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    I told you all to trust me
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    "Association Edition"? "Crispy Whites"? "Icon Edition"? Really? Really? "Home Uniform" isn't good enough anymore? For 's sake.
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    Count me in the camp who care more about player safety than making a helmet look good.
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    Raptors King comes through again.
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    Where did we decide yellow can't touch white? Two of my favorite baseball uniforms have yellow touching white. Yeah that Padres uniform was not my ideal Padres uniform either, but it was better than nothing, was moderately attractive, was distinctive from the rest of the league, and actually took a step in the direction of having an identity. What they wear now is completely absent of a recognizable feature and I don't get it.
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    Although I didn't like these as much as their inaugural set, I do still think the Bobcats did pinstripes right: I also think the Hornets pulled them off nicely in NOLA:
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    If there's any decency left in this world the Lakers will have some variation of this jersey: Preferably with this shoulder/neck piping:
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    The pants and belt are quite the departure...
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    To be fair, MOD EDIT also works as an accurate representation of his posts
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    So.... You CAN put a real shoulder stripe on a modern jersey cut. Now everybody else shut up. We were right, you were wrong.
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    So many sports franchises had dropped their blue and yellow colors for a more unique combo, that this eventually become rare itself. The Warriors really brought it back and made it cool again. The Rams will eventually wear it and the fans are already begging for it. The Brewers needs to be the MLB team to own it.
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    Headley was elected to the mod team. Now you literally have to post a video or at least gif of yourself actually murdering another board member (with both screen names written on paper and visible in the video just to validate identities) in order to get a one-week suspension. The punishment can decrease as more votes come in.
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    Oh, you think there is hate and bashing of Nike now? Just wait until the Cavs uniform leaks/is unveiled... Also, tip of the hat to @the_Raptors_king....
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    talk about eyerolls, good lord
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    I like the new Oilers uniforms but this was perfection. I hope it at least comes back in the form of an alternate.
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    I never got the love for the navy and copper Oilers. Nor do I understand the desire to get the Oilers out of royal blue and into navy.
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    Major League Soccer would currently like to expand its league by giving the city of Detroit, Michigan their first professional soccer team. Fans of the semi-pro Detroit City FC hate that idea, while former Express co-owner and soccer mogul Roger Faulkner clearly thinks it's a no-brainer to invest in a Detroit-based pro team. So here's the logo set of the brand-new (and of course fictional) Detroit Motor SC. Colors are navy blue and orange (plus the new color chrome), inherited from the former NASL Detroit Express (1978-81). A large vintage car emblem in the center in front of a wheel, including chrome rim spokes, are forming this primary mark. The alternate mark is thematically based on those vintage car emblems and signs of the 1930's, 40's and 50's. Thanks for watching!
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    The Sixers look as good as they ever have. Jesus don't :censored: that up. Those are the process uniforms and shouldn't be touched until Embiid retires... or has career ending injury.
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    Thanks. I'll incorporate that into an update (given the patch and sock stripe designs)! Now, onto a concept that's sure to piss several people off! MINNESOTA TWINS, PT. I - Completing the Target Field-ization Let's get this one out of the way; I don't like the "classic" TC logo. I'll explain: Said negative reaction to the idea of changing the TC into a more cohesive and "modern" logo included such gems as these: I was surprised with how defensive some Twins fans get when you dare suggest that the TC isn't a perfect logo. Guys, just because an insignia has been around for a long time doesn't mean it can't change with the times. Then again, when you consider how some Twins fans wish for the Wild to take on the North Stars' name and steal the North Stars' mediocre history away from the (Stanley Cup-winning) Dallas Stars, such nasty attitudes don't seem out of place. Also, people will try to "fix" @the admiral's concept and proceed to miss the point of it (i.e. establishing a consistent color distribution and cleaning up the logo's details). I liked admiral's solution to the Twins' identity issue (i.e. consistent script fonts and tails and a navy/white/red colorway with no red text or alternates) and his TC logo, so I sought to perfect it. My first attempt did not go over well. My logo had the same inconsistent weights I maligned the old TC for using, and the top bar of the "T" (taken from the janky throwback script) looked dreadful. For my second take, I used the 1987/2010-present wordmark's "T" and made all of the line weights consistent.I used a wider slab-serif "C," for better balance with the "T." The outlines are now layered, to make the interlocking clear. It keeps the dimensions of the current logo, while also eliminating the strikes against it. Said strikes are the red "C" blurring into navy backgrounds and distracting from the navy "T," inconsistent line weights, and the presence of the Reds' "Wishbone C" logo - which should be the Reds' and Bears' logo alone. Here is a comparison between my latest update and the previous iterations of the insignia. One thing I did keep from my recent concept was the redesign of the "Twins" script to match the cursive lettering on the beautiful road uniforms better. However, I tweaked it further to include the T's top bar from the 1987/2010-present wordmark. It helps to tie the set together, while also making for more fluid lines. With these changes, the "Target Field-ization" of the Twins' identity (read: modernization of the 1961-71 uniforms and incorporation of small elements of the Metrodome-era look - like the top bar of the "T" and presence of navy alternates) is complete. Here is a comparison of the scripts. I've also lightened the red, so it shows up more in contrast with the navy. The logos return from my previous concept (the Minnesota primary and the cursive "M"). I used Rockwell Bold for the wordmark, to link it to the TC. The state logo brings back yellow, and the cursive "M" has a new colorway. The uniforms have not changed much. I restored the pinstripes at home, added a tail to the "Minnesota" script (I hate the underlines), and and placed the Minnesota primary on both jerseys. The home uniform ditches its sock stripes, as they do not pair well with pinstripes (the White Sox are the lone exception). I tweaked the thickness of the sock stripes on the roadie, which draw inspiration from the Vikings' classic sleeve stripes. The number font is the same "Varsity Classic A" as the Royals concept because I like it more than the "Block with Serifs" font that the Twins use. The alternates feature a few surprises. The navy alternate now uses the "M" logo as a sleeve patch (as a city/state signifier - the primary didn't look right on the uniform), and has pinstripe-less pants at home. The road faux-back addresses my issue with the Twins franchise, which is their disinterest in acknowledging their history as the Washington Senators MK. I/AL Nationals. This franchise won the 1924 World Series, netted the 1933 American League Pennant, and featured Walter Johnson - arguably the best pitcher to play the game (even by modern standards). They deserve a little tribute from the Twins. So, I made a tribute to the rise shadow/"Damn Yankees" uniforms of 1956-58 (my favorite Senators/Nationals uniforms). I also gave the uniform pinstripes and an "M" cap, as a tribute to the Twins' 1987-2009 road pinstripes (a "guilty pleasure" uniform of mine). I also prepared the uniform on an action template, for a better illustration. I get that changing the TC is not a popular decision, but I stand by it. Just because it has been around for five decades does not mean that it is a perfect logo. The new TC forms an important part of the Target Field-ization, alongside the cleaned-up scripts, consistent color balance, and subtle tributes to the Metrodome/1987 and 1991 and the franchise's history in DC. C+C is greatly appreciated, as always! For the alternate take, a new color scheme and a historical spin on the Twins' name!
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    Yellow Sparky's all it ever needed to be.
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    And yet they somehow look better than EITHER West Virginia OR Arizona.
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    Not sure how you're coming to that conclusion on a graphic that's just showing a blank jersey? But, that's FAR from a confirmation.
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    It's a sad day when the Celtics give a retiring Paul Pierce a Celtics jersey with THEIR FREAKING SPONSOR LOGO ON IT!
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    Thanks. I thought about going for a cream throwback, but then I realized that there wasn't enough contrast between the yellow and the off-white. Take a look at the Mariners' fauxback to see why it looks terrible. While the yellow and cream don't touch, they're still too close in terms of value/contrast to work with each other. Thank you! I think I'll add the yellow "KC" in the update. Now, onto the current colors! KANSAS CITY ROYALS, PT. II - A golden addition to Royal Blue My main goal with this concept was to differentiate the Royals from the Dodgers, while still having Royal Blue as the main color. I used the shade of Royal Blue from 1969-2001, alongside a metallic (for embroidery) and flat (for print) shades of gold. I based my color balance around the current iteration of the gold-centric alternates. There is no powder blue in the color scheme, as I felt that powder and metallic gold didn't mesh at all. The home and road uniforms carry over a lot of the tweaks from the purple/yellow set (i.e. striping that highlights the accent color, adjusted "Kansas City" script, etc.). The road uniform has a special touch, as the grey has a powder blue tint. It's an idea that @the admiral originally advocated: ...and one that I suggested for @MJD7's series (which he pulled off really well): I thought it was subtle way to pay tribute to the powder blue days. The alternates are decidedly different from my main concept. The front number/NOB on the blue jersey are now white, as making all of the lettering gold looked too gaudy. The Negro League tribute set is a gestalt of the 1942 and 1945 uniforms, complete with the heart patch from the 1942 set (recreated with a modified heart from Wikimedia Commons). The Royals don't have to be Dodger clones. Rather, they can use metallic gold to their advantage to separate themselves. C+C is greatly appreciated, as always! Up next, the Minnesota Twins!
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    Agreed. For a while there, every major pro franchise that had worn blue and gold dropped it in favor of navy and something else. The Brewers, Rams, Mariners, Sabres, Warriors, everybody. I'm glad to see it make a comeback, but the Brewers need to step up and make it theirs again.
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    Almost perfectly predicted? Honestly, looks more like 'kinda similar sleeves'.
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    I don't know if it's the schools directing the process or UnderArmour, but UA has come out with two gorgeous uniforms this summer (UCLA, Cal).
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    Shameless plug
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    The Capitol and Monument also have the benefit of distinctive silhouettes. They can be rendered very simply and yet be instantly identifiable. The White House doesn't exactly lend itself to logo design in the same way.
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    If there is one thing that bothers me about this forum, it's that people legitimately care more if a helmet looks pretty than whether college students suffer less brain injuries.
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    While we are on the Lakers, this is still somewhat on topic, but I'm highly confident every single major free agent since the birth of the internet has been photoshopped into a Laker uniform.
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    Oh god if there is a SOTA wolves jersey I may need a minute.
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    Even though the naming and company speak are somewhat eyerolling, all this really means is the NBA is relaxing its uniform policy. I can get behind this.
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    The Artest-era Pacers pinstripes should be up there as well. At least up until the unpleasantness.
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    Gonna mark the strongly disagree option here.
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    The picture belies your first statement.
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    never wear anything else
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    If Under Armour can give UCLA stripes to UCLA, why can't Nike do the same for the Colts and Jets?
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    My ideal Eagles uniform:
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    Their new road grays for next season got leaked..
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    What the heck was wrong with these?
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    I'm leaving for 2 years next week and wanted to leave a gift. Here's a template I made for the Nike NBA Uniforms. Link to download
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    New Orleans Sound Unveil Identity At the conclusion of the 1995 Lewis Cup playoffs, the newly relocated New Orleans Sound finally unveiled their much-anticipated logo and uniforms. The primary logo is a trumpet featuring the team name in the team colors of gold, purple, and green. The secondary logo features a stylized treble clef on a music staff, while the tertiary logo, which will be used on the shoulders of the uniforms, simply features the treble clef on its own. The home jersey is white trimmed in purple, gold, and green, while the road jersey is purple, trimmed in gold and green. Both jerseys feature a waist stripe stylized to look like a music staff. "Overall, I'm happy with the look" said owner Sam Bendt. "The delay in the move gave us a lot more time than we had anticipated to come up with the right identity and we're happy with how it turned out."
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    The Bulls wore those uniforms in '97/98:
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    Looks like the Wise Chips logo.