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    Next up, the Seattle Seahawks! Going for a tasteful modern look here. I wanted to keep the essence of the team's identity, i.e. custom fonts, creative striping, emphasis on grey, but take it in a different direction. The logo is a simplification of their current logo, designed to match the jersey striping. The custom number font takes cues from traditional Haida art. I like that their 2012 rebrand attempted to incorporate some traditional Pacific Northwest imagery into the sleeve striping, but the addition of volt negated most of that effect. Volt is out, replaced by the teal of the Seattle flag. I've also prepared a version that uses an Emerald green that fits the city as well. C+C appreciated!
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    That’s gonna be a ‘no’ from me, dog.
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    I am beyond impressed with these. They even got the little details right by having our 90s helmet logo, the old school pennant conference patch, and the previously mentioned tie-dyed collar
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    Surprised Hue didn't punish the kicker by making him play the entire game as a strong safety or something.
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    Sure is. And it's not like the Browns don't have any other logos that could have been used instead. Hell, they have a logo that fits this set already! Even with the helmet, they could have done something more interesting by keeping the helmet stripes at least.
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    Maybe it’s just me but I think this combo looks fantastic on TV tonight.
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    Having a zero as their logo this season would be too on-the-nose.
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    these uniforms are terrible. And look even worse on TV. Overall I think they look worse on the field than they did during the unveiling. Easily a bottom 5 uniform set for me.
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    Here is a photo of the flags: Noticed the end zone banners featured Kelly green as well:
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    The look on his face says it all.
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    I just don't understand why they went to this: Instead of this: There's no reason for the stripes to not match on the current roads, and the SOX logo doesn't work on the sleeve. The diamond sock is perfectly shaped for the sleeve, but is only seen on the black alts. I wish it was also on the left sleeve of the road and home, but that's a fight I won't win. It's never been on the home set, and I don't know why.
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    I was hoping the sarcasm would be apparent. It was a trainwreck.
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    Thanks! I created the majority of the fonts. Colts and Giants are standard blocks. I used Revengeance for the Ravens, adjusting a few of the numbers. Lions are based off the font Featured Item, but I made a lot of changes. Thanks! That's what I had initially, but I wanted to see what a full set in each color would look like so I had to post them both. I'll post the original too. I gotta say, I don't really see it. It is a little more simplified, I guess. Next up, the red-hot Kansas City Chiefs! Minor changes here for a franchise that has looked practically the same for its entire existence. My biggest focus here is a much-needed update to the arrowhead logo. No more black, so it's consistent with the rest of the set. The "K" in "KC" doubles as the binding that holds the arrowhead to the shaft. I also designed a new block number font to inject some modern elements into a classic set. Striping consistency across the board. C+C is appreciated!
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    A lot of these look like someone just selected a layer and clicked "Delete" I also feel the "alternative" logos from the 90s were far superior to these. The only one I can easily find is the Patriots NE. Some day we should try to compile all of them from that era
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    On a side note, I'll never understand the appeal/popularity of this place. Overpriced, mediocre chain food. Any locally owned sports bar has better wings and beer on game days.
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    Which, if it’s tasteful and strategic, does much more good than harm.
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    Vet doing his best CS85 impression.
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    All else considered, teal tops + white pants = passable (&, at least on TV, good) look for Jacksonville. Teal is y'all's color. Embrace it.
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    Shut up and give the 2018 Defending Super Bowl Champion Slaying Tampa Bay Buccaneers your trophy.
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    Am I the only one that's annoyed by "Sr." and "IV" on the back of jerseys? Nobody gives a F if you have a kid with the same name as yours. Nobody gives a F about the other 3 yous in your family. Unless you're playing with your father or son, you don't need a suffix on your jersey. Your utility bill doesn't say "Smith, Sr."
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    OH. MY. HEAVENS. Horrible. Horrible. Horrible.
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    Lions look great in silver/white/silver.
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    Bills fans will tell you that Fitzmagic eventually runs out. Usually by about November. But good for Tampa. Jameis is a terrible person and it would be good for that fanbase if he never played for them again.
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