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    Nope, not really. Especially considering those two alternatives.
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    Slam dunk? The best comparison between the Bucs current uniforms and basketball would be more like this...
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    What about something like this? \ I used the teal-flake Jaguars helmet to mock this up. It would add the splash of royal when it is directly in the LA sun, and would be more navy in the shadows.
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    No it didn't, the Los Angeles Raiders did. And there's no sense in sweating "hip hop culture" anymore. NBA players all look like this now:
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    Cool looking matchup! The Wolves wear the lime green on pretty rare occasions, and I must say I prefer when it contrasts against a dark uniform rather than vs the rival's white, same way I don't like this Lakers tendency of wearing gold against white.
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    The NFC team is the home team this year. They are the team that gets to choose to wear light or dark. Last year has nothing to do with this year.
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    Thanks for the feedback, guys! I'm going with the blue helmet for the final. I'm keeping the spurs on the logo so it's consistent with the number font, and I went with no TV numbers so the flag pattern would really stand out. Here are a couple other jersey options as requested. Thanks for the C+C. Good catch. I adjusted the kerning a little and threw in some grey pants, which really complete the throwback vibe of this set. You've got a good point with the wings. It could probably stand to be a little less Oregon-ish. I'll get to it if I can, but for now, I'm leaving it as is. I tried your proposed striping idea and it was a decent look, but a little too busy. It kinda distracted from the rest of the set, and I decided that it was more important to emphasize other details for the sake of this concept. Next up, the final team in the series, the Las Vegas Raiders! Since the Raiders have likely played their last snap in Oakland, I decided to look to the future for this concept. The logo is a streamlining of their classic mark. I went with cleaner, bolder lines, and took out the 'Raiders' script, though it still appears in the alternate logo. The custom number font is inspired by the wordmark. It's a more modern take on the Raiders to usher in their new era in Vegas. Silver numbers replace black on the away uniform, inspired by their excellent AFL throwbacks. Color rush pants come back to be worn for a couple of night games a year. C+C is appreciated!
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    If it's the Saints, pray for no mono black.
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    It would be stupid not to look just like the Milwaukee Braves and the great teams of the '90s. They're already deviating too much as it is by even having alternates, and not even good ones.
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    naw, i think the black outline is good. it makes for high contrast and is in no way offensive in its aesthetics; it works really well and looks nice. the black around the monogram could probably go though.
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    Tom Brady is 52-16 against the NFC.
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    So this might be a first of it's kind here! I've gotten into the ins and outs of curling competitions. It's building up to a big project that I'm currently in a lull with. Every year, the Tim Horton's Brier is held. It's a 16 team curling tournament with Provencal Canadian teams. It's a massive deal! So why not have a little fun and do an American version? We, of course, have a lot more states to deal with. Of the 50, 48 of them have some sort of curling club. Alabama and West Virginia are the ones that don't. I figure having four tiers of 12 teams with promotion/relegation after each tournament would be the best format of this. Two groups of 6 make relegation easy, and the top 2 teams in each group move to a playoff. Brier isn't a name of a curling tournament, but the original sponsor of the Canadian version. Despite changes in sponsorship, it's remained the tournament name to the point where it basically took on a new definition. I thought this was the best option of a name to bring down south. I'm talking too much. Here, have some concepts.
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    So I was scrolling through twitter today and saw this peculiar tweet. I did some digging, and apparently the CFL has a deal with the Liga Futbol Americano to hold a draft of players from the professional Mexican football league. Now, I know Mexico had college football, but never did much searching beyond that. It started in 2016 and will expand to 10 teams this year for it's 4th year. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Professional_American_Football_League_of_Mexico I'm not gonna embed every logo and uniform to save your eyes, but the Raptors Naucalpan might have the coolest helmet I've ever seen.
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    As a mod? I see nothing that violates the rules. No one seems to be bringing up the name itself or whether or not it’s appropriate. Everyone seems focused on the aesthetics of the uniforms and speculating about what’s changing. Which is perfect. Keep it up!
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    Ok, so like, Tom Brady is 52-16 against the NFC (as already mentioned). If he were in the NFC he wouldn't have had to worry about Rodgers and Brees for the first portion of his career, and he wouldn't have had to face off against the likes of Peyton and Roethlisberger until the Super Bowl (whom he destroyed in that era anyway). Brady in the NFC could have actually been more dominant, not less.
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    As a 90s kid who grew up watching the Braves on TBS from afar (and thus adopted them as my favorite National League team as a result) it would be disappointing to see them move away from the tomahawk. I’ve always viewed it in the same light as the Cardinals’ birds on the bat (in the fact that it’s been that way for my existence, not that it’s been that way forever). That said, it would also be an odd move to do so at an event called “Chop Fest” and with the logo for said event featuring a tomahawk.
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    The Pelicans NEED to adopt this as their primary home uniform from now on. Those are soooo much better than the current home/road jerseys.
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    A small part of me was hoping for some teal and purple to go with Charlotte, but I knew better than that.
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    I don't think we've seen this matchup since 2005, but what a beautiful Super Bowl it would be:
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