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    In keeping with the food theme sweeping the minors, I would re-brand the Tri-City ValleyCats as the Albany Steamed Hams.
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    The Denver Nuggets' recent uniform unveiling surprised me -- after distancing themselves from light blue with their last two rebranding efforts and cutting it out entirely this time around, I expected a heavy emphasis on the new color palette. While I expected more gold and 'flatirons red' - and much less white - I really like what they did with their Icon Edition uniform. The design is clean, the colors pop, and each element feels as though it has a clear purpose. Unfortunately, the same balance isn't struck with their Association Edition uniform. On top of that, their Statement Edition uniform - which feels more like a City Edition uniform - lacks cohesion and purpose. I hope to eventually work on concepts redesigning their Association and Icon Edition uniforms, but for the past week or so I've been tinkering with their Statement City Edition uniform. I like the simplicity of what the team unveiled, especially the single-color wordmark and numerals and the contrast they create on the blue jersey. I also appreciate the simple-but-not-bare look of the shorts, though I think the design itself is lazy. Lastly, I'm kind of a fan of the alternate skyline logo if for no other reason than the fact that it's alarmingly similar to the old logo of the now-defunct Columbus Horizon. I dislike radial wordmark, though I understand the difficulty in fitting three, 4-letter words on the front of a jersey. The mountain motif on the shorts isn't offensive, but it screams Utah Jazz for two reasons: 1) the '90s Jazz uniforms; and 2) the current Jazz colors. Also, and perhaps most egregiously, the colors aren't balanced and there are no unifying design elements. This concept started with a singular focus on reintroducing a modernized version of the skyline uniforms. With the 'MILE HIGH CITY' theme present, it felt appropriate to incorporate the new alternate logo. It's simple enough to stand on its own (after reducing the thickness of some of the lines), which eliminates the clutter that would come with the pseudo-rainbow striping from previous iterations of the uniform. I always thought they nailed it the first time around with the actual rainbow....every color palette's adaption since has paled in comparison. Color is used a bit more liberally, with the 'flatirons red' serving as the primary accent color and gold serving as the secondary accent color. Gold and white are alternated and balanced against one another on all applications - wordmark, numerals, logos, etc. - without strokes to preserve contrast. Navy is employed sparingly in the skyline shading, the alternate city logos, and the elevation pattern at the bottom of the shorts. The Mile High City theme is unified through that elevation pattern (adapted from the team's previous City Edition shorts), the alternate city logos, the '5280' belt buckle logo, the 'MILE HIGH CITY' laundry tag slogan, and the new take on the iconic skyline design. Hopefully this is a clean, refreshing take on what the Denver Nuggets unveiled as their third uniform last week -- something cohesive and purposeful that tells a story and looks good on-court. Thanks for looking (and reading)! As always, any and all comments, criticisms, thoughts, and ideas are greatly appreciated! DENVER NUGGETS x NIKE | City Edition Uniform Concept
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    If you don't want to give Canada an automatic spot in the tournament? Don't award a World Cup to a bid that includes Canada.
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    Really? Seems to me, a gorilla has a ton of different ways you could go with it;
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    What does Oregon have to do with this thread?
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    Our best male athletes play our own sports. We can be good but never truly great, which is acceptable. The world doesn't need us to beat them at soccer.
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    The year is 1974, new ownership has taken over the struggling Tams franchise. With a new team, a new identity, and unwavering support, basketball in Memphis is happenin' again! Can ya dig it?
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    It looks like it should be on a hot sauce bottle.
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    yes I designed the above graphic and have dealt with these rules for years, the Nashville Predators / Colorado Avalanche need their state/city name with their mascot name when used on apparel. It must always appear at 50% size of the mascot name. For "Center Ice" apparel the Panthers prefer to have it read: "Florida Panthers" but on regular "fan" merchandise "Florida" is not needed. The Kings now require their apparel to read: "LA Kings" not "Los Angeles Kings" however for apparel that uses vintage logos it can read "Los Angeles Kings" Vegas used to require it to read: "Vegas Golden Knights" but now can read "Golden Knights" Winnipeg was the same until recently, had to have Winnipeg along with Jets, now "Jets" can be used alone but must have the logo in the same sight line. A lot of the defunct teams have these rules as well.
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    Colorado took me a little while to finish, and you'll soon see why: I found the issue with Colorado's logo wasn't in the construction, but in the font. Changing the font went a long way in improving the logo, along with a few changes here and there. Also the big change here is purple and grey become the focus, with black not being phased out completely just minimized compared to how it is now. Hats - One hat, purple on purple, with the new C logo being the focus of the hat. Helmets match the hats. Jerseys - 3 jerseys, white, purple and grey. Each jersey gets a mountain pattern design on the sleeves. New wordmarks on the front of all the jerseys. The matching number font did not look good, so I kept the same number font from the existing jerseys. Also because I know this is gonna get brought up, I kept the mountains purple on the purple jersey because it just looked better than doing it in grey or white. Pants - Pants are by far the most simple of the group. Originally there was gonna be a similar mountain style design, but after working on Arizona's design with the short pants, I went a simpler route with a simple stripe. BP - BP gear is a little wild, but nothing too off the wall. Normal BP hat is black with the big flying ball mountain logo. Jersey really doesn't deviate from the base design. Mountains on the sleeves, logo on the chest, number on the upper left chest. And because all the cool Colorado teams are doing it, (hey Colorado State, 28-3. Love Boise State ), a state pride based BP set based on the new BP hat from this season. Here's the new logos I came up with: For the main logo, I got rid of some of the extemporaneous lines, I kept black in the mountains as I felt it looked better than the grey in this case and I used the new font and built it up very similar. For the hat logos, I tried to go for a CR logo like they have now, but in the end nothing worked in a way I could add a mountain. So as I came to call it the Hiding Mountain logo was just a C with a hiding mountain. I also came up with a symmetrical mountain logo which is what I used for the sleeves. Lot to process, C&C welcome!
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    Thanks! I did try out the red/gold/brown, but the gold blurred too much with the red to really work. It's part of why I prefer the gold monogram edition. Anyway, it's alternate take time! ST. LOUIS BROWNS, PT. II - Let's Get Oriole-ized! When brainstorming ideas for the alternate takes, this was one of the first ones that came to mind. What if the Browns, now alone in St. Louis, adopted the aesthetic trappings of the Baltimore Orioles during the 1950s and '60s? This would include brown-orange co-dominance (not unprecedented in the Browns' history), thin cursive scripts, and a cartoon logo on the cap. Inspired by @raysox's work on the @SmilingBirdLogo Twitter account, I set about adapting the Orioles' Wally Bird for the Browns. I opted not to use the Brownie elf, in an attempt to reduce similarities to the NFL team/s. Instead, I chose to produce a cartoon rendering of Louis the IX of France, the namesake of St. Louis. Using these two images as a reference: I turned the Orioles' bird into a portrait of the crusader, making sure to include the "StL" on his crown (boasting about canonization?). Basically, it's the sports logos equivalent of this bit from Father Ted: It may be sacrilegious, but it's fun! The primary logo demonstrates the brown/orange split and the FDL detailing, while the vintage "St.L" acts as a tertiary. The scripts have a thinner weight and slightly reshaped letters, to better mimic the Orioles' current scripts. I opted to use contrast-colored front numbers and NOB's, to get a bit more brown into the design (so you don't feel the temptation to call them the "Oranges" - a mistake of the imitation Browns). The uniform and sock stripes are all off of my Orioles concept, albeit with brown replacing black. The primary is on the sleeve. The alternates are for both home and road use. The brown top comes with an all-brown "StL" cap and a single-color script (but dual layer, like what the Orioles do - same with the single-color cap logo). The orange shirt simply swaps around some colors on the home uniform. The other alternates include a white-front panel cap (like the Orioles) and a 1944-style throwback (complete with the drop shadow from the main concept). The latter uniform features the brown alternate's cap. The dugout jacket is a color swap of my Orioles jacket, with the one-color "St. Louis" script as the centerpiece. This is a little attempt to hybrid the Browns with their successor, which turned out far better than I thought it would. I know the cap logo is a bit silly/maybe inappropriate, but I've come to like it. C+C is appreciated, as always! Up next, what if Bill Veeck had his way in relocation?
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    Sup? It's been a while! Here's what the last 5 expansion teams plus the Coyotes would look like if they were the Original 6. The era I aimed for was the 40s, and everything you see is hand made by me! I have a few more plans for this but C&C is appreciated
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    Clearly, we're going to win the World Cup.
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    How THIS monstrosity has lasted at least 17 years so far is beyond me...
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    Gosh, Morgo vs. Ice_Cap might be my favorite board rivalry. It’s more even than the one-sided beatdowns dfwabel handed Tank, more intense than the BFiB-related mud-slinging McCarthy vs. McCall (my favorite McCall vs. everyone variant), and less dangerous than ICS vs. those on “borrowed time.” I’m just hoping the Canucks do something that’ll look good on their template. Maybe it’s Johnny, I’m not sure.
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    Up next... Vancouver Canucks Prediction: Pretty much a green version of their past alternate. It is rumored that the stick-in-rink logo will be making a return in some fashion. Wish List: Johnny Canuck! This is essentially a green version of their 40th anniversary jerseys, but I will say that it is real sharp. Washington Capitals Prediction: I can't really see the Caps bringing anything but their red throwbacks back as an alternate Wish List: Not gonna lie, I really like the simplified word mark they used for the Stadium Series uniforms - most probably will want the Weagle to be the main crest, but I'll defer to the "caps" word mark here. Colorado Avalanche Prediction: This just makes too much sense, right? I feel like the Avs and Reebok had the Adidas redesign in mind when they came out with their navy alts. So I think there's a 99% chance they go this route. Wish List: A classic, powder blue jersey to go along with their maroon-heavy mountain striped jerseys. I think it fits in well with their current set, but also is different enough to be considered a strong third option. C&C appreciated! I'll be posting two teams a day from here till the draft so that they all get posted before the reveal
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    Maybe this is where Russell makes their comeback.
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    https://www.chicagobears.com/news/bears-unveil-orange-nike-jerseys For the first time, the NFL is allowing teams to wear alternate jerseys in addition to a classic jersey that was formerly described as a throwback. The Bears will again wear their 1940s-era classic uniform in a game that has yet to be determined.
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    No, I don’t think it suffers at all. There’s a certain brand of snob who refuses to give the league a chance, but I’m not sure they really would anyway. Given the instability inherent in that system, the risks of pro/rel far, far outweigh any benefit it could bring.
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    Next up is the other LA team, the Los Angeles HC. I changed "Football" in their logo to "Hockey", and used a simple striping pattern matching the shield. I went with all-gold striping on the home jersey, and added white to the numbers. What do you think? C&C Appreciated!
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    Interesting. I have a feeling it won't be Nike...it's literally nothing more than a feeling tough. This could be a good opportunity Under Armor.
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