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    Am I the only one that sees that Adidas collar NHL logo notch and think
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    Y'all think I'm playing but this is literally the standard Ravens concept on here.
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    Finally, a kit to answer the age old question, “Which Lisa?”
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    I feel like for the biggest game of the year, you have to wear your primary home or primary away look. Especially in a sport where there is only 1 game for the championship.
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    NHL logo without extra outlines:
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    We are guaranteed to have either Case Keenum or Nick Foles play in the Super Bowl. What a time.
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    Yes! Welcome to the couch, Steelers fans. Just kidding. Steelers fans aren't allowed in my house.
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    Here are the teams Arizona: Wow!!! I started my NFL series that I'LL TOTALLY finish!!!! Atlanta: That new logo is trash because it has red highlights! I can fix that! (On a serious note, death to piping) Baltimore: I feel like this is an even bigger F-U to the city of Cleveland Buffalo: (EDIT) I had a stupid quip here but I accidentally made the Giants uniform that everyone makes on here so I think I'm going to take the lazy route (as one does for an average NFL series) and reuse everything here for NYG Carolina: Was it too creative?? (rhetorical, it was obviously yes) Chicago: Okay but seriously though, am I getting too original in my concepts? Cincinnati: Okay but like block numbers really add to the creativity of this one Cleveland: Sooooooooooo, like, why exactly do y'all care about the "tradition" of a 20 year old team? @raysox is older than the Browns, I should be allowed to go crazy for one of these. Dallas: I'm bored at this point. Detroit: Lmao nvm no one cares about this team (sans I assume @drdougfresh and I think @ZionEagle. Correct me if I'm wrong) Houston: So like, the Oilers, but not. (EDIT: Never mind, it's just the Oilers)
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    Great contrubution. Go back to asking if anyone has seen new uniforms every 5 minutes. Remind me - what exactly do you contribute to the community again? On topic - I heard that after more than 100 years of bitching about Nike and their 50 lines of jerseys for each team - icon, association, pride, city, statement, Vogue, flare, Flair (wooooo), Blue-collar, white-collar (literally - they added collars to jerseys), stress sensing (they changed colors depending on the stress level of the athlete so you could tell who was gonna choke), etc), the rights were acquired by Speedo, who has revolutionized the look of the league by outfitting players in nothing but, well, Speedos. Advertising patch over the junk, number on the ass. Home, road, alt only. (Charlotte had to get special waivers from local authorities to continue with their side panels, which had to move to the front, leaving nothing to the imagination) Embarassing moment when most of the North Korean players (they’ve basically taken over the league after anialating most of the basketball playing countries) are caught stuffing their Speedos with socks (and in one case a shoe) so they can live up to the propaganda that they all have penises the size of pythons, when in reality they’re hung like light switches.
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    I'll come back to the Giants. I'm very open to any ideas you may have for them. LA Rams:
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    The dream of a Case Keenum vs. Blake Bortles Super Bowl is still alive!
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    San Francisco 49ers: I made the Niners red a bit closer to the 'international orange' of the Golden Gate Bridge and simplified their logo. Along with that, I've been working on an interesting helmet concept.
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    Man, I really love the looks of these: Seeing them on a player, my only gripe is that the plaid pattern should’ve been centered a bit better, but that’s probably something that varies between each individual uniform. But anyways, I really can’t wait to see ‘em debuted on the court on the 31st.
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    Might work for the Leafs, since they never play in June. I’ll show myself out.
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    I’m sorry I don’t buy it. Unless you both have the same way of editing your swearwords.
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    I’ve seen them... They’re real and they’re spectacular.
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    This thread has too much text and not enough pictures.
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    I posted a few of my NFL Gridiron Gals designs on a t-shirt site and they did great around the holiday season... decided to branch out to other sports! There really aren't many mascot-based NBA logos, so probably a standalone b-ball design... and tips/feedback is appreciated!
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    It should be noted that the best sweater in this picture is on the right.
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    Hey, folks. Stumbling back to the boards for a short while as I work on another small project. I don't want to call this a rebrand but that's basically what I'm doing here. I love the Hershey Bears color scheme and even their logo set, but I feel like their jerseys are always subpar. That is besides their throwbacks and fauxback jerseys. This project will be taking their brand and making it a full classic vintage look, which I feel would suit the Bears best. For right now, I only have two teaser images up. These are basically the logos I will be working with for the concept. Still some tweaking to do, but I'm going full on 50's candy bar vintage style with this project. From the logos, jerseys, and posters, tickets, really anything. Should be a short and fun concept to work on. I hope those that follow along enjoy it as well! Obviously, would love to hear thoughts along the way, but just keep in mind, I'm not straying far away from the idea at hand which is: complete vintage Hershey Bears. So, without further adieu here are the first two teasers.
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    Someone: *Posts an original concept or dares to question the already implemented uniform standards* CCSLC:
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    Not really sure where to post this, but check out this prototype Bucks sleeved jersey with the Irish rainbow side panels:
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    Dallas Cowboys: and the league so far:
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    The Titans were never winning this game. The refs could have been as impartial as humanly possible. Tennessee wasn't winning.
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    Washington Redskins Redtails: The main mark is inspired by American warplane insignia and the DC flag. The secondary mark is inspired by the Tuskegee Airmens' planes. And the helmet, with its very own red tail.
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    The fact that the logo is all lowercase makes the ALL CAPS slogan even stupider.
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    Do the exact uniform the Jaguars wore in 1999, I think it would really pop, be iconic, and scream Jacksonville.
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    Some of you are really over thinking this. When the Patriots are the home team, they wear blue. This year, the AFC is the designated home team. The Patriots will wear blue.
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    I refuse to live in a world where we all forget about the Bobcats and their clear side panels.
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    Concordes Unveil New Look Just days after the Philadelphia Redshirts took home the Lewis Cup, the Long Island Concordes unveiled a new uniform set for the 2001-02 season. The color scheme has now changed from teal, orange, and purple to navy, orange, and silver. The logo from the Concordes third jersey has now been promoted to primary status and has been updated in the new colors. "The teal and purple was fun but I think we all soured on it because we just didn't have much success in it" said owner and founder Ed Jeffereys. "We wanted to get back to the success we had in the past so we've put a new spin on the original colors. I think it looks good myself." The new jerseys also earned praise from none other than "Captain Concorde" himself, Stuart Burns, who was named the team's vice president in the spring. "It's a cool look" said Burns. "I just hope it's a winning one." In addition to Long Island's new threads, two teams also introduced new alternate uniforms for the upcoming season, while one team announced they would be dropping theirs. The Calgary Wranglers decided to go with just the home white and road black, while Seattle and St. Louis both unveiled new third jerseys. The Grey Wolves unveiled a black jersey featuring the wolf's head from the secondary logo, while the Spirits introduced a new color, sky blue, to their scheme on a uniform featuring their tertiary logo. The logo had previously been featured exclusively on t-shirts, hats and other merchandise, but proved popular with fans, convincing team management to create a jersey with it.
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    Agreed. I'm getting sick of the Jacksonville Jaguars and Minnesota Vikings in the running for the Super Bowl every single year...
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    Like SBXL wasn't handed to the Steelers by the referees? Seriously - that's the most blatantly referee-engineered game in the modern history of pro sports - I didn't see the first half of the Patriots game, but a Steelers fan has no room to complain about referees, and should literally get on his knees and suck off any referee of any sport that's in the union in exchange for XL.
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    I am a manager for Austin Peay, so you'll be seeing a lot of new things coming from the Govs this year. First up is our new helmets, which I just stickered up today. We've changed from matte red to matte black to match our primary hat. I was given the opportunity to design our new uniforms this year, and I look forward to posting those when they arrive.
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    MLB threads always lead to San Diego or Cleveland...
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    Depends on the team? If the Chargers or Titans made it, I'd absolutely be OK with them wearing light blue but less so with the 49ers and black.
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    Hope it's minor changes like new helmets, jerseys, and number font.
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    Finally, the first of three expected Boston-area bids presented their case. The New England Sea Devils, with the unique approach of seeking a split-city bid between Boston and Hartford, made the case for a regional identity as a strategy for breaking through the cluttered Boston sports and media scene. They argued that expanding the reach of the team into Connecticutt would help to offset the issues which the Boston Beacons had encountered with competition from the Sox, Celtics and Bruins. As one of the lead owners was Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs, some concern was raised about split allegiances.. While some owners were skeptical whether a part-time franchise would satisfy Bostonians (or the TV deal which had required a return to Beantown), others were intrigued by the idea of a 2-city team and many felt that the combination of stadium leases with both BC and UConn put this bid at the front of the Boston options. The identity, which sought to find a common theme of New England culture without treading on the Revolutionary War period used by the NFL's Patriots, focussed on the nautical heritage of the region. The image of a trident/pitchfork clutched by the tentacle of a sea monster, presumably a Kraken, along with the unique color scheme of Navy, Gold and Aqua was quite popular, and many felt it would lend itself to a wide range of promotional and marketing opportunities in a region known for its nautical, fishing and whaling heritage. (note: this logo borrows heavily from a design on shutterstock for a seafood/nautical logo. The trident is modified and the shield is added, but the tentacle and general concept was very much theirs. i just loved it when i was seeking inspiration.)
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    The third bid to present was considered one of the favorites for the non-Boston expansion franchise, the Seattle bid led by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, but presented by the respected duo of former QB's Warren Moon and Rick Neuheisel. The two QB's spoke of the market as one of considerable corporate support as well as a rabid football fan base. Having the full participation of the U. of Washington for use of a recently refurbished Husky Stadium also made this a strong bid. The team identity, based on one of the iconic sea creatures of the Northwest, the Orca or Killer Whale, was one of the most controversial of the bidding groups, with its avant-garde 2-tone helmet (white & black) and the decision to use the less obvious plural form of "Orca" instead of "Orcas", but many within the room felt that the unique look and feel of the identity was just what the league needed moving forward.
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    2012 USFL Update: The expansion bid presentations have begun. The first ownership group to present is John Henry's Orlando proposal. Orlando, while a legacy city for the USFL, is considered a longshot bid, as the ownership group has fewer resources than several others and Orlando is a smaller market than several of the other bids. There are also some owners who are concerned that with Henry already owning both the Boston Red Sox and Liverpool FC of the EPL, that the Orlando franchise and the USFL would not be bringing in a dedicated ownership with leaguewide success as a priority. The team opted to go with a space/NASA themed identity due to the proximity of Florida's famed Cape Canaveral (Kennedy). While the color scheme of navy, "rocket fuel" orange, and sky blue is unique within the league, several sources within the league meetings seemed to indicate that the Baltimore Blitz were disturbed by the similarities to their own wordmark-based logo.
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    Hard at work on Detroit, but thought I'd share a few facets I have so far, including a teaser ad, wordmark, and of course color scheme.
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    I'm not a big basketball guy (in fact, this is my first basketball concept ever), but I'm an Atlantan and very displeased with the Hawks uniforms. The shift to navy blue and red 10-15 years ago felt foreign (I know they had worn those colors before, but it was so long ago) but was at least relatively harmless. I was excited to see an emphasis put back on the Pac Man logo as they slowly reintroduced him. However, the way the redesign was executed left me with a bad taste in my mouth. The red was very prominent. That much was good. Navy blue was out; also good. In its place was a dark gray...not the familiar black, but better, nonetheless. Where it really fell apart was the hideous volt. What a terrible color that looks so out of place! I also realize the Hawks have used lime green before, but they hadn't used it paired with these new colors. The red, gray, and volt felt like a cheap knockoff version of the Hawks I grew up with. The Hawks have such great inspiration to pull from, and the current iteration with the feather pattern misses the mark. Overly detailed, poor color balance (can I say gaudy?), too trendy and already outdated. Definitely not "timeless." I wanted to come up with a design that feels familiar for the Hawks but pushes the needle a bit. The Dominique Wilkins era uniforms were near perfect for the time but don't quite translate to today's NBA. The Hawks need to emphasize red, white, and yellow. The current red and black sets are screaming for some white to balance it out because the volt makes it look dirty and dingy. Black should definitely be used sparingly and in this case, I relegated it only to an alternate uniform. It works because black is familiar for Atlanta, but leaves the main uniforms untouched. Those sets don't need any black at all. I took the forward looking graphic of the script and applied it throughout the uniform: the front and back number, as well as the NOB. I skipped name and number outlines in the interest of letting the design do the talking. It has a "loud" script so I wanted to keep the rest of the set fairly minimalistic. I originally had a contrasting collar and shoulder trim, but I got rid of those for the same reason. I created the new Nike template from scratch and if there's interest I may release it. Still playing around with it and optimizing it for use. It includes all the various seams and mesh panels.
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    I used to not think twice about liking a uniform. These boards make me notice all the imperfections. It's a blessing and a curse; I hate it.
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    I don't know why anyone ever expects the Padres to go back to brown. It'll NEVER happen. The fans all want it, and the Padres are the dumbest, most tone deaf team in pro baseball. Rather than see them switch to brown, I'd be happier if they just contracted them entirely because they're utterly useless.
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    Some may have seen on Instagram or Twitter but I have made ticket designs with the new branding. Similar style of design will also be seen on team posters and advertisements. This design is based off of the wrapper and tin designs from vintage Hershey chocolate from the 1950's. I was playing around with the idea of the off white being a gold foil print for the tickets. I'm thinking I'd just keep the off-white but wanted to upload this one as well just so you can see what I had in mine with the design. I think the off-white not only fits better but looks better overall than the gold foil with this design and concept. This is the base inspiration for the design.
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