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    Hockey fans: "THE expansion rules for Vegas were UNFAIR! They were always destined to be good because the NHL stacked the odds in their favor! RIGGED!!!" Also Hockey Fans, 11 months ago: Shut up.
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    Credit: https://twitter.com/BrianFromAIH/status/998556903696470016
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    The white socks improve the road look so much
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    1 - Different people, from the same broad group, can have different opinions. The "hockey fans" in this thread are not the same "hockey fans" that authored the articles you've posted screenshots of. 2 - This goes for all members in the thread, but please focus on discussing viewpoints and opinions, not on insulting other members.
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    The original jerseys were actually sleeveless, with some players like Griffey wearing the cut off undershirts underneath, and some players wearing more conventional undershirts: And if you look closely, it looks like this year’s jerseys are actually sleeveless as well:
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    Great Scott! If someone causes a major situation at Safeco Field that causes a cancellation of this TATC game and thus this TATC game doesn't happen in 2018 then this will alter history and the TATC games of 1999 will never happen (or have happened?) because there will not have been any TATC games to actually Turn the Clocks Ahead to now that we're currently in the future right? Come on guys this may be our one chance to erase TATC from history! Who's with me?
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    Whenever a player starts taking such an interested and active role in the team's uniform, look out. Something horrible is coming your way.
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    Some guys wore white socks last year with the blue pants and it looked great, I would love if they made it their official road look with the blue pants.
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    No one was saying Vegas was a playoff team. MOST people were saying Vegas was going to be the worst team in the league. People didn't start crying "rigged" until the Knights failed to fade after a hot start. The expansion draft wasn't rigged. The expansion draft wasn't unfair. I'm sorry some team's fans are upset because their teams haven't smelled success in forever, and this brand new team is where they've never been, but that doesn't mean the system was rigged for them (or for Pittsburgh, or for Chicago, or for Detroit, or for anyone). This isn't the KHL, as much as some of you seem to want it SO BADLY to be. All this is, is Vegas getting lucky with a top-level goalie in Fleury (due to being pushed out in Pittsburgh in favor of Murray), and good scouting and GM work in picking up players the rest of the league's GM's felt were expendable, and the coach for getting the absolute most of of these guys. There is no grand conspiracy. No one is out to get you.
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    This food rebrand crap is getting really old in 2018....can the fad die soon?
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    Not so long as they continue to wear yoga pants. Socks should never match the pants. Gray or white, Lions, those are the choices. And then there's all that text on what passes for sleeves nowadays. I like the Lions' uniforms, but they still have significant problems.
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    I agree with you that the throwbacks should stay as throwbacks, worn once a year on Thanksgiving. In addition to being low-contrast, the look is a little too simple and traditional for a team wearing silver with a dynamic, leaping lion as the logo. That said, I think their current primary home and road uniforms do a nice job of establishing enough contrast, and I really like that they ditched the black. The darker gray keyline around the numbers on the home jersey gives just enough contrast and pop, and high contrast is less important than it used to be now that everyone has huge HD TVs. And the road uniform is the perfect balance of blue and silver. I think they're now arguably a top-5 uniform in the league.
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    Booklyn would have to go w/ the Bruhs if PHX were the Dudes
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    Because it's the future. If I took you out of a 1990s Dbacks, Marlins, Rays gm and dropped you off at a 2018 gm, you'd see they changed colors.
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    It wasn't the "Reebok template." It was the "football jersey template." That does sounds good. Or better yet, just go back to the Barry Sanders set and improve over that look in every way.
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    No everyone, this is the NBA of the 2010's. The Nuggets can have 8 different uniforms with 65 different colors.
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    EVERYONE LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, whether you hate Vegas or not, at least Pittsburgh isn't going to win this year
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    Didn’t Griffey cut his sleeves for the game?
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    Great win for The Caps. Gonna make that Game 7 loss all the more heartbreaking.
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    XFL announces LA Stars as 5th league franchise. Fending off rumors of potential crisis within the XFL, league CEO Vince McMahon and Head of Football Operations Ed Hochuli today announced from Banc of California Stadium, home of LA FC, that the return of the XFL would include an LA franchise. Rumors had been spreading that the XFL was in dire trouble, having difficulty locking up stadium contracts and falling further behind the fledgling Alliance of American Football, who just finished a very successful first season. McMahon shrugged off these rumors as "fake news" as he introduced the new coach of the Stars, former XFL MVP, UCLA and Steelers QB Tommy Maddox. Maddox expressed his gratitude to Mr. McMahon for jumpstarting his career back in 2001 with his championship with the LA Xtreme, and for giving him the chance to do the same for others as coach of the Stars. The team revealed their uniforms, which will align in some degree with the black and metallic gold of LAFC. in addition to black and gold, the uniforms have a heavy dose of silver and a faded purple. The imagery of the team cannot be mistaken for anything but old Hollywood, including a symbolic strip of film serving as both the helmet and pant stripe. The home jerseys will be purple with black, silver and gold accents, while the pants will be silver as is the helmet. Banc of California stadium seats approximately 22,000 fans, making it the smallest stadium in the now 5 team XFL. But, as it is also the newest stadium in the league, it has amenities that many others do not. McMahon touted the stadium as one of the best in the country and a great home for the fledgling team. When asked about future city reveals, McMahon was vehement that all 8 markets would be announced within the next 3 weeks and that the XFL was fully prepared for an April 2020 kickoff.
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    This is the best the Jags have ever looked. I prefer the block font rather than the custom. Also the pants stripes also look better than the thicker black stripes on the later uniform. I wish the new uniforms were a little more like this design.
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    unpopular opinion: I think this entire identity is trash
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    They should've at least switched. Chicago Hitmen fits, if not even better, and New York Enforcers has a better ring to it.
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    Teamwork makes the dream work. Seriously, though, you can really only look at it as a combination of all those things. They have a complementary combination of younger guys who were left exposed because they were on the fringe of the top lines, tested veterans left exposed because of the younger players sitting behind them (or just an abundance of good players), a high-caliber, playoff-tested goalkeeper, and the right coach who squashed the assumption that expansion teams have to be bad (a hot start was probably the perfect fuel for that fire). Sure, the expansion rules were a little more favorable, but after the team was finalized, there was no thought that the expansion rules were unfairly tilted in their favor. It’s only because of their success that this became a narrative. They won all year with speed and offense, and I think the big question going into the playoffs was whether they could tighten up when the competition got consistently tougher. They’ve proven through three rounds that they can still beat you 7-1 on a night when everything’s clicking, but they can also grind it out and beat great teams 2-1 in overtime as well.
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    And yet, that's how bad blue socks look with blue pants, that gray would be an improvement.
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    They’d be as close to perfect as I’d need them to be if they dumped the blue pants. Blue pants and socks are so bottom heavy against a silver helmet and white jersey. It really strips the classic, industrial look right out. I have this silly hope that Patricia is the kind of guy who’d try silver pants with the roadies, but the blue yoga pants swag is probably to strong. It hurts: the Vikings and Lions are divisional mates and both have some of my favorite Nike redesigns. However, when they play each other, one of them is forced to wear yoga pants because thats what they insist upon for some reason.
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    Ahh good catch - Reich was '97 & '98, not '96 & '97!
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    Truth. I actually think that the Falcons look like the wrong uniform for him, even though that's where he became a star. He just got sooo much more TV time playing for SF and DAL. I cannot believe he was only in SF for one season - that's actually the jersey I picture him in at first when I think of him and I could swear he wore the 94 throwbacks, regulars, and even the 96 redesign. I know it's not true, but my brain somehow has those memories.
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    Sorry it's not greatly detailed C&C, but that stadium is great. Also, I typically don't go for hand drawn, but you clearly put great detail and hard work into these, and they show your talent.
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    Thank you! I looked at several players from a front on view like that and it seemed they were that far back. As far as I can tell he is standing straight up and not leaning forward at all. But I will keep the advice in mind for future swaps. Thank you for the feed back.
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    Unpopular opinions: I like white pants for the steelers. I like it better than yellow from a purely visual point, but know that the steelers need yellow pants to be the steelers
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    I mean, if you expected the Knights to be as bad as the expansion Blue Jackets were, that's on you. Columbus had to split everyone's fourth-line forwards and third-pair defensemen that Nashville and Atlanta didn't want. Vegas got to select from everyone's third-line forwards and second-pair defensemen and didn't have to share the player pool with three other expansion teams. I dunno, clearly I didn't expect Vegas to be as good as they've been, but I think possible playoff contender -- in a league prone to randomness where having a good goalie is pretty important -- was a reasonable preseason expectation. It's clearly a group of guys over-performing expectations in a market that had to go through something really awful before the season started, and it's all a bunch of stupid fun, so in that sense, it's cool to see. It embarrasses the league too, which is also kinda neat. When LeBron was in Miami, I always lamented that as a Cleveland fan, I couldn't really appreciate what he was doing down there, and in some sense, I feel the same way as a Jackets fan with Vegas. If I was a fan of any other team (perhaps Florida aside?), I'd be 100% behind Vegas -- but it's a little frustrating seeing a team keyed to success by a player who was part of your team's long-term future (and then seeing people make the argument that VGK is a team full of guys whose teams didn't want them). I don't really know the intricacies of the roster situation for other NHL teams, and the short- and long-term importance of the players they lost, but I know the Jackets were put in a bad situation where they effectively had to lose a guy under 25 who would've been a top-nine forward this year. So it goes. I didn't want Vegas to suck and hoped they'd get off to a good start and be competitive within a couple years -- because I wouldn't wish what Jackets fans had to go through to even get to now on anyone other than a Pittsburgh NBA expansion team -- but it's a little annoying to watch as a fan of a team that's drawn the short end of the stick in two expansion drafts, their own and this one. tl;dr -- I guess I'm fine either way with what happens. If Vegas wins, it's pretty funny, a neat story for the city, and proof that hockey is stupid anyway. If they lose, I don't have to watch a player my team wanted to keep, but was effectively forced to give up, hailed as a key player on a Cup winner.
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    I think they need new jerseys all-together, though your update is certainly an improvement.
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    Considering the reputation of the "San Jose Ultras", might it simply be that they are fitting that part of the stadium with automatic knockout gas emitters or "taser seats".
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    This is totally untrue. Do as I did, and look at each team's uniforms during that era in this classic refererence book: There were no changes as a result of WWII especially in regards to US participation in the war. About the closest thing to your statement is that the Phillies and Braves wore blue and gold for 1938 ONLY, then went back to their traditional colors of red and blue in 1939-- three years before the US entered the war.
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    Why? The coloured peacock is a beautiful thing, very iconic and instantly recognizable.
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    III – Miami Marlins Teal Alternate Uniform The Miami Marlins current uniform design with the 1990's Florida Marlins teal, silver and black color scheme.
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    As far as MLB I feel like the amount of red and blue teams evolved organically over such a long period of time that I can live with it. As a counterpoint I would HATE for any team to drop red and blue ONLY for the sake of creating more variety. Future teams and future rebrands should be more cognizant of the amount of red and blue already in existence but let's not change the past just because we're noticing too much red and blue in the present day.
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    By my definition of a best friend... that man isn't your best friend
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    Clearly they haven't noticed teams have players wearing different styles of socks. I'm looking at you Oakland.
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    I hope that really bugged all the Cardinals fans in the stadium.
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    Someone screwed up today.
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    For the record, at least 90% of the posters here would refer to both of this uniforms as monochrome. The term monochrome is just CCSLC short hand for "jersey's and pants are the same color".
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    It also says the Patriots, who have a silver helmet and pants, and silver on their primary logo, don't have silver in their scheme. This chart needs some serious work
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    True but I’m having a hard time seeing how white is a color for the Lions and not the Packers.
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    That's a fair point, but the Packers and 49ers also have white helmet stripes so at the very least those should be considered teams that use white in their uniforms.
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    Man, I love this Newfoundland uni...It's got a bit of the "Jellybean Row" in it. Great work!...I wish I had this sweater a couple of weeks ago when I went to see Alan Doyle (formerly of Great Big Sea) at Massey Hall.
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