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    A few months back I reached out to another Designer that was doing some great sports branding work. We decided to team up and flush out an idea I had for a new brand when the Oakland Raiders move to Las Vegas. The idea was to keep the history and toughness behind the classic Raiders Logo, but add in some luxury and modern touches. Check out the full project at: Behance Las Vegas Raiders Rebrand Concept As always, feedback welcome and enjoy the project! A couple snippits from the project: Primary Logo Home Uniforms: Brand Swag:
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    With all the mixing-and-matching the Panthers are doing this season, I’d like to see them go back to their original combo from their expansion season in 1995.
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    List of things that have crossed people's minds more than NYU sports.
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    I don't think I saw it anywhere as I cruised through the thread, but what about something like this concept I found (not sure whose it is)?
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    Am I the only one who feels like a cap logo should never also be the primary logo?
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    The logo was a winking pirate with a mustache, so it's just a hop, skip, and a jump to "butt pirate," and Buccaneers rhymes with "f-ckin' queers." But I remember kids calling the Jaguars the Faguars, it was just a different time when everything was retarded and gay. And if you asked how an inanimate object or concept could be gay, maybe you were the one who was gay. I don't miss 1998.
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    TAMPA BAY CANNONS (former Texas Rangers) - Yeahmanthat'sFortBrookedangumSlateandScarlet, tellyawhat! Tampa Bay Sweepstakes Intro The next franchise in the lineup was the Texas Rangers. By 1988, the problems inherent in the glorified minor-league venue Turnpike/Arlington Stadium had become all too apparent. It's rinky-dink, built-on-speculation (and poorly expanded upon) construction provided little-to-no shade in the hot & humid Texas summers. The history of crummy ownership and poor play did not help matters (UrinatingTree provides the details here). Majority owner Eddie Chiles had fallen on hard times and ill health (Frank Morsani recalls being told that Chiles had Alzheimer's in Stadium for Rent and To Be Frank), which prompted him to sell the club. Morsani and the TBBG saw the perfect opportunity to get that team for the Tampa stadium.1 The TBBG (namely, Morsani and Bill Mack) hashed out a contract to buy Chiles' stake for $85 million, one which looked promising. Once again, the deal fell through due to complications from minority owners. Ed Gaylord, who owned 33% of the team, triggered his option to take a majority stake. While the other baseball owners (especially Jerry Reinsdorf) rejected it (due to Gaylord owning superstation KTVT), it scuttled Morsani & co.'s deal. The deal probably would have been rejected anyway, since Dallas/Ft. Worth is too valuable a market to lose, even though Morsani hinted at spurring on an expansion team to replace the Rangers.2 Meanwhile, AL President Bobby Brown (originally from Texas) and exiting Baseball Commissioner Peter Ueberroth helped to assemble a new ownership group headed by George W. Bush, Rusty Rose and Richard Rainwater. Said group swept in and bought the team for $79.3 million, leaving Morsani out in the cold again and further up financial fecal creek (having spent $500,000 on attorneys for the sale). This would spell the end of the Al Lopez Field site project.3 The Rangers would get a taxpayer-funded stadium to replace the glorified bowl of bleachers. but that's a rant for another day. TL;DR: Rusty Shackleford as Frank Morsani, Puff-Puff as Ed Gaylor, and the falling cigarettes as the Bush/Rose/Rainwater ownership group.4 However, what if either deal went through, and the Rangers moved to Tampa? How would their identity adapt to the Gulf Coast? Unlike "Twins" (which kind of works), "Rangers" really doesn't sound right in Tampa Bay. I wanted a name that kept with similar themes to the Rangers' identity, so I looked to the Rays' 2008 rebrand ideas for inspiration (citation in link). The name "Cannons" stood out, as it fit with the history of the region. The Tampa Bay area's growth started around the US Army outpost Fort Brooke, where it served as a valuable outpost in the Seminole Wars and the Civil War (for the Confederates - hey, the actual Texas Rangers have done questionable stuff as well). Heck, cannons from the fort remain on the University of Tampa campus: It seemed like a local identity that would keep the ethos of the Rangers' moniker intact.5 I imported the slate blue from the Project 32 Rangers concept, alongside scarlet and gold. I carried over the Caniste Semibold from my Florida White Sox concept as the central font. The primary features a baseball roundel with the insignia in front of a diamond and crossed cannons. The insignia is the secondary, while a roundel with the crossed cannons is the tertiary. The home and road set go for a slate/scarlet co-dominant look (a la the 1972-82 Rangers), while also featuring red-billed caps (like the 1972-85 headwear). Thick sleeve and pants trim appears here, so that the set uses the whole color scheme. The socks use a similar pattern. Caniste numbers also appear here, as a display font felt more appropriate for an expansion team (rather than an Original 16 club like the White Sox) and the more modern arching style. The NOB's are one-color, for legibility. I also put the primary on the sleeves. The alternates include both scarlet and slate blue jerseys, with the blue shirt using the tertiary as a patch and the "Tampa Bay" wordmark (road wordmarks at home being a Rangers-esque touch). The second set of alternates features a red-crowned cap, along with matching belts, undershirts, and socks. I didn't want to pair them with the red jersey, for fear of it being too much red. The fauxback is my attempt to produce a 1963-67 Washington Senators-style jersey, albeit with the Cannons' name and color scheme. The cap logo comes from the Tarpons/Twins, with a few adjustments to bring it closer to the original Curly W. I re-used the font from my Sens MK II concept, for that extra touch of accuracy. The jacket continues the co-dominant color scheme theme, with red sleeves and gold shoulder trim. While the Rangers' name really wouldn't work in Tampa Bay, one could keep the spirit of it intact for the new locale. It also allows me to continue my theme of "what the Rays should have done in 1998 or 2008," building an identity with a more local flare. C+C is appreciated, as always! Up next, Morsani makes a final stand with TWO proposals for 1993 NL expansion teams. Here's a hint: one has a NHL name and the other has a MLS/NASL moniker. 1 Andrew Clem, “Clem’s Baseball ~ Arlington Stadium,” Clem’s Baseball, December 1, 2018, http://www.andrewclem.com/Baseball/ArlingtonStadium.html; Bob Andelman and Lori Parsells, Stadium For Rent: Tampa Bay’s Quest for Major League Baseball, 2nd edition (St. Petersburg, FL: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2015), 55-57; Frank Morsani and Dave Scheiber, To Be Frank: Building the American Dream in Business and Life (Tampa, FL: BlackWood Books, 2015), 130-35. 2 Andelman and Parsells, Stadium For Rent, 58-59; Morsani and Dave Scheiber, To Be Frank, 133-36. 3 Clem, “Clem’s Baseball ~ Arlington Stadium,” Morsani and Dave Scheiber, To Be Frank, 131-136. 4 Author's note: King of the Hill never really specified whether or not Arlen was Rangers or Astros territory. I'd guess Rangers, if only because of Hank's derision at Boomhauer being a Texans fan. 5 Jonah Keri, “Chapter 7: The Exorcism,” in The Extra 2%: How Wall Street Strategies Took a Major League Baseball Team from Worst to First (Bristol, CT: ESPN Books, 2011), 134; “The Establishment of Fort Brooke — FlaHQ 31:273‑278 (1953),” University of Chicago, accessed December 11, 2018, http://penelope.uchicago.edu/Thayer/E/Gazetteer/Places/America/United_States/Florida/_Texts/FlaHQ/31/The_Establishment_of_Fort_Brooke*.html; “Ft. Brooke Cannon - History of Tampa, Florida - Wikipedia,” accessed December 11, 2018, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Tampa,_Florida#/media/File:Ft._Brooke_Cannon.jpg; “Fort Brooke - FortWiki Historic U.S. and Canadian Forts,” accessed December 10, 2018, http://www.fortwiki.com/Fort_Brooke.
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    Here is a full pic...I love this!
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    Another pretty solid week of uniform match ups. Choosing the game for the top spot was tough - it could have gone either way. On the worst side of the ledger, we had a team making a run at Tampa Bay for the worst uniforms ever. So let's get started. Put 60 seconds on the clock and let's play the lightning round of our game. As always, the lists are just my opinion. Your opinion may be different from mine and that's fine. All I ask is that we keep the conversation civil and limited to the uniforms. BEST: 1. Jets - Bills: I went round and round on this one. In the end, I decided that since this is the last time we'll see this great match up, it may as well go out on top. I've said it every time the Jets have made the best list this season and I'm saying it again - enjoy these Jets uniforms while they last. I seriously doubt whatever the team does next will be as good. 2. Steelers - Raiders: This is about as good as it gets. It's been a great uniform match up for as long as I can remember. Every game should look this good. 3. Giants - Redskins: The classics never get old. Another great looking game. 4. Colts - Texans: Kudos to the Texans for leaving the blue monocrhome CR uniform in the locker room and deciding to look like a real NFL team this week. The Colts always look good...well, they look good as long as they stay away from the monochrome blue. 5. Patriots - Dolphins: This may be the first time the Dolphins throwbacks have finished out of the top three. The Pats road look just wasn't enough to get this game past the four in front of it. The Dolphins need to make this the full time look ASAP. Can you get to work on that Brandon? 6. Super Bowl Champion Eagles - Cowboys: When the best this one can do is 6th place, it's a good week. WORST: 1. Saints - Buccaneers: It's pretty funny that the Bucs doubled down and wore these disasters for the second consecutive week after that Op-Ed blasting their uniforms was published a couple weeks ago. You go, Bucs. Good taste be damned! 2. Vikings - Seahawks: Like the Panthers last week, the Vikings are innocent bystanders in this one. Somewhere on these very boards is someone who would put Seattle in neon green vs. Tampa in all red at the top of their best list. Yes, that person exists and they are here. I don't know who it is, but we all know he or she is here somewhere. 3. Bengals - Chargers: You know the competition is fierce when this disaster comes in 3rd. That's it for this week. We'll do it all again next week. Thanks for taking a look.
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    For a once a year look, I like the green. Personally I’d pair it with blue pants or socks to break up the mono, but I still like it
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    Here's the Titans!! Thinking it's too busy with too many colors,I'm not a fan of their current set. Just want to go back to the double blue era, and add something unique. I started this according to the Washington Wizards current set at first, but here's what I finish. I'm a fan of their double blue color scheme, always love to see how they match perfectly, so I keep the "yoke" on their previous design. I also love their number font which is used in their social media so I kept them. Far better than the current disaster IMO. Also have the "meander" as the stripes, hope this not going too over! Also finished a Oilers throwback for them. Sorry that I have finish something in this striping before, not something creative here, but since they have such a great color scheme I think the cleaner the better. Thanks for reading!!
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    Ive been a Bucs fan since around 1994, but this very game is where I absolutey fell in love with them. They completely dominated that game. They ended Jerry Rice’s season (And effectively his complete dominance over the league. He played awhile after that but was never quite the same) and concussed Steve Young to the point that he looked off kilter from then on out. That was the most impressed I’ve ever been with a sports team and from the opening quarter I knew I would be stanning for this idiot team from then on out until my heart finally, mercifully, explodes. If I had things my way, we would get a 30 for 30 about that game, what led up to it, and how it changed the direction of that franchise. It would probably bore you all to tears, but I’d be glued to the screen for that one.
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    Very soon, all teams will be wearing 10 uniforms. This is absolute overkill.
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    Looking closer at the bucks earned uniforms. The "gray" part of the uniform is just the lower half of the jersey.
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    I remember that game being a really defining moment too. Pre-97 the Buccaneers were always this joke of a stupid bad team in stupid bad uniforms with bright colors and a portrait illustration for a logo. Nobody thought about them as a threat or took them seriously. If you were making a football movie and you needed a crappy fill-in team for the heroes to beat up on in the montage lead-up to the championship game the Bucs and their uniforms would've been that team. When they updated in 97 it's one of the biggest worst to first upgrades in sports uniform history. I saw it and said "THAT'S THE BUCCANEERS NOW??!?!?!" and if I recall correctly they started that season 6-0, right? It's a master-class in making a non-existent and/or tarnished brand into something recognizable overnight. I vividly remember my friend Adam saying "I didn't even know the Buccaneers were a team". I saw kids wearing Bucs jerseys in elementary school after that. In Ohio. I promise you no damn kids were coming to my school in orange Ericct Rhett jerseys before that. And they had their look for what should've been forever. Nailed it. Hit all the notes and more. I saw them up close in Cincinnati in 2010 and marveled at how good they looked opposite the stupid Bengals. Especially because it was a beautiful sunny October day and their pewter helmets and pants glistened. A lot of people don't care about this, but I do - that's what they wore when they won the Super Bowl, which means something happened, uniforms included, where the conditions all worked together to win a championship. I don't think things like that should be thrown out so quickly. That was never going to happen in the creamsicles. That uni didn't allow them to shoulder the attitude that the new unis gave them. I know that sounds silly, but I think there's truth in it. The current uniforms are closer to the feeling of the creamsicles than the 97 unis. They're "the players have to wear this" rather than 97 ones which were "the players GET to wear this". I read the original post's article and nodded along. Everything about the recent update was a downgrade. Logos - what once was a very intentional look with heavy, rough lines that appeared menacing and looked as if it was literally taken from an old flag, like it was haphazardly sewn together out of actual scraps of clothe, or lifted off a treasure map is now this clean, sterilized looking thing that has no bite to it. It's like they buffed off all the edges and now it's borderline robotic in appearance. Even the ball got less aggressive. It looks like something you'd see on party supplies for a kid's pirate themed birthday. The rest is like 10 bad decisions all plopped on top of each other - matte pewter on the jerseys, yokes, digital alarm clock numbers, orange touching brownish gray, the massive helmet logo, the chrome facemask which is super out of place and already looks dated, and we can't let anyone forget that it was originally even worse because they tried to use those weird airbrushed spikes on the helmet. I still think they wear the worst uniform in the NFL and the Cleveland Browns exist. If they change the answer is obvious and the creamsicles shouldn't be considered.
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    I love the Miami Vice colors, but it'd be a misstep IMO to go full-time with the look. It works really well as a secondary jersey and I anticipate to see variations every year for a long time. Which I guess is KIND OF a full-time look, no?
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    The trend of someone doing something noteworthy only to have people comb through their social media accounts looking for questionable content from 5-10 years ago is pretty ridiculous and honestly a bit disturbing. I get that in today’s world a lot of that stuff is out of bounds, and rightfully so. But I remember “ :censored:” “queer” and especially “gay” being a regular part of teenage conversation in the 2000s. I remember I actually had to kind of work on not referring to things as “gay” when I meant lame/stupid/dumb because it was just so ingrained into everyday vocabulary. As I got older and grew, and as we grew as a society and began to really understand the weight of those words, we stopped using them. That kind of progress is kind of what we’re all aiming for, right? It’s one of those instances where someone can say it was a “different time” and for the most part, its true. You also have to remember the internet as this huge social media tool was still somewhat in in it’s infancy, and you have to take into account that there were some growing pains that came along with that. Hold people to higher standards, absolutey. But it also needs to be kept in some context.
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    So how long do you think it will be until the Dolphins ask the NFL for a Rams type deal with their aqua throwbacks?
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    I strongly dislike my favorite football team’s branding because <REDACTED>. So I have a jersey from pre-2002 with no team name on the front, a customized crew neck I made, and a winter hat that just says “Washington.”
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    As a Michigan State fan, I have very few good things to say about U Athletics, but the uniform fan in me has a few good things to say. The Jordan Brand has taken good care of football and basketball, and the Swoosh has done good on the diamond and pretty good on the ice. So with that in mind, I did make a few minor changes here and there. Football - Not a whole lot of change to made here. The helmet stays the exact same. I don't think I made a single change to it. Jerseys had a couple tweaks made to them. I added double yellow stripes to the sleeves of the navy uniforms and accordingly moved the numbers to the shoulders. On the white uniforms I moved the stripes up onto the sleeves and also moved the numbers to the shoulders. For the maize jersey, which I didn't know had historical relevance as it was worn before gets stripes now, that I borrowed from IRL maize hockey jerseys. Kept the collar navy. All the jerseys now have the block M at the base of the collar. Maize pants remain stripeless and white pants have stripes. Hockey - I'm not quite sure what Nike was doing with the navy hockey jerseys. It just doesn't work for me. So now the double maize stripes get applied here on the sleeves, socks and hem. The white and maize uniforms don't really change from what exists now in real life. The biggest issues I had here was that the current pant stripe doesn't fit with the look. So I kept them blank with the exception of a block M on the front of the pants. Winged helmet because c'mon, this is Michigan. Baseball - Shoutout to @JimmyN64 for the baseball helmet template I ended up using here. I was a little disappointed when I found out that the baseball teams don't use a winged helmet but guess what , they do now! Uniformwise, it's a lot of the same as above. Basketball - Basketball saw a little bit of change, and that was mostly just in the striping patterns. I personally don't like the striping patterns they use and so I changed them to match the rest of the uniforms. Not a lot to say but if you guys have anything to say, I'm all ears!
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