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    Suns vs. Hornets game last night was pretty.
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    Missed opportunity (building on @truepg's design):
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    "Dolphins fans are going to be blindsided" LMFAO, no.
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    Yes! That way we could all use it to create CONCEPTS and post them in the LOGOS/UNIS THREAD INSTEAD OF THE MUTHERF*** CONCEPTS THREAD.
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    The Sharks' newest alternate logos are absolutely gorgeous. They're well designed, fierce, and simple enough for someone to draw on a sign. I think that they should be the team's full time new logos, along with redesigned jerseys that aren't so bland. (Even if the new jerseys aren't quite as light as the current ones.) So, taking up some inspiration from their inaugural jerseys, here's how I would dress the San Jose Sharks. What do you think?
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    Strangely enough, I think I prefer the larger Marlins logo, yet also prefer the smaller Tigers logo.
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    Thanks for all the comments again! I appreciate all this feedback! This is awesome, guys. I feel ya, man. I can definitely see where you're coming from, which brings me to the next thing... ... when I post other concepts after I finish off the other 30, I will definitely upload another White Sox concept with the standard MLB Block number font! With a thinner stroke, as well! Up next, are the Milwaukee Brewers! Logo package: One day, I went by Lake Michigan on a sunny day, and it was a beautiful shade of blue, that had a green-ish tint to it. Thought to myself, "man, that would be a great color for a team to use." So here we arrive at what would be one of the most unique shades of blue in sports--"Lake Michigan Blue." A bold shade of yellow compliments the blue.The primary logo takes a logo most Brewers fans love, the "ball in glove" logo, and the barley from the current cap logo, and are merged in a primary/cap logo that is distinctively, Milwaukee.One of Milwaukee's nicknames is the "Cream City." The Milwaukee Bucks recently jumped on the opportunity to utilize this and add cream to their color scheme when they unveiled their new uniforms, recently. This would be a great time for the Brewers to finally jump on the opportunity to do so, as well--cream is now a part of their color scheme, too.The 1993 uniform scripts to me, are the best in franchise history to me, so they make their return! The piping on all of the uniforms feature barley striping on the sleeves and pants--unique, but still falls within a traditional style of piping on a baseball uniform. The "barrelman" (Owgust) returns as a sleeve patch as well.The home uniforms are now a cream color. This uniform should look stunning under sunlight, especially. The road grey uniforms finally have "Milwaukee" across the front--something that hasn't been the case since 1999. The throwback alternate is a straight throwback from the 1982 American League Champions. Pullovers, sansabelts--everything. Will be worn Friday home games, per usual. The batting helmet will be correct, as well. The "Lake Michigan Blue" alternate will be worn on the road, as well as in front of the fans at Miller Park. This uniform should look great under the natural sunlight, in particular as well. This would be a very unique jersey I feel, like.
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    A few days ago, I decided to once again rebrand the Seattle Mariners. My intention was to modernize and simplify those logos by decluttering the "S"-mark, which nowadays would very likely become the club's primary mark, while the roundel would either be dropped or would turn into a secondary/alternate logo. Biggest difference compared to the current mark is that Seattle's "S" is now in front of the compass rose and not partly covered by it anymore. The baseball is gone (to also declutter the overall look) and was replaced by a simple white circle with navy border, which could either come across as a very simplistic baseball, or a circle, which one can find in almost every compass rose. "Northwest Green" has been slightly modified and replaced with PANTONE 7717 C. This shade is a little more bluish and lighter than the current color. PANTONE 289 (navy) and PANTONE 877 C (metallic silver) are unmodified.
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    That would make a lot of sense.
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    This is not a design concept they should pursue.
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    I may be a bit juvenile, but that screenshot spelling out Tit is amusing.
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    EXCLUSIVE LOOK AT THE NEW JERSEYS!!! It does need some teal, but gold and black are "SPOT" on and those wanting more spots won't be disappointed! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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    Remember that time you shared the pictures with a mod to prove you weren't a troll? That was awesome.
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    ^^ Looks like the new Nike Vapor Feline Blur Flash Ultimate template, right? Can one of our insiders confirm if this the new alt?
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    You’ve ignored every attempt on my end to take you up on your offer to show your “insider info” with a mod. You’ve ignored two public requests and one request made over PM. Either put up or shut up.
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    "I've got it! Let's go from a logo, now hear me out, to...a wordmark!" "Carl, that idea sucks ass." "But think of it, gentlemen! We only use 1 color per conference, which saves us roughly 80 cents a shirt/hat/sticker, and with those profits we can - " "- why we could gild our yachts!" "YES! Now you see, gentlemen!" "My God, Carl. Think of the quality of prostitutes and cocaine we could procure with all this new income."
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    That’s a candidate for matchup of the year. Beautiful.
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    Chrome helmets look terrible in every situation.
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    Why do I get the feeling that some people’s knowledge of Greek mythology comes entirely from Disney’s Hercules?
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    That one is very much the same amount of pointless and worse than the regular jersey. Still baffles me why they felt like they had to put the headspoon piping on the road uniforms.
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    Marlins new ownership has started a "listening campaign" to get increased fan feedback with surveys, social media polls, video testimonial booths, etc etc and the first social media poll was whether or not the home jerseys should say Miami or Marlins across the front... first sign of a uniform overhaul down the line.
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    I could be wrong but you're using a once a season special event to say that there's no point in different numbers the rest of the season? I don't get that. I get why some people don't like the Jackie Robinson thing but I absolutely understand the point of it and the message it's trying to send... that we're all equal and every one is on the same level and on that specific day, and on that day only, they're literally showing it through the use of Jackie's number on everyone. It makes perfect sense to me.
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    That’s not a spelling error. It’s a malapropism.
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    Today's the Diamondbacks turn. I decided to use Claret and Cream as colours, inspired by the Phoenix flag. Instead of using their current "Arizona" script, I designed a "PHX" one, using their font style. The top front of the jersey, as well as the pants and socks feature a striped gradient, inspired by the Sunrise from the Arizona State flag.
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    Actually am going to post a concept of that when I finish up, here! I love that idea, actually--maybe they can wear that Wednesday day games, or something. Up next, are the San Diego Padres. Logo package: They have had many different color schemes throughout their history, but my favorite has always been brown and yellow. Not the gaudy stuff they wore from 1976 until 1984--but rather their uniforms from their first three seasons from 1969-1971.I love the piping they used a few years back--double piping on the sleeves, and placket piping and color piping, so those are brought back and used on all jerseys. The socks are inspired by ones worn previously worn by them in 1969. But just with two stripes (to match the jersey and pants piping) instead of three stripes.The home whites have "Padres" across the front. Nothing fancy: With a color scheme as unique as brown and yellow, you want your uniforms to be simple and let the color scheme be the star of the show. The road greys have a slight yellow-ish hue to them--a nod to the inaugural uniform set they wore. A no-frills, no-nonsense "San Diego" is worn across the chest--this font matches the number font. The road font in this manner is a nod to the 1998 team that won a National League pennant. The yellow jersey is a simple recolor of the home whites--this will be worn with a brown cap that also features a yellow squatchee and brim. This will be worn exclusively at Petco Park. The other alternate jersey is brown, with the interlocking "SD" over the heart, and also features yellow numbers and lettering. Simple, but bold. When a majority of people think of the San Diego Padres wearing brown and yellow, they think of the obnoxious, gaudy uniforms worn by them for years in the 70's and 80's, and not the gorgeous uniform set they wore their first three years of operation.Here, I wanted to give the Padres a color scheme they can and SHOULD still own. I wanted to make a timeless uniform set for the Friars in their best known color scheme!
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    This way: Your way works too, though, @j'villejags
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    Might? Isn’t this the same colour scheme (more or less) that the Bills trotted out from 2002-2010?
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    Another Reddit rumour debunked? Whodathunkit?
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    I like the red Nike swoosh. I think that's the perfect place to put just a little splash of red on the uniforms. . . Plus the Nike logo stands out more😉
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    I absolutely can't believe someone could buy and wear this...
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    0/10, this isn't the 1999 uniform, so it's automatically garbage.
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    It would be great if the Cavs would stop wearing that terrible gray City jersey. No one likes it, it's ugly, and they generally lose in it.
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    Unpopular opinion: SF > SAN FRANCISCO
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    New logo for the Vikings: I got rid of all of the black in the logo, which makes the logo feel very dated. After I ditched the black, I beefed up all of the purple lines just a little bit, not a huge update, but an update I think the logo needed nonetheless. I also created a new secondary logo: It's a stylized MV monogram with the V doubling as the horns of the Viking helmet (which I know didn't really exist, but it's cool and its what people think of when they think of vikings.) The new uniforms are based on that really cool prototype illustration from UniWatch with awesome V stripes. They are pretty straightforward with a double stripe on the sleeves and single color numbers. The facemask is purple and the black outline is gone from the helmet horns. I also continued the V stripes on the socks. I thought it was a cool idea but I'm not sure how it would work in practice. The alternate uniform is the standard Vikings throwback because a yellow, black or gray jersey just doesn't fit the Vikings' identity. The Color Rush uniform is the same idea as the current Color Rush, but I continued the yellow/gold onto the horn to complete the white-less uniform. Thanks for taking the time to have a look and as always, your feedback is more than welcome, especially for the new secondary logo.
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    Thanks guys, I appreciate it! Next up, are the Minnesota Twins--a mainstay in the American League since 1961 after they moved from Washington. Logo package: The color scheme often gets changed, because the Indians, a division rival have the same color scheme. I like navy and red for the Twins, a lot. It has too much tradition behind it to change it. To me, anyways. The color scheme has been used for almost 60 years, now.They recently added "Kasota Gold" to their home uniforms and red home alternate, and I am not a fan of it. So that is dropped... I get that it ties in with Target Field, but it just muddies up their look. Also dropped that road cap they added a few years back with the red squatchee and red brim--another Indians-esque element is dropped.The home whites go back to what they recently wore. A lot of people see this uniform, and think of the Metrodome--which is understandable. However, I seen a uniform that made a seamless transition from under the "Teflon Sky," to under the natural light, outdoors. The road greys retain the cursive "Minnesota" across the front. But in a nod to their previous road uniforms, the script is now red and outlined in navy. No road pinstripes, here--but I heavily considered it. The home alternates are the gorgeous throwbacks they have been wearing since moving in to Target Field. To me, the cream color of this jersey ties in to the use of Limestone way better than "Kasota Gold," any day. Just a terrific uniform. The last alternate, is a navy jersey, with red piping and has "Twins" across the front. This is to be worn both on the road, and also at home. Always was a fan of their old navy alternates.
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    Minor League Baseball is piloting baseball's answer to three-on-three overtime: extra innings will start with the pre-leadoff man on second. This is absolutely terrible and needs to be killed off before it gets to the majors. I can't think of a rule change that has ruined a game more than this.
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    Thanks guys! I appreciate the feedback! Up next, are the North Siders of the Windy City--the Chicago Cubs! Logo package: The sock pattern is inspired from the three stripe pattern they wore from 1927-1956.The sleeve patch on all three jerseys is again home to this particular version of the "Angry Cub" logo that I am a huge fan of.Their home whites are classics--I really dig them. So they are untouched! The away uniforms are highly inspired by the Ron Santo and Ernie Banks-era road uniforms--thin piping and all. Might be kind of cliche at this point, but they really do look pretty darn good--that's why it's done often. The current hip logo on the road pants is dropped... Never was a fan of it. The blue alternates are to be worn just on the road, and are heavily inspired by their blue top road uniforms worn from 1982-1989. I like their current setup of wearing the alternate on the road exclusively, and didn't want to deviate from that. Really like the Cubs current home uniforms. The current road greys and blue alternate leave a lot to be desired, so I wanted to change that.
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    The Lacrosse Loggers of the Northwoods league currently sport a pretty bland look, especially for a collegiate club. The Brewers barrel-man stance takes the place of the ever so popular swinging friar stance and a beaver takes the place of well...nothing. I wanted Mr. Cleaver to look like he's got a bit of a lumberjack's beard without being too over the top. Old logo for comparison:
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    On the other hand, the Houston Oilers uniform with blue pants looks great Maybe it's the shade of blue.
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    They need to just go back to home and away. Barely remember the warriors wearing blue. Dont even get me started on the lakers purple.Its like they dont even have it anymore.
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