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    Could not possibly agree more. A few years ago, I tried to come up with a fix for every yoga look in the league;
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    They won't be home and away uniforms. They will be "league" and "idol" uniforms.
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    It's still weird to me to realize that there was a time when the 49ers wore silver instead of gold. They're named after the GOLD rush!!!
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    Hello all. First let me say if this is in the wrong place I am sorry. I have been a long time member who used to post a lot way back when but haven't a long time. I just remembered awhile back I have an account here. Anyway. I am a big Dolphins fan and I have been attempting uniform swaps for quite awhile. There is a guy on the net that used to post the best ones on finheaven.com but he wouldn't help me learn how to do swap informs. So over the last 13 years I have been attempting to figure it out. I have a folder with a few swaps over on Deviant Art starting with Ndamukong Suh and ending with the recent addition of Fitzpatrick. I know there is still quite a way for me to go to make these look absolutely photo realistic but I am still happy with the end result. Here is the original I started with: And here is the swap (I added a few effects to make certain areas pop as I used it for a wallpaper): I would love some feed back. Like I said I know there are areas (like the orange shoes and gloves) that need some tweaking but I think I will apply any tips to future swaps. Again if this is in the wrong place please move it to the correct forum.
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    98% may be bit of an exaggeration; Apparently, the key is... yellow.
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    I think we all are burying the lede here: Someone's actual name is Al Guido.
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    We all knew this thread was coming eventually! I think the title is pretty self explanatory, so I'll get this ball rolling with an example of my own! In 1998, coming off his record setting 4th album, rap legend and acting icon Shaquille O'Neal decided to give basketball a try. Eventually he won in 2000 against Indiana in the Lakers' perfectly reasonable, but not quite as good as three others, current set
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    Why? The coloured peacock is a beautiful thing, very iconic and instantly recognizable.
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    Funny, I'm so used to seeing the Niners in gold that my brain doesn't even register that as silver. I just assumed it was a washed out photo.
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    lol you think this is what makes Gary Bettman look like a piece of crap? What, the three lockouts in 19 years didn't do it for you?
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    III – Miami Marlins Teal Alternate Uniform The Miami Marlins current uniform design with the 1990's Florida Marlins teal, silver and black color scheme.
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    A draft for a possible complete Tampa Bay Rays rebrand. This is my preliminary work result. Since the league loves initials as the team's main logos, and the (Devil) Ray theme has been exhausted, or could also be continued by leaving the secondary Ray mark on the uniform sleeves, this is what I came up with. Thoughts?
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    Uniform yes, helmet, no way in hell. Honestly, we're probably going to get something like this. The 94 away uniform with a modern template. I'm just glad the black uniforms are going away. Just an all around bad idea.
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    Hockey fans: "THE expansion rules for Vegas were UNFAIR! They were always destined to be good because the NHL stacked the odds in their favor! RIGGED!!!" Also Hockey Fans, 11 months ago: Shut up.
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    I really resent this line of thinking. This guy keeps sharing photos of a Jets uniform that had a better green, better logo, and is super clean and traditional. He’s an individual with individual tastes. Treating him like he’s exactly the same as all other players puts a bad taste in my mouth.
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    THE DUGOUT JACKETS, PT. I: AL East I figured that releasing some new designs would be a good way to celebrate the one-year anniversary of this thread. Using this image as a base, I created a dugout jacket template for a bunch of new concepts. While I try to stick to the traditional look of dugout jackets, I have made several unorthodox choices. These include logos on the back, sleeve stripes, and several other touches in trim regions. I hope you guys enjoy them! Baltimore Orioles - This is a recreation of the team's classic black jacket design, albeit with a bit more orange and white in the mix. Boston Red Sox - I opted to duplicate the sock stripe pattern on the sleeve while placing a textless version of the primary logo on the back. It turns that striping design into an essential part of the team's identity. Carolina Pilots - They have two jackets, one for the primary set and another for the fauxback. I wanted the main one to resemble a WWII-era bomber jacket, albeit with some concessions to the team's aesthetics (stripes on the sleeve to get more powder on the outfit). The fauxback has a "Carolina" wordmark in the same style as its linked jersey. Cleveland Indians - I've opted to homage the 1989-93 racing stripes, which are a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. I added the Penobscot double curve on the sleeve, in keeping with the jerseys. There's a red and a navy version, depending on which color balance you prefer (original or update). Detroit Tigers - Both the navy/white and navy/orange variants are simple designs, featuring the "merged" Old English D and the tiger head logo on the sleeve. New York Yankees - Joe Torre's favorite piece of outerwear returns! Tampa Bay Stingrays - I implemented the light blue-lime green gradient on the sleeves, for that slight modern touch on the jacket design. The fauxback has its own outerwear, with collar/sleeve/bottom trim to sort of match the logo. Toronto Blue Jays - I carried over the dual stripe motif to the sleeves and trim, while also placing the "T-Maple Leaf" on the back. C+C is appreciated, as always! Up next, it's the AL West.
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    This picture bugs me. Everyone in the second row needs to take a step to their right.
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    That's not my mood. I'm enjoying Vegas' run. It's a nice story and they put together a team that was far better than anyone expected. Good for them.
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    I'm starting to come to the conclusion that "the league is conspiring against us" hockey purists are far, far more annoying than Vegas /lifelongs/. The worst thing about it is how they prattle on about having to "pay your dues" after coming into the league... why? This isn't pro wrestling. People who play unscripted sports play them to win. Do you just want Vegas to lie down and die for about five years? It doesn't work like that. They knew what they were doing when putting the team together, and before any of you say "b-b-but muh expansion draft rules," remember everyone thought they were going to suck. Stop bitching about it so much; it's better than a Penguins threepeat.
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    So for any followers of my 1930's Animation Style NHL Series, this is that on a much grander scale. After a little advice from the great Brandon Moore, I decided to just go whole hog with my deep, deep love of all things retro and, of course, sports and turn that series into this: Introducing my Through the Decades Gameday Poster Series! Roughly every week I'll be posting a poster design for a soon upcoming game based on a totally random draw of league (NHL, NBA, MLB and NFL, with odds slightly adjusted for season) and decade (20's/30's, 50's, 70's and 80's/90's). It's an amazing vehicle for creative possibilities, and I hope to make each poster as distinctly unique as possible. The first of the series is for Friday's Game 4 matchup between the (Las)Vegas Golden Knights and the Winnipeg Jets in the style of a 1950's concert poster, like one you might've found in mid-century Vegas advertising Elvis Presley or Fats Domino. As most of these will be, it's type forward, with an added focus here on the "floating heads" that filled the original show posters. Hope you like the new idea and first entry, thanks for watching and stay tuned!
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    Normally I'd agree with you about the striping but this is pretty much a modernized version of the fauxback they wore in 1994. Not much else the Swooshies could do with this.
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    This couldn't be any more on point. This league is SO mother :censored:ing dumb that they still find ways to surprise me with just how dumb they are. Who gives a single :censored: if a player is patriotic or unpatriotic? Tom Brady could be fighting on the frontlines for ISIS during the off season and Bostonians would still be in his corner as long as he was still hucking TD passes to Gronk in the playoffs. Why this league keeps dragging this dead issue out of the garbage bin is beyond me. I can't believe it, but I genuinely think Colin Kaepernick may have legitimately caused the initial fissure that Rodger keeps cracking open into giant gaping holes that'll eventually trash the entire league (At least as a countrywide juggernaut). :censored: the NFL, and their psuedo-patriotism trash.
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    Recently, while working on a different, abandoned idea, I developed the framework for a logo that I felt had some legs as an Astros concept. I've never really been a huge fan of the Astros logos in the past, and figured this had a little bit more character than the current H-Star. The explanation here will be very straightforward. The basic idea was to combine the letter A and a star into the same shape. The "gut" of the star, where the A is formed also forms the pentagon shape that represents home plate, an underused, but certainly recognizable feature of baseball. Like I said, pretty simple and straightforward. (I do realize there are some that find a logo with the mascot initial instead of the location initial sacrilege, but I really ain't one of them, so tough luck there.) Lemme know what you guys think!
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    This is actually what I’ve always envisioned for the Lions. Throw that stripe on the pants, ditch the outlines from the lion, and maybe customize the numbers a little (similar to how the Jags approached theirs) or use the current ones in solid silver, and this is absolute gold, in my opinion (or silver, as it may be).
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    That one's new for 2018. Their previous logo won the 2016 Creamer Award for worst new logo; after the award, they put out an infographic with their usual level of snarky-hipster style: The crazier thing is they have this beauty of a script logo that was designed by Matthew Wolff, who was responsible for LAFC and NYCFC, but they like to "save it for special events" like the Open Cup: Hell, if they'd have used the script logo on those plaid shirts, I'd've been really tempted to buy one. ---------- Now, speaking of the NPSL North, I worked with Duluth FC on a rebrand for this season: I've only seen pictures of the new away kits so far; I'm guessing the home kits haven't come in yet. (Also, the gradient rays coming off the logo were supposed to be even as they spread; I'm guessing the manufacturer, Stimulus, messed up something.) Oh, and there's an ad for my freelancing "company" on the sleeve.
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    This just doesn't make any sense. They owned sky blue and yellow, and now want to return to a forgettable set with dark / bland colors that might look nice, but aren't bold enough for sports unis IMO. They were great for going against the trend of darkening everything to the point where on-field uniforms have become more like casual wear - now they're regressing.
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    The Nuggets simply do not know what they want to be.
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    It's not like we don't already know what Nike can do with baseball. They outfit a ton of college teams. Can they be traditional? Have you seen Texas & Stanford? Can they be crazy? Have you seen Oregon? As said above, it's up to the teams to decide where this goes, just like on every sport. Maybe we stop freaking out about Nike turning everyone into Oregon when the biggest change will almost certainly be the cut of the jersey.
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    You guys sound like Nike signs the contract and just has free reign to do whatever they want. They're not going to "respect tradition", they're going to do whatever they're told If the Yankees tell them to piss off, then they'll piss off. If the Padres hand them the keys and tell them to drive the car to wherever, then that's on them.
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    Look, when life gives you an opportunity to show Merton Hanks doing the Funky Chicken, you run with that.
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    I love it. Should’ve flipped the colors on the helmet...but I’ll take it.
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    Looks like it could have been painted by Alex Ross:
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    so 3 red stripes can fit, Nike explain the regular jersey....
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    Since they're a result of gross police racism and/or incompetence, it's really the bad policing that's soooooo predictable.
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    How in the world does the cop, who's alert enough to announce that everything is being recorded and is on film, not realize that he's unnecessarily escalating a situation and essentially filming his own self destruction. The player wasn't exactly an angle on his way to deliver gifts to children in the orphanage, but jesus - none of those cops had the wherewithal to realize that what they were doing was unnecessary? Police aren't necessarily the best and brightest in society, but they have to understand the bad press that they (as an institution) get and at least try to not let their egos, racist attitudes, and small-dick syndrome get the best of them. Policing in the US is a disgrace, and anyone that automatically gives cops the benefit of the doubt is part of the problem, just like anyone that has an issue with players protesting the anthem is the reason that they need to protest.
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    The black alt was the jersey that needed more teal. The silver letters on black jersey was just an odd look. You can barely see the teal outline. This would've been a lot better:
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    Striped white socks desperately need to make a comeback. They could solve so many yoga pants looks on the road instantly. The Lions, Vikings, Bills, and Titans are just some teams off the top off my head that could improve their road uniforms immensely.
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    The white socks improve the road look so much
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    Credit: https://twitter.com/BrianFromAIH/status/998556903696470016
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    That guy shows up every year when the last Canadian team is eliminated to conspiracize how the league is rigged against the Canadian teams. Nevermind that Edmonton had 4 lottery wins in 6 years, Toronto got Auston Matthews instead of his hometown Coyotes, who Bettman would've rigged the draft for if he was rigging drafts, that Canadian born players 9 times out of 10 don't sign free agent deals with Canadian teams, or the last relocation was from a huge American market to a small Canadian city. Nevermind all of that.
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    Also, how the hell is Vegas worse than Phoenix? Two things: first, Vegas actually has fun things to do, and second, it isn't completely dominated by right-wing nutjobs like Phoenix is.
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    How are the Knights getting a "free Cup"? They're earning their success on the ice like everyone else. If the Knights' run this year gets Bettman fired, then it's even more worth it.
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    Thanks! I've got that little fix right here: Also, here's a cleaner version with just the Tequila Sunrise on the socks. Thanks. There's some wrap-up work for this series; then I'm moving on to my next big project. Thanks! I totally get where you're coming from with it, but I'd argue that the team emphasizes the "Twin Cities" more than enough. The mascots in the logo are "Minnie" and "Paul," who each wear the insignias of their respective cities. There's also the "TC" logo, which emphasizes the cities over the state as a whole. I'm not sure about how the "TC vs. M" debate plays out in the fanbase, but I just went with what I wanted. I don't like state names for Big Four teams, and I like to use any excuse to downplay states in favor of cities. I get that it's unpopular, but that's just my approach. I'm sorry if I touched any nerves. Anyway, here's another mini-update: SEATTLE MARINERS, Adjustment - Grappling with grey This one was something I cooked up while preparing the next section of the series. I didn't like how I used a darker grey with my Mariners concept (#a2aaad), so I brightened the grey to #b2b4b2. The update also gave me the excuse to put the whole revised design in one post (which I didn't do earlier). It really lets that minty teal "pop" on the jersey and cap. C+C is appreciated, as always. For the next step (and the one-year anniversary of the project), I'll see you tomorrow!
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    There are two ways to look at this: 1. The Rams are short-sighted idiots that were told the rules, decided not to make the change immediately, tinkered inexplicably with what they had, then are trying to blame everyone but themselves for being total turds. 2. The wrong way.
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    So here's one that I had a lot of fun with. All of the MLB expansion/relocation talk inspired me to come up with a concept for Portland, which I think is just a cool city. One of the most intriguing rumors I heard was the possibility, however slim ( I don't really know, I don't pay a ton of attention to this stuff), was the Athletics packing up and settling down in Portland. Some people like Beavers or Cascades or Pioneers for a team in Portland and I might agree if an expansion team came to town, but I think the Athletics have the perfect name for the city. Portland is quirky, known for its unique denizens, hipsters riding penny farthings you know, that sort of stuff. Athletics is a unique old-timey sounding nickname and the team uses a giant white elephant balancing on a ball for a logo. What's more ironic than that? The color scheme works perfectly too. Oregon is known for its forests, Portland is a "green" city, its like it was just meant to be. Now, all of that having been said, I think the A's brand could use a refresh for the hypothetical move to Portland. First, I added a second shade of green to the forest green and gold color scheme. It's a bright color, somewhere between Kelly green and emerald green. The logo got an update too. I kept the roundel, but updated the font, added the star for the city flag to the logo and incorporated the second green color. As you can see, the uniforms are where things kinda go off the rails. Portland is a unique city where the people march to the beat of their own drum, so why not reflect that in the uniforms. The Portland A's would be the only team in MLB to not have a gray jersey and wear colored uniforms primarily. The home uniform is gold, with tri-colored sleeve and pants striping. The road uniform is something to behold. A forest green uniform with tonal pinstripes, Portland across the chest, and single color numbers. I thought it had the feel of a throwback to way, way back, but was modern and "out there" at the same time. The alternate uniform is a white version of the home uniform with Portland across the chest and would be worn for Sunday home day games. The bright green jersey is a Spring Training/batting practice jersey and is paired with gray pants, which are worn only during spring training and BP as well. Well, that's it and I have to say that I had a lot of fun with this one. I'd love to know what everyone thinks. Thanks for having a look and please feel free to leave any and all feedback.
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    Thanks for pointing out the Inkscape glitch, and it's fixed! Thank you! I think you'll like the rest of the set. Thanks. I sometimes go through phases where I fall out of love with a concept. While trying to replicate the "rise shadow" look on another concept I made, I realized that I wasn't as in love with my original as I once was. Anyway, it's AL West time! Anaheim Angels - I opted to recreate the UCLA-style stripes from the alternate uniform, while also making one to match their retro set. Arizona Diamondbacks - I carried over the trim striping to the trim areas of the jacket. Both insignia logos feature on the sleeves to bracket the "Arizona" wordmark. The throwback features the purple jersey's sleeve trim on the trim areas, with the old "D-snake" logo on the back and the "A" on the front. I opted to go with a purple jacket since my throwback uniforms emphasized purple. Chicago White Sox - I emulated the sock stripes on the primary jacket's sleeve, with the "White Sox" script being front-and-center (I might consider revising it to the "Sox" crest). I also added jackets for the 1917 jersey (using the 1915 road jersey wordmark ) and the 1969-70 jersey (with the period-appropriate insignia). Kansas City Royals - This is a relatively plain design, with a trim striping pattern meant to emphasize the yellow and white. Minnesota Twins - The jacket has UCLA-style stripes (another Vikings homage) and trim striping to emphasize the white-over-red colorway. I opted to use the "Minnesota" wordmark, akin to the 1960s jacket. The road alternate's outfit homages the striping of the late-1980s/early-1990s outerwear. Oakland Athletics - This is a recolor/tweak of the 1960s-'80s A's jackets, with a recoloration/implementation of the elephant logo. Seattle Mariners - I added minty teal sleeves, to better reflect the color balance of the identity. The trim stripes mimic the sock design. There's also a jacket to pair with the PCL-style alternate, with no white (for differentiation). Texas Rangers - I got this idea from @MJD7's fantastic MLB series, in which he used the western-style vests for the team. I also opted to use the badge as a crest for the jersey (akin to MJD7's other design), if only to give it a bit of the (ugh) "cop cosplay" look, which sells among certain sections of the populace. Up next, the NL East!
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