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    Thanks. Without making this too dramatic, I stopped doing the lists because I had heart attack* back at the beginning of October. Needless to say, the lists became a low priority. That being said, I really appreciate everyone who followed and contributed to the best and worst lists thread every week. *
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    If so, what a wasted opportunity to phase into the side-view Senator. One of the best logos in the NHL and it's not even a primary.
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    Raptors King has done it again. Still batting 1.000.
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    They at least could have done it in Rockies colors...
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    That's not really a cool thing to say. Autism doesn't equate to stupid, illogical or poor taste. Try another figure of speech.
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    I want to like the Reds' hat, but I don't think it's a good idea to compromise the wishbone C standing for Cincinnati. You shouldn't have two different styles of the same letter. I realize that doesn't leave the Reds with much in the way of brand extension, but maybe they shouldn't be extending their brand in the first place, they're the Reds.
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    I hope the Magic players all wear Galaxy Foamposites with these.
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    Why do the Reds still have black? Every team like the Mets and Blue Jays have moved on from their BFBS phase but the Reds are still holding on.
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    I actually like how the black numbers look on the teal jerseys. It further separates them from the Dolphins, too.
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    It's so good. (Except for the stupid ad patch)
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    "Icon" and "Association" are in no way as descriptive as home or away, at least when home and away meant white and dark. "Light", "Dark", "Alt", "Classic", "pride", would have been fine. Even "pride" is silly. Nobody - and I mean NOBODY - is asking their parents for a Lakers "association" jersey for the holidays, or a Sixers Embiid "icon" top. It's absolutely silly, and counterproductive since few (if any) people will be able to keep the stupid names straight.
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    That Reds cap logo would be perfect in an alternate universe where the Wishbone C, the Tigers and the White Sox don't exist. It's not awful, just off-brand for the team.
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    I've never seen a team hate a good quarterback as much as the Bills hate Tyrod Taylor.
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    ^Yep, they’re doing their best Rams impression:
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    It amazes me how 26 different logos for the same task can be SO diverse, its really inspiring! Great work to all who entered!
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    Black numbers on the teal jersey is an abomination
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    [sarcasm] Yes, but we've decided not to tell you. [/sarcasm] Patience. I know you want to know everything before it happens with this change. Anyone who is here will post anything that we hear here. If nothing new has been speculated or posted, it's a safe bet that no one has heard any new rumors or rumblings. Remember, typical unveilings are in the spring.
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    It's funny that they wore those against Philly, because they look like these:
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    I had been waiting for this moment ever since Charlotte officially announced they were bringing back the Hornets brand in 2014. Three years later, we finally got to see these beautiful retro unis in action and they did not disappoint... Sure, they lost... But man did they look good doing it.
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    So don't wear the white pants with a colored jersey, or with the white jersey. When would you see them wearing them???
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    I too like to say silly things.
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    Very good and healthy league. Cleveland and Buffalo should be seized by the league, our government, or a foreign government.
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    Indiana Warriors Owner: Isaac Flowers (age 50) is the heir to a fortune earned in the pharmaceutical industry, and the wealthiest person in the state of Indiana. Though he does not personally run the family business, he is well-known throughout the state for his philanthropic works, and is generally a well-connected and widely-respected individual. In 1980, he was a finalist to become the owner of an AFA expansion franchise, but lost out to bids based in Tampa and Kansas City. Stadium: Reagan Stadium – Home to Indianapolis’s professional baseball team. It seats 59,754 people, and has a natural grass surface. Sharing the stadium with a baseball team during baseball season means that the dirt from the diamond will be exposed virtually all season. One corner of the west end zone comes within 12 feet of what is an outfield wall when the stadium is configured for baseball, which means that a few feet of the end zone will cross into the warning track. Renovations will be made next offseason to eliminate this. Notable Players: QB Russell Montague, Jr. is without question the most recognizable name on the Indiana roster, given that his father is the greatest wideout in AFA history. However, it’s not entirely clear how much impact he will have. He is a tremendous athlete, but he is young (he will turn 21 three weeks into the season), and therefore inexperienced. He has struggled to maintain accuracy, especially while under pressure, and his decision making has been very bad at times. Nevertheless, he could have great potential. Their biggest AFA signing was C Courtney Lee, one of many Texas Stallions who bolted to the USFA seeking a larger paycheck. Logo and Colors: The team has perhaps the most unusual logo in the league. A black W, with a red, gold, green, blue, and purple feather pattern. Their alternate logo is an arrow with the same feather pattern on the back. Uniforms: Perhaps unsurprisingly, an unusual color scheme leads to an unusual uniform. They are the only USFA team to wear white as a primary. Their secondary is black. Their helmet stripe uses all 5 colors in a rainbow, and is unique in the league for not being symmetrical. The rainbow motif also appears on the jersey’s collar, and the sleeve and sock stripes are rainbows that are angled to resemble the pointed feathers in the logo. Finally, the stripe on the pants are essentially the team’s secondary logo (though a black outline is added and the arrowhead does not appear). They are also the only team that does not center the helmet numbers, instead shifting them to the right. Here is the league right now. Up next will be the Brooklyn Privateers. They're maybe the most conservative looking team in the league, but I'm really happy with the logo. It was the last one that I completed. I thought I was finished with the league, and had them using a simple P logo that looked like a toothpaste brand. I ended up going back and taking one more shot at it, and I think they went from having the worst logo in the USFA to one of the best that I've ever done.
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    Think we're past due for some mountain throwbacks from utah
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    I still don’t get the Hickory throwbacks. They should’ve went with the FloJo’s instead.
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    He cant see images/links unless they are actually hosted directly on this site (his work pc [90% of his forum time] is blocking embedded links and wont allow access to the photo sharing sites on the firewall) . Until that feature returns (or an unblocked photo sharing site pops up), he wont be able to see images anymore (unless out of work).
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    But 9 out of 10 Giants fans take no offense to that beveled font though.
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    Its like being at an airport. Can't control it, you're just along for the ride. You're gonna be in Cancun sooner or later so just relax. Unless the plane explodes or something but that never happens
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    I heard they're dropping teal for purple. In all seriousness, go on Twitter and find the Jags' beat writers, radio guys, TV personalities and in-house reporters. Follow them, Chris Creamer, Paul Lukas, Phil Hecken, Darren Rovell and Conrad Burry and it's likely you'll get updates from one of those accounts before they are posted here. Take a deep breath, relax and hold on. There will be news when there's news.
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    I know, that beveled font in the GIants anniversary logo is a disappointment. I'm just going to pretend that other post isn't there
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    One of UA's signature looks is the faux flannel grey material. I wouldn't be surprised to see that used in the same way the D-Backs adopted graphite as the away color. Maybe one or two teams try it out at first. It has to be said every time: just because the manufacturer has crazy ideas, it doesn't mean the teams will adopt them en masse. Teams control their identities, and some teams are EXTREMELY conservative in regards to making changes.
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    I'm fairly certain we all agree on one thing . . . nothing they do to change the uniforms will matter if they don't ditch the two-tone (and two-finish) helmet.
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    And here it is, the 15th Anniversary image for the USFL. Looks like Sports Illustrated revised their original 1983 article (somewhat bad image included for comparison.)
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    I am aware of the Maritime/Atlantic distinction and have no problem excluding Newfies.
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    Today Conrad will drop his second part of City uniforms mockups.
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    This is what I wanted Color Rush to be. I feel so foolish now.
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    I don't understand. Do you think people in and around Chicago fail to get to Notre Dame games?
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    Very much normal. This picture is from 1978:
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    That is one of the biggest examples of hyperbole I’ve ever seen on these boards. There have been numerous CFB uniforms in recent years that have been much, much worse than that.
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    The entire existence of the New Orleans Sounds is shaping up to be one massive buttfumble. Give it 5 years and they'll either go back to Halifax or wind up becoming the Houston Roughnecks or something.
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    Move Carolina instead of expansion. Can even keep the name. Houston Hurricanes
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    A schooner is a sailboat, stupid-head.
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    Here's an idea. Call the Lakers' white jersey "white" and their yellow jersey "yellow" or "gold" and their purple jersey "purple."
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    Dallas Jackalopes The replacement of football with rugby has had the biggest effect on Dallas, who went from hosting "America's Team" to these scrubs. The Jackalopes have been around since 1973, but have managed to win exactly nothing in 44 years. The team has made the playoffs only twice, getting blown out both times, and has generally taken a place in the bottom of the standings. Dallas fans are notoriously fickle, and First Texas Bank Stadium often sits empty. The team has contemplated moving away from Big D for a while, but the team seems to have better days ahead. The Jackalopes have slowly developed a solid core of young players that, if managed correctly, could contend for the Schroeder Cup within 3 seasons. The fruits of this clever drafting have yet to appear, as Dallas is still rooted in last place of the USRU West. But as their rivals age, Dallas's key players will be entering their primes, and will look to leap back to the top of the standings. This concept is a little out of the box, but I think it's my favorite so far. I had difficulty settling on a color scheme, and experimented with light green, light blue, and even pink as a replacement for the orange. The Jackalopes are the only team in Premier Rugby to feature a logo on the socks, something they've done since the 80s.
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    What's Classic for the Lakers? Purple or gold? Same with Celtics. And then why would purple be statement and not icon? This is all so stupid.
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