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    Conspiracy theory: The original leaked one is legit and these were hastily thrown together to try and throw off the scent
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    "...and that's the story of how I showed those jerks on the sports logo message boards that I'm as real as it comes." "OK, sir, but like I said before, we can't serve you at the drive-thru window if you aren't in a vehicle."
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    As a reminder, Oregon State will be wearing their gorgeous new fauxbacks with the Retro Benny helmets this Saturday against Cal:
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    Totally expecting this for Kareem’s. ‘The sky of the LA sunset is an homage to Kareem’s signature skyhook. The color orange is also symbolic of a basketball, which is the ball Kareem used during his career as a Laker’
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    The Jaguars are number outlines and pants stripes away from having really nice uniforms.
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    Oh come on, does this look unsafe to you? They even wrapped it in two inches of what's probably asbestos to keep it extra safe.
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    It's gonna be crap. #DeathToJerseyADs
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    The. Angels. Are. Not. Leaving. The. Los. Angeles. Metropolitan. Area. They. Are. Not. Giving. Up. A. Two. Billion. Dollar. Television. Contract. Stop. Assuming. They. Are. Going. To. Vegas. Or. Portland. Or. Montreal. It. Is. Not. Happening.
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    Funny you should mention.... New England Patriots Colors: No more silver. I tried it, but it didn’t seem necessary, especially when I began having difficulty incorporating it into the uniforms, so it has been dropped. Helmet: Similar to the current, but different in every way. The base is now white instead of silver, the mask is now navy, rather than red, and the logo drops silver, replacing it with white. Jerseys: Three colors: Navy, white, and red. Navy is the primary home, because what color did the Americans wear in the revolutionary war? Blue. We fought the British, known as the Red Coats. It bothers me soooooo much that the Patriots classic uniforms were red and that a decent size group of people want red to be the primary. That’s historically inaccurate! Okay, now that that rant is over.... I wanted to bring back the over the shoulder stripes, but with a twist. Back when the Flying Elvis logo was first introduced, the pants had an interesting stripe sort of modeling the logo. I freaking love that stripe. I modified it slightly, dropping one stripe to make it a double stripe, rather than triple, and used it over the shoulders. Pants: Two pairs, white and navy. As you couyhave predicted, the pants have the same stripes as the jerseys going down the leg. Combinations: At home, primarily navy over white, on the road it’s reversed. Navy over navy is a nope, though white out is an option. The alternate jerseys are limited to the white pants, as navy pants would make it look bottom heavy, in my humble opinion. Who knows though, maybe once a year they could throw the stripes on the helmet, swap in white masks, and trade out Elvis for Pat in a full-fauxback... sh!t, now I regret not drawing that... gimme a minute lol ? Ready for the pictures? Are you sure? Well, here they are anyway: I regret not using Josh Gordon. It could’ve been 10 11 12 and satisfied my OCD
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    This screams of a situation where the leaked one is right, so they throw out other prototypes so there's some drama left in the unveiling. They're not unveiling a new logo next month that they haven't even decided on yet.
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    There is no reason you can't just replace old benny with the new logo and have that be their regular uniforms. Those are just about perfect.
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    We'll have to agree to disagree on this. I much prefer when minor league teams get to maintain at least some originality . . . especially some of the classic examples you gave.. That's not to say that any name other than the parent's name will do. I'm opposed to Rumble Ponies, Baby Cakes and random local food references. I'm also opposed to G-League horrors like Capital City Go-Go, Raptors 905 and Oklahoma City Blue.
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    When it's Scorigami, America wins.
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    Q: Are the Cleveland Indians a red team or a blue team A: Yes
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    The Marlins have a great look that's undercut by being another black and orange team.Simply emphasizing the shade of blue they already have over black would go a long way.
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    the ball is not supposed to be the part that points direction. the ball is supposed to be a center point. that's why the eastern conference is on the eastern side of the ball while the western conference is on the western side.
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