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    What the hell is it with these uniform designers and their affinity for ruining collars? It's bad enough they tinker as much as they do anyway, but some buffoon is always trying to push awful collars. STOP IT. STOP MAKING COLLARS LOOK STUPID. YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING. IT'S NOT GOOD DESIGN. IT'S NOT AESTHETICALLY APPEALING, BOLD, BRAVE, OR ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT. IT'S JUST DUMB. GO EAT FIBERGLASS.
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    ♫ Somebody once told me ♫ That round logos were only The best uniform tool that they had I think they're looking pretty simple With their emblems and their symbols In the round shape on their shoulder pads Well The drugs start comin' and they don't stop comin' Hell with design, let's hit the ground runnin' Didn't make sense to simplify the wheel Let's abuse our power, aim for mass appeal Too much "Our State," Too much "We're Great" Too much bending elements into weird shapes But fans will never know if we don't show That we're making this up as we go Hey now You're a FlagStar Get your crest on Go Play Hey now You're a FlagStar Get your merch on Get Paid And all our alternates show That we may have gone with the wrong logoooo
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    Of all the things we could discuss on this board, not making these the full-time uniforms has to be the biggest sin of all:
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    That's perfect... for Washington State.
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    I can't figure out how Arkansas made sure they got so many little details right, like the Dymo name sticker, but then decided that a white hog on the helmet was a good idea.
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    The NHL really dropped the ball by not having the Canadiens follow the Avalanche and Devils and honor the Colorado Rockies. After all, the Canadiens did play the Rockies a few times and should probably honor their existence because of that.
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    The old ones weren't functional lace-ups but they looked better. "Sacrificing comfort" is a bit of an exaggeration. I have played hockey competitively, and we wore lace-ups. Old, pre-Edge lace-ups at that. The "kicked up" collar was never an issue. So I can't see how the Edge lace-ups, which as you said were mostly ornamental, would be any worse. This is all subjective. And I realise that you're coming from a place where you have a company line to hold. Still? I find the new Adidas collars to be ugly and a huge step down from the Reebok collars. Which is made even more frustrating because, again, it's the same manufacturer. I also don't find the "player comfort" line especially convincing as someone who has played hockey competitively. I'm sure many of the advancements in material and cut since I played have been for the better. I remember myself lamenting the cut of the old CCM/Koho sweaters on occasion. I can't say I ever thought about the collars though. The only time I ever thought, or think, about collars is within the realm of aesthetics. And on that point? The new collars just *look* bad. I don't feel as if that opinion is "unacceptable." If you're truly interested in what people think? Here's my take. The shot of the Jets and Oilers above is a great contrast. The Oilers' collars look fine. The Jets' collars, with the huge splash of silver, look terrible. The halfway coloured collars, like the Penguins have, looks awful. It creates a polo-shirt effect, which isn't flattering. The lace-ups with the new collars are awful. The last Reebok lace-ups were ornamental, but they at least looked great. These don't even have that going for them. I realize you're just one guy. And I realize that in addition to that the manufacturer still has to bow to team preference (ie if Toronto wants bad lace-ups they're going to have bad lace-ups regardless of what you or anyone else says). Still? That's my honest assessment as both someone who's played hockey and as a fan. I don't even expect you take my "feedback" to heart in any meaningful way. It would just be nice to have a conversation about this stuff without you or another pro designer going "well you just don't get it." Others and myself know a bit more than you may think. And constantly having our opinions waved off by someone on the "inside" repeating corporate platitudes doesn't help the discussion.
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    the Penguins now look like old rich guys with front row tickets who rushed to the arena from work and put their jersey on over the top of their polo shirt. Nice job, adidas.
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    This is what I was talking about when I said I was in favor of Chief Wahoo until I wasn't.
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    This one took a lot of thought... NY Titans logo meets Santonio Holmes meets a stewardess motif meets Jackie O meets the old 80s set... the NY Jets!
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    Only if they actually wear vests like they did in Clemente's day, not sleeveless jerseys, which reek of the early-2000s.
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    Unpopular opinion, but I think that mid-70's C is just awful
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    I love that mid-70s look. Everything about it is badass. Of course to be fair, Oscar Gamble could up the badass level of any uniform by 50%.
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    screw it just go back to this
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    I saw the Titans wearing this and fell in love. I want them to keep the helmet logo. I think it's a modern classic. My ideal Titans uniform would be like this: Baby Blue top and White bottom. I wish the Titans wore this combo more often. This is beautiful.
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    Yep, it’s a really nice looking matchup with tremendous balance between the two teams’ uniforms. And I’d agree with you that Tulane’s blue jerseys are the best in their set, especially when paired with the white helmets and pants that they’re wearing today. Really the only issue I have with this look is that they need to flip the stripes on the helmets to green/blue/green to match the pants.
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    Arkansas’ Cowboys unis looks great. The only thing I think would look better would be if they had used a red logo on the helmet instead of a white one.
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    No offense, but that sounds awful. Their current green helmet is already perfect:
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    You should probably stay with the "stick a thumb in the other guy's eye" argument, because your straw men are even weaker. It's not my offense that's at issue here. Not by a long shot. But sure. Tell them that nobody's hurt or harmed by it. Or maybe we should enjoy "sticking it to them"?
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    Yes, "I support this thing just because it makes other people mad" is a perfectly defensible position.
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    I also liked the sleeveless jerseys, but to me, the easy solution for the Angels would be to bring navy back as a primary color. Normally I wouldn't be in favor of adding yet another navy and red MLB team, but at least the Angels have historical precedent. Their old BP hat is easily my favorite hat in their history
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    That Colorado State uniform looks good, just not for Colorado State.
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    Three pro seasons. Forty-four games. . There can't be any question that this precedes his time in the NFL. I think it's about time we stop letting kids play this game. And I'm wondering how much longer I can support the pro version.
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    Actually, I'm more partial to these to be honest.
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    Nah, the only thing the A's need to bring back is this hat.
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    The Blues going with white numbers on blue is just like the Bruins using black socks, goes against what the team wore for most (in the Blues case all) of its history just for the sake of change.
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    Thanks, and it is my mistake for not looking at Urban Dictionary before deciding on the name. In my defense, "railers" (fellatio with way too much teeth action) is obscure. Still, both you and @MJD7 are right. "Railmen" has a clearer definition than "railers." The other options are also an issue. "Buffs," while the long-held name of Houston's minor league teams, is obscure when compared to the storied Pacific Coast League, American Association, and International League teams (look at the minuscule amount of Buffs merchandise sold on Ebbets Field Flannels). It doesn't help that buffalo imagery isn't all that unique in the Big Four and that Buffalo, New York has a monopoly on it. "Diesels," while a decent train name (and one that ties into former owner Drayton McLane's shipping company), isn't as marketable as steam train imagery. While "Railmen" is the best name change option (even though I can find no news articles suggesting the team considered it), all of the new identities are crummy compared to "Astros" and its brand equity. I too have never thought of Houston as South Texas. I spent my preteen/tween years in the heyday of the "Dirty South," so I associate that city more with the American South than I do with South Texas. Texas can be just as much of a regional hodgepodge as Florida. Thank you! I think I'll put a bit of a subtle angle on the scripts in an update. I'm sure you'll be pleased with my Dodgers alternate take. Thanks! I can see why you'd like the actual fonts more, but I believe that they were too modern for the railway identity. It needed a late-1990's vision of late-nineteenth-century railway aesthetics, and I think my fonts delivered it better than the wispy script the Astros employed. You are right about the road brick jersey being hard to read, which I'll fix in an update with a "Railmen" rename. I'm not all that keen on the color flip, but I wanted to make a "marketable" set for late-1990's standards. I assume that the Railers/Railmen would have eventually adopted brick caps and accessories on their road uniforms after the BFBS fad lost steam (npi). The Railmen should be a fun set to update after I finish up the division. That can be arranged, along with the other stars! I like the 1994-99 one the most in this arrangement, due to motion lines. It also illustrates my problem with the "static" nature of the classic and modern H-star insignias. With that out of the way: LOS ANGELES DODGERS, PT. I - De-cluttering with a sense of history The Dodgers have some of the best uniforms in baseball. The simple cursive scripts, the red front numbers, and interlocking "LA" logo are all classics. However, that is not to say that there isn't some gunk in their identity. The primary logo uses a wispy wordmark that looks out of place compared to the uniform lettering. The road uniform situation is iffy, as a team name on a gray jersey is a no-no, and the striping on the "Los Angeles" jersey looks out of place without pants trim. Also, the redundant sleeve patch is silly, and there is the inconsistency of the three "LA" logos. These were all issues that needed some attention. The primary mark now uses the uniform script. The secondary is a new interlocking "LA," based on the current cap embroidery logo and the 1958-71 version of the insignia. Here is a visual comparison. The tertiary is my attempt to modernize several 1910's-20's Brooklyn Dodgers logos. The uniforms do not undergo much change. There are no sleeve patches or striping on any of the uniforms (akin to the state of their jerseys and pants in the 1960s). I also brought back the bold Block Standard numbers, as I liked their extra heft. The NOB letters are a thinner varsity block, like the old Goodman & Sons font the Dodgers used in the 1970s/'80s. It's nothing to write home about, but it brings some much-needed consistency to the identity. The two road alternates (which would appear on rare occasions) have their fun touches. The first is a hodgepodge of different Brooklyn Dodgers looks (for occasional wear against the Mets, Giants, and Yankees). The cap is a gray take on the 1938 hat and the uniform script (the Dodgers should always use cursive wordmarks, not insignias, on uniforms) and numbers use the powder of the 1929-31 (and 1944) squads. I added the Brooklyn-style (and briefly in LA) stripes to the placket and sleeve. The socks are straight off of that 1931 gray outfit, to give it an extra red punch. The other road throwback, which recreates the 1971 road uniform, would also have few appearances. It features the tertiary logo, to give the jersey some small city identifier. This alternate not only revives one of my favorite one-year uniforms, but it also caters to the fans of the white outline period while doing something unique with the team's traditional look. The Dodgers don't need to fix much, but these minor tweaks do much to improve the set. C+C is appreciated. For the alternate take, we're getting something a little angelic.
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    I hope no one buys those Devils jersey. I hope it sells like .
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    Or ditch the black pants altogether.
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    I still maintain the move from St. Louis was completely justified.
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    My wife was wearing black leggings as we watched the Redzone channel yesterday. When the Saints-Patriots game came on she said "they're wearing the same pants as me right now". Saints, bring back the stripe!
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    ...use government funded stadiums, have government funded police working games, teams visiting the White House...
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    Sports become political the moment they play the anthem.
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    I think the old Cleveland Buckeyes C is a direction I'd like to see them take. This is pretty awesome, classy, unique, and not sterile.
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    DAMN. I expected there to be more teams protesting today, but I didn't quite expect it to be damn near the ENTIRE league. Good on you, NFL. Good on you. I spoiler'd this because of the political conection, so if you don't wanna see it, don't open it. BUT, I think it's a pretty apt statement.
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    He essentially revived the kneeling "issue" (for lack of a better word). If he had just kept his mouth shut, no one would be mentioning the few players that took a knee or sat during the anthem today. Not only is it the focal point....more players and team personnel are taking a knee. It'll be interesting to see which immovable object blinks first....the NFL or Trump. Mike Tomlin has said the Steelers plan on staying inside the locker room during the playing of the anthem. The Ravens have gone even further by laying out for the entire game....
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    Here's the solution to differentiate the Rams and Chargers color schemes. Rams go with this: Chargers go with this:
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    Is anyone else just feeling sick of all these new designs? We've reached critical mass where designs exist solely because they exist and there is absolutely nothing unique or inspired about 99% of them. It's like when your kindergartener comes home with a hot mess of cotton balls, popsicle sticks and glitter all glued to construction paper and you're supposed to applaud the effort. Objectively, nearly all these designs are about as appealing as a dog licking its nutsack, but they all get trumpeted across the Twitterverse as "lit fire" or some teen slang that equivalates itself with the joy of the Berlin Wall falling. The uniform design world could really use a dot-com bust.
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    Thanks, guys! Thanks! I thought about adapting the 50th anniversary logo, but the pastels were a little distracting. Thank you! I'll see if I can put the 1994-99 star on the orange alternate. Thanks, guys! I think you'll like my Padres concept. If you're wondering what I'll do with the Dodgers' Part II concept, wonder no more! LOS ANGELES ANGELS, PT. II - The Angels of Chavez Ravine It's retro Pacific Coast League time again! I know that it was standard practice not to rename teams upon relocation in the 1950s and '60s (except for the Browns-Orioles transition - because the Browns were a toxic trash heap of a team compared to the storied International League Orioles). These policies were because of the allure of "getting a big league team," and the Dodgers were one of the most famed teams of the '50s. However, let's say that Walter O'Malley looked to the Orioles' example of changing up his team's identity in a move. He must have realized that Los Angeles was quickly becoming a terrifying web of freeways with crap public transit (the trolleys that the Brooklynites "dodged"), rendering the team's name inaccurate. O'Malley already had plans to use the PCL Los Angeles Angels' interlocking "LA" logo with modifications, so what if he went all-in on a rebrand? The PCL Los Angeles Angels had many looks, some wilder than others. I decided to convert the Dodgers' script style to the "Angels" name, albeit with the addition of red halos (since the PCL Angels used a lot of red). I also added a light blue outline to all of the elements, as a way to differentiate the team from it's Brooklyn past and to incorporate the bright colors of Chavez Ravine Stadium. It also helped that the Dodgers had a past with light blue (see the Part I concept), so its addition wouldn't be out of place for the period. The primary logo uses a baseball with the new "LA" insignia (based on the 1958-71 cap logo) and the wings from my AL Angels concept. The wordmark has a bit of Belgrad, for that Art Noveau touch. The uniforms follow the "slight changes" thesis. The font numbers are contrast-colored with the scripts, as it was plausible that the team would retain that feature. The sleeves, pants, and socks all have an asymmetrical striping pattern. The team would say that it represented "the blue sky above Chavez Ravine" or something like that. While such a striping pattern wasn't standard in the 1950s/'60s (the Senators were the only team doing it), it wouldn't be "out of reach" for the period. The primary logo acts as a sleeve patch. The alternates are where I have a little fun and show people that a name change doesn't always equal ignorance of team history. The blue jersey features an asymmetrical take on the PCL Angels' "waffle weave" pattern and the cap logo as a crest. The retro alternate is a throwback to the 1952-7 Brooklyn Dodgers, meant for occasional wear at home (i.e., Jackie Robinson Day). It uses a proper Brooklyn Dodgers' "B," not the Red Sox hack or the Bakersfield Dodgers' logo. Although I'm glad the Dodgers didn't change their name upon moving to Los Angeles, I wanted to show how the team could have adapted their look to their new location (while honoring their Brooklyn days). If you're wondering what name the 1961 LA expansion team would have adopted, maybe they became the new Hollywood Stars (that name was too minor league for my tastes, even more than "The Angels Angels"). C+C is appreciated! Up next, my adopted team, the Milwaukee Brewers!
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    Can we just get him on the phone talking about not wanting "The blacks" at his games? That should do the trick.
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    I think you're looking for the unpopular opinions thread with that comment..
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    The only way to fix their color rush uniforms is to burn them.
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    The only way San Diego would take the Chargers back would be if Dean Spanos, well really the whole Spanos family, wasn't involved with the team anymore. The NFL would have to force Spanos to sell the team. And I wouldn't blame them one bit for that condition.
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    Still inferior to the true throwbacks, but miles beyond their primaries.
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    This is how I think the pistons court should look like. His company or not, you SHOULD NOT put ads on the playing surface part of the court. They should stay on the sidelines and even that is pushing it.
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    3. To connect with the Rams of the 40s and 50s (Elroy Hirsch, Bob Waterfield, Norm Van Brocklin).
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    RG3 has had a lot of injuries, the league is just straight-up colluding against Kaepernick.
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