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    So next is Coco's idea and by far the most drastic change yet, based off of the Braves nickname, The Atlanta Peach Clobbers! 'The one thing people think of when they think of Georgia is the ever famous Georgia Peach, so it makes perfect sense to base Atlanta's team on the fuzzy fruit. The new peach mascot P.J. is a symbol of combined fun & focus and the design as a whole is fresh and bright with a few subtle nods to the 70's Braves, lowercase a included. The Clobbers have multiple cap logos including two monograms resembling peaches, a and PC, P.J. doing a Schwarzenegger pose, a muscle and a leaf the first four of which have a fuzzy texture to them. All peach-colored jersey logos are also fuzzy. In addition to the lowercase a main cap logo, the home and road jerseys feature a leaf on each sleeve resembling the feather logo in use from 72-79.'
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    BALTIMORE ORIOLES, PT. II - The modern St. Louis Browns The first alternate take delves into the Orioles' turbulent history in St. Louis. The Browns barely survived their time in St. Louis (a short recap by Hardball Times writer and fellow board member @pmoehrin here, and a cool website designed by @STL FANATIC here) and there's no way that the city could have ever supported two teams in the long-term. However, what if the Browns had survived to the modern age? What would I have look like? Well, here's the answer. The most obvious change from the original Browns is the color scheme. Gone is orange, and in its place is red. I did this for two reasons. The first reason is that brown/orange is too associated with the other two teams named "Browns" (the team that's now the Ravens and the record book-ignoring doofuses), and I wanted the baseball Browns to carve their own aesthetic path (let's presume they added red sometime in the late-60's/early-70's). The second reason is that I wanted to try out the color scheme, as I've grown to like its application on Indians concepts and the NHL Panthers. The second change to differentiate the team from the NFL Browns is the deletion of Brownie the Elf. I've never liked the logo. The identity now focuses on St. Louis' history (as part of New France from late-seventeenth to mid-eighteenth centuries - here's a good book on New France) and the city's namesake Saint Louis (King Louis IX of France, from 1226-70). The real team referenced this connection in their 1936-51 primary logo. It was from this point that I drew my inspiration. The new primary logo, to go along with the Louis IX theme, is now a shield (based off of the proportions of Lego shields, which had a more "medieval" look to them than the '39-'51 logo). The logos feature the color "Champagne Silver," from the USFL's Michigan Panthers. I thought the name and color fit with the brown/red pairing and the city's ties to France. In one section is a modernized version of the '39-'51's rendering of the Apotheosis of St. Louis statue, commissioned for the 1904 World's Fair/Louisiana Purchase Exhibition/Anthropology Days/Olympic Games and therefore connected to the wackiest Olympic marathon ever). Here is a comparison with the original logo. In the opposite section section are three fleur-de-lis sourced from the 1945-53 alternate logo (in a pattern that mimics the Île-de-France flag and heraldry, the home region of Louis IX). The center of the logo features a baseball with the team script, to divide the sections. The lower part showcases the barberpole sock stripe pattern and the Gateway Arch with the cap logo in center. The secondary logo features an enlarged arch, stripe pattern, fleur-de-lis, and Apotheosis rendering. The founding date of the 1902 is on the Apotheosis' platform. The cap logo is based around the 1946-53 cap logo, with alterations to make it look less like the contemporary Cardinals cap logo. I gave it spurs (a la the Cardinals' 1900-19 primary logo - per Cooperstown Collection), and adjusted the height/spacing/serifs of the letters to better accommodate an outline. Here is a comparison. The uniforms are based off of the 1952-3 set, AKA "The Padres can totally do brown/white/grey" look. I tweaked the scripts to clean up inconsistent line weights, standardized the tails, and widened the letter kerning to accommodate outlines (a tip for fellow concept artists, adding outlines to scripts necessitates wider kerning). Here is a comparison. The fleur-de-lis takes the place of front numbers, while the secondary and primary logos grace the sleeves of the home and road uniforms, respectively. The barberpole sock stripes and wide red outlines on the logos allow for a red-billed hat on both uniforms. I used black cleats to enhance the "retro" aesthetic. The number font is the same as the Orioles' retro day alternates, and the NOB font is Rawlings' block (used by the Orioles and in the past by the Cardinals). The home/road alternate is an updated take on the 1908 home uniform, with an "St.L" on the chest and the fleur-de-lis on a piped cap (a pre-1950's design element I'd like to see return). The Heritage Day alternate is a brown/red fauxback to the 1944 home uniforms (with the addition of the fleur-de-lis on the cap and the modern secondary logo), one of the few bright moments in team history. This ties the "modern" Browns to the history of the old Browns and their sorta-funky uniforms. I had a lot of fun creating this one. While most "alternate takes" won't be this extensive, I do like to have the opportunity to put new spins on the classics. C+C is greatly appreciated, as always. Up next, Boston!
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    It's been almost a full year since I completed my NHL crossover series and over 10 months since I last posted a concept series of any kind... until now, that is! It's time to wrap up the crossover series with the NBA. This was a little more difficult than the previous two as the NBA requires a basketball to be a part of at least one logo. Most teams have a ball in their primary logo, so I had to either edit the original logo, or in one particular case, go with a brand new logo. Not all of these will be direct crossovers as I focused on what made the best football uniform and not so much making an exact crossover, so you may see some elements from each team's past. I'll start the series with each team's home and road uniforms and, depending on reception, will post alternates and maybe even defunct teams at the end. Without further ado, here is the Atlantic Division, starting with the Boston Celtics: Pretty straight-forward. A classic team deserves a classic uniform set. To add a modern twist, I added metallic helmet decals, similarly to the University of Texas' helmets. Gold-infused and BFBS alternate uniforms coming soon. Brooklyn Nets: In reality, the Football Nets wouldn't be named the Nets. They'd probably be the Americans, but I decided to run with it. I used the script from the team's early years in New York and applied it to the helmets. The B-Shield logo makes a return to the chest. Each stripe features a sublimated herringbone pattern similar to their court. Gray and fauxback alternate uniforms coming soon. New York Knicks: The subway token logo makes a comeback as the team's primary logo. Like the Nets, the Football Knicks would likely have a different name. The Knicks have a pretty clean identity and one of the best color schemes in the league. The silver helmet and pants help the colors pop even more. Orange alternate and throwback uniforms coming soon. Philadelphia 76ers: "76" appears on both sides of the helmet. Thirteen stars adorn the jersey and pants, with three on each sleeve, three on the left side of the pants, and four on the right. The helmet stripe mimics the pants and jersey striping with (roughly) 13 stars. Red alternate uniform coming soon. Toronto Raptors: Decided to go back in time and revamp the raptor from the previous generation and use him as the primary logo, which appears on the helmet. Other than the logos, the uniforms are based on the current threads from the side panels used as the sleeve stripes, and the T-shorts stripe translated to the pants. Black and Drake-inspired alternate uniforms coming soon. Tomorrow's batch of teams will come from the Pacific Division. As always, comments, critiques, and constructive criticism is appreciated. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!
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    That's not a nice thing to say about Goff.
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    I know im being optimistic but I think that if the celtics really give their best they may force a game 4.
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    I don't know, maybe its because I'm a younger fan, but all this talk about not being a baseball fan anymore because of the wild card or interleague games just sounds really immature....
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    Keeping the leagues separate became impractical for several reasons: 1. The league was leaving a ton of money on the table by not playing interleague games. Example: Indians fans are not driving down here to watch the Reds play the Braves for the 100th time, but a 3 game weekend series? Yeah they're gonna come for that. You put every team in every stadium and you give a fan a reason to go to the ballpark that they didn't have before. They could no longer afford to leave that revenue on the table because.... 2. The strike demanded the game introduce some gimmicks to win fans back and every team in the league actually playing every other team in the league (like every other sport in North America) was a quick way to do that. 3. As sports coverage grew, cable stations aired more games, people started to watch more out of market games thanks to satellite and then later the internet, it became more and more necessary to widen the pool of opponents for the schedule to remain interesting. Again, I could watch the Reds play the Braves for the 100th time or I could watch the Reds play the Indians for the first time ever. TV broadcasts need eyeballs like seats need butts and interleague play was a ratings grab. It became impractical to leave that money on the table. 4. I don't know how much longer young people would've put up with the notion that some of the best players in the game will never face off against some of the other best players in the game because "that's the way it's done". By the late 90's it felt antiquated to me, a kid, that we had 28 teams, many of them in the same city and some of them had never played. That's weird when you explain it like that. "When are the Mets gonna play the Yankees, dad?" "Unless they both make it to the World Series, never" "Why?" "because that's the way it is." 5. The draft, umpires, free agency, TV coverage, minor leagues, and leadership were all intertwined and both leagues were truly one entity. With all of those moving parts working together it made less sense to keep the play on the field separate. They hadn't been separate entities for decades. The only thing they weren't together on was actually playing each other. Think about this - some of the best baseball players of all time never played against some of the other best baseball players of all time and the only reason we were robbed of those matchups was because they happened to be in different leagues. That's silly and eventually it was going to change. When I go to the ballpark I go to see the other team probably more than I go to see my own and the more variety we can get the better that is for me, the fan. I want to see those matchups without hoping two guys meet in a meaningless allstar game or the small chance both their teams make it to the World Series. I'm as much a traditionalist as anyone, but that was a bad tradition and I'm glad we're moving away from it. I love interleague play because I love baseball. If anything I want to see more of it. Thank you
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    Well, I guess there's no better way to celebrate post #1600 than by launching my newest concept thread! Welcome to MLB: Project 32! After posting in my tweaks thread for about two years (where I'll keep posting little one-offs), I figured I should reorganize all of my concepts with new presentations, template tweaks (mostly altering sleeve and trouser displays), and other refinements. I will try to have regular updates, as long as my schedule allows it. Above are the preliminary colors for each team, along with new divisional alignments! There are no more Centrals, but rather two divisions of eight. The Astros and Diamondbacks have swapped spots (making the 1998 expansion an AL expansion, parallel to the 1993 NL expansion), while one team has been added to each league. The top two teams in each division make the playoffs (seeded 1-4 regardless of division) and the first round grows to seven games (because no Wild Card game and "death to small sample size randomness"). This series will feature two parts per team. One part will be the main concept, the one I'm most happy with presenting. The other will be an alternate take. These will explore past identities, shirk off brand equity, and present interesting fusions. I hope to you take you guys on a wild ride, so let's get started!
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    There's also NOTHING to be gleaned from the NBA Live 18 videos, because they've yet to incorporate the new Nike designs. They're using the old rev30 adidas uniforms in their build because they're working on 3D-rendering the different cut (and mesh template, likely) of the new uniforms. Disregard everything from them. Trust me.
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    Sorry for the delay everybody, My wife finally gave birth to our son on Saturday! Needless to say, it's been a pretty hectic few days. Mother and Baby are doing well and '92-93 has been simulated, I'll just need to do the write-up either today or tomorrow. Thanks for you patience guys!
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    I've had this one on the shelf for a while now. Finally got around to finishing it up.
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    I'm not even 30 and I'm all for separating the two leagues and cutting down on interleague. It's not generational. It's just how you view baseball.
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    While I was living in Seoul, I was able to be part of a program in which I was able to go on a sponsored tour of Kaesong, North Korea. The trip was eye opening to say the least. Although North Korea would never be able to support any major sport successfully for now (maybe after peaceful reunification which is my hope), I wondered what a North Korean hockey league would look like. I've decided to create a 14-team league. Just to be clear, in no way, shape or form, do I support North Korea. They have a long history of human rights violations, this is purely about hockey design, and any other comments will be ignored. The teams are as follows: I will be posting two teams at a time along with their special game. Up first are the Chongjin Steelers and the Pyongyang Capitals.
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    Yeah I don't see how they could if there isn't a new primary logo. I would love this though:
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    Well, I bit the bullet and bought a club level seat to Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals, in Nashville. A great view of what will, hopefully, be a great game.
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    LeBron’s lost three playoff series since 2010, man. He lost to Dirk in 2011, caught the Spurs’ period when the old guys were still good, but so was Kawhi in 2014, then fell to the Warriors in 2015. During LeBron’s six-year run through the East, he’s downed MVP Derrick Rose, Paul George twice, Kyle Lowry, etc. He beat Westbrook and Durant in 2012, those same Spurs in 2013, and those same Warriors in 2016. LeBron loses to Hall of Famers in the playoffs. Not Marcus :censored:ing Smart.
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    Scheduling loss alert!!!!!!! Ducks complain that compressed playoff schedule is part of the reason why they lost in the Western Conference finals. Hey Carlyle, shut up. You could have gotten some time off to prepare and rest up for the WCF had your team not lost Game 6 by six goals.
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    "what the hell is ccslc?" has to be the all-time champ. Another (underappreciated) classic was "I believe same-sex marriage should be between a man and a woman."
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    You guys lost? Here, let me see if I can help you out:
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    The white outline on the logo, where white ISN'T used on the helmet stripes, really grinds my gears.
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    You must be thinking of RAGE and KAOS -- HIGH VOLTAGE!!! In searching for that, I came across these other awesome WCWSN-era tag teams: State Patrol: Old-ass Rock N Roll Express: And of course the Super Barrio Bros (Why weren't they called that??) WCW fans:
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    So let's try something new. No more regional dick measuring. No more "Tennessians are racists" and no more "Canadians are stupid for liking Canada." I'm convinced that we wouldn't be retreading the same arguments over and over if it weren't for those two lines of "discussion." So consider them, and all forms of regional grandstanding, off limits for the rest of these playoffs. And all the ones afterward. Let's see how that goes.
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    Simply removing the apron striping is a huge improvement. Besides that I've always liked the Preds current set.
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    Can we please put this term to bed? It's officially lost all meaning. Everyone has been accused of it, none of them are really doing it. Let's call it what it really is - looking like a respectable hockey team.
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    I've always had the feeling that Peter Laviolette doesn't get the credit he deserves for how good an NHL head coach he is. This is now the third different franchise that he has been the head coach of and led them to a Final appearance. His status as one of the NHL's very best head coaches should not be up for discussion any longer.
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    "what is this im in phone" needs to be somewhere on the list. That everyone began saying "I'm in phone" seriously after that made me laugh all over again.
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    AL East BALTIMORE ORIOLES, PT. I - 1966-71 Modernization Like with my first full series, we start off with the Orioles. This concept is an evolution of my earlier set of tweaks, modernizing the 1966-71 uniforms. What I've done on top of the old versions (using the 1989-94 script - a tailed version of the dynasty-era script, restoring the classic striped socks, and removing all references to the ornithologically-correct bird and the Maryland flag) is more minute tweaking. The primary logo's cartoon bird has had a few of his lines tweaked while receiving a new cap based on his cap logo counterpart. Comparison here. The cap logo is a new update, borrowing ideas from John Atsid's logo proposal (pupils towards the bottom, upturned bill, and smaller outline) with my own spin (a longer bill with a more subtle "flip," a lower and longer crown with a squarer button, and a cursive "B" instead of the "O's" logo). It now has a bit more of a 1966-74 look to it, and less of a 1979-88 aesthetic. Comparison here. Now, the uniforms. The "Baltimore" script has received more clean-up, and the NOB's have a bit more of an arch to them (comparison here).The black sleeve outlines of the old template now match the placket "seams," which will be the case for the other entries in this series. The home and road alternates now reflect the logo and script updates (I like the Orioles to be orange-centric, so no black alternates), while the retro uniform has had an overhaul. The Retro Day set still uses the 1954 script (sourced and cleaned up from the 60th Anniversary logo), with some twists. It now resides on the template of the 1950 International League Orioles, winners of the "Junior World Series." I flipped the color distribution of the script to match those uniforms and paired it with a tweak of UNC's number font (narrower, with straight edges). Ren69's excellent cartoon bird update now graces a diamond patch (from the other "Junior World Series" winners, the 1944 Orioles). The cap now bears the cursive "B" from the Baltimore script, as I wanted the cartoon birds' hat to show up in the identity. The Orioles don't need drastic alterations to their set (even though some ideas, like patterned striping modeled on Baltimore's flag, are pretty swell). Instead, the further modernization of the 1966-71 look is my chosen path, with little tributes to the '40s, '50s, and '70s-'80s. In part two, we go deep into the team's history, with a twist!
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    I'm back again folks! And I dare say, I'm fairly proud of this next team revamp I'm going to show you. Say hello to the Northmen! I figured the name sounded more interesting than the Yetis. Just a little update, once I finish this project (hopefully ) I'm planning to release a completed formatted package for download of all the logos that will automatically replace the old ones if you have any of the Madden 04-08 games (for PC). This package will include premade endzones, helmets, slivers, main logo, and midfield files. All you have to do is put the files in the correct locations, and the old logo sets will be replaced with the new ones. Let me know if you're interested in having it when I'm done!
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    The only reason that card doesn't look terrible is because the glow from the lighting is drowning out the gold just enough that you're not processing it at first glance. If you looked at that picture without knowing the Rams were gold you'd have to look hard to notice it.
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    I look forward to the day where we can post this in the "Right team, wrong uniform" thread
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    I have to admit, I actually really liked this look: Now granted, the Blue Jays look the best they've ever looked right now (I dare say it's the best look in the whole league), so I'm not at all screaming "bring it back!". BUT I did like the color scheme, appreciated them going out on a limb a little, and they were in my mind just a few touch-ups and tweaks (namely a little more light blue, toning down the beveling a little) from being a really excellent look. If the Blue Jays were a 2004 expansion team and ran out of the dugout in this, I think with those tweaks it definitely could've survived and survived well. As it was, though, its days were numbered from the get-go due to the history they'd had before.
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    DESIGNATED HITTER FUN FACT: before the American League got wise to it, Earl Weaver would write in Steve Stone as his designated hitter in games he didn't pitch, even when Stone wasn't traveling with the team, and then immediately pinch-hit for him with the intended designated hitter. That way, if for some reason the starting pitcher left the game before the DH was due up, Weaver could play lefty-righty with his pinch-hitter to get the right matchup against a reliever. But this meant that those plate appearances were going down, statistically speaking, as pinch-hit plate appearances and not as starters. I find this byzantine bit of gamesmanship as ingenious as it is stupid and it's the only amusement I've ever gotten from the idea of a guy whose position is, as Earl himself said, "sitting on his ass watching a baseball game like you and me."
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    oh yes i forgot, we don’t deserve the right to have fun when our sports teams are successful
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    Ugh! Hemstripes look good, stop removing them!
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    Giannis, John Wall. The Celtics don’t have that individual player who can win you the one or two swing games you need to beat the Cavs in a seven-game series.
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    Hey guys i'm back with another concept. Here are the Colorado Avalanche. This is based on their great inaugural jerseys but with more going on. I have added snow peaks to the mountain patterns to really give them character and so that it doesn't just look like angled striping.
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    Ahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahshshshshshshshshshahahahaha There it is. Only took 17 games.
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    I was at the new Braves ballpark this weekend and enjoyed the franchise history exhibited in the concourse.
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    Would love for the Preds to bring back this bad boy, at least on a nice t-shirt.
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    (Very) down and dirty version, using the interior point from the patch wordmark: I really think the fix is as simple as that.
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    I've been working on this for some time now and thought I'd share it with all of you college sports fans. This map shows every NCAA Division I program as of this year. While I know other maps have existed previously, none of them were completely up-to-date, so I took it upon myself to create one. The only program that isn't included on the map is Hawaii (Sorry, Rainbow Warriors!) due to their location. While I know there might be some programs that are slightly off in location, it was extremely tough to place everybody exactly without any guidelines. I did my best, so cut me some slack if something is a few miles off! One thing that still stands out to me is how distance there is between programs once you get west of Texas and east of the West Coast. There are plenty of programs on the eastern seaboard, especially around New England and the Mid Atlantic, but when you look at states like Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, and Nebraska, giant plots of land are without DI representation. It's wild to compare that to states like Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, New York, and Texas to see that giant contrast. Anyways, enjoy!
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    The Maryland flag is really cool and the O's flag jersey is really cool. I still never want to see it in a major-league game.
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    The Bulls beat the Jazz 96-54 in 1998. Blowouts happen. A few things to note: - The 2011 CBA hit the Thunder especially hard, forcing the Thunder to pay Kevin Durant more without any negotiation, and essentially led to Harden being traded away. The Thunder could have just paid the tax as Cleveland will, but they also had some misfortune imparted by the leage. Brian Windhorst explained it on a podcast last year, and it's complicated, but totally worth a read. - In 2012, the Warriors signed Steph Curry to a 4-year, $44 million deal that took effect in 2013 and expires this year. He only signed this low a deal because of ill-timed ankle problems. If he signs anywhere near his actual value (he's the fourth-highest paid player on the team and was the sixth-highest paid after the 2015 season), maybe there isn't as much room to sign Draymond to his deal. - The room was made for Durant in large part because of a one- (or maybe two) time major jump in the salary cap due to increased TV rights. Everybody's cap went up, and lots of teams had money for Durant. The Warriors were only there because of A.) the Steph Curry discount and B.) the cap jump. It was well-timed luck. - LeBron James is the best player in the universe and there hasn't been a player so singularly important since Michael Jordan. At the same time, the team's non-LBJ core (Thompson, Love, Irving, Smith) all signed long-term deals through 2020 before the cap jump, so they're all ultimately cap-friendly deals. - The Nets bet big on Pierce/Garnett/Williams and blew it. - The Spurs have the best scouting and player development staff in the league, and they're a Zaza Pachulia hit away from being tied or even up 2 on the Warriors in their series. That said, the Warriors have had incredible injury luck over the past few playoffs, often playing their opponents at below strength. All that to say that while it all feels dire, what we're really experiencing is the best player continuing to be the best player, while the best team has had incredible, unplannable luck that has increased their fortunes and decreased the fortunes of those around them. Because individual players are so important, the NBA will always have a few teams concentrated at the top. This is true since the days of the Celtics. But players get injured. They get old. Contracts run out, and then you've got teams like the Lakers who hit rock bottom. It happened to the Cavs just a few years ago. It'll happen to the Warriors again too.
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    and I live in the real world where we're never going back to non-wildcard baseball. I'm trying to correct the flaws inherent to the wildcard which are that the schedules are unbalanced between teams vying for the same spot and you can advance in the playoffs as a wildcard without beating the team that won your division (see: 2012 Cardinals). In my system making the LCS requires being one of the two best in a large division of 8 with everyone playing a matching schedule (interleague included), and then defeating a division opponent in a best of 7 championship round which would in a sense mean that you're a division champion. If you go through all of that you earned your spot in the LCS and that's a tougher road than the 73 Mets, 87 Twins, and any other low win outlier had to squeak through in the old system. There's a lot wrong with that. You just spoke about undermining the meaning of the regular season and I can't think of anything more undermining than an inferior team advancing for the sole reason that they were on the fortunate side of an arbitrary dividing line. It also robbed fans of the best matchup in the playoffs too, results of that particular NLCS be damned. If you only have 4 teams in divisions it further cheapens the achievement of winning a division championship further because you only had to be better than 3 others (like the AL West was before Houston) and increases the frequency of bad teams winning their division. I don't know why you'd want to increase the chances of that happening. Ooooh you beat the Mariners, A's, and Angels. Real impressed. BFD, Texas. The truly most equitable thing would be one league with a single table and the team with the best record at the end gets a trophy and they don't have playoffs, but that's not going to happen so it's not worth discussing. Bolded, Yeah I agree, which is why making them as large as possible to create a truly elite tier of playoff teams is the way to go, shrink them down into 8 groups of 4 and you wind up with way more cases like the 85 Mets. I don't understand why you'd invited that likelihood to increase.
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    Time for the Mariners! For the M's I wanted to design a retro-inspired set, that's why I brought back the 1977/80 M-Trident. Thanks to @raysox for letting me use his amazing wordmarks! Apart from the main four designs, I wanted to try a pinstriped uniform, to be used as Sunday alt.