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    He's about to fall off the edge of the flat earth that he probably believes in.
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    Hello everyone, It's been a while since I've last posted on this site. Glad to stop by and see some new people posting! This is one of the first concepts of done in quite some time and I figured I'd add it to the forum. This was my senior project for my Graphic Design major. The last graphic design class in my college career! In short, we had the whole semester (a little more as we started at the end of last semester) to work on a brand. There were 14 students in the course and we all picked something to brand. Some picked fast food (You can see some of her work on my Behance project page), check the game program), some picked guitar stores, puppy adoption, Positive news stations, but knowing me, I had to do a hockey team. Full project on Behance, feel free to check it out on there or just see some of the images here! Link: https://www.behance.net/gallery/51875739/Houston-Bulls-NHL-Expansion-Team
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    So you may have heard that Canada is set to launch a brand new domestic soccer league sometime soon. No concrete details yet on league structure or clubs, but some info has been leaking out--including that the league will likely be called the Canadian Premier League. Here's my attempt at a fairly realistic look at what we might see when the league is finally announced (hopefully next month).
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    The year is 1974, new ownership has taken over the struggling Tams franchise. With a new team, a new identity, and unwavering support, basketball in Memphis is happenin' again! Can ya dig it?
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    Washington State: "Nike, lemme get uhhhhhhhhh 1 new set of original uniforms please." Nike: "Uniform machine broke."
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    I found this in an old design book and wanted see if anyone knew anything about it. (from book) 76. The Chicago Bears, a football club. Proposed new mark. Designed in 1973 by Emil M. Cohen. Digging around, 1973 was the year the team switched from the all-white wishbone C to the orange outlined one. The designer is from the Chicago area and has designed other (non-football) logos. I wonder if he did the wishbone C redesign or if this was part of a logo competition of sorts. Anyway, thought I'd share.
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    Decided to see what it would look like slightly modernized:
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    Not exactly a uniform, but close enough.
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    This was a no brainer for me.
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    It's all perspective based off the previous set for me. This is a perfectly fine uniform: Compared to that, it seems like these uniforms are extremely phoned in. Whether that's the school's or Nike's fault, I have no clue.
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    Second team in is Ottawa. This is the only case where I kept a current club. All signs seem to point to the Fury joining the CPL as soon as it launches. The crest is one that I've used for a previous Fury concept, I just loved it so much I didn't know how I'd improve it. I made a secondary logo of the Peace Tower on the Parliament building in the same style as the main crest. I wanted to return Ottawa to a primarily black kit, as I think it's a shame they just look like a knock off TFC currently. I loved the PSG-style centre stripe of their first kits, so went back to that look, and made a matching "phantom-stripe" version as the clash kit.
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    That's a handsome animal right there. What human wouldn't look ugly next to that good boy?
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    The first team in is Hamilton. They are a lock for a club with the league being headquartered there. Black and gold is also a given. I thought about reviving the Steelers but wanted to go for original identities as much as possible. Hamilton United has been trademarked, so it's likely that's what the club will be called. The crest features a chain and flower, similar to the city's flag. The secondary logo is an H meant to look like the end of a steel beam. (I should mention each team will have a primary crest plus a secondary logo used either as a jock tag or on the back of the neck). The home has hoops cause I like them, and the clash is an homage to old the old Steelers look.
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    Every concession stand will sell tossed salad and scrambled eggs
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    Here is my unsolicited design for the rumored Canadian Premier League. I will be doing a six league team (Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Ottawa and Halifax). I've done a similar project before but this is my revisit. Here is the first team, Hamilton Club:
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    Torch Creative has designed a new athletic logo for Upper Iowa University: OLD
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    Good. Now you can stop watching and posting.
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    Next is the Minnesota Wild. The Wild weren't technically around in the 90s but lets just pretend that they were. The design choice was pretty obvious here, I knew I had to use the treeline on the hem just because of how unique and cool it looks. The arms also use the shooting star from the logo as part of the striping. I am very happy with how this one turned out.
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    Nah, it moved in early 1970.
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    She's good people. Our wedding is scheduled for this fall. Going as fast as I can.
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    That slogan reeks of desperation. "We just went 4-8 after making the title game and winning a Heisman only two years ago!!!! What do we do!?!?!?" "I dunno, but we better DO SOMETHING!"
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    I'd just go for a non-pinstriped version of this set with the BiG cap, a block (provided it doesn't look like Michigan's "M") or germanic M cap, etc.: The cursive scripts have far more personality than block. If you want to give them a bit more "personality," change up the tail to match the below image (which has the added benefit of looking like a beer label script tail).
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    In soccer, I believe the ref has the power to order the visiting team to change its kits if the two teams' uniforms are too similar. Baseball needs a rule like this.
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    I wanted to say their wood pattern is too dark. And also if you want to have 2 toned pattern, it should be the opposite of what the Wizards have, especially with the red keys. Here is how i think their court should look like, with some minor changes. Made this in 5 minutes.
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    Next up is the Winnipeg Jets. I really love the simple uniforms that the Jets had in the 90s but I think that they could have pulled off something a little wilder too. I used the script from their logo and angled it to look more like their original WHA logo. I then used angled striping that increasingly gets bigger. The back numbers are also angled to match the striping.
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    Pictures for anyone who doesn't know what we're talking about.
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    I don't think a team has a bigger disconnect with their nickname and their actually branding than the Wizards
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    You know, I tried to give you a heads up and a little advice. Instead, you want to act like I'm infringing on something special. Impetulant children don't get their way with me.
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    Hello! I'm brand new to the site and this is my first time ever redesigning a sports team's logo. For the most part, my redesign has been perceived very well, but I would love to hear constructive criticism, good or bad, in order to help me in the future. Thanks! Jake M.
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    So, I turn the game on to see the Blazers are wearing those "Rip City" jerseys and think to myself, "Well, that's kinda dumb." So I decide to look it up and figure out where exactly what inspired this whole "Rip City" thing. Actually, that's not kinda dumb at all. That's COMPLETELY dumb, and is probably the stupidest sports related jersey I've ever seen. Anyway, good series, Blazers. They're a fun team that I like. Damian Lillard is AWESOME. But, they need a lot of help if they want to compete long-term.
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    On a side note, I did a really quick and cheap mock up what the old Cleveland away text would look like with the C replaced. The letter could use some scrunching to look more in line with the others, but I think the idea has got some potential.
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    The Wild have technically gotten worse and worse the last 4 years. 2014: Lost in 6 games in the second round. 2015: Lost in 4 games in the second round. 2016. Lost in 6 games in the first round. 2017. Lost in 5 games in the first round. Each year they have won fewer playoff games than the year before. You can sugarcoat your regular season all you want, but the Wild are doing worse in the playoffs every year.
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    What is this "future" wife stuff? If she's with you at the ballgame and she's discussing uniforms with you, you should have already married her by now. That was two days ago, get on it man!
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    They just need a uniform czar. On the day of the game the Marlins equipment manager should have to call the Uniform Czar and ask permission to use the black jerseys, or request permission to use a jersey different from gray. It would go like this "hello, our starting pitcher would like to wear black jerseys today. Is that okay?" and the Uniform Czar would go "Uhh today today today let me check my schedule. Umm today the Padres have scheduled their navy blue camo jerseys so no you have to wear gray today." End of discussion.
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    You know what Hedley? You do you. You want to do the whole unjustifiably large ego and unwarranted sense of superiority thing? Have at it. I'm gonna enjoy the surprise season my team just had and the rest of the post-season.
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    Jackie Robinson is not going to be forgotten by the general public, just as Rosa Parks, MLK, Muhammad Ali, etc., won't be forgotten. He's completely transcended baseball (and sports in general) in terms of his cultural and social significance. The man is a civil rights icon, and his entry into major league baseball was a civil rights milestone at the very beginning of that movement. He's entered into the American lexicon, at this point. (Note: not saying Jackie Robinson is as well-known or as an important a figure in American history as, say, MLK. But his entry into baseball will be mentioned in history classes for years and years to come. He will not be forgotten by future generations.)
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    Next up is the Tampa Bay Lightning. Yet another team that stayed fairly mild even though they could have gone crazy in the 90s. They did come out with a wild paintbrush font and one of the wildest third jerseys of the 90s though. My design goes full lightning with large curved bolts for striping. The paintbrush font and the raindrop design from their third jersey also return.
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    Sorta looks like the logo. Franck Ribery luckily plays for France and Bayern, both of which look super good.
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    Wrong. The biggest issue, in my opinion, is people painting with broad strokes. Its one thing to have incredibly simple, classic, barren, iconic, consistent uniforms like Penn State or Alabama... where the uniform is just as much a part of their history as their name/colors/logos are (ONE helmet, ONE pair of pants, TWO jerseys). Its another thing when a team, who does not have an iconic look, takes a very nice uniform set - a set that is only a couple tweaks away from being fantastic - removes all the character from it, has 4 different helmets, 3 different pairs of pants, 3 different jerseys, and the colors don't match. There is a big, big difference.
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    Now that you mention it, I can't unsee it. I'll update it shortly, but for now, we have the Hamilton Tigers:
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    Getting a hat tip from an NFL Exec is something to be proud of. Congrats, and great uniform set as well.
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    Honestly, I didn't think WSU needed to change anything from their old set. I (and I am probably in the minority for this) loved the 2 grays they used. They both worked well. now all character is vacuumed out of the set. Especially on those grays, no red makes it look out of place. These are just... dumb. On the bright side, at least they still have an original font.
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    WHAT!?! A GOALIE is STEALING a playoff series!?! Alert the authorities! Signal the Ministry of Magic! Shoot a flare for the Justice League! This is has never happened before! Not once ever! No team has EVER ridden a hot goalie to a playoff series victory! It's preposterous! There must be some dark magic afoot indeed! Burn Jake Allen! Burn the witch!
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    Couldn't resist.