 10 from their own 1, they tried to run the ball to buy some breathing room, but there was a miscommunication between QB Wesley Marx and RB James Brodie – Marx went left, Brody went right. By the time Marx realized that he had nobody to hand the ball to, two defensive linemen were all over him. Hoping to avoid the safety, he threw the ball in the general direction of TE Lee Flynn. However, S Dirk Hammen anticipated the throw, beat Flynn to the ball, and picked it off at the 5. Fortunately for the Rebels, the damage was limited both times. Cincinnati scored only 3 points in the first quarter, and had to settle for another field goal early in the second following Hammen’s pick. Just minutes later, the Rebels would gain the lead. CB Tony Febbraio picked off a pass intended for WR Avery Gonzalez at the Guardian 35. He sprinted back toward the end zone, but was wrapped up by Jim Hill at the 22. As he fought to stay on his feet, he realized that LB Mark Williams was standing a few feet to his side, and tossed him the ball. Williams caught it, and dashed past the Guardians before anyone could react. The touchdown made it 7-6, Atlanta. Around the 2 minute warning, Cincinnati was in position to retake the lead, but Reggie Hart threw his second pick of the day when CB Rick Roudebush stepped in front of Vic Meredith at the Atlanta 10. The Rebels didn’t make it to the end zone on the two-minute drill, but they advanced far enough for K Joe Tooly to hit a 46-yard field goal just before the half. Atlanta went into the locker room with a 10-6 lead, and came within two inches of the goal line on the opening drive of the third quarter, ultimately settling for a field goal to extend their lead to 13-6. And then the Guardian offense exploded. They tied the game up on the ensuing possession when Hart hit Hill on a curl route up the middle for a 3-yard touchdown. Seven minutes later, Hill took the ball into the end zone on a 6-yard rush to reclaim the lead. Early in the fourth, Hart took advantage of the size mismatch between Meredith and Roudebush, throwing a jump ball to the pair in the end zone from 16 yards out. Meredith came down with it easily, extending the lead to 14. Hart would put the icing on the cake himself. After being generally contained in the pocket most of the day, he took advantage of a tiring defense, spinning past an attempted sack by RE Dobby Dabrowski, and then hurdling over Febbraio before high-stepping into the end zone for a 19-yard touchdown run. With just 2:36 left to play, the Guardians held a 35-13 lead, and the Rebels were defeated. Atlanta kept fighting, but a turnover on downs with 40 seconds to play effectively ended the game. Hart took a knee, and the Guardians sideline poured onto the field. Players and fans openly wept with joy. After 40 years of coming up short, after 4 Victory Bowl defeats, after decades of losing records and postseason heartbreak, the Guardians of Cincinnati were finally AFA Champions.
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    Yeah, but they totally got hosed by the ump on that play at the plate in St. Louis on August 17, 1934. They should be over .500.
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    I suggested to my girlfriend we go to the movies last night. She instead suggested we get tattoos (as we've both been talking about it for over a year now). WELP, talk turned into this. I forgot just how much these :censored:ers hurt. About ten seconds in I started questioning pretty much my entire decision making process. It ended up going pretty smoothly, but I now remember why I took a ten year break in between tattoos. Im happy with it, though. I think it looks great!
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    The Rockets' Association and Icon uniforms are a fresh new take on their classic uniforms from the Hakeem era. Their community-inspired alternate features the "Clutch City" nickname across the front instead of the team or city name. Their athlete-inspired alternate is an updated version of their black "Space City" alternate uniform from last season. The Heat's Association and Icon uniforms are inspired by their "Legacy" alternate uniform from the past couple seasons, albeit with a new typeface and color scheme that better suits Miami. The community-inspired alternate pays tribute to South Beach, where LeBron famously decided to "take his talents to" in 2010. The athlete-inspired alternate is a modernized take on the Floridians of the ABA, whom the Heat have thrown back to multiple times.
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    As a general term, "national" refers to someone who's a citizen of a particular country. I've always considered the name "National" to be the NL's answer to the Yankees.
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    I know this is probably a fever dream, but I'm still harboring a conspiracy theory that this Chargers move to StubHub Center is one in a series of intentional half-steps intended to get the team back to San Diego. First you threaten to move, then you reach a deal to move but give yourself a year to work out a stadium deal, then finally you ACTUALLY move but to an embarrassingly inadequate (by NFL standards) facility until someone else's stadium is built. Somewhere in some corner office in San Diego, Dean Spanos is saying to himself: "Now we've got 'em. They'll beg to get us back."
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    All these team jerseys in here. .wow!!! some impressive ones.. and the Bombers-Jets jersey?? holy cow... definitely a cool one!
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    Disappointed they're keeping the end zones the way they were. As much as it pains me to remember the super bowl, the falcons' endzone looked really sharp. Black would even look pretty cool. Now would've been the perfect time to do it.
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    I have some championship sigs! First, is the championship banner one that I use: https://orig09.deviantart.net/771a/f/2017/227/7/5/championship_banners_sig_by_verasthebrujah-d9q2txa.jpg There is also one celebrating the Guardians title, featuring Reggie Hart: https://orig12.deviantart.net/f95e/f/2017/227/1/c/cincinnati_guardians_player_sig___qb_reggie_hart_by_verasthebrujah-dbk7b2n.jpg It was definitely a sweet moment for them. After the game, Wendell Ridley accepted the trophy from AFA President Warren Breyer on behalf of the team. For those of you who don't remember him, Ridley was the league's first superstar. He played quarterback, defensive line, and handled kicking and punting duties for the Guardians for the first three years of the league's existence (1946-49). He led them to the AFA Championship Game in every season that he played, only to come up short against the New York Imperials each time. He then retired, and after taking the 1950 season off to travel Europe with his family, he returned to Cincinnati to take over as head coach. He had less success than as a player, though he did lead the Guardians to the Victory Bowl in 1954, where they lost to the Boston Captains. After a diagnosis of skin cancer at the end of the 1956 season, he resigned as head coach. He made a full recovery, and became the play-by-play announcer for the team starting the following season, a position that he has held ever since. He hasn't missed a single game. Nobody has experienced the suffering of the Guardians franchise more acutely than Ridley. But now he has had the chance to lift the Victory Cup, and he will be presented with a ring. They are without question the favorites next year. In fact, as good as they were this year, the might be even better in 1986. All of their key players are in their primes, and they don't have to worry about talent bleeding away through free agency. This could be the start of one of the great dynasties in the history of the game (then again, the 1946 Guardians looked like they were about to establish a dynasty, and you can see how that worked out). It would be pretty great to watch those two teams win it back-to-back, given that they were both so bad for so long. If California wants to win it, they need to do so now. QB Steve Parker will be 36 next year, and while he isn't (and never has been) a star, he is a phenomenal leader, who makes the rest of the team better than the sum of its parts. He can't have that much time left, and it's hard to see the Whales making a deep playoff run without him. As you've noted, though, they have some serious obstacles. Their division, while not as tough as the North, is no pushover. San Diego is definitely still strong enough to be dangerous (their run of poor play against the Whales notwithstanding), and Portland seems to be on the rise. Obviously, the Guardians are probably the biggest obstacle right now. They may have entered the postseason as the number two seed, but notice that they just outscored their playoff opponents by a total of 103-49. California was the only team that they didn't outscore by a 2:1 margin, and they only fell 7 points short of accomplishing that. Finally, their schedule is going to be brutal next year. They will have to play 7 games against playoff teams next year (SD, ATL, BOS, COL, @SD, @HOU, and @CIN). On top of that, they will host Tampa, who won 6 of their last 8; travel to Baltimore, a team that has been to the semifinals twice in the last three years; and play two games against Portland, whose passing attack generated more than 5000 yards this season. 1984 may have been their best chance. Reggie's story is one that I've been looking forward to telling for a long time. Incidentally, Wendell Ridley wasn't the only Hall of Fame QB on the field after the Victory Bowl. Lawrence Rhodes, who holds both the distinction of being the AFA's first black QB and the first Black QB to win the Victory Bowl (both came in 1952 with the Los Angeles Comets), was there to congratulate Hart. Rhodes added fuel to the controversy over the Rebels' name and identity, wryly commenting that the "loved the symbolism" of what had just happened.
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    Sports leases are printed on toilet paper and the stadium has already been delayed at least another year. As long as San Diego has a stadium, there's an exit strategy.
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    I know I've said this before, but I wish they would scrap the monochrome look altogether. I wish white and grey jerseys pants had the same green accents the navy's do for consistency, but they would look great going: Home: Blue over Grey Away: White over navy or grey Alt: Grey over blue. It looks so sharp, wish they would try it.
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    I WILL BE SO HAPPY IF YOU APPRECIATE ON BEHANCE: https://www.behance.net/gallery/55701013/FC-Barcelona-Rebranding
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    Thanks to you both! I think their current real-life set is pretty perfect as-is, but as has been a theme in this series I wanted to try something different this time around. I decided to go ahead and post Washington a little early, since I have some free time. Here they are! Logos -I'm gonna be honest, I'm not too big of a fan of the name "Nationals." (Out of curiosity, what is a national? Is it just a synonym for a nationalist?) I decided to go back to the name "Senators" because I felt it at least brought some character to the set. -The primary logo is the Nat's current roundel, with the name change to reflect, and an added star on each side, reflecting the U.S. Senate seal. -And now, to talk about the color scheme. I was originally planning to give the Senators red & navy, but after much consideration I decided to give that scheme to the Cardinals. I'd also remembered a color scheme that I'd tried early on that incorporated @Lights Out's wonderful Nationals set, which used colors inspired by the presidential seal. In the end, instead of going straight-up with that scheme I decided to combine the royal and black to make a set that was navy and copper. I thought it was a cool scheme to try out, and few better teams to try it on than in the nation's capital. -The away scripts stay the same (they actually match the "Senators" wordmark remarkably well) and I decided to keep the curly W since it has history with the Senators. I updated the tail under the "Washington" scripts to match the "Senators" one. -The away takes on the dark gray/copper-ish color that was seen on the original Nationals' away. I liked how it looked against the predominant navy. Uniforms -Although I had not seen his set before in my time making this, I unknowingly took some cues from @SFGiants58's Nationals set (and Lights Out's as well) by incorporating the D.C. flag on the sleeves of the jersey, along with the socks. -I brought back the Senators' style piping on the cap, I thought it was a unique look and fit in pretty well overall. -Possibly unpopular opinion, but I like the Nationals' current number font. It's unique. So I decided to keep it. -The copper alternate is most commonly paired with a white hat, but that hat could be paired with the other jerseys as well (except probably the away.) I think it'd look particularly good with the navy jersey at home. And well, that's it! As was recommended earlier on, I'll be posting some final updates for each team by division, complete with an updated template thanks to @Victormrey. That way it might be easier for people who haven't been following along to catch up and to be able to see them all in one place. That rollout will start after I post some outtakes from the creating process. Big thank you to anyone who has followed along, commented, or given any advice, it's all greatly appreciated!
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    These are wonderful just like all of your other concepts. Adidas should hire you asap
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    The new logo I've given the Nets is actually just a repurposed Adidas T-shirt design.
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    I know itt's not going to happen, but I would love to see Seattle switch their helmets back to gray to match with the gray pants. Then they'd be able to bring back these bad boys as a throwback...
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    Solid. Not perfect, but a good blending of the current and previous set. Nothing to do with your design, I'm just not a big fan of the fang treatment. Still, a huge step up, for the home.
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    Thanks, I've now updated the orange jerseys with more readable names. And here are the Blue Jays! Logos -As you might be able to tell already, this set is greatly inspired by @kevinmets' take on the Jays, so credit goes to him. I decided to go with the Carolina Panthers shade of blue paired with black, as I wanted something that could reflect a blue jay's bright, colorful feathers. -Since in this hypothetical the Blue Jays are no longer Canada's only team, I removed the traces of the maple leave form the identity and allowed them to just embrace the blue and black. -I gave the Jays a graphite away jersey, much like their once considered prototype, because I felt it meshed well with the bright blue. Uniforms -The Jays uniforms stay relatively the same, as they have truly developed a modern classic. I put the white panel cap back as the main home cap, because it seems to really fit with this identity. The all blue cap can still be worn on occasion at home, but the white-panel is the main option. -The blue alternate is possibly my favorite of the set, I could imagine it being worn a lot on the road with the blue cap. -The black alternate, though it wouldn't be worn often, I thought was a cool diversion from the norm every once in a while. That's 35 down, and 1 to go! Let me know what you think about the Jays!
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    It's cool that the Suns are finally wearing the right color balance, but the uniforms themselves are as generic and lifeless as they can get. The old set didn't get the color balance right, but at least they had character.
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    That’s a great change. Grey makes a lot of sense for a team called the Wolves, and there’s still a lot of opportunity for them to own it, especially in combination with blue and a hint of green. I think you probably only need one blue at that point, but it definitely feels less generic, even if it is more Seahawksy.
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    That looks better, I think. I wouldn't worry too much about "balance," since most Americans are reading left-to-right, and this isn't really intended to be a logo that requires balance. It's more like a visual sentence, if that makes sense.
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    I could see these in 1996. And I meant that in a positive way.
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    The white alternate uniform is inspired by the Los Angeles flag.
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    I think I figured out what's bugging me about this suns set (and what bugged me about the last set, too). The wordmark is orange with a purple outline on the home jersey, and that just looks wrong for the Suns. They should always be a purple dominant team with orange as an accent, and the past two sets have swapped that (or, in the case of the last set, emphasized orange swapped purple out for black for some reason that made no sense).
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    So, beveling is the new trend? First the Cavs picked it up, now the Suns? I remember that being a trend back in the 90s.
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    This look is just generic garbage. Sorry, not a fan.
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    Jacksonville has only worn the teal jerseys once since the rebrand - 2013 vs Chargers. It's such a nicer look to the black and I miss it so much
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    Full disclosure: this concept was already in the works before I saw the similar design that @JPDesign posted. Obviously, we were both influenced by the same thing (the Thunder's social media graphics).
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    I honestly can't look at that without thinking 'diarrhea'. I realize it's one of the nicknames for Dallas, but it's a terrible idea that would be a punchline across the sports world.
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    I really like the retro-ish font and re-emergence of green for the Mavericks. Their current set is too busy and the double blues muddle things, so the colors and simplicity of these are very good. I love the color palette you've chosen for the Pelicans -- a while back I tried to give them a purple/mint/metallic gold scheme without much luck, but the shade of green you have here is perfect. I'm never sold on yellow, but I really like how it alludes to Mardi Gras without being as harsh as the purple/green/yellow of their previous alternates. Great job!
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    If Hank Aaron never hit a single home run in his career, he'd still have 3,016 hits.
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    You can bet this Charlie Hustle jersey is a fake.
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