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    BALTIMORE ORIOLES, PT. II - The modern St. Louis Browns The first alternate take delves into the Orioles' turbulent history in St. Louis. The Browns barely survived their time in St. Louis (a short recap by Hardball Times writer and fellow board member @pmoehrin here, and a cool website designed by @STL FANATIC here) and there's no way that the city could have ever supported two teams in the long-term. However, what if the Browns had survived to the modern age? What would I have look like? Well, here's the answer. The most obvious change from the original Browns is the color scheme. Gone is orange, and in its place is red. I did this for two reasons. The first reason is that brown/orange is too associated with the other two teams named "Browns" (the team that's now the Ravens and the record book-ignoring doofuses), and I wanted the baseball Browns to carve their own aesthetic path (let's presume they added red sometime in the late-60's/early-70's). The second reason is that I wanted to try out the color scheme, as I've grown to like its application on Indians concepts and the NHL Panthers. The second change to differentiate the team from the NFL Browns is the deletion of Brownie the Elf. I've never liked the logo. The identity now focuses on St. Louis' history (as part of New France from late-seventeenth to mid-eighteenth centuries - here's a good book on New France) and the city's namesake Saint Louis (King Louis IX of France, from 1226-70). The real team referenced this connection in their 1936-51 primary logo. It was from this point that I drew my inspiration. The new primary logo, to go along with the Louis IX theme, is now a shield (based off of the proportions of Lego shields, which had a more "medieval" look to them than the '39-'51 logo). The logos feature the color "Champagne Silver," from the USFL's Michigan Panthers. I thought the name and color fit with the brown/red pairing and the city's ties to France. In one section is a modernized version of the '39-'51's rendering of the Apotheosis of St. Louis statue, commissioned for the 1904 World's Fair/Louisiana Purchase Exhibition/Anthropology Days/Olympic Games and therefore connected to the wackiest Olympic marathon ever). Here is a comparison with the original logo. In the opposite section section are three fleur-de-lis sourced from the 1945-53 alternate logo (in a pattern that mimics the Île-de-France flag and heraldry, the home region of Louis IX). The center of the logo features a baseball with the team script, to divide the sections. The lower part showcases the barberpole sock stripe pattern and the Gateway Arch with the cap logo in center. The secondary logo features an enlarged arch, stripe pattern, fleur-de-lis, and Apotheosis rendering. The founding date of the 1902 is on the Apotheosis' platform. The cap logo is based around the 1946-53 cap logo, with alterations to make it look less like the contemporary Cardinals cap logo. I gave it spurs (a la the Cardinals' 1900-19 primary logo - per Cooperstown Collection), and adjusted the height/spacing/serifs of the letters to better accommodate an outline. Here is a comparison. The uniforms are based off of the 1952-3 set, AKA "The Padres can totally do brown/white/grey" look. I tweaked the scripts to clean up inconsistent line weights, standardized the tails, and widened the letter kerning to accommodate outlines (a tip for fellow concept artists, adding outlines to scripts necessitates wider kerning). Here is a comparison. The fleur-de-lis takes the place of front numbers, while the secondary and primary logos grace the sleeves of the home and road uniforms, respectively. The barberpole sock stripes and wide red outlines on the logos allow for a red-billed hat on both uniforms. I used black cleats to enhance the "retro" aesthetic. The number font is the same as the Orioles' retro day alternates, and the NOB font is Rawlings' block (used by the Orioles and in the past by the Cardinals). The home/road alternate is an updated take on the 1908 home uniform, with an "St.L" on the chest and the fleur-de-lis on a piped cap (a pre-1950's design element I'd like to see return). The Heritage Day alternate is a brown/red fauxback to the 1944 home uniforms (with the addition of the fleur-de-lis on the cap and the modern secondary logo), one of the few bright moments in team history. This ties the "modern" Browns to the history of the old Browns and their sorta-funky uniforms. I had a lot of fun creating this one. While most "alternate takes" won't be this extensive, I do like to have the opportunity to put new spins on the classics. C+C is greatly appreciated, as always. Up next, Boston!
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    Although there are has been an influx of baseball concepts on here lately, I thought I would finally throw my hat into the ring. I have been working on this project in my free time for a while and I finally have something to show you guys. Basically, I wanted to reign in the alternate overload in baseball and give each team a great look, some will get pretty drastic changes and some teams will get some pretty minimal changes. Each team will get a home uniform, road uniform, alternate uniform/jersey, and a batting practice jersey where I chose to have some fun and go outside of the box or look back at some historical looks. I have the National League done and I'm going to start with a team from the NL West today and I'll do my best to get a new team up every day or two. So without further ado, I have the Arizona Diamondbacks. I think most of us would agree the Diamondbacks uniforms are a big mess with way too much going on, to say the least. One thing I think they did get right was the great red, black, and turquoise color scheme, it definitely has a Southwestern feel to it. My concept for the Diamondbacks is simple and modern, drawing inspiration from past Diamondbacks' uniforms. The primary home uniform is white, the road is gray, the alt is red and BP is black. So here it is. As always, Id love to hear what everyone thinks an C&C is definitely welcome. Thanks for taking a look and the Padres are on the way tomorrow.
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    My favorite thing about Piazza on the Marlins is that while his time with the Marlins only amounted to .245% of his career plate appearances, he did pick up 12.5% of his career triples!
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    "what is this im in phone" needs to be somewhere on the list. That everyone began saying "I'm in phone" seriously after that made me laugh all over again.
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    I look forward to the day where we can post this in the "Right team, wrong uniform" thread
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    "The number 11 is evocative of a pause sign to symbolize all the times when Julio Jones freezes defenders." *Ducks and hides*
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    IMO the Cavaliers are the ones that are allowed to use shield as a logo.
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    Love that there's a typo asking why Tnak was banned.
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    Dear god that jersey makes Ichiro look like a terminal cancer patient.
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    The Penguins aren't exactly like the 20 folding chairs that play for the Sharks.
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    A system that doesn't guarantee all the best teams in the postseason is a bad system. Talk about undermining the regular season. The regular season's purpose is to determine the best teams. Teams are valued by the number of wins they earn. An 80 win division champion playing in the playoffs instead of a 95 win second place team makes no sense and would render the regular season meaningless when instances like that are possible. Your system would create far more instances of this inequitable disparity than necessary. Why invite that likelihood at all? A. There'd still be pennant races. You incentivize finishing first by giving the winning team 5 or all home games in the first round. Those races for first would last most of the season. B. the battle for second place would be where true interest would happen. It wouldn't have the title of "Division Champion", but that's meaningless anyways. The best teams making the playoffs is what matters most. The achievement of finishing first in a 4 team division would be cheapened and you multiply the chances of a bad team making the postseason ten fold which would render the regular season meaningless for teams unfortunate enough to have to play in a tougher division. So, congratulations; you have managed to find a solution that is even worse than the current system.
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    When the universe closes a door, it opens a window... Good for Tank. I'm now going to leap from that open window to my death.
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    Here come the White Sox! I still have another uniform coming for them, but I had these done before heading into work for today and wanted to get them out there. The current uniforms have a very classic look to them, but I decided that I'd bring back the old colors. A navy version is added in as well, and because the team is named the White Sox, I decided that they should actually WEAR white socks, so they have red stirrups with white sannies.
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    Interesting to hear a guy like Jericho saying going off script could cost most guys their career, when HHH and WWE Management are always talking about taking chances and grabbing brass rings and crap. It sounds like that's a bunch of lip service, and they most certainly do not want guys taking chances unless those chances have been pre-approved.
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    Good thing you weren't around for the Hart Foundation when they had all the gold in '97. You'd have hated their incredible feuds with Stone Cold and DX...
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    Next up are the San Diego Padres. Just to get it out of the way now, they return to brown, as they SHOULD. They also bring back yellow and orange. In this concept, the current roundel logo is recolored, the Swinging Friar returns as a sleeve patch, and an all-yellow fauxback uniform.
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    You're talking about some of the GOAT nicknames there. Heartbreak Kid might be #1 all time 1. It can sub for the wrestler's name 2. It's totally unique - no other wrestler (that I'm aware of) has used it. Def not generic 3. The initials alone are like a whole other name. Just say HBK and everyone knows what you're talking about. 4. Even the freaking initials have (a forced) nickname ("H. B. Shizzle") Does "The Rock" count? For a while, he was "The Rock" Rocky Maivia.
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    Disagree. He's a Kingslayer. He's an Architect. He's The Man (wait, was he?). He's a Plan B. He's a Freakin'. He's a Rebuild, Redesign...uhh...Re...claim? I'm all for nicknames, but it was better when they were actually part of the guy's name. Greg "The Hammer" Valentine and "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan are awesome. Roman Reigns, but sometimes we'll call him "The Big Dog" is not. Using Austin as an example, I feel like most, if not all, of today's nicknames are on par with the short-lived "Bionic Redneck" than they are to "Stone Cold".
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    Back in 2016 I started a new hand drawn series that unfortunately stalled at 18 concepts. Dwindling inspiration, dissatisfaction with some the concepts and the decision to add helmet designs made me pull the plug and take a much needed break. Now I am back with a new series that I am truly proud of. I can say with complete confidence that I have given this new series every thing I have. I began working on new concepts at the start of 2017 and work has continued to this day. All 31 teams will be tackled and I plan on posting a new concept each day. Currently, 25 teams are completed so there will not a drop-off in material as there was on my last thread. I will kick things off with a team that just made its first Conference Final. Nashville Predators The Predators almost got things perfect with their 2011 redesign but a few bad decisions have them currently sitting in the middle of the pack. I removed the unnecessary piping and went with simple, traditional stripes. The Predators made gold more prominent on their road socks in 2013 so I decided to apply this change to the rest of the road uniform. It was tempting to go with a Navy alternate but I really wanted to make them the de-facto Gold team. The alternate adds silver to tip the hat to the pre 2011-look and the 3D logo has received a simplification in the same vein as the current primary. C & C welcome, thanks for looking .
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    Next team Arizona Coyotes The Coyotes current set has really grown on me so my goal was to take its basic essence and make it bolder. The most important change was to implement real hem-stripes and fix the weird inconsistencies with the cuff stripes. 'Sand' is now a prominent part of the striping configuration to make things more cohesive with the primary crest and I added a sublimated flag-pattern to the upper sleeves for some added personality. I replaced the shoulder patches with a logo that hints at the inaugural look to honor the teams history and demoted the 'paw print' to the helmets. For the alternate, I drew inspiration from the alternate class of 1996 but opted against tacky gradients and asymmetries. The sublimated flag-design takes center-stage on a dual-colored jersey, reigned in with traditional striping on the hem and sleeves. C & C is very much appreciated, thanks for looking!
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    I immediately imagined a Brandiose-style (they are involved) logo featuring Corduroy the bear wearing his overalls and a Revolutionary tri-corner, swinging for the fences. Is that a bad thing?
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    Continuing with the final-four theme, I bring you the next team... Pittsburgh Penguins It's very difficult to improve upon perfection which is why the main set relies on small tweaks for added personality. The most important change was to give the road uniform hem stripes that matched its home counterpart. No more floating yellow stripe. I also changed the collar to a lace-up and went with a triangular yoke to better compliment the logo. Lastly, I added a sublimated 'steel' pattern to the cuffs to represent Pittsburgh's steel workers. For the alternate, I went with a modern take on the 90's alternate with a gold base. I made the striping super simple so it wouldn't take away from the chest stripe and put the 1992/93 logo front and center. I don't think it should ever be the primary but I think it has enough merits to serve as an alternate mark. It was tempting to put the skating penguin on the shoulders but I decided against it to keep things clean. C & C is very much appreciated, thanks for looking!
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    While looking for Hank Aaron in Braves pinstripes to put in the "right team, wrong uniform thread", I came across a trio of Hall-of-Famers who were also Braves at the time in some capacity, but qualified more so for this thread: Orlando Cepeda Hoyt Wilhelm And "Pitching Coach/Pitcher" Satchel Paige
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    This whole thing could have a happy ending if Barstool starts a "save the Tank" project where they help him lose weight and get into a healthier condition. Call it the "Tank Challenge" (not to be confused with the "Stumper"), or something similar and show goofy videos of him training. I'd watch a weekly weigh-in every now and then. Anything so that something positive comes out of their exploitation.
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    I think the mark of a great nickname is that it's something that can be used interchangeably for somebody's "real" name. Stone Cold, Hollywood, The Franchise, HBK, Macho Man, etc.. Nobody in real life says, "I can't believe the Lunatic Fringe cashed in against the Architect after he had beaten the Big Dawg for the title."
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    The frightening thing is that he actually found jeans that are baggy on him.
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    Was just going to post this. Totally agree. There's a difference between Bret "Hitman" Hart and "The Excellence of Execution" Bret Hart. Forgetting for a minute that I love both those nicknames for Bret Hart, in current WWE there are too many "non-primary nicknames" for lack of a better term - including secondary nicknames for guys who already have nicknames, plus add-on names that aren't part of a guy's "ring name." KEEP: "The Viper" Randy Orton, "The Game" HHH, "The Big Red Machine" Kane, "The World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry, "The World's Largest Athlete" The Big Show, "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles, "Y2J" Chris Jericho ALSO KEEP: Non-primary nicknames based on a current, but likely temporary gimmick like "The New Face of America" Kevin Owens or "The King of the Cruiserweights" Neville. SHELVE: All the rest of them. I mean, once in awhile you can say Dean Ambrose is "the lunatic fringe of WWE" or "Seth Rollins was the architect of the Shield." NEVER EVER SAY: "The Big Dog" Roman Reigns
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    (Very) down and dirty version, using the interior point from the patch wordmark: I really think the fix is as simple as that.
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    Yeah what's the deal with that teal stuff on Phillips, I've seen that more than a few times on him and it's so weird. Nolan Arenado has also worn teal for the Rockies as well last season. I guess it's the same type of thing as Cespedes always wearing neon yellow junk. Accessories should always been in team colors but I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir here.
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    So glad Auburn was smart enough to keep Copperplate off the football uniforms.
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    Wow...made by a virtually unknown poster.
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    Had it ready to go but decided to catch up on the attack Manchester. Golden State Warriors: Golden Gate Bridge appears on the sleeves and acts as the jersey striping. "WARRIORS" down each pant leg inspired by the Warriors uniforms from 1971 to 1989. Black, Gold, and Throwback alternate uniforms in the pipeline. Los Angeles Lakers: Logo had to change for obvious reasons. Decided to keep the home uniform gold for some color-on-color matchups and because the Kings also have purple uniforms. Striping patterns inspired by the team's side panels. Purple and Blackout alternates coming soon. Los Angeles Clippers: Simply removed the basketball from the primary logo and dubbed the "LAC" mark the primary. Striping pattern loosely based off the team's jerseys. Since this is a crossover, if it looks bad here, you can blame it on the current identity. Blackout coming soon featuring a carbon fiber helmet. Phoenix Suns: I tried SO HARD to keep black out of this identity, but for the sake of the crossover, I decided to keep it as close to their current identity as possible. Satin purple helmet w/ metallic graphics. Phoenix design appears on the sleeves. Orange and Black alternates coming soon. Sacramento Kings: The alternate fits surprisingly well on a football helmet! Metallic graphite helmet and facemask giving it a "gun metal" look. Crown and "SAC" wordmark appear on the jersey. Blackout and throwback alternates in the works. Thanks to everyone for the support thus far! I will get to the comments later. Up next: the Southeast Division.
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    It bothers me more that the C is not used on any wordmarks.
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    Sony should have just sold the rights to the whole franchise back to Marvel. They clearly don't know what they're doing.
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    I think Rock counts at this point in time. He usually goes by his real name, but I can say "The Rock" and my mom knows exactly who I'm talking about.
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    I understand that. What I'm saying is that Sony should have let Marvel Studios use Venom when they agreed to the Spider-Man deal.
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    it depends on what you're going for. is it a painters shadow like you might see on a hand painted sign? is this meant to be a 3d horseshoe-like object? and is that object tilted backwards? either way, the NBA logos of this era were created by anything but a master craftsman.
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    It seems like some of the ones that do work today involve [Nationality] + [noun]. Surprisingly, this formula wasn't used for "Gentleman" Jack Gallagher, which is an awesome name. "Scottish Supernova" "Bulgarian Brute" "Swiss Superman" "Celtic Warrior" "Ravishing Russian" Also, maybe don't call the guy who's always injured "Mr. No Days Off".
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    I've gone ahead and changed the placket and added the orange trim. The next team is an almost wholly-reimagined Tampa Bay Rays. The logo changes the font to a cursive scripts, while the colors change to dark green, light green, and a pale yellow. The home uniform is a white vest with sleeves and reads "tb", the road uniform reads "Tampa", and the light and dark green uniforms read "Rays". The sleeves feature the ray logo in team colors.
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    I had to look this up. I thought you were bullsharting. I'm impressed. All his "goldmine-worthy" antics were 10+ years ago. Damn, I've been here too long.
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    Just from the MLB logos and the Orioles/Browns concepts I can tell this will be an amazing series!
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    The fact that the horn color of the logo doesn't match the color of the horn per the helmet sticks in my craw,
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    Why were the Reds in camo today?