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    Hey guys! I've been following the boards for a while but I wanted to make sure I was content with my design skills before I posted anything. A couple months ago, there was a Portland MLB Expansion thread that caught my attention. I thought that the Herons would be a perfect identity for a Portland baseball team and decided to run with it. I designed a primary heron logo, a secondary featuring a heron in-flight, with the Portland skyline as a backdrop. The custom script is a modified version of Daily Grind, with rose-like accents added in reference to the Portland's moniker, the "city of roses". The uniforms (presented using @rsaline 's excellent template) are inspired by a heron's plumage. The shoulder stripes and pants stripes, both distinctly thicker than traditional baseball stripes, mimic the coloration on a heron's wings. The cap features a gold brim, inspired by a heron's beak. Creating the ballpark, Columbia Field (after the Portland-based company) was a fun experiment. I borrowed elements from AT&T Park, PNC Park, Ebbets Field, among others, and used Portland's Fremont Bridge as a backdrop. If you stare at it long enough, it'll be very apparent that it was somewhat hastily assembled on Photoshop, but hopefully you guys get the idea. I also created apparel, signage, and social media packages, presented using mockups I found online. I tried to give the branding a little bit of a vintage-ish vibe to appeal to Portland's hipsters. If you're wondering why I chose the players I did, it was pretty arbitrary other than Daniel Norris, who seemed very Portland-y to me. Enjoy!
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    Cardinals in the All-Star Game: 2 Cubs in the All-Star Game: 3 Idiots in the thread: 1, you
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    Final Results: CHAMPIONSHIP: Panama (G1) 2-17 Mexico (F1) THIRD PLACE: Egypt (A1) 4-17 Morocco (B1) And so we have ourselves a new champion, El Tri! Champion: Mexico - @gswansea Runner-Up: Panama - @Lafarge Third Place: Morocco - @raysox If you guys would like a badge to put on your uniforms or on your signatures, let me know and I'll shoot you a PM. Congrats once again to our winners and everyone who participated. This was a great competition! Hopefully we continue in four years.
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    I wasn’t aware that the Best Fans in Baseball are prohibited from voting for the all star game.
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    Today we have the evolution of the Cleveland Buckeyes: The Oakland Oaks. With the Monarchs the toast of Kansas City by 1948, the Athletics would have had no Midwest landing spot upon leaving Philadelphia. The A's could well have moved somewhere more profitable in the long term (Minneapolis? Milwaukee?). That leaves Oakland (the A's next stop after KC) wide open and the Cleveland Buckeyes could easily have filled that niche. Switching their name from one icon local hardwood to another. I opted for green as the primary color but I couldn't decide whether I liked orange or silver as a secondary color so I'm posting them both. The racing stripe details and the font are based on the branches of the Oakland crest which also forms the basis of the Warriors "The Town" uniforms. Enjoy!
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    Well, it's time to Twin up! WASHINGTON SENATORS/NATIONALS, PT. II - Twinning it up! The year is 1987. The Senators/Nationals want to emerge from their pullover/sansabelt period with a renewed sense of identity. They tell their design firm to create something that balanced traditional baseball aesthetics with a more modern font style. They get pretty much that, albeit with a few hiccups along the way (debates over square and angular slab serifs, matching or non-matching road scripts, etc.). This look popped up at the right time for the team, as they underwent a competitive resurgence right after their debut. However, attitudes on the design soured over time as it got more dated, with minor tweaks happening in the late-1990s to keep the look fresh. By the time the team moved out of RFK to Navy Yard Stadium (completed a bit earlier in this timeline), the team was ready to go full-on retro. Basically, this is my simulation of what would happen if the Senators/Nationals followed the same identity trajectory as the Minnesota Twins (while maintaining a commitment to New Historicism by keeping the changes realistic to the period). While I loathe the 1987/2010-present "Twins" wordmark and the navy/red co-balance (which should be what Cleveland or Boston does), I know that it has a lot of fans. I figured it would be a fun experiment for the team to go all-in on the 1987 Twins-style redesign. PHASE ONE - "I am the Senate!" "I am the Senate" "I am the Senate and so is my wife!" The primary is my attempt to recreate the 1987-2009 Twins' primary logo, complete with the ugly drop shadows (it was harder to "nail" the look that one would imagine). The secondary logo debuted in the late 1990s, featuring the shape of the Washington family's coat of arms and the senator from the 1950s-'60s logo alongside the founding date and the "DC" logo. It was my way of paying homage to the Twins' state logo. The insignias include an underlined "w" and a "DC" meant to emulate the Twins' "TC" logo. The home and road uniforms would undergo a shift in their existence. The 1999 season would see the introduction of nameplates (for realism's sake, because I don't like nameplates in baseball) to the home uniforms, as well as the new secondary patch. The number and NOB fonts are the Twins' classic MLB Block with Serifs. I had to use the road pinstripes, because why the f--k not? I figured that the team would insist on a matching road script instead of the non-matching ones we got in 1987. If Atlanta, Oakland, and the White Sox (sorta) could match wordmarks, then the Senators certainly could follow suit. The alternates include one navy top with the "w" logo (for the "W" insignia's importance to the jersey designs of past teams) and a "DC" cap with a contrasting bill. The second alternate is a recreation of the 1959-60 design (with Wilson Varisty numbers, as the Twins wore on their 1960s home uniforms), which would be a means for the team to "test the waters" with a retro revival. The dugout jacket employs the "w" logo on the front, while featuring the primary on the sleeve and the "DC" insignia on the back. The Nationals version should be up soon.
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    Hey Padres, save everybody's time, money, and energy. Your best look was already put on the field. Just make a white primary, a road grey and be done with it.
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    Hey, so a lot has happened in my life since the last time I put a new concept up on the boards: Started my freshman year at Clemson After less than a week on campus, was presented an opportunity to work with the athletic department's communications department to do graphics for social media Actually got the job in October Did the stuff you can see here (with a face reveal!) So now that we've gotten that out the way, I have something for y'all to critique. I feel as though the current Ravens look is getting a bit stale, even though it is just about 20 years old. Here's my take: KEY POINTS: Brightened up the colors, new gold allows for better flexibility with textiles. Primary logo retains the same general shape, but is modernized. Secondary logo is now styled in a blackletter fashion, for a bit more gothic feel. Maryland flag shield remains in a bit more simplified manner. Wordmark attempts to capture the gothic theme while also being a simple script. Like it? Don't like it? Just feel like saying something? Any feedback is appreciated.
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    Thats weird... its last years jersey with Conrad's drop shadow.
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    Moving on to the Philadelphia Stars: I've envisioned a scenario where the Stars pulled off a freak pennant during a particularly interesting phase of their uniform history. Then as the double knit era came to a close they returned to more traditional and classic uniforms. However due to their success and constant presence on "Worst Dressed Teams in Baseball History" lists, the Intergalactic Stars uniforms are consistent fan favorites in the Philadelphia area. Thanks to @Victormrey for letting me borrow his gradient design from the MLB City Series Diamondbacks.
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    Those schools aren't successful because they have traditional uniforms. They have traditional uniforms because they are successful. The checkerboard pattern was neat because it wasn't too gaudy and it was relevant to the school. Tennessee's new uniforms are plain and boring.
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    Looks like Indiana will be owning the candy stripes. They're just tone-on-tone with the new jerseys. Also, I just noticed the ribbing effect on the template runs through the numbers.They aren't making an appearance from beneath the numbers, are they?
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    ^ Six uniforms in that 2016 graphic and only two look like they are part of the same set. Bravo!
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    Obligatory reminder for these kinds of topics: post the player's name. Not everyone recognizes a player by jersey alone.
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    Let me add another yes to the multitude.
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    What annoys me is that they will assemble a focus group every few years, yet the changes they have made over the past decade never remotely reflect what comes out of these groups. The 2016 "redesign" is the most baffling of all this. Heck, this is Rams territory of lacking a cohesive look.
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    So I'm really not 100% sold on this design. My original plan had the Brewers adopting royal blue and yellow full time but then I saw the new Saturday(?) Sunday (?) alt with navy and yellow and then I opened that can of worms and now here we are. To be totally honest, I'm not sure what my reasoning for the t bar design was. I thought it fit with the Brewers so I ran with it. Hats - I simplified the M with the wheat logo down to two colors and used that on the front of a navy/navy hat and helmet. For the throwback, I went with the yellow front paneled hat with the BiG logo and my research didn't quite bring up any images of the batting helmets from that year, so I just mirrored the hat onto the helmet. Jerseys - As I previewed, the main feature of the home and road uniforms are the t bars which are pretty self-explanatory. I stayed with the current wordmarks after stripping them down and going with a simple outline. On the navy jersey, I had to add another outline for clarity purposes to the wordmark and the number. I didn't like how the yellow alternate turned out so I went with the 1978 powder blue throwbacks, which was also a chance to use the V-neck template I finally finished. Pants - Nothing crazy for the pants. Main pants are white with a simple stripe down the pant leg. Alternate pants are basically the same thing except powder blue. Socks are striped for the home and away uniforms. for the throwback socks I did blue stirrups and yellow socks. BP - For the BP gear, we have two sets of gear. First for the main uniforms, a recolor of the throwback hat with a resurrected state outline logo with the M Wheat logo. For the BP jersey, I did a chest stripe with matching sleeve stripes and the state logo on the left chest. Second set is for throwback games, hat is blue/yellow with the BiG logo. I had a different idea in mind when I was first doing the BP jersey but I really liked how the normal BP uni turned out and repurposed it for the alternate gamedays C&C welcome!
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    There is currently a team in Seattle named the Reign. It’s our NWSL team that includes Megan Rapinoe from the USWNT among other internationals. It was also the name of Seattle ABL team before that league folded and Seattle was granted a WNBA team.
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    Count me as part of the brown and yellowish gold camp. The brown reflects the imagery of the friar robes and mission history of the region and the gold indicates California sunshine and/or the glow of gas lamps. Brown is also a popular color for non sports apparel and would likely sell well, even to the non sports fans in the area. Given that it also aligns with franchise history and I think it’s almost a no brainer.
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